On the beach

Bucket – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a blue bucket and a yellow spade surrounded by sand.


Spend some time 
Playing on the beach
Make a sand castle
Or a dragon and a knight
Be the child that wants to play
Forgo the inhibitions
Let the inner child
Come out to play


Written for WritePhoto # Bucket, hosted by KL Caley



Well of kindness

Well – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a path amongst some foliage leading to a pyramid-shaped building.


Never be ashamed to show kindness

Never let this well run dry

When someone is kind to you

Pass it on to strangers

Let not this chain break

Spread and propagate

Kindness everywhere


Written in response to WritePhoto# Well, hosted by KL Caley



Where we would be without family?

Family – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows two large swans and 3 smaller swans all swimming together.


Life is funny at times.

A tiff with your siblings or parent and you start thinking what a burden family is. And it is absolutely true that those who we love most have the greatest power to wound our hearts. But having said that, these same people do have the power to give us the best moments of our lives. Because joy comes through love!

Jessica was in a sullen and dark mood when she set out for her walk along the park track. She just had words with her mom. She usually went along well with her mother but one thing that always irritated her was when her mom would lecture her as if she was still 5 years old and not almost 17.

During her walk she saw the swan family in the pond. She saw how the parents were protectively floating around the little ones and would often help one or the other to keep them all together. She realized that what her own mother was doing was also the same. She wanted her to be safe and keep out of trouble. She felt sorry that she was rude to her mom.

“I think I’ll buy her some chocolate on the way back!” She thought.

Where would we be without the protective circle of our family?


Written for WritePhoto # Family, hosted by KL Caley



A slice of paradise

Open – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows an entranceway in amongst some stone walls to a bright green garden.


Peeking through that open space I felt a great temptation to cross into that brightly lit space, inviting like a slice of paradise.

The green grass, blooming trees with white blossoms aplenty, and patches of cooling shade, were beckoning me to come hither.

It was private property, and there was a sign saying, ‘ No Trespassing’ boldly displayed on the side of that open doorway.


I couldn’t suppress my desire to experience the beauty and I hesitantly stepped inside.

All hell broke loose as two ferocious Doberman dogs came at me full speed. With a speed I didn’t knew I possessed, I made a quick exit from that garden and vowed never to enter any place which specifically forbade people to do so!


Written in response to WritePhoto # open, hosted by KL Caley



Where does it leads?

Door – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a grey wooden traditional door set amongst some stone walls.


A closed door can be a warning or an invitation

A warning to stay away or an invitation to explore

If we let the curiosity and adventure take the reins

We can discover wondrous things on the other side

But if we let caution or fear be our guiding force

We may always regret not trying that door and looking inside!


Written for WritePhoto # Door, hosted by KL Caley




Lamppost – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a black traditional style lamppost set beside a stone pathway in amongst some hedging.


He concealed himself so that a casual passerby wouldn’t see his face.

Meeting Maya here was her idea, and so was the desire for secrecy.

They were friends, not in love. They wanted to just have fun together but this was something people around them frowned upon.

There were differences that according to others were too big to be overcome. They belonged to different religions, and cultures and their skin wasn’t the same color either.

Standing here, waiting for her, Juan reached a decision. From now on, they won’t hide their friendship. They will meet openly from now. He could see Maya coming from a distance. He felt there was a change in her demeanor too. Perhaps she had reached the same decision.


Written in response to WritePhoto # Lamppost, hosted by KL Caley




Kites – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a pavilion with people flying kites around it.


Like a kite without a string
Adrift, floating aimlessly with the wind
Perhaps it has lost motivation and purpose
Or maybe that is is suddenly free of shackles
Levitating over those rigid and fixed in a place
Enjoying the freedom gifted to it suddenly by
Breaking the bonds that tied it to forgotten rules


Written for WritePhoto # Kites, hosted by KL Caley



Far away

Distance – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows an island across a stretch of water. Upon which you can see some ruins and a white lighthouse.


“Over there, can you see it?”

“Where? I can’t see anything like what you described!”

“Don’t you see that grand castle on the island? I can even see the guards on the parapet, going about their business”

Are you sure we both are talking about the same island?” Alex asks his grandfather in exasperation.

As he turned to face his grandfather, he realized that though his grandfather was looking towards the island, the faraway look in his eyes told him that he was looking into the past. A past where he was a young lad, and perhaps the ruins of an old castle stood on the island. Memory and imagination were taking him to a place, where Alex couldn’t follow.

Yes, grandpa, I do see the castle now”.


Written in response to WritePhoto # Distance, hosted by KL Caley



Was it a dream?

Fairy – Image by KL Caley

(For visually challenged writers, the image shows a huge tree with a small blue fairy door on it)


Cheryl was an only child. She often wandered by herself. Her mother had told her not to go too far on her own but she was just 10 and had a wonderful imagination as well, so she often chased butterflies into the neighboring forest.

One day something happened. She saw a little blue door on a tree trunk. Intrigued, she reach up and knocked at it. The door opened and she peeped in to see an amazing sight. There were little fairies with shimmering wings going about their business. She hesitantly asked them who they were.

“We are fairies, don’t you know!” Said a blue-winged fairy.

“But how can I see you? I used to imagine fairies and pixies in this forest but I’ve never seen you before now”.

“The reason you can see us is that you believe in us. Those who don’t believe that we exist can never see us. Now since you’re here and our guest, I’d like to grant you one wish. What do you wish for?”

“You mean I can wish for anything?” Cheryl was too excited at this offer.

“Not anything! I can’t grant you material things. But if you wish for something that you want but cannot show to others, I can give you that”

After thinking about it for a few minutes, Cheryl was ready. “Can you grant me the vision to see all magical creatures?

“Oh yes, that’s in my power”. The blue fairy sprinkled some fairy dust in Cheryl’s eyes and told her that whenever she wanted, she could see fairies and other magical beings in the forest. But she would have this power till she was a child. Because grownups cannot see magical beings.

Years later, Cheryl still had vague recollections of that incident. Sometimes she thought it had been all a dream.

Written for WritePhoto # Fairy, hosted by KL Caley



Dress in spring

Dress – Image by KL Caley

Dress in spring foliage

Fresh green tones in all shades

Making a bold statement

Stand with nature, be a part of it

Show them that you’re in its corner

Respect the life sustaining bounty

That’s given to us for free, every day


Written for WritePhoto # Dress, hosted by KL Caley