Big Ben


For visually challenged writers, the image shows the London ClockTower Big Ben against a grey sky.


An imposing structure, Big Ben

Perhaps the most known landmark

A reminder for everyone that time is short

The days are passing, sunny or cloudy

Use your time wisely, don’t squander it

Live you life actively, not just exist passively

Grab life with both hands and enjoy this ride

Life’s too short to waste in regrets and what ifs


Written in response to WritePhoto # Ben, hosted by KL Caley

Also included; Photo Challenge # 451




The trip to the castle


For visually challenged writers,the image shows an arrowslit looking out over a body of water, with an ancient stone wall and curved tower just visible.


The visit to the ancient castle wasn’t going well. The kids were cold, tired, hungry, and cranky. Sam was resentful that Jeff hadn’t listened to her suggestions about bringing a picnic basket for the kids or stopping by the refreshment kiosk to get the children something to eat and a chance to rest.

As far as Jeff was concerned, he was having the time of his life. Being a history buff and especially interested in this particular castle, he was oblivious to the misery others were feeling around him.

When he saw the arrow slit he was overwhelmed with excitement. Sam remarked sarcastically that her husband’s mind was like this narrow opening, nothing go in except what he wanted or liked. After delivering this cutting remark, she took both the kids and stepped out of the claustrophobic confines of the tower of the castle.

We are headed towards the hotel, you can stay here and enjoy more history or come with us to enjoy what’s left of our vacation, together as a family” After sending this text, she looked hopeful towards the castle’s exit. Sure enough, a sheepish-looking Jeff exited the castle and they went toward their hotel, in a more cheerful mood.


In response to WritePhoto # Arrowa-slit, hosted by KL Caley



2022- Reflections on the past year

December 28: Reflections on 2022/Writer’s Choice/ or YOUR WOTY (Word of the Year)

Good and bad

Go hand in hand

Joy and sorrow

Running parallel

Life is in balance

Only answer is gratefulness

Always look ahead

Seek tomorrow with hope

Let go of yesterday with forgiveness

Let the past remain in the past

Don’t spoil your today and enjoy

Without regrets of what cannot be changed

Horizon by KL Caley

The new day dawns with hope

Lifting my heart and soul high

Let the light spread and brighten today


( I am using this image by K L Caley, because it is just perfect for this post)

Written in response to;WQW 50: Remembering 2022 With Quotes, Poetry, Photos, and Stories, hosted by Marsha

Also included WritePhoto # Horizon, hosted by KL Caley




Decision making is a Herculean task

This week’s Wednesday challenge here on partner Susan and my site is HERCULEAN.

I am re-Sharing a post from 2019, written in response to Sue Vincent’s WritePhoto prompt, Decisions.

Arriving at a decision that is acceptable for all parties concerned is indeed a Herculean task. It needs not only understanding but patience too.

The journey took too long

The road was bumpy and difficult 

They thought that they would overcome 

All the hurdles fate threw at them on this voyage 

But when it came to the decision on which path to take

It tore their relationship apart for they couldn’t agree

Whether to take the road to the eternal bliss going through 

The forest of thorny obstacles and stumbling roadblocks of life

Or to cruise along the insipid flat lands of uneventful routine existence


Written in response to;Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge -Herculean, hosted by Sue W and GC




Neighbours – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows two houses with matching doors, railings and winter decor.


Two best friends, grew up together, married nearly at the same time and by luck found jobs in their hometown.

On a whim, they decided to find homes near each other. As luck had it, they found houses next to each other and identical too.

At first, things were good. The wives also struck a friendship and would get together to go shopping or for other activities. Peter and Susan were soon expecting a baby but John and his wife, Cindy decided to wait a while before starting a family.

With the arrival of the baby Molly, things started changing. The new parents were often too busy to go out with their neighbors and friends. Gradually the bonds weakened and in a few years, John and Cindy found living next door to their former friends very boring, especially when they never had a child and there weren’t many things they shared with them anymore.

Then one day, John told Peter that they were moving abroad as he had found a very good job opportunity.

Now the next-door, identical house stands empty, waiting for some family to brighten it up.


Written in response to WritePhoto # Neighbors, hosted by KL Caley



Cheeky fella

Visitor – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a small squirrel nibbling something whilst sitting on a fence panel.


Squirrels are cheeky fellas, and those living in urban environments aren’t afraid of humans. They often would come near me while I was out walking, stealing food from the dumpsters. Often they would stop what they were doing and sit and stare at me.

This fella had found a half-eaten apple near a dumpster and had carried it all the way to this tree. Maybe he/she had a nest in it too. Very diligently it enjoyed the apple, but for some reason took exception to my taking pictures of it doing so. So when I aimed my phone camera to take more pictures, it had disappeared.

Squirrels are cute critters but be careful of venturing too close to them. They can bite and even draw blood. If you doubt my statement, ask Rory, and he’ll confirm my statement.


Written in response to WritePhoto- Visitor , hosted by K L Caley



Clear the view

Fog – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a river, further along it you can see some shadows of trees which the fog is starting to blur.


Eyes blinded by the fog of ignorance

Or the blindness of too much misery

Taking things as they come, not reacting

What does it makes us? Callous, heartless?

We are becoming desensitized to the pain

The cruelty and abuse around us because it’s prevalent

Are we losing our humanity, our empathy

It’s time to open our eyes, clear the fog

See what is, for what it really is as it effects us

Pain, unjust treatment, death and suffering

Never get used to bad things because they happen oh so often!


Written in response to WritePhoto # Fog, hosted by KL Caley



The final resting place

Cemetery – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a cemetery path with graves and trees aligning each side of


In my religion, our prophet ( peace be upon him) has asked us to remember death always and say a prayer for those departed when passing a cemetery.

Death is the final event in this life

Be happy or sad, no one gets out alive

Ideally it should come when we are done

With all that we needed to do doing our lifetime

But not everyone is lucky in this respect

Some die young while anticipating long lives

Other pray for death to release them from a difficult life

Death comes at it’s fixed time, I believe

And till it does live life as if it’s your last day on earth


Written for WritePhoto # Cemetery, hosted by KL Caley



Need a quiet spot

Woodland – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a shallow stony river meandering through some woodland.


I have discovered that my need to find 

A quiet place has remained constant throughout life

When I was younger, I would go out in the garden

To be by myself, alone with my daydreams and thoughts

And as I grew older, the desire for solitude remained

But was overran by the overwhelming responsibilities of life

Now when I can, I enjoy my alone time, in quietness

I savor the silence, the feeling of being secluded

When I can hear my thoughts and answer them in my heart


Written in response to WritePhoto- Woodland, hosted by KL Caley