Reflections of ourselves

Wonder how we all see something different, while looking at the same situation? The reason is that we see what we think we will see. Something that is inside ourself, sparks this thought.

Like a mirror we reflect 
What is inside our minds
Into what is around us


Sometimes do this
Sit alone with your thoughts
Analyze your self and contemplate
What you really are
What are your values and goals
What makes you, uniquely you
This understanding will give you
A rare insight into your mind
That you weren’t aware of

A tool of great empowerment


Written for WQWWC # 55, hosted by Marsha

WQWWC – Topic: Reflections/Memoirs



What is joy?

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy”



Living, feeling and appreciating life is the true joy. Existing is not living. It takes away the joy from our hearts as we are not truly cognizant of what we are experiencing. In other words, it’s mindfulness that brings the joy of living to our souls. Be present, be mindful and remember to count your blessings.

In gratitude lies happiness 
In oblivion lies misery
Realizing and appreciating
Gladdens the heart and lifts the spirit


“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Smiles bring joy
Not only to us but to others too
And joy brings smiles
To everyone around you

When you smile at someone
You pass on a precious gift
That makes their day, and yours too
Spreading happiness, mission complete


This is such a beautiful quote! A pure mind is always ready to receive the gift of joy and pass it on.


Written for WQWWC #53 – Topic: Joy, hosted by Marsha



WQWWC #53 – Topic: Candles or Lights

Written for;WQWWC #53 – Topic: Candles or Lights, hosted by Marsha

“Do not worry if all the candles in the world flicker and die. We have the spark that starts the fire”

– Rumi

The fire that burns brightly 
And lights up the worlds around you
It’s flame is lit by the spark
That lies in your spirit and not
Generated by a igniting a matchstick


“Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got a hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations”

George Bernard Shaw


Making what we will of this life
Its power, and the strength of its brilliance
Is not dependent upon how this fire was created
But only on how we’ve cherished the flame

For the last quote of this post, I am sharing a couple of verses from my most favorite poet Dr. Mohammad Iqbal, called Allama Iqbal. This is the English translation;

“My longing comes to my lips as supplication of mine O God!

May like the candle be the life of mine!

May the world’s darkness disappear through the life of mine!

May every place light up with the sparkling light of mine!”

Allama Iqbal ( Urdu poet)

I learned this poem as a child, in school. I still love it though cannot sing it as well as I used to do in school.



Celebrating the festive season

“The holiday season is about love! Share it. Spread it. Live it”

Amy Leigh Mercree

Unfortunately, the holiday season or festive season in any culture or country is now mostly about spending money. Money buying expensive gifts which leaves both the recipient and the one giving them mostly dissatisfied.

If instead we would be kind and spread love to those around us, family or friends or just strangers, we would be happier.

“Festivals are occasions to empower ourselves in the course of humanity – they are the occasions to rekindle the promise of humanity in our heart – the promise that we keep forgetting in the cacophony of manmade labels”

Abhijit Naskar,

It is Eid or Christmas 
Hanukkah Or Diwali
An occasion to celebrate
Don’t just celebrate alone
Include all those around you
Be more humane, be kinder
Celebrate humanity
Spread the message
Of love

We often pay lip service 
Empty words that carry no significance
Just wishing each other a happy holiday
Without entering into the spirit of giving
Include the excluded, love the unloved
Do something that makes a difference
Actually and really


I realize that all my quotes essentially say the same thing this week. I wanted to share them because despite us spending millions or perhaps billions every holiday season, the level of happiness goes down. Maybe it’s time to not give material things but just spread kindness and joy. Make others feel included and erase divisions.

WQWWC # – Topic: Festive Celebrating

Written in response to WQWWC, hosted by Marsha



Toys and playing

This week Marsha, the host of WQWWC has given us the topic; Toys/ play.

I love this quote. Grandparents are like putty in the hands of their grandkids. They are usually at the age where they have more free time to play with their grandchildren and to spoil them. They would also spend hours playing with their toys with them or reading to them.

“I once bought my kids a set of batteries for Christmas with a note on it saying, toys not included”

Bernard Manning

Kids are fascinated by things that are not toys. I love this quote because it is often the case. Small kids would play with the packaging instead of the toys or demand the batteries to put in their mouth instead of the actual toy. My granddaughter loves to play with her feeding bowl, cup and spoons, etc instead of the expensive toys her parents and grandparents get for her.

“If we were poor, we didn’t know it ’cause I guess you don’t miss what you never had. So, you know, we made do with whatever. We used to make our own toys, and we used to play with spinning tops and marbles. A pocket full of marbles, and you were rich – you didn’t worry about no money”

Aaron Neville

This reminds me of the time we, I and my siblings were kids. We didn’t have a lot of money to spend on toys and would play with marbles or makeshift toys. Often converting everyday objects into spaceships or planes, and having the time of our lives. Playing outside with a bat and a ball or hockey sticks was our afternoon routine. No fancy gadgets or electronic toys were available in our childhood. The best I could dream about was the “walkie-talkie” doll that someone bragged about having. It remained a dream till I grew out of it. But I think we still had more fun than the kids with more expensive toys and gadgets because we used our imagination too.

Written in response to WQWWC #51: Toys/Play, hosted by Marsha




This week the topic of WQWWC is silence

Silence is golden, say wise people. The significance of silence is most appreciated when you’re at the receiving end of a silent treatment. My late father never scolded us or got angry with any of us. He would become silent. We would rake our brains to remember what we did wrong. And when we realized where we erred, we would go to him and apologized. His silence truly said what his words never did.

My heart over flowed with words unsaid 
What I felt, I could not express in mere words
Words felt inadequate to describe what I was feeling
And I couldn’t insult those feelings by using mundane words
Ever faced Those eyes which spoke volumes 
Even though the lips remained silent
They begged you to understand without the need to say it aloud
And if you’ve missed the chance to listen to that silent appeal,
You will regret it for all time to come
For those lips won’t utter the words that might have
Helped you understand that pain in their heart.


Written for; WQWWC #49 – Topic Silence hosted by Marsha



Looking through the fog

Fog, be it real or mental, obscures our vision.

Today Marsha, the host of WQWWC asks us to share our views about FOG in light of quotes.

The fog of illusion, the fog of confusion is hanging all over the world.”

Van Morrison.

When the mind doesn’t sees what the eyes behold 
A confusion of thoughts limits our field of vision
In this temporary blindness we think that we are powerless
And sometimes surrender to the circumstances without struggle
A little pause to reflect
A time to let things settle
Often give us the clarity that we desperately seek

There it is, fog, atmospheric moisture still uncertain in destination, not quite weather and not altogether mood, yet partaking of both.”

Hal Borland.

Fog is lost in uncertainty of its nature 
It has no clue if it’s a cloud or just moisture
This confusion is enough to mislead others too
Is it a mist, a vapor, or just a passing cloud?

We put labels on everything, and tend to think of things in black and white. Life is full of shades of grey. There are many realities between the two extremes. A foggy day illustrates to us how things look from a blurred perspective.




It’s cold outside – WQWWC # 47

Cold means a lot of things, most of them not pleasant. But sometimes we need to feel cold to appreciate the warmth.

Eyes that seek to find beauty
Never come back disappointed
Even in the worse of circumstances
They find wonder that awes them

“Being soaked alone is cold. Being soaked with your best friend is an adventure”

Emily Wing Smith,

Tough situations become bearable, and even fun when we have someone we love to share them. Family and friends lighten our burdens and make those moments easy to bear.

“So when you’re cold
From the inside out
And don’t know what to do,
Remember love and friendship,
And warmth will come to you”

Stephen Cosgrove

Remembering good times and the love that we have received from others makes it easy for us to go through hard times. Love forms a safety net that prevents us from falling in the deep void of darkness and depression. That’s why love is considered the most valuable asset we have.

I love 
Coming into the sunlight
On a cold winter day
When my hand are numb
And feet are freezing in my socks
The natural feeling of happiness
That cruises through our souls
When the cold is dissipated by the warmth
Pouring like love from the yellow sun


Written for WQWWC #47 – Cold, hosted by Marsha



What! Me scared!!!

Marsha has given us the topic Spooky for this week’s WQWWC. Here’s my take.

Life presents a challenge at every new step
Making decisions for our future can be scary
But we do it ultimately because we have to
And then we realize that it was not that scary after all!


“Don’t be afraid of being scared. To be afraid is a sign of common sense. Only complete idiots are not afraid of anything”

Carlos Ruiz Zafón,

Proceed with caution, use common sense at all times, and reflect deeply before you make your decision. Then boldly go ahead because there is only that much thinking or analyzing one can do.


“It’s okay to be crazy and scared and brave at the same time!”

Kelly Epperson

In other words, it’s okay to be human. Because we, humans are all of these things at the same time. In fact these emotions are the perfect mix which brings out the best in us. If we are scared of making decisions, we’ll be careful. If we are crazy then we’ll reach for the stars and if we are brave, we will achieve our goals. So good ahead, be crazy, scared and brave all at the same time.


WQWWC #46: Spooky


Writer’S Quotes Wednesdays Writing Challenge

Written for WQWWC # 46 -Spooky, hosted by Marsha




Fortitude and resilience in the light of quotes

Marsha is the host of WQWWC

One of the biggest assets humans have been blessed with is adaptability. If things get tough, the resilient nature of humans makes them adapt to the circumstances, bit by bit.

Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare.”
― Angela Duckworth

We do start with a lot of enthusiasm but people stop trying when faced with difficulties. We need to endure to succeed.

I love Khalil Gibran and his wisdom. This is such a meaningful statement about how pain and hardship strengthen our souls and give us the courage to go forward in life.

Someone who hasn’t faced failure, cannot succeed. By failing and falling, we learn how to do things right.

One very important thing to remember is not to grow bitter after failure but to be better. If we don’t learn this important distinction, we won’t learn anything at all.

#WQWWC #45: Fortitude or Resilience