WQWWC # 23 – Writer’s Choice – Living a good life

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Today I’m leaving the Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays Writing/Photo Challenge topic up to you. Since you know I love challenges, I’m aligning my post this week with challenges and some tips for better blogging.

My Choice;

Living a good life;

THE GOOD LIFE requires that we take pleasure in new things; A GOOD LIFE requires that we take pleasure in moments.

To enjoy THE GOOD LIFE we have to get ahead; to enjoy A GOOD LIFE we have to make the trip worthwhile.

THE GOOD LIFE is supported by feeding our pocketbooks; A GOOD LIFE is supported by feeding our souls.

Steve Goodier

I really loved this quote. It tells us all the secret ingredients of living a good life. We often contribute the lack of having a good life upon various factors surrounding us, but mostly, never on ourselves. It is very essential to realize that it’s only us who can really change the way we live, think, and celebrate life.

We think that the things we are going to regret are the things that we didn’t attain; but that’s not what we’re going to regret. We’re going to regret the things we didn’t give, the love we didn’t show, the time we didn’t spend on someone who mattered… what we didn’t GIVE. That’s what we’re going to regret!

C. JoyBell C.

This is one reality that’s often ignored in our rush to get everything done. I hope no one lives with regrets in their lives as they are the leaches of happiness. Just find or rather make time for all that is really important in your life.

Life is about choices. The better you become at making good choices the better your life will be.

Germany Kent

Making good choices doesn’t come without making bad ones. But with practice, we can because better at making good choices.

You can find a temporary happiness in things like drinking liquor or smoking a joint. But the true one comes when you start embarking on a journey of doing something worthy of esteem and emulation.

Michael Bassey Johnson

For me, this quote states the gist of a happy, contented existence. What we gather in life are the good memories we leave in the hearts and minds of people. People whose lives we touched during ours. Make a worthy goal of trying to make life better for someone, and your life will improve automatically.

Thank you Marsha for hosting this challenge every Wednesday.



WQWWC # Balance

Marsha is the host of WQWWC


We have been talking about eating nutritious meals and exercising. The topic of this week’s Writer’s Quotes Wednesday challenge is balance. Balance has many meanings and is broad enough to give you a lot of ways to go with it.

Balance is the key to a good life.

I think what we learn all through our lives, growing up is how to balance different things in life. As children, we are notoriously unbalanced, both in desires and activities. We want all or nothing. Treading a middle path is an alien concept at that age.

We all learn to create our own balance. In work, study, play, job and family. A happy person is the one who achieves harmony between different aspects of life. The sooner we can get to this ideal condition, the better adjusted we will be in life.

Adult life is the time when we are torn in many directions. Finding balance through spiritual convictions and faith, strengthens us immensely. I feel that for myself, faith was a very strong influence which molded my thoughts and actions. Life gets stability and balance if it is supported by faith.

Ah, yes, the desire to have everything and do everything strikes us a bit late in life. When we think that we are running out of time. It like a runner who is seeing the finish line and wants to make that last effort. But it’s not possible to do that. So just relax with what you have achieved, savor it and enjoy the feeling of having achieved your goals.

Lastly, be kind to yourself. Think that you have the right to enjoy days off and kick back, with nothing on your agenda. This is also a vital part of living a balanced life.

As I said earlier, balance in the key to a good life.




WQWWC # 21 -Nutrition or Nourishment

Marsha is the host of WQWWC

Let’s start with nutrition;

Our bodies need food to fuel our bodies. The balance is the key. Not too much not too little of any of the vital nutrients and we will be either lacking or overindulging.

Good nourishing food, eaten mindfully is how we can look after our bodies.

I have been to-yoing all my life and learned this lesson a few years back that dieting is not the answer. I now eat healthy ( mostly!) and walk a lot. I have found a balance when I am nearly sixty. And this is logical. When I was younger, losing weight always held the charm of looking good. Now, postmenopausal, the looking good desire has been replaced by the desire to feel good.

But it’s not nutrition alone we need but the nourishment of the soul is also required.

“Food is not just fuel. Food is about family, food is about community, food is about identity. And we nourish all those things when we eat well”

Michael Pollan

The experience of eating with family is enriching and satisfying. That’s why when during this pandemic, we cannot meet friends and family for a meal, we feel more deprived.

“The nourishment of body is food, while the nourishment of the soul is feeding others”

Ali ibn Abi Tali

I love this quote as it is one of the beautiful practices of Islam. We are encouraged to feed those who cannot afford good food. Sharing with those around us on festive occasions is also recommended.

“There are realities we all share, regardless of our nationality, language, or individual tastes. As we need food, so do we need emotional nourishment: love, kindness, appreciation, and support from others”

Goswami Kriyananda

How wonderful it would be if both the body and soul are nourished at the same time. I am really looking forward to a time when we all can meet freely and share our table with our loved ones.




WQWWC # Faith, Trust, belief, Hope, Expectations

Marsha is the host of this Challenge

Do you have a story of faith you’d like to share?


We all wish for an easy life!

We don’t want hurdles in our way or any accidents to happen. A smooth ride, all the way.

But life is seldom like that. Invariably, we face hardships on the way.

These hardships teach us something very important about life. They teach us to look for an anchor. Faith in a power higher than ourselves.

My story is not of startling discovery but of a subtle realization.

I was just six when my mother died. I wasn’t old enough to understand death or mourn for her. In my teens, I started missing her the most. It was at that time that I was looking for an anchor. Some way to justify to myself the loss of my mother who died at 26 years of age.

At the age of 14-15, I realize that I felt the presence of God in my life. There was no other reason for me to miss my mother who I didn’t even remember properly. The love I felt for her and the tears I shed for her were proof that there was a divine power who had created this love.

From here my faith gradually grew and helped me overcome the hurdles in my life. Every time I was down or distraught, I felt the strength my faith gave me and it lifted me up.

The trials of life, bring out our true potential. They make us stronger in spirit and mind and give us the hope that things will be alright.

Many times in my life, I have taken strength from my faith and hope that God will give us what is best for us.

“We are given not what we want but what we need”

This is my story.

Thanks for reading.



Writer’s Quotes Wednesday Writing Challenge- Fitness, health and wellness

Marsha is the host of WQWWC

The way to participate in this challenge is to find a quote or use one of mine and expound on it through words or pictures. Each week I have a new topic. Find them all on my Writer’s Quotes Wednesday page.

WQWWC Instructions9 Ways to Respond to a Quote for Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays Writing Challenge

The topic of this week is Fitness, health, and wellness

I started on my journey of weight loss when I saw a friend of mine who had lost quite a bit of weight. I asked her how, and she directed me to a weight loss clinic.

It was a shabby affair but it worked like a dream because I hadn’t done this sort of thing before. I lost an amazing 80 pounds in four months.


Too much

Too soon

It was Atkins diet, no carbs, no vegetables to speak of, and no fruit at all. A very restrictive diet that meant that as soon as I stopped it, I would start gaining weight.

I gradually gained back all the weight that I had lost plus some more.

But I acquired one good thing out of my first serious effort at weight loss. The habit of walking daily.

At the same time, I was diagnosed with seronegative arthritis. It meant many episodes of swollen knee joints where I was unable to walk or even stand without pain.

To cut a long story short, I needed knee replacement surgery on both knees. I got the first one at the age of fifty and the second one three years later.

After my surgery, my doctor told me that if I wanted to avoid revision surgery before ten years, I needed to stay fit by walking two miles every day and to reduce weight.

I took this advice to heart. I started walking morning and evening. At first, I would barely be able to do 20 minutes each. But with the fear of another surgery driving me, I achieved the 30 minutes target and then exceeded it to make almost an hour in the morning and evening.

Though I still am not at my ideal weight, I feel healthy and fit. I can walk up to 7 miles a day and it is such a boost to my morale.

And my titanium knees are doing very well.

I think my post is longer than I intended, but it’s a topic that is close to my heart.




Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays Writing Challenge

Marsha is the host of WQWWC

Where to find quotes

Quotes are great fun. You can see how I quadruple-dipped here with one post. Make your post count for the most visibility and have fun with it. 

If you respond to this #WQWWC prompt – Travel, leave me a link in the comment section. I don’t always get pingbacks. I love it when you do that, too, but I have missed people and I hate to do that.

WQWWC Instructions
9 Ways to Respond to a Quote for Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays Writing Challenge

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 “If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet”

 Rachel Wolchin

First of all let me admit, I don’t think I’m very adventurous. I like my comfortable routine and physical endeavor makes me all stressed out and tired.

But luckily I have had lots of opportunities to travel and see some parts of this wonderful world.

“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” 

– Aldous Huxley

Back in 2015, my daughter moved to Seattle from Pakistan to study for her Doctorate. I moved with her to help her settle in. This was the beginning of my adventure. I learned a lot about this country and her people. And I traveled a lot because my daughter loves to travel and explore new places.

We visited east coast and drove around many states. We also visited New York a couple of times and really enjoyed these visits.

In 2019 we explored Washington state and had a lovely time.



Writer’s Quotes Wednesday’s Challenge # 17 – Leisure

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This week our topic for Writer’s Quotes Wednesday’s Challenge #17 is Leisure. Check out my page for more information. 

To participate, find a quote about leisure, write a post, put a link to this post somewhere in your post. It doesn’t hurt to leave me a link in the comment section either because sometimes I don’t get notification about your post.

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“To be really happy and really safe, one ought to have at least two or three hobbies, and they must all be real


I agree with this wholeheartedly. I have seen many people bored to tears because they don’t know what to do with their time once they are retired or have more of it on their hands.

“Blogging is to writing what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive. It is, in many ways, writing out loud.” – Andrew Sullivan

I have to admit that Blogging is my hobby and passion. It started on a whim but developed into a wonderful way to connect with the community on WordPress, while I think of it as more of a family than friends.

Reading is another way to spend my leisure time. I’ve loved reading since my school days. To date, I’ve read thousands of books and my favorites are historical romances and crime fiction.

As a young woman, I was interested in sewing, knitting, and embroidery too. I used to make clothes for my two daughters and got a lot of compliments on them too.

These are the ways I spend my leisure time. What are yours?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.



Writer’s Quote’s Wednesday Writing Challenge – Spring

This week this challenge is being hosted by Frank of Beachwalker Reflections

You can find Marsha’s blog here.

From what I understand of this prompt, we are supposed to share a quote or a song on the topic of the week and write about it.

This week the topic is Spring

Some shots of evidence of spring in my garden.

Spring; A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be”

I love changing seasons. Be it summer changing in autumn or winter giving way to spring. It creates a sense of anticipation and I look forward to it with joy.

We usually don’t like change because it means that our life could change too. But I feel that monotony is worse than change. Stagnation can block our growth and movement facilitates it.

And what better example of growth than the spring season.

“That is one good about this world… There are always sure to be more springs

Hope you all are enjoying the fresh feelings that spring brings!





WQWWC # 15 – Family

Marsha is the host of Writer’s Quotes Wednesday’s Writer’s Challenge

What do you do when you don’t have a family? You make family.

Now it’s your turn. Find a favorite song or quote and tell me about your family.

Alex Haley

“In every conceivable manner, the family is a link to our past, bridge to our future”

Family can be vexing, irritating, and inconvenient at times. But no one can deny this simple fact; we are linked to our family with unbreakable bonds.

From my parents side, my family consists of my three brothers and myself. Both my parents have passed away. Then I and my husband have three children. All my children have kids of their own. So it’s a growing clan.

The relationship with my brothers is on a need basis. If they need something, advice or some favor, they’ll call me. It’s especially true for my eldest brother who is settled in England and is a doctor. The other two are more caring but our contact is still seldom.

I am very lucky that now, all of my children are settled in the same city as ours and we get to meet often. I also get to meet my grandchildren on almost a daily basis. This is a wonderful place to be in.

I feel that whatever my relationship is with my grown children, the one I have with my grandchildren is amazing. It’s only love on both sides. It is like seeing a miracle daily.

So I see my family as a link to my past through my brothers, and my aunts and uncles. And a bridge to the future through my grandchildren. The bond are deep, full of love, and understanding. Sometimes we fight, argue or get upset with each other but still we are family.





Tale Weaver – #308 – New Beginnings and WQWWC # 5

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver

Today is New Years Eve. It’s been a tough year for so many around the world.

As the new year approaches, write about the “new beginnings” you would like to see in 2021.

New Beginnings




A new day, year, and decade

Though time is a continuous flow

We look at it through the clock and the calendar

Divided up into days, weeks, months and years

It doesn’t seems as daunting as one huge block of time

We all are starting this new year with sincere hope

That all that sickness, depression and trials of the last year

Are left behind in that year and don’t mar our new beginnings

Hoping and praying for a kinder and gentler new year for us all!