What moves us- Quotes

You can’t understand a city without using its public transportation system.

Erol Ozan

I loved riding the Metro when I was in Seattle. At first, I found it confusing to follow the routes and the schedules. The city was new to me and in my home country, traveling by public transport wasn’t very easy so it was a whole new experience for me.

But when I grew used to traveling by metro, I loved this experience. There was a bus every 10 minutes or so from where we lived and to all the districts of the city. I even went to nearby towns via the Metro. While traveling I met so many people, from different countries and it was such an enriching experience.

And I got to know the city quite well. It’s a beautiful place, full of natural beauty and I enjoyed myself whenever I got the chance to explore it.

Walking is the only form of transportation in which a man proceeds erect – like a man – on his own legs, under his own power. There is immense satisfaction in that.

Edward Abbey,

As I’ve written many times before, I fell in love with walking pretty late in life. It’s an acquired taste for me and it grew on me gradually.

I love going for a walk whenever I get the chance. On foot one can explore nature closely. The flowers, the trees, the birds singing in the branches, the clouds floating leisurely across the sky, these all look so much more beautiful when we can observe them while leisurely walking.

And one does feel more satisfied when we walk someplace instead of driving there. When we drive we are oblivious to all the things we could be admiring, if we hadn’t rushed by them.

Written for;WQW #8 – Topic: Transportation – Anything that Moves You, hosted by Marsha



Dreaming of traveling

All conversations about traveling abroad open with this word;


When the Covid restrictions will ease down, when it will be safe to travel, when it will be safe to fly for 7-8 hours with hundreds of people sharing the air you breathe…..

But like everyone else, we also make plans. Dubai expo was an event we wanted to visit but considered it unsafe to travel right now.

Visiting Turkey is also on the list. I’ve been to Turkey with my friends and so has my husband on an official tour but we didn’t go together. And we want to take the rest of the family with us. Turkey makes an excellent travel destination. It’s not very far, it’s affordable, and it’s welcoming to us Pakistanis. There are old historic places to visit as well the modern Turkey to admire. It offers a wide range of travel attractions to tourists and Istanbul was one of the most visited city in the world before Covid.

Another place that I’d love to visit is Saudi Arabia. I’d like to perform Umrah, a ritualistic visit to holy Ka’aba in the city of Mecca. All Muslims want to visit Mecca to perform Umrah or Hajj.

Stepping out of my comfort zone 
Embarking on a journey to new places
Seems to be a difficult step to take
The inertia of the fear of the unknown stops me
But the excitement of finding something new spurs me on
Growing in wisdom and experience with every new destination
Traveling opens my heart and mind to new possibilities
Pack your bags 
Raid the money bank
Fold the map and keep it safe
It’s time to open the door
And step out to explore

Written for WQW #7 – Topic: Where Do You Want to Travel? Hosted by Marsha



Love and romance, in quotes

My first selection is such a profound quote that explains what true love is all about;

Would you become a pilgrim on the road of love? The first condition is that you make yourself humble as dust and ashes.” – Rumi

They say in love there is no shame
They’ll tell you in love there’s no pride
Humble yourself, shed the ego’s burden
Only then your soul is ready to receive
The blessings of love that lift you up
From the dusty pathway to the height of the sky


Love is all about giving and not expecting anything in return. Love is what makes us, elevates us from the ordinary to extraordinary. Love changes us from within, hides the blemishes of our character, giving it a luminosity an aura of gentleness and kindness. If love doesn’t do this, it isn’t true love.


From the time we are born to the time we die, we crave to be loved. Some would scorn the notion that they want to love or be loved, but this is something ingrained in our psyche. Money or power can give happiness for a little while but the lasting joy always comes from love. Loving and being loved.


There are two types of love. One is the love we feel for others around us, family, friends, spouse, or that special someone and our fur babies. The other kind of love is the spiritual kind which connects us to our Creator and then it connects us to His creations. Both kinds of love are capable of changing us into better versions of ourselves.


Written for WQW #6 – Topic: Romance and Love, hosted by Marsha



Blogging, a way to communicate and connecting

Definition: Communicationthe act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc., to someone else human communication nonverbal communication  Miriam Webster

Quote Your Blogging Friends;

Communication via blogging is just like having a conversation. It provides answers and questions our statements. It makes us think, to accept different point of view and sometimes it changes us from within.

I have used part of posts from some of my blogging friends who are always encouraging me in my writing. The communication I have with my blogging family is one of the main causes why I enjoying blogging so much. They have helped me improve my writing and encouraged me to write better.

Jeff of Develop. Inspire. Transform, on feeling overwhelmed;

It is very important to stop when overwhelmed. Stop what we are doing, and do something else. Sounds simple, and is quite simple. When we create the space to breathe, to do something different than we’ve been doing, we create a different response to our environment, and will get back a different reaction”

Jeff has a very inspiring blog where he shares his poetry and his wise words regarding life and how he works with his community. This is a part of his wrap-up post from January. He gives such sage advice about how to handle the feeling of overwhelm. Do check out his wonderful blog.

Patricia, of Patricia’s Place; on how she is changing the world;

“I try to be kind, unselfish, understanding, and helpful.
Hopefully, those things bring change to my little world”

Patricia is a kind-hearted blogger who is always generous with her praise. She is among the first bloggers I started to follow when I started my blog. I always find inspiration when I read her posts and poems.

Chris, of Luna’s on line, ;Like catching falling leaves;

Oh, we should relish
our happy golden years!
Savouring remembrances
like catching falling leaves
precious memorials
to time now past”

Chris Hall, a published author with many books to her name is such a generous person. Always kind, helpful, and encouraging. Her stories and poems are always excellent. She is busy with her writing, yet she always has time for her blogging friends.

Suzette, of Suzette B’s blog ; In the mirror

Image credit: sophie.nva / Twenty20

until the person 

in the mirror is a friend

self is a stranger

Suzette is a wonderful person and blogger. I think she has most often commented on my posts. She expresses her opinions, shares her ideas and is always positive and encouraging.

Written for; WQW # 5– Topic: Communication through blogging, hosted by Marsha



My word for this year- Hope

I am starting off with this uplifting quote from Desmond TuTu. A man of great character who inspired millions. He will always be remembered with fondness and respect.

Without the shimmering robe of  hope,
Our souls stands naked, exposed
The world looks barren and desolate
Not a flower or tree in sight
Like a fairy, a wisp of light vapor
Condenses into a tangible form of hope
It anchors our heart and soul to life
Gives us a reason to wake up on the morrow
Lifts us up from the doldrums of sorrow
Dresses us in rainbows of dreams imagined
Clothes us, protects us and nurtures us
Without its shimmering robe we are defenseless

Written for;WQW #4 – Topic: Word of the Year or Writer’s Choice, hosted by Marsha



Fitness is the key

I’ve gone from being a lazy couch potato in my forties to a comparatively fit 60-year-old because I’ve realized how important it is to be physically fit as we approach old age.

Taking care of your body so that the body can take care of us when we need it to!

I am no advocate of punishing workouts that build up the muscles, define the abs and give pleasing contours to various body parts for people of older age. Why? you may ask!

I have seen so many people falling into this false illusion that a perfect body is the ticket to a happy successful life. I personally advise older people to be as fit as they can for their age. This entails;

Being able to walk for at least half an hour without feeling tired or drained out.

Not getting breathless walking up a flight of stairs.

Being able to do small jobs around the house like cooking, folding laundry, tidying up the house etc

I would again emphasize that healthy body is the best gift we can give ourselves. Youth is notoriously famous for its inconsiderate attitude towards the body it inhabits. Young people abuse the body by ignoring most of the good principles of healthy living. Fortunately, most people realize the importance of having a healthy body as they mature. I feel that instead of obsessing about the outer beauty, if we nurture the inner wellbeing and strength, we would have a better shot at enjoying our lives.

Now is the time to start the rest of your life with positivity. Start walking a few minutes daily and increase it in small increments. I have done it and I know it is possible if you are determined to make your physical condition better. Some people have too much pain to be able to even walk but they can with the help of their doctors or therapists can undertake light stretching exercises that will get the blood flowing. Underwater exercises are excellent for joint, muscle and back pain.

Whatever works for you, please do it. Slowly and gradually you will see an improvement in your physical and mental health.

Now I’ll get off my soapbox!😅

Written for WQW # 3- Topic: Fitness, hosted by Marsha



Socializing- What others think

Meeting people, getting together for a meal or a game night are the sort of activities that have come to a grinding halt due to Covid. Those who thought that they were better off without people crowding into their personal space realized that socializing isn’t all bad. If nothing else, this pandemic has made us realize that we do need human company to some degree.

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” – Carl Jung

All that is good or bad in human behavior 
Is only when we interact with others of our kind
Being a good person or a bad one
Loses its meaning if we are by ourselves
Meet another person, and you’ll know
How good or bad we actually are!
Humans need human connections 
A common thread that runs through us all
Our needs are similar, our fears and joys shared
Being solitary is fun for a little while
But ultimately we crave another human to talk with

Written for WQW # 2– Topic: Socializing, hosted by Marsha