Abandoned/ historical buildings- Lahore Fort

I would like to introduce you all to such a historic landmark building of my home city, The Lahore fort. This holds that special charm, that beauty, and magic about it! It is not an abandoned building persé but a historical landmark, which indeed is a work of art!

The main entrance of Lahore fort( Shahi Mahal)

This magnificent fort was built in 1556 by the Mughal emperor Akbar. It is a wonderful example of Mughal architecture and there are beautiful examples of both Muslim and Hindu styles of motifs.

Bara Dari-( 12 doors) an open courtyard where the Mughal emperor used to meet people.

Even though this is not very well maintained, it has stood the test of time quite well. It boasts of beautiful and well-laid gardens and multiple decorative halls.

Gardens outside the Sheesh ( mirror) palace

Anyone who visits Lahore has to visit this historical treasure

Hope you enjoyed this mini trip to one of my favorite places in Lahore. A place of secrets, and of timeless beauty where the imagination can take you back centuries.

Written for; WQW 46: Are Abandoned Buildings Compelling Art?, hosted by Marsha



Counting our blessings

Giving thanks is essential for each one of us

We all are so blessed with countless blessings

Where does one start to enumerate all the gifts

If we look at our own self we can never be thankful enough

For what we have been given to experience this world with

Then we have our family, our friends, and our community too

The health and wealth, the joy and the laughter all treasures

The words we read, those that we write, and the songs we sing

The seasons we experience the seas that we sail on and

The beauty that we are able to see and perceive all around us

A happy🍁🍂🍀🌷 thanksgiving to you all!🍂🍁🌺

Written for WQW # 45; Thanksgiving, Gratitude, hosted by Marsha



Memorable trips- 2019, Washington state and the Olympic Peninsula

WQW # 42- Memorable Trips, hosted by Marsha

I am sharing my trip of Washington State and Pacific Coast that I took in 2019 with my daughter and grandson.

It was with much anticipation that I looked forward to my visit to the Pacific coast in the north of Washington state. The plan was to drive and stay a couple of night along the way.

In two and half days we did a loop of the Olympic peninsula, traveling around 600 miles. It was a great trip and we drove through most of the towns and ports in the area.

I hope you enjoy!


Cape Flattery, Pacific Ocean, Clallam county

View from Cape Flattery

Cape resort, Neah Bay

Neah Bay

Lake Quinault, Olympic National Forest

These are the pictures from the first leg of the trip, going to Neah bay, Makkah reservation. The weather was fantastic and the views absolutely wonderful.

The beauty of nature is such that words become unnecessary.

Day -2

Port Angeles was a super amazing experience.

Feiro Marine life center, Port Angeles

Beautiful painting on the outer walls depicting life in the past.

Pier # 8, Port Angeles

A view of Port Ludlow from the road.

Gig Harbor, Puget Sound.





Honoring the veterans

November 9: Holiday: Veteran’s Day

Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays (a Photo or Writing Challenge)

Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere who bravely bears his country’s cause, honor also to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves as best can, the same cause”

Abraham Lincoln


War is never a welcome option

Armies built by conscription

Soldiers fighting on beachhead,

Fronts, and in deep trenches

Lives sacrificed by millions

So that citizens live a free life


The soldier is the army, no army is better than its soldiers. The soldier is also a citizen. In fact the highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is that of bearing arms for one’s country”

George S Patton


I hope that we don’t have to go to war ever again

A war, justified or imposed upon the people is always tragic

Loss of lives, families torn apart and futures destroyed

But if we are asked to defend our homeland, we all will rise

With pride we will bear arms and stand united against the enemy


I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor never the tormented”

Elie Wiesel

The silence of people who can do something is much more damaging than the verbosity of those who can’t.


beachhead | sacrifice | conscription | trench | front

Written for;WQW #43: Honoring Those Who Protected Lives, hosted by Marsha

Also included Greg’s 5 words weekly challenge





Mystery of the magical sense of touch

November 2: Senses: Touch or Feeling

The best sense of touch; Having mother’s hand touch on forehead”


I long for your warm hugs

For your loving hand touching my face

It’s been too long since I felt your love

Through your loving embrace, your gentle touch

Touch is the most fundamental sense. A baby experiences it all over before he’s born and long he learns to use sight, hearing or taste. And no human ever ceases to need it. Keep your children short on pocket money but long on hugs”

This is such a beautiful truth. We need to be touched with care and love by those who are close to us. A hug can say what many kind words cannot. A child cocooned in a mother’s womb learns of the love expressed through touch.

We take our sense of touch for granted, but it is as important as sight, hearing or any of the other human senses”

When we care, we touch

When we’re concerned, we touch

We express our emotions through our touch

Such a vital part of our communication

Is the sense of touch that conveys

Our feeling without the need for words!


Written for; WQW #42: The Mysterious Sense of Touch, hosted by Marsha



Cold weather knocking at the door

As October draws to an end, winter is knocking at our doors. Some people love winter weather while others dread it. Since I, personally love change, I celebrate when weather changes.

The cold of winter

Teaches us about

Keeping our faith

About strengthening relationships

And about sticking together

To celebrate this season

With love and hope

Do not let the misery of cold weather

Invade the warmth of the love in your heart

Instead, let it teach you the value of summer

For it is in contrast that we learn to appreciate

What we are missing in one season and have

The abundance of in the next one!

Imagine how boring it would be for us if the weather stayed the same year around. The changing seasons make us appreciate the beauty of all the different types of climates that have been created for us.

Written in response to; WQW #40: Getting Ready for Cold Weather, hosted by Marsha



When the wind blows

Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays (a Photo or Writing Challenge)

Wind in the sails

Takes my boat

Towards my destination

If the wind blows

In the opposite direction

I need to adjust the position

Of my sails to reach my destination

Standing in an open field,

enjoying the wind in your face,

we become alive, invigorated

for the wind is like the laughter of the nature,

cheering us up!

I love the positivity of this quote. How refreshing to read that all types of weather are good and enjoyable for us.

I specially enjoy the wind blowing through my hair, trying to push me back or forward. It is such an amazing feeling.

Written for WQW # 39- October 12: Air: Wind, Storms, hosted by Marsha



Getting serious about getting fit- Quotes

I’ve written a couple of posts on the topic of fitness for WQW. This week I felt that this posts says what I wanted to say. So I’m sharing it again! Sorry if you experience de ja vu!!!!

Previously published as; Fitness is the key

October 5: Fitness Follow-up #3 Make Your Efforts Do Double Duty/ or favorite indoor sports or exercises

I’ve gone from being a lazy couch potato in my forties to a comparatively fit 60-year-old because I’ve realized how important it is to be physically fit as we approach old age.

Taking care of your body so that the body can take care of us when we need it to!

I am no advocate of punishing workouts that build up the muscles, define the abs and give pleasing contours to various body parts for people of older age. Why? you may ask!

I have seen so many people falling into this false illusion that a perfect body is the ticket to a happy successful life. I personally advise older people to be as fit as they can for their age. This entails;

Being able to walk for at least half an hour without feeling tired or drained out.

Not getting breathless walking up a flight of stairs.

Being able to do small jobs around the house like cooking, folding laundry, tidying up the house etc

I would again emphasize that healthy body is the best gift we can give ourselves. Youth is notoriously famous for its inconsiderate attitude towards the body it inhabits. Young people abuse the body by ignoring most of the good principles of healthy living. Fortunately, most people realize the importance of having a healthy body as they mature. I feel that instead of obsessing about the outer beauty, if we nurture the inner wellbeing and strength, we would have a better shot at enjoying our lives.

Now is the time to start the rest of your life with positivity. Start walking a few minutes daily and increase it in small increments. I have done it and I know it is possible if you are determined to make your physical condition better. Some people have too much pain to be able to even walk but they can with the help of their doctors or therapists can undertake light stretching exercises that will get the blood flowing. Underwater exercises are excellent for joint, muscle and back pain.

Whatever works for you, please do it. Slowly and gradually you will see an improvement in your physical and mental health.

Now I’ll get off my soapbox!😅

Written in response to WQW# 38- Fitness, hosted by Marsha

Written for WQW # 3- Topic: Fitness, hosted by Marsha



How writers see Autumn

The Writer’s Quote Wednesday (#WQW) challenge has the theme of “Fall or Autumn” and Priorhouse is hosting this week.

What is #WQW?

  • #WQW is a blog challenge that invites bloggers to share a post that has at least one quote. 
  • Your blog post could feature photos and quotes, have gifs or a meme, it could have a short story, a poem, etc.
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To me, the fall season is the best of all seasons as it heralds the end of a very long and very hot summer. In our part of the world, our summers are almost 8 months long, leaving just 4 months for the rest of the three seasons. I love when the weather changes and the sunlight becomes paler and less punishing. The leaves start to change color and we finally feel able to exist without air conditioning.

The colors of fall

Evoke the spirit of a poet in me

Making me more aware of the beauty

That this season brings in everything around me

So like the famed poets, I too want to write odes

To this season of color and change

Have you experienced the shower of golden leaves

Falling like raindrops when the wind blows through the trees

It feels like the heavens are blessing us with a priceless treasure

Perhaps to reward us for enduring the harsh summer


Written for WQW- fall, hosted this week by Priorhouse



Seeing Things

September 14: Senses: Sight

Many people cannot see what’s right in front of their eyes.

The gift of vision is indeed a great gift. Vision is when you see beyond what is visible. Vision is when you see the possibilities in a given situation. Not everyone can be a great visionary, but with thought and contemplation, we can develop the gift of envisioning possibilities in the obvious.

I host a weekly challenge, What do you see!

When I read the responses from many different bloggers, this saying makes perfect sense to me. Looking at the same image, everyone sees something different. How we think, and how we perceive makes all the difference in what we see!


Look and see

Perceive and evaluate

Make a judgment

Put your own spin on it

Own it with pride


Written for WQW # 35 – Sight, hosted by Marsha