MLMM- Wordle #158

1573734679601_Word Art

1. Grey✔️
2. Huff✔️
3. Squeak✔️
4. Bus Stop✔️
5. Brittle✔️
6. Devoir- duty: business: something one must do✔️
7. Slurry✔️
8. Lacuna- an unfilled space: gap✔️
9. Tousled✔️
10. Plush✔️
11. Dizzy✔️
12. Cluck✔️


My devoir, my duty is clear

Every plush toy be squeaky clean

No grey specks that would put you in a huff

Dirt makes you dizzy, and then you cluck and complain

The tousled locks are a disgrace, brittle looks a big no-no

I am not to leave any lacuna in the arrangements before I come

To pick you up from the bus stop with a freshly made ice cream cone

Taking all care that it should not turn into a slurry before you have a chance to sample it!




Sunday Whirl- Wordle # 430

BWarren is the host of Sunday Whirl.


In the golden light of the dawn

The gentle rhythm of the lapping waves

Bring imminent peace to my mind

I lick my lips and call on my inner strength

To complete my run on the beach this morning

I come here at the crack of the dawn

To do my morning run every single day

Till I am tired to the bone and ready

For the mince pie waiting for me

I return back admiring the rose branches

Peaking through the trellis along the way




MLMM- Wordle #157 – A time to quit

Word Art (1).png

1. Type✔️
2. Strepitous- adjective boisterous, noisy✔️
3. Platitude- noun a flat, dull, or trite remark, especially one uttered as if it were fresh or profound.✔️
4. Roll✔️
5. Green✔️
7. Thoughts✔️
8. Cursor✔️
9. Tuft✔️
11.Plastic Bag✔️


The musical evening came to a strepitous end. These types of concerts were his forte. He was now familiar with the artists and had learned to roll with their ever changing demands. He would hustle to meet the requirements of the artists. But later that day, while picking up his laptop, he noticed the cursor blinking on the screen. He clicked on it and a green tufted image appeared. It was a warning sign that someone had tried to open his personal files. He just couldn’t suppress his angry thoughts and decided to pack up and quit. He threw his clothes and paperbacks in a plastic bag and started out of the door where he met the manager, who tried to calm him down with empty platitudes. But he had had enough!





The Sunday Whirl- Wordle #429

BWarren hosts The Sunday Whirl- Wordle

Thick, true, salty, brew, milk, millennials, champ, like, marching, rights, card, luscious


Freshly brewed coffee was given a luscious flavor boost by adding thick milk. Jenny knew that true coffee drinkers shunned milk but being a millennial she preferred to make her own choices. She chose a salty treat to go with her coffee and joined the rest of her friends who were marching like the champs they were after finishing the 10K marathon. She was passed the placard which everyone was carrying, advocating equal rights for all genders.




MLMM- Wordle #156 – An exchange of words

Word Art.png

1. Tuck✔️
2. Both✔️
3. Hands✔️
4. Together✔️
5. Crawl
6. Ghost Word- a word that has come into existence by error rather than by normal linguistic transmission, as through the mistaken reading of a manuscript, a scribal error, or a misprint.✔️
7. Self-conscious✔️
8. Requiescat- a wish or prayer for the repose of the dead.✔️
9. Flush✔️
10. Lap✔️
11. Hard✔️
12. Apologetic✔️


He clasped both hands together in a silent requiescat for all the departed souls. It was the first duty he was performing as the new pastor, but he wasn’t feeling self- conscious at all.

“You can not do this” a man sitting in the congregation stood up. The pastor gave him an apologetic look and said gently,” I am just praying for them. If you want someone else to do it please go ahead”

The man was subdued by the gentleness of the pastor and flushed red with embarrassment and felt like an insect that crawls.

Sitting back on the hard wooden bench, the pastor tucked his hands into his lap and continued in the same gentle tone,” tolerance is not a ghost word, it should be practiced more in our lives.


The Sunday Whirl- Wordle # 429- The crisis

BWarren is the host of this challenge.

Crisis, probe, card, lies, disgust, hearing, sully, resign, up, fraught, silence, cover


The crisis could have been averted if lies and cover-up weren’t at the root of it. The committee formed to probe into the matter was disgusted by the racist card played by the main culprit. He had the gall to sully the sacred document of the constitution. When the facts came out at the hearings of the judicial committee, the demands for his resignation were heard everywhere. The situation was fraught with tension till the silence was broken by those in charge of the highest courts of the country. The upshot was his impeachment!




MLMM- Wordle #155

Wordle 155.png

1. Podcast✔️
2. Minutiae✔️
3. 500✔️
4. Envy✔️
5. Flip✔️
6. Spongy✔️
7. Excess✔️
8. Bon Vivant (n))a person who lives luxuriously and enjoys good food and drink)✔️
9. Sensation✔️
10. Anyway✔️
11. Tangent✔️
12. Incorrect✔️


Being a bon vivant, he had to have the minutiae of what were the planned menus for each day of the festival. His daily podcast was also centered around the food served in his resort. He wanted to capitalize on the fact that his restaurant and resort were featured in the top 500 of the world. It was a wonderful sensation to be talked about everywhere and be the envy of hoteliers all over.

But today he had to focus and not go off at a tangent. One incorrect step would be enough to flip the critics against him. No spongy salads or lumpy sauces to be on the table tonight and it would mean a negative review from all the renowned culinary critics dining today at his table. No excess was too much today!


In response to:

MLMM- Wordle 155




The Sunday Whirl- Wordle – #427 – Framed

BWarren is the host of The Sunday Whirl

The light fell on his hands which were in shackles

His crime was to reach above his station

He had asked for the unattainable

Wanted to join with those on the other side

No matter that his conduct was spotless

And the struggle he had done to attain his position

Had cost him years of hard work and sweat

But now as he tasted the salt of his own tears

And cursed his straying heart which had

Landed him in this impossible situation

The probe into the allegations was rigged

A pretty dime had been spend to pave the way

For his disgrace and incarceration

As the clock chimed the hour

He thought of ways to undo the vengeance

Designed to destroy his future




The Sunday Whirl- Wordle #426 – The sham


Laugh now but you will rue it later

This sham of a facade you wear

It is just a shallow mask to hide

Your crafty and devious thinking

It may bring you success temporarily

But this spiral of deceit you’ve drafted

Won’t damage the dense shell that surrounds

My stronghold over the truth and facts

So no use to offer a sop of an excuse

To hide your plans, as you are sending

Mixed signals and the lies are visible

For all to see and perceive

In response to;

Sunday Whirl- Wordle #426



MLMM- Bonus Wordle “Rhymes” – The snake!

Word Art.png

Mither (make a fuss, moan)


You mither

And dither

While I wither

And it slithers away

There is no scope

To tie it with a rope

But I still have hope

That that coward will cower

In the castle tower

Behind the red flower

Or I will scour for it

Far and wide