What do you see June 11/2019

It has been here for such a long time

No one remembers what it looked like

Time and its ravages has crumbled the beauty

Which adorned the statue’s face long time ago

But it still represented what people revered

A persona which was faceless but was the embodiment

Of all the qualities which were admired by the people

In response to;

What do you see June 11/2019

A Prompt by Hélène Valiant



What do you see June 4/2019–The top cat

The top cat

He had to assert his authority

He had to make his point clear

All arrogant and full of conceit

The shy girl

Listening with deceptive calm

She has a will of her own she hides

Appearing to concede but not really

The innocent bystander

He hangs around, he eavesdrops

Keeping his opinions to himself

Waiting for his moment to come

They all are acting in the drama

That is life, each playing their role

In response to;

What do you see June 4/19

A Prompt by Hélène Valiant



What do you see May 28/19

The box sat on the table, unopened. It has been sitting here for some time now. Molly got it for her birthday and it’s a gift from her eldest son, Emanuel.

Why hasn’t it been opened yet?

Family and friends ask this question.

Molly just smiles her slightly mischievous smile and shakes her head in reply.

Intriguing, one would say.

Justin, Molly’s husband knows the reason. He would let you on the secret if you ask him. Obviously somewhere Molly cannot listen in.

She knows it’s a perfume which Emanuel and his wife had sent to her on her birthday. And it is one of her favorite one. But it arrived a day too late. So she hasn’t opened it because it wasn’t her birthday that day. She plans to open it on her next birthday. She takes things a little too literally you see and on the box it said, ” please open it on your birthday”!

In response to;

What do you see May 28/2019

A prompt by Hélène Valiant



What do you see May 14-2019

She was hurting. The arthritis in her knees was so bad that it was difficult to climb even one step. But every day, she would go up these steep, perilous steps. Every single day without break. People marveled at her perseverance and asked her why she did it. Why was the plant growing on top of the tower so important that she would take this hike without fail. She just smiled a sad smile and went about her business.

Then one day she didn’t come. Her daily visits were so punctual that one could set one’s watch by them, and her absence was noticed by all. They went to her home and found it empty. Concern for her safety rose to the level that they searched everywhere in the small town for her. But she wasn’t to be found anywhere. In the end they decided to look at the top of the tower where the flower was growing. A hardy gentleman was given this task. With lot of huffing and puffing he climbed the stone stairs and got to the top. There she was. Laying as if asleep. When he lifted her hand it was lifeless. And the flower was dead too. It looked as if the two were joined in spirit. The death of one meant the death of the other.

There are now many stories why the old woman used to tend the flower on the top of the tower, but nobody knows for sure. The secret died with the old lady.

In response to;

A prompt by Hélène Valiant

What do you see May 14-2019



What do you see May 7-2019 —Can you see me?


There is something so wonderful about the innocence of a child

They would close their eyes and think no one can see them

Here he was standing behind a tree

Not even half hidden but thinking he was

Can you hear his joyful and lively shout

I am hiding, can you see me!

In response to ;

A prompt by Hélène Valiant

What do you see May 7-2019



What do you see April 9/2019

Like a mother, the nature nurtures us all

Keeps us provided with all the needs of body and soul

If only we can learn to live like a family

This planet will a happy place for us all

Don’t make her angry or sad with your actions

For if she is smiling the world is flourishing too.

Written in response to prompt by;

Hélène Valiant

What do you see April 9/2019



What do you see March 26/2019

The monks were waiting outside the old monastery . Some were praying and some just worrying. It should have arrived by now, that was the thought upper most in everyone’s mind. Why the delay? What was taking so long?

There was no use, just waiting and worrying. The youngest of them whipped out his cell and called the pizza delivery guy. How long are you going to be?

“Sir I am having trouble locating your place” he said. “The GPS can’t seem to find the location”

Written in response to;

What do you see March 26/2019



What do you see March 19/2019

Come join us!

Tuesday Weekly Challenge

March 19, 2019

until Monday, March 25, 2019

He is the spectator, the only one

Looking at the show the universe has arranged

The alignment of the planets, the star studded sky

The Milky Way illuminated from within like diamonds

He stood there bemused and slightly confused

Is this the end he thinks or is this the beginning

The time is standing still or it has yet to begin

The puzzle is too difficult to solve, he thinks

And a mighty nudge from his wife awakens him

The dream dissolving like thin vapor in the sun

He is not sure what he was dreaming of

Just a line is stuck in his mind

The beginning is near

Written in response to;

A prompt by;

Hélène Vaillant

What do you see March 19-2019