I was a doodler.

Place a paper and pen or pencil in front of me and I will start drawing random things on it. Flowers, smiley faces, zigzag going up or down, lots of activity! All this went on while I was either having a conversation on phone or was studying. The doodles ended up on my books too.

Then things changed. No more landline phones where you had to be in one place and talk. With the convenience of a cordless phone and later on cell phones, I learned to walk when I talked. No more doodling for me.

When I got an iPad, I tried to draw on it but wasn’t very successful. My grandson however was very good at it.

Zombie from Minecraft
Calico cat

My attempt at recreating the doodles I used to do, when young.

Written for Weekly Prompts- Doodling, hosted by Sue W and GC

This week partner Susan and myself invite you to explore the less formalized but equally creative world of doodling. 



I love coloring

This week, GC and Sue W have given us the prompt coloring books.

I love coloring as it’s so relaxing. But I don’t use a coloring book and coloring pencils or paints. It becomes cumbersome to carry them around with me all the time. So I’ve found the perfect app which has a huge variety of pictures to choose from.

©️Happy color App is available on both android and iOS devices. It is admittedly easier then coloring on paper as we don’t make messy mistakes, or as the saying goes “ “In coloring there are no mistakes just unique creations.” – Anon. But it is also challenging because there are tiny bits of the picture that we are coloring which we may miss.

I would recommend it to anyone who has a little time to spare as it takes away the tension and I love the end result of my efforts.

These are a few of the images I’ve colored recently.

Written in response to Weekly Prompts, hosted by Sue W and GC




Think how beautiful our worlds would be

If we shared in our good fortune with those in need

Food won’t ever go to waste and no one would go hungry

Millions of tons of wasted food feeding hungry bellies

Resource would be properly utilized, there’d be no paucity

Energy, electricity, gas, all shared with people around the world

Money, not an object but the desire for a unified humanity

Joys and happiness shared among our fellow men, women

Sorrow and grief divided and halved when shared

Think how beautiful our world would be?

“Great satisfaction comes from sharing with others.” ~ Unknown.

Written in response to Weekly Prompts, by Sue W and GC



Need some quiet in life!

Sue W and GC are asking us to share something about a quiet place


I have discovered that my need to find 

A quiet place has remained constant throughout life

When I was younger, I would go out in the garden

To be by myself, alone with my daydreams and thoughts

And as I grew older, the desire for solitude remained

But was overran by the overwhelming responsibilities of life

Now when I can, I enjoy my alone time, in quietness

I savor the silence, the feeling of being secluded

When I can hear my thoughts and answer them in my heart


“Life’s most precious moments are not all loud or uproarious. Silence and stillness has its own virtues.”― Kilroy J. Oldster



Forty Shades of Red.

I’m not a fan of all shades of red
While I love to wear blood red, tomatoes aren’t my favorite color. Neither can I stand too much of it in home decor. But red in nature is always beautiful and enticing. The red sky when the sun sets makes a lovely picture. Red flowers are the best even the one growing on thorny cacti.

Red fruits are excellent for our health. Many red fruits and veggies are loaded with powerful, healthy antioxidants — such as lycopene and anthocyanins — that may do everything from fight heart disease and prostate cancer to decrease the risk for stroke and macular degeneration

Red is the color of our blood, blood that joins us all humans. It gives us our skin tone! A very important fact to remember when people are discriminating each other on basis of skin color.

Written for Weekly Prompts hosted by Sue W and GC;

Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Forty Shades of Red

“More than any other colour, red is loaded for action.” ~ Robert Genn.

Just for fun!

Do something silly just for fun

Replace the serious expression

With a beaming smile of happiness

For it does good to our hearts

When we indulge in some silliness

Let go of caution and be reckless

Feel like a carefree child for a while

And enjoy the blissful time of childhood again


Written for Weekly Prompts by Sue W and GC

Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Just for Fun

“No one looks stupid when they’re having fun!” ~ Amy Poehler.



Dancing to life’s music

Like a puppet master, life makes us dance
To its music
We bend, turn, twist and perform different steps
To match its tunes
Some times the dance is hectic, draining our energy
And at times it’s slow
But don’t fall out of step of this ever going music
Or you’ll be left behind
Only when you are in sync with the harmony of life
Can you stay abreast of it


Sue W and GC are the hosts of Weekly Prompts

“Transcend the terrestrial; surpass the celestial, from nature’s hands when you receive the sublime pleasures of dance.”– Anon

This week the midweek challenge from partner Susan and myself is DECADE-DANCE.




I recently made a self-discovery that made many things clear to me.

Why do we tell things, our personal experiences to others?

And sometimes we tell them to some people and not others?

I suddenly had an epiphany that what we are usually looking for are sympathy and understanding. When we tell a friend or family member about our troubles or aches and pains we want some sympathy from our confidant. Our aim in sharing is not that we expect the other person to lessen our troubles but that they will understand and will show us some sympathy.

But not everyone is going to be sympathetic, so learning from our previous experiences, we tell our troubles only to those who we feel will show us sympathy. It’s not that others aren’t interested in us, the most common issue is that people have enough troubles of their own and due to this they have less time and sympathy to spare.

So when you have the urge to un-burden yourself, choose someone who is;


Has no immediate problems of their own

Loves you and can give good advice

Please remember that if that person qualifies for the last two points but isn’t free, DON’T go to them for sympathy.


A prompt by Sue W and GC; Weekly prompts Weekend Challenge – Discovery

Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.” ~ Erol Ozan



Familiarity breeds contempt – Or not?

It’s an often-repeated truism, “Familiarity breeds contempt” but I think this is not true in most cases. Sometimes the more familiar you become with another person, the more you understand them better and like them better.

It’s been years since I have known you

At first we were mere acquaintances

Gradually I got to know you better

We became reluctant friends as we had issues

Now more than twenty years on, I know you so well

And I found out that I consider you my friend

Even though there are things that we disagree on

There are many traits of your personality that I find endearing


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Familiarity. from Sue W and GC.

“Just because something is familiar, doesn’t mean it’s safe. And just because something feels safe, doesn’t mean it’s good for you.”― Brittany Burgunder



Hillside abode

Islamabad, where I am currently living is right next to Margalla hills. It’s one of the beautiful features of this city. There are a few restaurants on the top of the hills which provide the onlookers with a beautiful view of the city, specially at night.

Islamabad at night

The road up is pretty steep and has a high gradient so only a driver who is expert at hillside driving should attempt it. It takes around half an hour to go the 9-10 kilometers but the view is very much worth the drive. And of course there is food. One Resturant that is the oldest there serve all types of food, catering to all sorts of palates.

Anyone who visits Islamabad should visit these hills. And sample the food at various eateries here.

Sue W and GC are the hosts of Weekly Prompts

“It’s easier to go down a hill than up it, but the view is much better at the top.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher.

Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Hillside from SueW and GC.

This week partner GC and I have chosen Hillside as our challenge for the weekend.