Glimmer- A re-share

I wrote this poem in January 2020.

I am sharing this for Sue W and GC’s Weekly Prompt- Glimmer


A ray of light peeks through the gray clouds

Like a spotlight, it illuminates just a patch

Of the vista spread in front of my eyes

My mind seeks to find the meaning of life

Wandering thoughts coming back

To that glimmer of light again and again

It’s like a sign from above to focus my energy

On one thing that is good and perfect in life

And then build my gratefulness around it

To see the positive first before anything else

And let that feeling spread all over the rest

Coloring my outlook in a rosy tint

And disregard all that is dark and gray




Summer’s End

Standing at the seasonal gate, careful as a sentry guarding the entrance, is the month of September, the one that spells the end of summer.

Some fear the end of the summer while others look forward to the fall, all depending how hot your summer is or how chilly the coming winter season can be.

But whatever the temperature of the preceding season or the one coming after the fall, people mostly appreciate the change, because we humans like things to change, to break the monotony of the sameness.

Fall in fact embodies the best time of the year for me, personally, as the temperatures are ideal, the scenery is spectacular, and special fall beverages like pumpkin spice lattes are also available.

Our winter is mostly mild and short in duration so the end of summer means that the next 4-5 months are going to be good weather and free of the intense heat that starts from month of April.

Here’s to having a great fall season and enjoying all its treats!


Written for Six Sentences Story- Guard, hosted by Girlie on the edge’s blog- Denise

Also included, Weekly Prompts- Summers end, hosted by Sue W and GC



Peeking through the curtains

Share with us a peek into your life or someone else’s; what about peeking into someone’s backyard? Put those inhibitions to one side, be nosey and show us or tell us what you see.


The lace curtains in the windows

Invite the passerby to take a peek

Not vulgar curiosity, just a innocent desire

To see what is going on inside the house

Is the home neat and tidy, organized?

Or the furniture and toys in a disarray

Are the children sitting obediently and studying

Or being rowdy and wrecking a havoc

The lace curtains move with the breeze

And I go on my way, suppressing my curiosity


In response to;Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Peek, hosted by Sue W and GC



Green around me

The verdant vegetation turns more lush green due to the monsoon rains. Water droplets magnify the grass blades till they shine like gems.

A green parrot takes refuge in the branches of a tree, not visible unless you know where to look. A slight moment and now you can discern it from the greenery in which it is hiding. Nature has built a wonderful camouflage for its survival.

An enchanting green emerald, winking and glittering in the powerful lights of a jewelry store, enticing you to splurge and take it home. I resist this urge because I’d rather not be encumbered with jewels, and live a free life.


Written for Weekly Prompts- Greenish, hosted by Sue W and GC



Repost- A wonder in the sky

I’m sharing this post from 2020 as it fits the prompt for this week- Clouds


-Google Images

Use above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.


A wonder in the sky

Floating in the clouds these magnificent ships sails undetected and unobserved by mere mortals. Driven by the winds, their sails bellow and sparkle in the skies.

It is said that when the righteous are in trouble, help from heaven comes from above. They aided and abetted the Allies during the Great War. Diverting the planes and bombs of the enemy and saving a lot of lives. Beautiful winged creatures are in control of these ships.

Humans cannot see them but all other creatures, big and small observe them and are in awe of them.

Maybe if you’re lucky, you will see a ship like this one day, up above, floating in the sky.

Following the Green Rabbit-A review ( Re-post)

I am re-posting this review I wrote a while back. Chris Hall is a wonderful writer and a lovely friend. I am posting this in response to Weekly Prompts- Review-2, hosted by Sue W and GC

So I had the pleasure of reading another fantastic book by Chris Hall.

What comes to mind when we read about following a rabbit! But believe me this book has a far more realistic and adventurous theme to it. I enjoyed it tremendously. It is written for adventurers, young and old.

The story revolves around two sisters who find a gateway to past, which takes them to a turbulent time in history.

Their adventures involve them in situations which are risky and dangerous at times. The story grips you and you are engrossed in the world of two centuries ago. The perils and suspense-full twists and turns of the story lead to a satisfying ending.

I would recommend this book highly. Please check it out. It is available on Kindle and Kindle unlimited.




Dazzling sunshine in the mirror

wk 272 dazzling

The ray of sunlight

Striking the mirror

Lights up the room

Blinding my eyes with its brightness

Just like when you smile

Dazzling and endearing

Making my heart sing with joy

The world is suddenly a happy place

And my heart is lighter than a feather

Smile more and share your sunshine more


Word count; 53

Written in response to;Weekend Writing Prompt #272:Dazzling, hosted by Sammi Cox

Also written in response to Weekly prompt; Mirror given by GC and Sue W




Neither black or white but grey

For some people grey color to equates to dull

But I love all shades of grey for its calmness

I love wearing grey with a splash of bright colors

And grey sky is a harbinger of welcome rains

Smoky eyes used to be my favored makeup look

And what could be better than a pair of grey shoes

You might have guessed from my poem

That I really love all shades of grey


Written for;Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Greyish, hosted by Sue W and GC



Five star or pan?

This weekend, GC and Sue W have given us the challenge Review.


How you felt when you read/ watched or used the product you’re reviewing, influences what you have to say about it. Or the money you spent on this product plays a major role in how you feel about it. There are many ways to critique something or someone’s performance;

“This is great. But I think you have gone too far with the emphasis on the wrong aspect of this issue”This is honey coated criticism can be sometimes hard to swallow.

Being kind even when being honest is a great quality when reviewing something or someone. One doesn’t need to shred someone’s confidence because you didn’t like what they made or wrote. It is not necessary to express yourself in hurtful words when reviewing a product.

What influences you when you review a book, a product or a movie/play etc? Or critique someone’s performance?


Written for Weekly Prompts- Review, hosted by Sue W and GC



It’s almost nine

It’s almost nine at night
I’ve left the door unbolted
You will walk in any minute now

It's almost time to go to bed
I’m tired of sitting, waiting for you
When will you come home my dearest?

It’s almost midnight
And I’ve given up hope
Is that a car I hear
And the slam of the door

Are you home?


Written for CCC # 194, hosted by Crispina Kemp