Avoiding the extremes

Sometimes we are motivated to go to the extremes

Extreme diets and extreme workouts all to get instant results

But life works at its own pace and has a way to equalize everything

So starving yourself seldom works in the long run

And overexerting with physical exercise doesn’t work the way we want

In the end, it’s slow and steady that wins the race for us

But all’s well that ends well when we do it in moderation


Written for; WednesdayThoughts, hosted by Jim; you can write anything that you feel is appropriate, as long as you use the title phrase of “All’s well that ends well”

Also written for;Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Extreme, hosted by Sue W and GC




It take one to know one!

A dear friend came over a couple of weeks ago and we chatted for a long time. We have been friends for around 44-45 years. We went to med school together and were in high school before that.

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves and the basic reason for that is that we recognize certain traits in them which match our own. It takes a kindred soul to recognize another. In other words, it takes one to know one!

This saying could be applied to other situations too, like when a crook/con-man recognizes another without evidence because there is something that hints at their inner truth. Similarly, a person can connect to another with having similar interests or convictions.


Written for; The Wednesday Thoughts challenge, hosted by Jim



Many ways to say it

This week, Jim has given us this phrase; “Sure, as you’re born”

You can say it in so many ways

“As apparent as the nose on your face”

“Stating the obvious”, “being Mr obvious”

Or “Sure, as you’re born” is another way

I’ll give you three guesses”, or, “Nuff said

It’s a habit with some to say what’s apparent

Stating the truth in a multiple ways, repeatedly

It takes away from the strength of your argument

And makes the point you’re making weak

Just say it once and be done with it!


Written for; Wednesday Thoughts challenge, hosted by Jim



Silence is golden

Welcome back to the Wednesday Thoughts challenge, hosted by Jim.The theme this week is; “better left unsaid” so write a poem or a story, and express your thoughts, even if you feel that some things are better left unsaid.

Don’t say it
If it is hurtful
Or it may cause a rift
Maybe make other feel uncomfortable
Perhaps it will be better
If it is left unsaid




Tempting fate!

Watering the lawn, washing the car or doing laundry is tempting fate to rain that day

Saying things are going well is indeed tempting fate to make them go awry

Saying that you never lose your way is definitely a challenge to the fate to make you get lost and waste hours of precious time

Don’t challenge Murphy to mess up your day, so even if you want to brag about something, do it very quietly in your mind!


Wednesday Thoughts, is a new challenge hosted by Jim. This is a challenge where you can do what you want to do, or be what you want to be, but you are encouraged to use the theme which is “tempting fate” for this week and write a poem or a story, or whatever you like.