Tiny Manipulators

Little minds are fast learners

The art of manipulation is easily picked

Parents expect them to behave well

But they need bribes to comply

Children are quick to judge the situation

But a clever parent makes a speedy recovery

By whisking them away from temptation


Tuesday Writing prompt: Use “manipulation, “children, and “recoveryin a poem.



The price of returning home!

orbit | surf | breeze | cycle | familiar

Photo by  Wassim Chouak on Unsplash


The stiff breeze brought the familiar scent of the surf and the ocean to Jason’s nostrils. It had been eight years since he had stepped foot on the hallowed grounds of the place he was raised in.

He was pushed away from the people he loved because his parents had agreed to sacrifice their love for him in return for the guarantee of his survival. This cycle had been going on for generations in his family due to a curse that was placed on his great-grandmother by a witch.

All male, surviving offspring had to be separated and placed away from the family’s orbit before they attained adulthood. It was the same with Jason.

His return today violated that contract. But he had made this decision to return keeping all the pros and cons in his mind. For one he was now in possession of a powerful counter-spell that was supposed to break the original spell. For another, his mom was dying and he couldn’t keep away from her.

He was just praying that this spell would break the curse as he had just learned that his wife was expecting a baby boy.

It was time to test that spell.


Written in response to Greg’s 5 words weekly

Also included ( Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner-)FFFTPP, hosted by Roger Shipp


Tuesday Writing prompt: Write a poem using the words “eight”, “hallowed”, and “sacrifice





Over the ocean

The sliver of the moon shining in the sky

It’s silver crescent casting timeless glow

The water of the ocean reflecting it

In endless shining waves going on and on

A visual treat for the weary travelers

Chancing to look upon this beautiful scene


Tuesday ( 10/11/22) Writing prompt: Write a poem using the words “crescent”, “timeless”, and “sliver

Tuesday( 10/18/22 )writing prompt: Write a poem using the words “shining” and “endless



Bittersweet memories

The folded notes in my diary fell out

Evoking bittersweet memories in my heart

Cutting into my tender soul like a knife

Yet bringing a smile to my tear stained face

How does a forgotten memory have the power

To make me smile and cry at the same time?


Written for; Tuesday Writing prompt: Write a poem using the words “notes”, “memory”, and “knife



Gilded cage

Your need to control my life

Has undermined our relationship

You’ve put me in a gilded cage

And think that I should be happy

My pleas for freedom fall on deaf ears

But don’t be complacent because one day

I will steal the key and set myself free

A cage is a cell even when clothed in luxury


Written for;Moonwashed Musings Weekly Challenge –GildedSeptember 6, 2022, hosted by Eugenia

Also included;

Tuesday writing prompt: Write a poem using the words “control” and “undermined




Pages of the past

Can you conceal the timeless facade of deceit

Beneath the crumbling yellow pages of the past

Can you tell me that your love is dead with a straight face

When the tears brimming in your eyes tell a different story

Can you?


Tuesday writing prompt: Write a poem using the words “yellow”, “concealed”, and “timeless



I’m looking for a Hero!

Photo by Marco Bianchetti on Unsplash
Sitting here



I need a hero

To prop me up

To make me move

To make feel good


Why do you need

Someone else

When you can be

Your own savior

Your own support

Your own hero

If only…….

You believe in yourself



Written for the following prompts;

Tuesday writing prompt: Write a poem answering the question: “what is a hero?”

MLMM-Photo Challenge # 428, hosted by Weejars




How it all started

In the beginning we did everything in person

Or went where we needed to go and do the required

Then we got internet, and everything was done online

Shopping, banking, emails, everything done via internet

What a convenience we say, we can pay the bills from home

Buy stuff without stepping out of the front door

But when the internet gets broken for one reason or the other

We are left stranded without any means to do our chores

I think what we had in the beginning wasn’t that bad after all!


( yesterday we have a big internet outage and it made me realize how dependent we are on it for everything, even blogging!)

Tuesday writing prompt: Write a poem using the words “In the beginning”

Also included; Cloud and edge computing, hosted by Jim




Don’t be afraid

The image is from Agung Pandit Wiguna at Pexels.com.

For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a mother and father helping their young child riding a two-wheeler bicycle (with training wheels).


Building relationships are very much based on trust. Children trust their parents and take them on their word. I’ve found that if we trust God, He won’t ever let us down, just like most parents.

I’ve got your back, don’t be afraid

You think you might fall but I’ll catch you

The bike may go sideways but make a quick recovery

Paddle hard and see yourself take off


It wasn’t all that difficult, you just needed

To trust yourself and let go

Isn’t cycling fun?


Written for FFFC # 179, hosted by Fandango

Also included; Weekly Prompts- Cycling

Also included;Tuesday writing prompt: Write a poem using the words might and recovery.





Dramatic Displays

Dramatic displays 
We like children
Entranced with the view
The theater of nature
Shows perspectives extraordinaire


Written for; Moon-washed Weekly Challenge- Dramatic – July 26, 2022, hosted by Eugenia

Also included; Tuesday writing prompt: Write a poem using the words theater, children, and perspective