Positive affirmations

On a daily basis
There is waxing and waning
Of our faith and trust in ourselves

On a daily basis
We need to remind ourselves
That we are good enough, strong enough

On a daily basis
We make mistakes, take wrong turns
And then we give ourself a pep talk

On a daily basis
It is okay to make a fresh start
And ask ourself; Where we can begin again?

“When you change your thoughts, remember to also change your world.”—Norman Vincent Peale

Written for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Affirmations January 18, 2022

Also included Go Dog Go prompt, TWP; Where we can begin again





Your Weekly Prompt – Harmony – January 11, 2022


No, not again will you get the opportunity 
To destroy the harmony that I have established
Between my heart and mind with such an effort

Nor will I allow you to put doubts in my mind
I won’t succumb to your promptings and whispers
I am now finally at a place where I am at peace

At last my heart and mind are in rare sync
The consonance between the two halves of my soul complete
The conflict resolved as they both understand each other

Skepticism, that always divides the two!

Written for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Harmony

Also included; Tuesday Writing Prompt; Begin with the line “No, not again”





A garb of white, hiding all my imperfections 

The expressions beatific and smiling

Never would I let the darkness inside me show

My sins beyond the surface, only I know

To the world, I am a saint

In my heart I know I am a sinner

The darkness of my heart and deeds

Is camouflaged by the perfect exterior

Hypocrisy is my trade, I’m worse than evil

For I project what I am not

I hide my sins in a blanket of virtue

Hypocrisy has become acceptable in today’s world. We never think of saying something and doing the opposite as not right! A pause is needed here to re-evaluate our attitudes.

Written for Go dog go Café’s, Tuesday Written Prompt;

Today’s prompt: Use “my sins beyond” in any form of writing



Beneath the fir trees

The wind rustles through the fir trees

And I hear the sound of millions of raindrops falling

The ground below is covered with fallen needles

My footsteps crunching as I walk along

This place of serenity and quietude holds its breath

A pause in the busyness of life, a reminder

That life has to be seen, savored and enjoyed

Beneath the evergreens


Tuesday writing prompt: Use “beneath the evergreen” in any form of writing



An enigma

Searching for clues 
Baffled by the mask he wore
There was frost in his words
But warmth in his thoughtful actions
The oscillation between Love and indifference
Was tearing her into two
The actions of her significant other
Was it deliberate or sub-conscience projection?


Written for Tuesday Writing Prompt;

Today’s prompt: Write a piece of prose or poetry using the words frost, mask, and significant other



How was 2021?

2021 is almost over. Another 3 weeks to go and then it’ll be time to welcome 2022!

We are invited to share how we did this year that’s ending. Although I cannot say that something spectacular happened this year, the mere fact that nothing bad happened is wonderful news to share.

I think as the clock is moving on the time the pandemic has been here, most people are learning to accept it as a part of their lives for some time to come. Wearing masks, getting booster shots, and avoiding congested venues are becoming second nature for many. It’s the case for me and my family.

Thankfully we all have stayed healthy and Covid free since it became a part of our lives. In fact, I personally have fallen less sick of flu, etc because of wearing a mask whenever I’m out of my home.

I recently celebrated my 60th birthday, and I consider it a big thing. And I bought a fancy camera as a birthday gift.

I hope you all stay safe and healthy and the new year would be better for us all, Amen.

Take care my friends and stay healthy.


Today’s Tuesday Writing prompt: For this Tuesday, I just want to see how everyone’s doing. If you’re doing great, let’s hear about it. Success should be shared! If you’re not, and want to talk about it, drop it in the comments and let’s share some positivity.



Timeless Beauty

Your beauty is timeless, ageless

The clock ticks, moments pass consistently

It feels like the age is creeping up, closing in

But you look the same with serenity on your face

The wrinkles are there but add to your beauty

Everyone envies and tries to emulates you

But only a few know the secret behind this mystery

A heart that’s generous, a spirit that is giving

A soul that carries no grudges or hate, just love

I wish I was more like you


Tuesday writing prompt: Write a piece of prose or poetry using the words closing in, timeless, and everyone.



Eternal cycle

Till the universe lives
Life goes around in eternal cycle
Birth followed by life and death
And then rebirth

We are born and then we die
But we live on in our children
And their children,
Till the universe lives

From the root, new shoots sprout
From decay springs new life
From dead people, good deeds live
Till those who remember, are alive

Live goes around in eternal cycle


Photo Credit Spencer Byles

Written for TWP and MLMM-Photo Challenge

Tuesday Writing Prompt; What does it mean to be eternal? What does it look like? Describe any colors, ideas, or emotions.

Photo Challenge





Fall, how it feels

Gradually the sunlight takes on a sweeter hue

The golden rays of the sun bending and slanting more

Bit by bit the days shorten and the nights lengthen

From sizzling hot the temperatures fall and the air cools down

The trees around me are changing their colors

From brilliant green they turn golden, brown, rust and orange

Now the mornings are a bit foggy and chilly

And the nights are made warm and cozy by log fires


Written in response to;

Tuesday Writing Prompt; Write a poem about fall. Seasonal changes, favorite home cooked recipes, favorite family activities, whatever you like. It just has to be fall-centric.




Devil, disguised as temptation

Lures me, entices me towards folly

One little sip of sin

One small transgression

And you fall into its web

Trapped for a lifetime

Who will break the curse

Of the devil’s kiss


Written for;

Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda are currently hosting the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

Today’s prompt: Write a poem using the phrase “devil’s kiss”