Don’t be afraid

The image is from Agung Pandit Wiguna at

For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a mother and father helping their young child riding a two-wheeler bicycle (with training wheels).


Building relationships are very much based on trust. Children trust their parents and take them on their word. I’ve found that if we trust God, He won’t ever let us down, just like most parents.

I’ve got your back, don’t be afraid

You think you might fall but I’ll catch you

The bike may go sideways but make a quick recovery

Paddle hard and see yourself take off


It wasn’t all that difficult, you just needed

To trust yourself and let go

Isn’t cycling fun?


Written for FFFC # 179, hosted by Fandango

Also included; Weekly Prompts- Cycling

Also included;Tuesday writing prompt: Write a poem using the words might and recovery.





Dramatic Displays

Dramatic displays 
We like children
Entranced with the view
The theater of nature
Shows perspectives extraordinaire


Written for; Moon-washed Weekly Challenge- Dramatic – July 26, 2022, hosted by Eugenia

Also included; Tuesday writing prompt: Write a poem using the words theater, children, and perspective




Purple storm


Rain pelting the windows 
A thunderstorm is coming
Wind howling outside the closed doors
Purple streaks of lightning flash
I close my eyes in anticipation
A loud clap of thunder sounds
A bit too close, too early for comfort
Whatever is coming, will come
No use trying to escape the purple storm


Tuesday writing prompt: Write a poem using the words thunderstorm, purple, and closed doors



Behind the veil

Her heart quivers with excitement and trepidation

Behind the veil, her eyes look on apprehensively toward future

Uncertainty rolls in huge waves in her already tense thoughts

Was this the right time, the right guy, or the right decision

Perhaps it’s time to pick up her dress and bolt away

Marriage is a sweetly bitter dish not suited to all palates


Tuesday writing prompt: Write a poem using the words bolt and veil



How life changed

Like an opalescent glowing Pearl

Life held promises of infinite joy

Till some people took it upon themselves

To push us towards regression, a dark future

But usurping the freedom and liberty

Of untold number of women, young and old

Declaring the only men have rights, not women!

Time to show them, to strongly state our case

We aren’t sheep to be herded or cows to be slaughtered

Without women, how will this society even exist?


Written for; Eugi’s Weekly Prompt –Opalescence – June 28, 2022

Tuesday writing prompt: Write a poem using the words life, freedom, rights, and regression.




On fire

Endless days of summer

Blazing sun heating up the earth

Little birds thirsting for drops of water

Green leaves and colorful flowers wilting

The summer in tropical regions is a tough trial

Man and beast praying for some relief

From the scorching sun, ablaze and burning

We wait for the monsoon rain to bring some relief


Written for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt –Ablaze – June 21, 2022

Tuesday writing prompt: Begin a poem with endless




Topsy turvy

What are you doing?

You’ve turned everything upside down!

Oh I’m looking for my car keys and wallet

And in that process you’ve turned everything topsy turvy! Why can’t you remember where you put your things?

Well you know me honey, I’ve always been this absentminded, even before I got to this great old age of sixty five.


Tuesday writing prompt: Use “upside down” in a poem



Never ever

Never again tell me
That this incident is not your fault
Never pretend that the guns in the hands of criminals
Aren’t because you advocate for them
Never again fool everyone into believing
That money isn’t dearer to you than the blood of innocents

Imagine if these were your children, loved ones
What would you feel and what would you do?


Tuesday writing prompt: Use “never again” in a poem