The Sunday Whirl- Wordle # 435

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Here the Christmas tree stands

A pile of presents under it waits

The lights on it shine and twinkle

Little children with a glow of happiness

Keen to unwrap these presents

Unbind the ribbons that curl

The blush of joy on their faces

Blow on the candle and make a wish

Giving always brings happiness

Even the score with spreading kindness

Open your heart and receive

It’s the time to cheer up and be a part

Of the season of goodwill





The Sunday Whirl- Wordle# 425

Wordle #425

Style, dry, collide, free, salt, follow, finger, light, mine, forge, shy, cats


Though she was a shy person, she was found of making finger puppets and putting in a show for the children. She had made a few puppets of cats, which she would incorporate into her show. Her style of puppeteering would lighten up the mood of the audience, specially as she gave out a lot of free tickets for the people who couldn’t afford them. She forged a lot of good relations with people of her neighborhood. Her shows were never dry but full of humor. One incident brought her a lot of following, when the drywall behind which she stood, collapsed but she kept her wits about it, shouting out loud, ” it’s the salt which has collided with sugar to break open the wall to reveal this theater of mine!

The people loved her witty retort and the room filled with laughter.


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The Sunday Whirl- Wordle #425


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The Sunday Whirl 2/10/19

A fly once had the chance to shoot

For the stars but didn’t give credence

To the chat it heard in the neighborhood

That one sly cat was on the prowl, seeking

To mar the chances of anyone trying for this goal

So making a shy attempt to reach this objective, it failed

And instead was offered a barter to exchange

It’s lofty goal for a one that wasn’t off the charts

To get away with its life and limbs intact and

Sing in cadence, praises of its savior, the cat

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The Sunday Whirl