Tale Weaver – #236 – 15th August – Over the Back Fence


What do you see?

Maggie asked her sister who was standing on a box to look over the back fence. Tasha was busy surveying the scene before her and there was no immediate answer.

They had shifted to this new home a few days ago and today was the first chance they had gotten to explore the backyard. Mom has kept them busy with tasks regarding unpacking and getting things ready before the school opened next week.

Tash was two years older than Maggie, and at eleven she was starting to become aware of a world outside their own life. She could see a Golden, beautiful dog playing with two kids near their age in the house at the back of theirs. A boy and a girl. They also had a swing hanging from a large tree in their backyard. It was very inviting.

She got down from the box and told Maggie all about it. They both ran inside calling their mom. It was very urgent and necessary that they should visit the house at the back. Who can resist a swing and a dog!

The Prompt;

It was Robert Frost in “Mending Wall” who said: ‘Good fences make good neighbours’ and as I well know, how true that is.

This week consider the notion of what we see over our back fences. If you live in a apartment on the upper floors your back fence might be the boundary of your place.

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Tale Weaver- Over the back fence



Tale Weaver – #235 – 8th August – Roller Coaster


We often complain when life gets even a little difficult. Growing up is difficult, being an adult is difficult. So is getting a job, a family and ultimately growing old, before we depart this world forever.

But here lies the charm of life. This roller coaster ride is full of ups and downs. It had excitement and disappointments in store for us. But it never is boring. It never stays the same. Each phase of life is different. Accompanied by different challenges at different stages. When we complain that life is tough, what we don’t realize that that is the basic purpose of life. To train, to test and to eventually make us better or in ideal cases, the best version of who we are!

To enjoy this roller coaster ride we need a few pre-requisites.

We should be prepared to accept that there will be difficulties on the way.

Being realistic saves a lot of heartache. No one has a perfect life. All who have ever walked this earth were faced with challenges in different phases of their lives. So why should we be the exception? It is true that some people have it easier and the journey is more tough for others. But that is also a matter of perception. What might look like a life of ease to us from outside may not be do to those people.

We should have an attitude of taking the challenges life throws on us, head on.

Being ready will always be an advantage. If we are caught by surprise then the task becomes more onerous. But it doesn’t mean that we should be pessimistic or prophets of doom.

“Hope for the best and expect the worst” just about sums it up!

We should be prepared to lose some to find some in this journey.

Like all things in world, when we journey into our lives, we will achieve great things but we will lose a lot in the process. We give our youth to gain experience and wisdom. We give our health and beauty to raise a family. It’s all a matter of balance.

And lastly one should give up the illusion of being in control.

There are a million things in our lives which ultimately shape it. We are not in control of most of them. We flow in this river of time and universe and make the best of the circumstances handed out to us.

Sit back and enjoy this roller coaster ride! Make the best of it.

The Prompt;

‘Life can be a roller coaster of a ride at times.’

So much of our lives can be like a roller coaster ride. We have many ups and downs, be it in relationships, in terms of dealing with children, family and grief.

Write your response to this and link it using the linking tool below. Above all, have fun.

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Tale Weaver #235- Roller Coaster



Tale Weaver – #234 – 1st August – Excitement



Excitement lifts up the soul from the body

Taking it into a whirlwind ride way up high

The elation is hard to contain 

The heart feels like it is bursting with joy

It is strongest when we are young and innocent

The feeling of euphoria and excitement dipping

As we grow in age and wisdom

Except for the lucky few

who hold on to the childlike wonder and joy

The Prompt:

This week consider the word EXCITEMENT. What does it mean to you?

Write your response and link it using the linking tool below.

Have fun.

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Tale Weaver #234- Excitement



Tale Weaver #233

Tale Weaver – #233 – July 25th – Darling



Oh my Darling!

How much I love you

I cannot possibly tell you in mere words

It is sufficient to say that my day is not

Complete till I have seen your lovely face

Till I have caressed your beautiful lines

And your smoothness with my loving hands

And my Day is absolutely made when you

literally light up like a thousand stars when

I cast my loving gaze on your face

I just adore you my amazing Darling phone!!!!!



The way our lives now revolve arour our phones and other bits of technology that seem to us like our life-lines, has inspired this poem. Not to say that I am not one of those who think that I am lacking something when I don’t have my phone with me, I must plead guilty as charged. 



The Prompt:

This week consider the word Darling. It can be a person, place or thing.

It’s part of our vernacular, we use it everyday in one context or another.

Weave a tale using the word in whatever context you wish.

Please link your responses using the linking tool below and have fun.

In response to;

Tale Weaver # 233- July 25-2019



My trip- Part Three

It was with much anticipation that I looked forward to my visit to the Pacific coast in the north of Washington state. The plan was to drive and stay a couple of night along the way.

In two and half days we did a loop of the Olympic peninsula, traveling around 600 miles. It was a great trip and we drove through most of the towns and ports in the area.

Port Angeles was a super amazing experience.

Feiro Marine life center, Port Angeles

Beautiful painting on the outer walls depicting life in the past.

Pier # 8, Port Angeles

A view of Port Ludlow from the road.

Gig Harbor, Puget Sound.

This serves a dual purpose, a) to give you a glimpse into our trip and b) in response to the prompt by Michael to write about a visit.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

The prompt;

This week the task is to compose a tale in which the term/word ‘visit’ features.

It could be visiting, visited, visitation……you go where the prompt takes you.

Have fun and link your responses using the linking tool below.

In response to;

Tale Weaver # 232




Tale Weaver #231- July 11-2019. Making Sense out of Nonsense- Ignormarte

( Ignormarte, the people who had absolutely no idea about the market trends )

Jolly was lucky to win the mega lottery and was now rolling in money. He wanted to spend all his money to live out his dream life. But his mother was more sensible and told him to invest half the money in stock market. Since he was ignormarte, he asked his best friend Jonny to advice him. What he didn’t know that Jonny was not an honest man. He had plans to fleece Jolly and become rich in the process.

Jolly handed half his money to Jonny to invest some place where it would earn good profit. Jonny pretended to invest it while in reality transferring the money to an offshore account. Every month Jolly would ask his friend how the stock was doing and Jonny would give him assurance that the money was earning a decent profit.

Though Jolly was spending his win quite liberally, he had not quite ran through all of it when he got the shock of his life when his best friend bailed out on him with half the money. Jonny disappeared and there was no sign of him. Jolly cursed his ignormatre-ness which had landed him in this mess and promised himself to be more careful of the money he had left, investing it with a reliable Wall Street firm.

While the clever Jonny became a victim of his own greed and lost all the money he had stolen from his friend due to bad investments. It appears that he too was a ignormatre but a cheap one!


This week I invite you to play with this nonsense word and create your own meaning and story about it.

It can be noun, verb, adjective or adverb, its fate is in your hands.

Write your response and link it using the linking tool below.

Go forth and have fun.

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Tale Weaver #231- Making Sense out of Nonsense



Tale Weaver #230


We celebrate her life

And not the fact she died

She lived life as she saw fit

Not bending to the conventions

Or the expectations of people

Did some good, but most importantly

Did no harm, at least knowingly and intentionally

She wanted to be remembered with smiles and joy

That she brought to the lives of those she touched


We celebrate her life and not her death

( An eulogy that I hope someone will read on my funeral)

The prompt;

This week consider the notion of Eulogy as a task to write about.

It could be your own, a friend, a parent, a child or you may like to write a story in which a eulogy features.

Please link your responses using the linking tool below and have the best fun you can sitting down. (With thanks to Terry Pratchett.)

In response to;

Tale Weaver #230



Tale Weaver #229- Fairy Tale. June 27-2019

Lying on the grass in her lush green lawn, Lisa would look up to the sky and see horses, fairies and castle floating there in shape of clouds. It was her most favorite thing to do. Making stories and living in them. There were other things she had to do like playing with her toys or other kids in the neighborhood but weaving stories was the best way to spend time.

On one Sunday, there were white fluffy clouds floating in the sky. She went out to play with her dolls and the tea things. But soon enough she was immersed in her day dreams. There was the big white stallion carrying her to that big castle in the sky. She saw fairies standing in welcome for her. There was a beautiful crown on her head and the people were clapping to greet her.

She woke up and felt her mother shaking her shoulder. ” Lisa, it’s time to come in. It’s starting to rain. Can’t you feel the rain drops soaking you?” She went in the house holding her mom’s hand. Pretty sure that the dream would come back to her soon. After all it was her secret world.

The prompt;

This week compose a tale in which a castle features.

It could be in the fairy tale genre or it could be an experience you’ve had or would like to have involving a castle.

In response to;

MLMM- Tale Weaver #229- Fairy Tale



Tale Weaver # 228- Cooking June 20/2019

I am not a good cook. In fact I avoid cooking whenever I can. I cannot turn out the perfect cooked dinner even if I tried. Or maybe it’s because I try too hard.

If I want to impress my friends and family with my cooking expertise, I usually achieve the exact opposite effect. So I have stopped trying. There are times that I have made dinner in a space of half an hour and it’s turned out to be quite good. And then I have slaved hours over the hot stove to find that the result at the end was just “okay”! How unfair is that.

On the other hand I make excellent desserts. Pies, puddings and cakes. I can do breads, buns croissants or rolls with quite a lot of success. My specialities are bread pudding, fruit pies and a yummy fruit trifle!

I now stick to the things I do well, that is make the dessert when I want to cook. The other food is delegated to those who can do it better than me.

I think it’s the right strategy to adopt.

The prompt;

This week consider the notion of cooking. We have all had experiences, some good and most likely some not so good.

In response to:

Tale Weaver #228-Cooking



Tale Weaver #227 A wedding!

A wedding made in…..

Wedding is synonymous with the unity of two people, who decide that they are ready to spend the rest of their lives together, in a legally and often religiously binding ceremony.

The why of this decision is something which only the people involved can tell you about. The how is also relevant only to the people involved and their families. Each culture and region have their own way of getting married. It could be a quiet ceremony or something on a grand scale with much fanfare. It’s again a matter of personal choice. Sometimes an exclusive ceremony with just a few close friends and family members is enough. And some people and cultures like to make a huge fuss about the whole thing, turning it into a many day event with hundreds of guests involved. Again it’s a choice.

What comes after the vows are taken is much more important than the actual ceremony. The promise to love and honor should be a binding one, which should last a lifetime. Unfortunately it doesn’t do that more often then not. The romance wears off soon after the honeymoon period is over in many cases and rifts and cracks start to appear in the perfectly perceived facade of marriage. The differences become unsurmountable in certain cases ending in a split in the union.

This is not meant to scare people off from getting married but rather in the spirit of an advisory to be more open to understanding the viewpoint of your spouse, to be willing to make compromise and to give it as many chances as you can possibly can. Because like everything in life, love also demands hard work and effort.

Sorry if I went a bit off the brief, but to me marriage is more important than wedding!

The prompt;

So this week consider the notion of a wedding to be the topic for you to write about.

Your story could be the fairy tale account of true love finding itself.

In response to;

Tale Weaver #227