Tale Weaver – #320 – Time For Change – 25th March

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver

This week the topic is Time For Change.


Nothing stays the same forever

Change is something we should always expect

And accept because it’s futile to resist

But some changes take a lot of time to become acceptable

Our head knows they are real, but our heart resists

Still, change is a sign of life, a way forward


My best wishes for Michael in his new ventures.



Tale Weaver – #319 – The Ugly Duckling – 18th March

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver

This week write your version of an “Ugly Duckling” story


Growing up with three brothers, I was more of a tomboy than a girlish girl. I wasn’t much aware of the fashion trends and preferred plain over fancy. I used to buy running shoes for everyday use, no fancy heels for this girl. I also wore ugly glasses, chosen more for durability than style.

This was me when I joined the med school and went to live in another city with a bunch of girls. I realized that my appearance lacked something that those other girls had. They would wear matching shoes, put on makeup, and would look like ladies. Whereas I would blunder about in my manly shoes, plain utilitarian clothes, and an extroverted, Donald Duck style gait, ( which resulted in more than my fair share of accidents).

But I couldn’t emulate them as I was made different. So there was no ugly duckling transforming into a swan. Rather this ugly duckling gradually grew to be more careful while walking and learned to dress a bit more stylishly.

Why change my basic nature, when I am happy with who I am. If I try to become someone else or act like someone else, I would lose my identity.




Tale Weaver – #318 – Bookworm – 11March

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver

This week write about your interpretation of ‘Bookworm’.

Choose your own form.


We all are bookworms, at least the girls/ women of my family. It has come down through genetics. My grandfather was a huge lover of books. He would read continuously. And had a massive library. I idolized him as he was the best sort of a grandfather any girl could have.

After him, my father was another bookworm. He would always have a stack of books on his nightstand and would often read late into the night. I was the most bookish among my siblings, though my younger brother also was fond of reading too.

My husband bought a lot of books but very rarely would he finish a book that he started reading. My son’s interest in reading was somewhat in the middle range. While I and my two daughters are avid readers. We have between the three of us, bought and read thousands of books.

The good thing is that we share similar interests in reading and exchange our books. The youngest bookworm is my 11 years old grandson. He goes through books at a very high rate. And it costs his mother a lot of money to keep him supplied with new books!




Tale Weaver/Fairytale – #317 – 4th March – The Wicked Witch

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver

This week consider the Fairy Tale genre and compose a tale about a Wicked Witch.

Is your witch wicked in the true sense or is she just misunderstood?


She was wicked, as evil as you can imagine

The spell she would cast would enslave for life

Her innocent looks tricked many into her trap

Too late they realized that her appearance deceived

She would lure them in with her charm and then

Strike that blow which robbed them of free will

Many desired to be set free from her evil magic

But only one was destined to beat the witch at her own game

He was even a bigger sorcerer than her, with experience to boot

Who was to be her latest victim, but turned tables on her

Now she sits forlorn in her gilded cage, dreaming

Of a time when she will reclaim her evil magic again



Tale Weaver – #314 – Lotion – February 11th and my # 11 for the month of February

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver

This week write your response to the word – Lotion.

It may be relaxing, comforting, curative, a life saver, even magical – go where the prompt leads you.


Paula has asked us to share something we love, for each day of the month of February.

For my # 11 love for the month of February, I choose;


Have you ever been too tired to sleep?

I have often been. I suffer from restless leg syndrome and if I get too tired or it gets late, like past midnight, I just can’t seem to lie still on my bed. Lie long enough to go to sleep.

I discovered the cure accidentally. My daughter gifted me a peppermint based foot cream and I tried it on my legs as well. This worked like magic and calmed my overexcited and tired muscles and I fell asleep shortly.

I then researched and found a calming lavender lotion from Aveeno which is very good. It helps soothe the irritation of muscles and relives their tiredness.

Do give it a try if you suffer from restless leg syndrome or are too tired to get good sleep. It’s also good for babies, as my little granddaughter loves to have her tiny feet and legs massaged with it.

I think that herbal remedies really work and should be our first go-to when faced with health issues.





Tale Weaver – #313 – Finding Something Forgotten – February 4th

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver

This week compose a response to the prompt: Finding Something Forgotten.


Talking to a family member, I found a memory long forgotten

An incident that took place when I was a child of six

I would wonder where my mom went when she died

And someone said that she is up there in the sky with God

I planned in my mind to build a long, a very long ladder

So that I could climb up there and meet her again

The plan came to nothing, obviously and the memory forgotten

But a conversation brought it back to my mind and

I marveled at the innocence and naivety of my younger self




Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale – #311 – How To Be A Prince Charming – January 21st

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver

You have been asked to contribute your thoughts to the yet to be published “Fairyland For Dummies” on what is required to be a Prince Charming.


How to be Prince Charming in easy steps;

• Be nice clean and presentable, not everyone can be handsome

• Oral and personal hygiene is very important, even if you are a royalty

• Learn to ride a horse and how to wear an armor

• You should be a good dancer

• Impeccable manners are a must

• Remember she is a delicate beauty in need of your chivalry

• Pick up that glass slipper, and don’t, ever lose it or drop it

• It’s okay to kiss her if she looks dead at first glance. She is just waiting for that.

These are a few tips to start with. The rest of the guidelines can be found in;

“Fairyland For Dummies”




Tale Weaver – #310 – Tired and Run Down – 14th January

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver

With a new year upon us and the stresses of 2020 behind us, (or are they), consider the new year and what it brings to us.

For many of us older folk, being tired and run down is often a daily event.


Normally , I wouldn’t admit to being tired and rundown!

Nopes, not at all I’d say even when I am. But today, or rather since yesterday I am feeling very much tired and rundown and grumpy too.

The reason is that I got what I wished for. That’s why it is dangerous to wish for things before one thinks them through. I was wishing that I could just stop eating so much and go back to my weight losing habits.

I suffer from these bouts of hyperacidity and stomach discomfort when I became careless of my intake of coffee, tea, and spices. That’s what happened to me and now I am not happy with my tummy.

I can’t have coffee or regular food. I am taking a bland diet and meds to deal with this episode. I’m hoping that there is some positive impact of this incident and I may have lost a couple of pounds. Hopefully!

So I am feeling out of sorts and tired. I hope this passes away soon.




Tale Weaver – #309 – 7th January – A Basket Case

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver

Write your response to the topic, “A Basket Case”.

Be it literal or just an exercise in imagination and creativity.


It’s not kind to call someone a basket case

You’re implying that they are in a bad state

Unable to cope and handle their own affairs

Rather than saying unkind things we should instead

Extend a helping hand accompanied with words of sympathy

Understanding that we all go through tough times

When stress and life itself overwhelms us

With its unexpected demands and complexities

And we all need a shoulder to rest our head on

And a sympathetic ear to listen when we share

All that has happened to undo our tight control

An act of kindness is a reward in itself, giving joy




Tale Weaver – #308 – New Beginnings and WQWWC # 5

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver

Today is New Years Eve. It’s been a tough year for so many around the world.

As the new year approaches, write about the “new beginnings” you would like to see in 2021.

New Beginnings




A new day, year, and decade

Though time is a continuous flow

We look at it through the clock and the calendar

Divided up into days, weeks, months and years

It doesn’t seems as daunting as one huge block of time

We all are starting this new year with sincere hope

That all that sickness, depression and trials of the last year

Are left behind in that year and don’t mar our new beginnings

Hoping and praying for a kinder and gentler new year for us all!