Sharing my views about romance!

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Di is our gracious host for Share Your World

Here are this week’s questions:

1. Do you consider yourself to be romantic?

I used to be more romantic in my younger days. These days I concentrate on being caring and ensuring that we both are comfortable. Outright romantic gestures are now very rare from us both. More like warm socks and hot cups of tea/ coffee instead of boxes of chocolate or expensive trinkets.

2. Do you send cards on Valentine’s Day?

No! Valentine’s Day is not a part of our culture so no celebrations or cards.

3. Would you spend a considerable amount of money on a single red rose for your beloved?

Nopes! I’d rather get something useful that would last. Like a rose plant! At least it will give flowers for a long time and wouldn’t mean that someone’s getting rich on the sentimentalism of people!

4. What is your idea of a romantic evening?

A good meal in an affordable restaurant, and then perhaps catching a movie. We should be back home in a reasonable time so that my hubby can listen to the evening news and I can catch up on my blog!


As always, I’m grateful to Almighty for the continued good health of my family. Alhamdolillah.

Just before sunrise!

The cold wave is almost at its end. We had rain yesterday and the day before. It has cleared the air of smog/ fog. Now looking forward to spring.

Thank you, Di for these lovely questions. I like how you center your questions around one theme every week.



Sharing my sleeping habits

Di is our host for SYW

Here are your questions for this week:

1. Do you find it relatively easy to fall asleep at night?

Since I’ve had my stomach surgery, sleeping at night has become easier. The doctor said that this surgery gets rid of sleep apnea and snoring. So not only do I sleep better but my husband does too as well.

2. Do you remember your dreams?

Very very rarely do I remember the details of my dreams. I often remember how it felt. Like a good dream or a bad one.

3. If you can’t sleep, do you watch TV, read or listen to music in the hope you will nod off?

I play games, do puzzles, or coloring on my phone. Sometimes I catch up with my WordPress reader and answer the comments too. Though experts say that the phone screen awakens and agitates the mind and then sleeping is even more difficult.

4. Can you literally sleep anywhere (chair, sofa, bus, train, flight etc)?

No, I cannot fall asleep anywhere but on a bed and have to be horizontal on that. I even find it difficult to fall asleep in a strange/ new bed the first night. I envy people who can sleep anywhere, anytime.


I am grateful for all the sleep aid medicines available that help me go to sleep even when my body or mind doesn’t want to. Melatonin is a good sleep aid. So are Advil, most allergy medications and sometimes I take a doctor-prescribed medication like Valium too. It is better to sleep the night instead of tossing and turning, thinking and overthinking about life, and then feeling tired in the morning, unable to perform even the basic functions of life.

I managed to capture the sky just before sunrise today.

Thank you Di for hosting SYW!



Sharing my views about transportation

Di is our gracious host for SYW

Here are this week’s questions:

1. What is the most comfortable vehicle you have even ridden in or driven?

I think it was the complimentary upgrade I got from economy class to business class while traveling ( flying) from Seattle to Dubai. I used my points to upgrade and it was a journey to remember. The food served in the Emirates is usually good but in business class, it was even better. The seat could be converted to almost a bed. But alas even there, in all that comfort, I couldn’t sleep more than 30-45 minutes at a time.

2. What is the most uncomfortable vehicle you have even ridden in or driven?

It was a long time ago that we all traveled by our car to Lahore from Islamabad. There were three adults and three children in a four-seater sedan. It was a very long journey of 5 hours.

3. Have you ever ridden a horse (or a donkey at the seaside)?

No I haven’t. Besides we have camel rides on Karachi seaside, but I haven’t ridden them either.

4. If you could have one of these as a pet, which would it be and why?
Black panther, cheetah, leopard, lynx

None of the above. We have an outdoor kitty and I think that is all what we can handle right now.

Never forget to tell the Special Someone in your life that you love them.

A floral display in Islamabad

I am extremely grateful to Allah, Almighty for easing our troubles and giving us peace of mind. When tough times come, He gives us the fortitude to bear them too. Alhamdolillah.

Thanks Di for continuing to host SYW.



Sharing my post-holidays world

Di is our gracious host for SYW

Here are this week’s questions:

1. How long did it take you to get back into your normal routine after the holidays?
(this does not have to be Christmas and New Year, but any holiday)

I do jump back to my normal routine as soon as guests leave ( we usually have guests for the Eid holidays). For people like me who like routine, getting back to is important, so I don’t laze around but straighten up the house and it’s back to my daily schedule.

2. Which makes you feel more relaxed, putting your feet up in front of the fire with a good book or socialising with your friends?

Alas, we never had a fire in our home. I do relax with my feet up on the lounge table and my phone in my hand, blogging away. But meeting friends is also a great way to unwind and relax. I guess if I have to choose, I’d go 50/50. Half the time with friends and half the time at home chilling.

3. What is your favourite hot drink?

A nice cup of coffee. I loved getting a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks in Seattle. Over here we have a few coffee shops and I love a hazelnut latte.

4. If you are feeling poorly, do you prefer to be pampered, or left alone?

I’d love to have my family, especially my daughters fussing over me. But when I’m sleepy, I like to be alone, so if I snore, only I am in the room.


It costs nothing to be kind, but one kind word can be priceless to the recipient.

I was honored to be the recipient of kindness in form of poetry books from my lovely blogging friends, Mich and Jeff. I received these books when I came back from Islamabad. My heartfelt gratitude to my gracious friends for this kindness.

Thank you Mich and Jeff for your effort and generosity.

Many thanks to Di for hosting SYW.



First Sharing of My World- 2023

Thank you Di for hosting SYW

Here are the first SYW questions for 2023:

1. Did you stay up to see the New Year in?

I had planned on sleeping early. But my sleep had other plans. By 11:45, I was ready to take melatonin. At 12:00 am exactly some buffoons started fireworks and firing guns to celebrate the new year and I could hear them in my bedroom despite the white noise! They got a lot of cursing from me.

2. Are there any special occasions or events coming up in 2023 for you or your family?

Who can tell what will happen in this year. We are praying for a good year for us all.

3. Do you keep a diary?

Never did I keep a diary. My blog is the only thing I write daily, and it can be called a digital journal as I record if something important is going on in my life at the time.

4. How did yesterday differ from January 1st 2022 or was there no difference?

I have no idea what was January 1st 2022 was like. Yesterday, 1st January 2023 was uneventful and a busy day!


I pray that this year is good for us all. May we keep on smiling and spreading love and joy. Amen.



Last SYW for 2022

Thank you Di for continuing to host Share Your World


1. If you have been given a variety of gifts, do you have a clear out of older stuff to make room for it?

It’s only on my birthday that I get lots of gifts. I usually am asked what I want for my birthday by my family members. So it’s never something that I don’t need or want, or have in excess. My friends sometimes give me clothes, which I usually don’t need, so I do give away some of the older ones to make room for the new ones.

2. Do you overindulge with food for special occasions and then come to regret it with either weight gain, guilt or severe indigestion?

Not anymore! Since my stomach surgery, overeating or overindulgence is not something I can do. I’m losing weight slowly since my surgery and that is just fine with me.

3. What is your favourite part for any celebration?

Having the family and friends over. Serving the good food, cooked lovingly by me and our cook. And then relaxing when they all go back.

4. Are you looking forward to getting bargains in the January Sales?

Nopes! I’ve stopped buying stuff just because it’s cheaper than the retail price because it still costs money!


I’m so thankful that the drug reaction from the day before yesterday has worn off and I’m feeling myself again. It was a horrendous experience. Though I was extremely lucky to have all my family around me giving me both moral support and reassurance. 😍

Flowers ( chrysanthemums) from our last day in Islamabad

Thanks Di for hosting SYW!



Sharing my world- 19th December’22

With many thanks to Di for hosting this challenge

Here are this week’s questions:

1. How organised are you in either your working or private life?

I am not a neat freak but I’m pretty organized. I like to plan my day ahead, not the little details but a general plan. Right now we ( my daughter) are planning to shift back to Lahore so I’ve planned the details and am working accordingly.

2. Do you remember family birthdays or anniversaries and send cards?

I do most of them and for others, I have put reminders on my phone. Sending cards is not my usual method, I give a call or a message. For those I buy gifts, I include a card with the present.

3. If you see something in a shop that is an extravagance but you can afford it, do you buy it?

I am sorry to say that I give in to the temptation. So I usually avoid going to stores that may tempt me.

4. Are you looking forward to the New Year?

I always look forward to tomorrow. And a new year is just that, lots of tomorrows. I hope that the new year will bring good tidings regarding my family, Aameen.


What simple thing warms your heart?

My children, and their children warm up my heart and bring smile to my face.

Thank you Di for continuing this challenge.



Sharing my world- 12th December’22

Di is our gracious host for SYW

Here are this week’s questions:

1• As a kid, did you have roller skates, a go-kart or a push bike?

I and my younger brother shared a two-wheeler bike. Both of us learned to ride it without training wheels, with skinned knees and hands. I fell in love with biking and would ride one whenever I found a reliable one.

2• Also, did you belong to a gang or just hang out with your friends?

No gangs in the early years. I was an only sister with three brothers. So I would give myself my own company. Friends were only available in school and we didn’t have a neighborhood where there were lots of kids.

When I was in med school, we did have a gang of girls, always giggling and enjoying life. That friendship has lasted till now. Even now we laugh a lot when we get together or talk on the phone.

3• What is the best present, birthday or otherwise, you can remember as a child?

I think the best present that I remember from my childhood was a doll that my father brought back from America when he had gone to Harvard for a master’s degree in public administration. I kept that doll for a long time.

4• If a friend stayed over, did you have a midnight feast or did you go to bed and sleep ?

We never had friends staying over at night. In fact visiting each other’s houses was an infrequent occurrence for us.

Recently ( about 12 years ago) I went to Karachi to visit my friends ( from med school) and we did stay up most of the night recalling our past adventures and laughing at them. It was a memorable visit.

My memorable visit to Karachi. Port grand.


What gives your day a kick start?

I usually get up excited to start my day. Before the recent surgeries, I would allow myself a cup of real coffee but now my tolerance has gone down for caffeine so I make myself a weak cup of tea!

My attempt to capture the moon in end November

Thanks Di for hosting SYW



Sharing my world- 27 November’ 22

Thanks Di for continuing to host Share your world

Note: for my readers who do not celebrate Christmas, please consider family traditions for other occasions like birthdays (as my response is later) or festivals, celebrations or special occasions in your own country.


1.Do you have any family traditions?

We celebrate Eid twice during the Islamic year. On Eid-ul-Fitr, which is at the end of the month of Ramadan we have different traditions. We give each other gifts or gift money called Eidi. The children often get Eidi from their parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunts. It’s not uncommon for them to have accumulated quite a good amount of money on Eid-up-fitr. There is a tradition of inviting family over for a meal and often extended family is invited too.

2. With December on its way, have you ever been carol singing?

Nopes, never done that.

3. Do you decorate your home for the Christmas holidays?

On Eid, we clean our home and perhaps get a bouquet of flowers but no other decorations are done. However if it’s a child’s birthday, the parents usually make an effort to set a theme for the party and decorate accordingly.

My granddaughter’s 3rd birthday

4. Do you enjoy the Christmas rush for preparations and shopping?

As I mentioned earlier, Eid is after a month-long fasting of Ramadan. The most exciting thing about is that we can eat whenever we want. When I was younger I used to make a lot of effort for the Eid lunch. But now I’m more relaxed.


Our weather has finally turned a bit cooler. I enjoy snuggling into my blanket at night. There are flowers on my Clerodendrum vines

Birthday bouquet from my husband And daughter

Thanks Di for hosting SYW



Sharing my world- November 21, 2022

My thanks to Di for graciously hosting Share Your World

Here are the questions for this week:

1. As a child, did you prefer to watch TV, play games outside on a nice day, or read?

We were allowed to watch tv for an hour a day. The rest was up to us how we entertained ourselves. I played outside with my brothers, played with my dolls, and made clothes and jewelry for them too. I remember knitting a sweater, hat, and booties for my doll too. Reading was very much a part of my day. This all happened after we had done schoolwork. Surprisingly, we managed to fit a lot into our day.

2. What would you rather do now, read a book, watch a movie at home, dine out with friends, or go down the pub?

In the evening, I usually blog when at home. In the morning I sometimes meet friends for a chat or a meal, go shopping for groceries, or just laze around at home. My younger daughter often comes after picking up her daughter from school and we chat and spend time together.

3. Are you fashion conscious?

In my younger days, I was moderately fashion-conscious. I would follow trends within limits. Being somewhat of a tomboy, I was always clumsy so it mostly didn’t produce the results I wanted. As I grew older I have learned to dress smart, not fashionably. It works better.

4. Do you wear slippers, clogs or go barefoot indoors?

Slippers, always. Specially since my foot surgery.


Today I met the doctor for 2-week post-surgery follow-up. He was satisfied with my progress and has finally allowed me to have thick soups and puréed food like porridge. It’s such a heavenly feeling to have solid food inside of me.

Thank you Di for carrying on Share Your world.