Sunday Writing Prompt – 10th January – Getting Lucky

Michael is good for Sunday Writing Prompt this week

This week write your response to the expression ‘Getting Lucky”.

What circumstances in your life would give rise to you feeling lucky, or getting lucky?


I think I got lucky when I was born with an optimist attitude

A stroke of good luck gifted me with all senses intact

All body part working and able to perform their tasks

I breathe in and then out while my heart pumps the blood diligently

The brain can think and most of all appreciate too

All that has been gifted to me, precious treasures

I am indeed lucky and I am glad I know it too




Drop all that is unnecessary or redundant

This week Michael has given us this prompt for Sunday writing

Sunday Writing Prompt – Getting On with It – January 3rd

We’ve moved from 2020 to 2021.

This week write your response to “Getting on with it”. What might you be getting on with?


Life is busy and hard at times. Yet I’ve noticed that we often stick to doing things that are either unnecessary or redundant.

This year, let’s get on with it.

Do things your way, a new way. Let go of old customs, habits, and ideas and seek something new. It’s not necessary to do things in a pattern that you’ve been doing for long.

Be bolder, be decisive, and create change.

This is a new day and it gives us a new opportunity to try something different. Or do the same thing in a different way.

That is my 10 cents worth of advice for you this year;

Try something new

Change how you think

Grab the moment

And let it not be said

That we are shy of change




Sunday Writing prompt – In the thick of it – December 27th

Michael is the host of Sunday Writing Prompt this week

This week write your response to the phrase – In The Thick Of It.




When in the thick of it

Step back, look at the bigger picture

Notice the finer details and nuances

Detach yourself

Deep breaths

Now you

Will see




Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale – Fairies – 10th December and Sunday Writing prompt – 13th December – Confident: It was a sure thing.

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver

This week write about Fairies.

Do you see them as friendly, helpful, benevolent creatures or is your perception one of fairies as evil, malicious creatures.

Write about their personality, their good and bad traits.

Go where the prompt leads you and have fun.

I am also combining another prompts by Michael who is also the host of Sunday Writing Prompt this week!

This week write your response to the statement above.

What context will you use to illustrate your thoughts on this statement?


A fairy is fairly uncommon

So it was a surprise when

You though it was a sure thing

Come this way and I’ll show you

I know where they lived, you said

Eagerly I followed you full of anticipation

But I was so disappointed when I couldn’t see

What you claimed was right in front

Years later I came to know that

You had special connection to them

You were the only one who believed

Implicitly, never a doubt in your mind

Magic happens only for those who believe





Sunday Writing Prompt – 30th November – Contest.

Michael is the host of Sunday Writing Prompt this week

“It was a contest like no other.”

This week, write about a contest that was like no other. Was it challenging, too easy, unexpected?

Take up the challenge, have fun, and leave a link to your response in the comments below.


It was a contest like no other, it was a contest to see who was the best. The two lads, fast friends since childhood were now pitted against each other.

James was the intelligent one and Bill was the one who worked harder. They both achieved good grades and often studied together for the exams. Now their teacher had decided that only one of them would be recommended for the merit scholarship given by the school to their best student.

On the day the final exam was to be conducted, James made a resolve. When the result was announced, Bill had scored higher than James. James was very happy for his friend. His parents could afford to bear the expenses of his education, while Bill’s father couldn’t. And that’s why, though it was a competition, it wasn’t like any other. James had deliberately not performed as well as he could.

Now both friends are in the same university.




Sunday Writing Prompt – 22nd November – Tormented

Michael is the host of Sunday Writing Prompt

This Sunday consider the notion of ‘tormented’.

For you what does it conjure up?

Can it be aspects of your life, either personal or spiritual?

Go where the prompt leads you and have fun.


Why do you torment me like this?

“I know you never put on weight whatever you eat but I am not like you and I gain weight even by looking at a nice plate of food. Why then you have to eat these goodies in front of me, knowing very well that I am on a strict diet?”

My younger brother grinned at my pained expression and offered me his plate full of French fries, “here, why don’t you have a few? Maybe you feel less grumpy after you’ve had something nice to eat instead of all the lettuce you’ve been eating. You are not a rabbit you know!”

I turned aside his offer with a scowl. ” You know I want to lose 15 pounds before my birthday, and this will make me lose all the progress I have made till now”

“Come on, a few fries won’t hurt. It’s not like you’re losing weight anyway!”

With this parting shot, he disappeared from the living room, and I was left there marveling at the unfairness of life and the audacity of siblings.

( An almost true account of my teen years. I’ve been plagued with weight issues all my life and my younger brother could eat anything!)



Sunday Writing Prompt – 15th November – Coping

Michael is the host of Sunday Writing Prompt this week

The prompt;

This week writing about how you cope with the situations you face in life, be they real or fantasy.

These days there seem to be a never-ending series of situations with which we have to cope.

Health, politics, poverty, work, sport…….etc

Go where the prompt leads you and have fun.


How do you cope?

This question is one we ask of anyone we see in a difficult situation. The answer is usually, we cope because we have to. When there is no other way out, we make do.

Moms of young kids cope with very little rest and sleep because they have to look after their young ones.

Older people cope with the challenges of old age, like pain, reduced mobility, or other issues related to growing old.

People who are working and earning for a family often cope with tough schedules because they have no other options.

The question should be how well do you cope?

Coping and coping well are different.

One person can barely cope with their challenges and another can cope well. The difference lies in how we view and deal with our issues. If we look at things intending to solve the problem, we can do better in dealing with them. But if we see them as insurmountable mountains, we may deal with them but just barely, without any joy of achievement.

I personally feel that a positive outlook can really change the way we deal with life-issues.



Daily Prompts & Sunday Writing Prompt – 1st November –It Was A Joke

Write your story this week that contains or make reference to a joke of some kind.


Do you think it is in good humor to play a prank

And after the fallout, claim innocently, it was a joke!

Laying a false trail of crumbs to lead someone astray

Laughing at their discomfort when they discover the mistake

It is an ominous augury if we start to enjoy the distress

Which our thoughtless jokes may cause others

It is not surprising that we cannot make friends

With the people on whom we play tricks on

A spoonful of wisdom, a pinch of kindness is needed

To sweeten the way we treat our comrades

Showing sympathy and kindness can give more joy

Than laughing like hyenas when we roast someone

I have also included the following prompts;




Crumbs, Garden, Think





Word of the day challenge;


Sunday Writing Prompt;

It was a joke




Sunday Writing Prompt – 11th October – A Change of Season

Michael is the host of Sunday Writing Prompt this week

This week write your response to what a change of season means to you. In the south its about the arrival of spring and the approach of summer, In the north its about autumn and the coming of winter.

It heralds the arrival of daylight saving for some and the end to it for others.

Do you welcome one season over another?


The time when it starts to cool down and days get longer

I love the anticipation that another season is making its appearance

Autumn arrives with colorful foliage and bare branches

And I start looking forward with keen anticipation

Towards another change in the season, it’s the time to welcome winter

For me, the excitement of change is greater than the change itself

The fun of looking forward to throwing off the mental of

One season and donning that of another excites my childlike fascination

So when winter gives way to spring or the spring to summer

I am always ready to welcome the new season with a smile




Sunday Writing Prompt – 13th September – Cards

Michael is the host of Sunday Writing Prompt this week

This week write your response in story or poetry form in which ‘cards’ of one form or another feature.
It doesn’t have to be limited to playing cards, it could card of any kind, credit cards, business cards, just go where the prompt sends you.


You play with the cards life has dealt you with

No use of crying over what was given to you at the start

But be assured that if you lack one thing, there is more of the other

There is a balance in each and everything that happens

We can spend our entire lives ruing what should have been

Or we can make of it what can be and what will be