Box it up

It’s very easy to get rid of all those unpleasant memories and hurtful things people have said to you.

Just take a box big enough to accommodate all that ugliness and deposit all the stuff that has been lingering deep in your heart, giving you pain and ruining your peace, in that box.

You may wonder how you can put things without substance into a physical box.

It’s easy, I tell you; the box can be real or imaginary but the act of putting those poisonous thoughts into it has to be a conscious effort, where we deliberately take each thought, and memory and discard it, lock it up in that box so that it never hurts us again.

After you’ve locked up all those memories in that box, promise yourself never to open it again, because, like Pandora’s box, it can cause a huge disruption in your life if you try to peek into it again.

Now you’ve boxed all that vicious stuff, bury it somewhere deep, and forget about it!


In response to; Six Sentence Story- Box, hosted by Denise



Yellow- Belly snake

The word snake holds an irrational fear for me from my childhood, and I never wait around to check if the snake is poisonous or benign, I just utter a loud scream and make a run for it.

But some snakes are hard to identify as they are in human form, pretending to be good caring friends or relatives, all the while scheming and plotting to inject their poisonous fangs into you when you least suspect it.

What to do about these yellow-bellied reptiles who want to destroy your peace of mind without you giving them the least cause to do so?

After going through hard experiences, I’ve learned that nothing works better than just cutting ties with these toxic people completely and not letting them convince you of their good intentions ever again; sounds difficult as you may be related to them, or have relationships of long standing with them, but believe me, it’s the best course of action for you and your sanity.

Just saying a saccharine sweet adieu to them will lift a burden from your soul.

Walk away from them and look out for their types in your future life, being beware of them in advance!


In response to; Six Sentence Story- Yellowbelly, hosted by Denise



My lost and found bag

While I love traveling overseas, even on my own, the thing I didn’t like, perhaps I should say hated was connecting flights.

Some airlines book your luggage to the end of your journey and that’s the most convenient way to travel but with some airlines, you have to retrieve your luggage and book it for the next flight.

On these journeys, losing the luggage is quite common and I had this experience when of my two bags, one went missing and I stood staring at the carousel going round and round with few bags on it which no one wanted, but my bag was nowhere to be found.

I waited for perhaps half an hour, as most people from my flight had left the arrival hall and just a few people were around, it was then I picked up enough courage and went to a help desk to ask about the whereabouts of my luggage.

It turned out that due to several flights arriving simultaneously, there were too many bags and they had offloaded some of them on the side of the arrival area, and I finally was reunited with my lost bag.

I finally made it to my next flight with a few minutes to spare, phew!


In response to; Six Sentence Story- Carousel, hosted by Denise



Beetroot red cheeks

Now very gently put the color on your cheeks while smiling, don’t overdo it, as you want a look that’s natural, not that of a girl blushing furiously due to embarrassment”!

Maria paused the tutorial and attempted the slightly flushed look the expert had achieved, but in her zeal to get a professional look, she used too much of the blush and her cheeks looked as if she was acting in a Victorian-era drama with vivid beetroot circles on both cheeks.

Her friend broke into peals of laughter when she saw the result, but Maria was a tough girl, she dabbed a bit of makeup remover on a sponge and wiped off the failed experiment.

Now I know how not to do it”, she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Maria persisted in her efforts to learn the fine art of makeup and in a few months she was offering her services to friends and family.

The next step was to start her own makeup studio, and she never looked back after that!


In response to; Six Sentence Story- Flush, hosted by Denise



dVerse- Posery- Finding our Pack

On this day without a date,
On a back street, dusky

— Charles Simic, from My Friend Someone

Here’s how to take part in the Prosery Prompt:
• Write a piece of flash fiction or other prose up of up to or exactly 144 words, including the given line from the poem.


On this day without a date, on a back street, dusky night was just rolling in to take a hold and swallow the day completely.

Having lost all sense of time, she wandered these back alleys trying to find her lost self, a self that had eluded her grasp for many days now.

She remembered the day the truck had crashed into her makeshift shelter on this very street. It had destroyed whatever worldly possessions she had and had broken into smithereens the life she had painfully constructed piece by piece.

Ma’am”, called a polite voice from behind her, turning she saw a youngish woman with a kind expression on her face, “I’m from the local citizen welfare organization, I’ve seen you here on many occasions and was wondering if we can offer you a place to stay as you don’t seem to have a home?”

Tammy smiled, the mist was clearing.


Word count; 142

In response to; dVerse —posery, hosted this week by Lisa

Also included Six Sentence Story- Truck, hosted by Denise




Forging stories

Writing a story was never my strong point and though I have improved with time I still find it difficult to write fiction.

Most of the stories I write are based on some incident in my life or of those around me and I fictionalize it to make it more interesting, and less like an account of a real incident.

Forging stories out of thin air is a skill that few people possess, sadly I’m not one of them.

That’s the reason that I love prompts, story starters, phrases, or scene settings that make my brain come up with a plot and write accordingly.

I still do try to write fictional tales to expand my horizons and to acquire new skills, but I do have a sneaking suspicion that my stories tend to have similar plots and run along the same lines.

If you are a frequent reader of my stories, please tell me how interesting or repetitive you find my writing.


In response to; Six Sentence Story- Forge, hosted by Denise



Second chance


What is rebirth; a second chance at life or a chance to do better than before or perhaps to be born in a form totally different from the first one?

Intriguing questions that perhaps no one can answer with any certainty for even if people are reborn, they don’t come back with memories of a previous life lived on this earth.

Though I don’t believe that we are given different forms on rebirth on this earth, I do believe that in one lifetime, we are sometimes given a chance to become a better person, a person who has decided to take a new form, abandoning their old traits.

That’s why this phenomenon is often referred to as turning a new page or reinventing oneself, in fact, it is for many, a part of growing and learning from past mistakes and experiences and do better; it would not be an apparent revolutionary change in the person’s appearance, but rather insidious. They will perhaps look the same but act and behave differently.

To my way of thinking, it would denote a newer and improved version of the old self, or to use modern lingo, version 2.0!


I’ve reworked and edited this post which I published last year in response to RXC- Rebirth. I felt it said what I wanted to say quite well.

In response to Six Sentence Story- Second, hosted by Denise





I loved to drive when I was able to do so but I hated parking, for parking a car demanded precision skill which I sadly lacked.

My modus operandi was to go early when the parking lot was almost empty and then to park in a space where both sides were free.

The other, costlier option was to give the keys to the valet parking guy/gal and trust them to look after the vehicle.

The first time I used valet parking, I was a bit apprehensive regarding both the safety of my car and the things that were in the car, but they proved reliable in both aspects.

The only inconvenience was the driving seat was pushed way back to accommodate the valet because not everyone is my height.

The only occasion that I wouldn’t recommend that you get valet parking is when it’s a well-attended party as it takes ages for them to bring up your car.


Written in response to Six Sentence Story- Valet, hosted by Denise



Woven by the same thread


This tapestry of our multicultural, multiracial, and multicultural world is in reality woven by a single thread, a thread that has its inception in the very first human and its end on the last day of humanity.

We do look different, talk in different languages, dialects, eat or prefer to eat different foods and believe in different ways of life, yet we all have the same basic DNA, that identifies us as Homo sapiens.

Why then do we think that one race or skin color is superior to the other, or why do we think being born in one part of the globe makes us better than all the other nations?

If having advanced to the 21st century, after gaining so much knowledge about ourselves and the world we live in, we still discriminate among each other then all this knowledge and advancement is of absolutely no use to us.

Let us stitch ourselves together into one beautiful and vibrant mosaic with this unbreakable thread of humanity.

Let’s be human first of all and then any other label we prefer!


In response to Six Sentence Story- Thread, hosted by Denise



Blue screen of death

March 27 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about something impossibly blue. You can go with sky or any other object. What impact does the color have on the setting or characters? Does it lead to action or create a pause? Go where the prompt leads!


Impatiently, she stared at the screen as her laptop installed the latest update. She had a lot of pending work but her device had to be updated before she could work on it.

The final restart indicated that it was now ready to be used, but all of a sudden it just turned blue! Impossible! she screamed, how can this be happening to me?

Mom! she yelled loudly, my computer has updated but not working, how will I get my assignments done?

Oh no!, you’ll have to uninstall the update!” her mom said as she walked into her room.


Word count; 99

In response to Six Sentence Story- Screen, hosted by Denise

Also included; 99 Word Story, hosted by Charli Mills of The carrot Ranch