Blurry photos

Camera in hand she looks for landscape and nature to photograph, something that would win the admiration of her friends, and perhaps someone would even pay for it.

The camera was an extravagance and now she needed to justify its purchase, not to others but to herself for she wasn’t happy with the idea of her being a wasteful person.

Shooting pictures from a digital camera shouldn’t be difficult, the guy who sold it to her even showed her how it was done so she followed his advice and just pointed the camera and clicked the button.

Excitedly she viewed the results of her efforts; her smile faded when all she saw one blur after another; these photos were no good at all.

Dejectedly, she stowed the camera in her cupboard thinking that it was another failed effort, an adventure that flopped like a high-billed movie that had no story.

It was her son who discovered her out-of-focus photos were of some use after all when erasing the memory card of the camera, he noticed that they would make great screen savers, and sold them for a good amount to one of his acquaintance who wanted to buy them.


In response to Six Sentence Story- Blur, hosted by Denise



Messing it up, always

You aren’t a baby to create such a big mess”, her brother shouted when he saw the condition of the living room.

Natalia scowled at her brother and then looked at the things scattered around her, her eyes widening in acknowledgment of all the untidiness around her; did she do it, she wasn’t sure!

She knew that when she became absorbed in a project, she would lose her perspective of time and space resulting in an unholy mess around her, realizing it only when she was finished or if someone, like her brother, pointed it out to her.

Calmly she turned back to her project, leaving her scowling, angry brother speechless.

She picked up her collage and showed it to her brother and his jaw dropped in amazement; “do you think this can be the deserving cause of all this mess?” she asked with a big smile.

“Who can deny your immense talent Nat, but do try to clean up as you go,” he said in a placating manner, secretly proud of his sister’s skills.


Written for Six Sentence Story- Mess, hosted by Denise



Cut and paste

Writing for my blog, I often come across prompts and topics that I have written about before.

If that former post was published more than a year ago and had had few views and comments, I find it a good option to repost it with the added statement that people may have seen/ read this post before as it is a re-share.

I have written more than 7000 posts in little over 4 years and it’s probable that I have written on many of the oft repeated prompts, and since I tend to write on similar lines, writing a new post seems a waste of effort.

So I search for an appropriate post, open it in browser view ( you cannot copy the whole of the post in block-editor mode if you open it on your site) and copy the parts I require and paste them onto my new post.

This serves a twofold purpose, one I re-share something written with effort and love, again and secondly, the old post gets a new airing.

Do you re-share/repost your older post ?


In response to Six Sentence Story- Paste, hosted by Denise



You lead, I follow

Not everyone is a leader that we should follow.

Children follow their moms everywhere, copying them and their gestures consciously and subconsciously, because for them parents/ moms are their role models.

As we grow up, we develop values and morals and then we start looking for different role models that are ideal in every way, and we seek to emulate them because we want to be like them.

As a nation we want good leaders to follow, those who have high principles, and we want them to lead our nation to a better place, both economically and socially.

How successful are we in finding good leadership in our personal life or as a nation, it all depends on our expectations!

If we compromise on our high standards, we are likely to end up with leaders which are below par and would lead us towards moral decline rather than elevation.

Written for Six Sentence Story- Lead, hosted by Denise



In search of Visa

People aspiring to work in any developed country are desperate to get a work visa approved for that country at any cost.

Many people in third-world countries are willing to put their life savings and even health at stake to go abroad to earn money to support their families, make a better future for themselves, and free themselves from the shackles of poverty.

Sad stories of people being shipped hidden in narrow holds of boats unsuitable for the purpose and causing death or serious health issues for them aren’t that uncommon to read, for these people are willing to put everything at stake, even crossing borders as illegal immigrants.

The story is the same in my country where people think that getting a visa or employment in the Middle East is a ticket that’ll solve all their problems.

They try to buy their way to get a job in Dubai or Saudi Arabia, only to end up working 18 hours a day and living in inhumane conditions.

If they only understood that hard work is rewarded everywhere and being in one’s own country, being surrounded by family and friends is of greater benefit than suffering in a country where they don’t know anyone and everything they go through they have to do it all by themselves.


In response to Six Sentence Story- Visa, hosted by Denise



I was so surprised!

When I started blogging more than 4 years ago, I was tremendously surprised and pleased that people were reading my blog.

Now more than 4 years later, my surprise and gratitude haven’t lessened, and I am still very grateful that people read, like, and comment on what I write. It has been a satisfying journey and a great learning experience.

Blogging has given me what I never expected, it has given me a big community that I call my blogging family, wonderful people who not only read but also encourage me.

I pay $8 per month,( $96 per anum) for my site that may look expensive, but it’s cheaper than any therapy because my blog is my therapy, it’s my outlet and it’s what gives me confidence and I don’t grudge spending money on it.

Writing, thinking, and interacting here via my blog keeps my brain active and keeps me mentally young, who wouldn’t want that?


This post is a re-share from last year! It fitted the prompt and it’s how I still feel.


Written in response to Six Sentence Story- Surprise, hosted by Denise



The interview

Nervous tension felt like that her insides were tied in a tight knot, not letting her system to exist in peace.

She was constantly talking to herself in her head, telling herself to relax, it was just another interview and she had prepared as much as she could and that tension wouldn’t help at all.

The fact was that she needed a change desperately and this job seemed like the perfect fit for her, both regarding her qualifications and her requirements.

When her name was announced, she stepped into the room and saw that the interview panel consisted of three people, who looked professional and not as scary as she had imagined.

Stepping out of the room, she took a deep breath, releasing all the tension in her body, and untying the knots in her gut and muscles. They’d inform her of the result of the interview, but she had a feeling that she was going to get this job!


Written for Six Sentence Story- Knot, hosted by Denise



Vaulted ceiling, glittering

The vaulted ceiling of sheesh ( mirrored) mahal in Lahore fort

The lights were reflecting in the high vaulted ceiling of the old building, each refracted at a different angle and it glittered like the jewels it was meant to depict.

We were visiting an ancient historical palace in our beloved city of Lahore, the palace was in a fort built by the Mogul emperor Akbar in mid 16th century, with our daughters and their children.

The guide had his cell phone in his hand and he held it over his head, the torch of the phone generating so much light as it hit and reflected from the tiny mirror fragments arranged at angles.

He told us that this place was lit by candles and oil lamps in olden times, which had the same effect as his tiny phone torch had, a magnifying of light reflected so many times, and the kings sat there and enjoyed the evening entertainment, probably ladies dancing to amuse them!

Even though we think ourselves so much advanced technologically, we haven’t created anything so marvelous in these times.

With gratitude, we saw this marvel of ancient architecture and the fact that it remains in good repair despite so many centuries that have passed since its construction.


Written in response to Six Sentence Story- Vault, hosted by Denise



Free range chickens

Organic food is supposed to be healthier for us, at least that’s what those in the industry tell us, but there’s a problem with it, it’s at least twice as expensive as ordinary food.

Free-range eggs and chicken are much more costly than caged eggs and chickens but I fail to see what is the actual difference here except for the price.

The same is the story with organic vegetables and fruits, where smaller packaging cost more and they look the same as non-organic produce, especially bananas which are smaller and greener!

People are conflicted when they are given the choice of buying organic or regular produce, but I personally feel that it’s just a marketing gimmick and that there is very little difference between the two.

I feel like it’s a sort of nutritional blackmail, that if we don’t buy organic produce or free-range chicken and eggs, we will be putting the health of our family at risk!

Do you buy the organic produce or regular one?

Written in response to Six Sentence Story- Range, hosted by Denise



Writing poetry

I must admit that when I started my blog, I discovered that writing poetry came very naturally to me but there was a hitch!

I cannot rhyme for the life of me or stick to the rules of certain poetic forms, in fact, I even don’t know the names of these forms, except haiku or acrostic poems.

What is a meter of a poem? I haven’t the slightest clue, nor do I know different literary devices or literary techniques.

I love to write out my thoughts in poetic form because I feel using fewer words, I can say what I want to say much more effectively, at least I hope so.

So I do call myself a poet ( of a beginner level) even though none of my poems rhyme, though some of them I feel have a certain rhythm to them!

You tell me am I justified in adopting this label or not?


Written in response to Six Sentence Story- Meter, hosted by Denise