Sunday Photo Fiction – Nov 15 2020


person holding brown rope with silver round analog watchPhoto by Taryn Elliott on


Hold the grains of sand in your fist- you can’t for long

It slips and slides, grain by grain out of that tight grip

Try to hold your breath in the lungs- you can’t for long

Atom by atom the air rushes out to the atmosphere

Why do we try to capture that is out of our ability

Why not just indulge in the moment, take a deep breath

And then let it go…….



Sunday Photo Fiction- 8 November & Daily Prompts

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Here she sits by the grave of a fallen hero

Her flowers are wilted, her dress rugged

But she is here to remember him who was lured

With the glamour of war and victory to his grave

Out of the vast quantity of treasures captured

Only a tidbit of it was delivered as his share

No name or fame came to him in life or death

Here he lies buried in the tomb of nameless soldier

Don’t berate those who give their lives without reward

Curse those who propagate war for their personal gains




Hero, Fallen, Remember





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Sunday Photo Fiction – Nov 1 2020


mirror fragments on gray surface with the reflection of a person s armPhoto by Thiago Matos on



The reflectiondisfigured

mirrorperceptions and our views

Is fragile, easily broken, it needs a backing

Of conviction and faith to make it strong




Sunday Photo Fiction – Sep 20 2020


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silentscreamsspiritdying. The cruelty and injustice have finally killed human decency and the spirit is mourning it!”




Sunday Photo Fiction – Aug 30 2020


Photo courtesy of B.Barnes

Joey came in the middle of the night and knocked on his parents bedroom door. His mom got up to see what was the problem.

“Mom it is coming for me! I am afraid and I can’t go to sleep. Can I sleep in your bed tonight?”

“But baby, what is coming for you? I don’t see anything here to frighten you” She said reassuring her six year old son.

“The dinosaur is coming to get me. They swallow little children whole with, they have huge jaws!”

Sally got the reference and cursed her husband’s folly when he watched Jurassic world with their son that evening. She gave Joey a hug and took him to sleep with her in her bed.




Sunday Photo Fiction – Aug 23 2020


Photo courtesy of Pixabay


vehicles have roared past it

Some perilously close some over it

But none have touched it or marred it

Enticingly it sits in the middle of a busy road

Perhaps waiting for the prince charming

To wake up his sleeping beauty with this magic apple




Sunday Photo Fiction – Aug 2 2020


Colors are bursting

From my heart and soul

Diffusing into the atmosphere

Can you see the delightful hues mixing in the air

In this world where we see struggle and strife everywhere

I like to throw colors into the air coloring the clouds

So that rainbow-colored rain can fall on us all


Sunday Photo Fiction – July 26 2020


Nighttime approached quickly quietly these days. She stood on the pavement near the traffic lights and waited patiently.
Someone may yet buy her handmade masks. The night was falling fast and she hadn’t sold enough to buy food for her family or to buy fabric to make more masks.
An unexpected glitch in the traffic signal system brought traffic to halt for a longer time and it was lucky for her as the people waiting for the light to turn green bought all the masks.

She went home with enough money in her pocket. She hoped that this malfunction would happen tomorrow as well.




Sunday Photo Fiction – July 5 2020










Sunday Photo Fiction – June 28 2020

Photo courtesy of Sue-Z

It’sgrabbingbooks and the lamp standing in the corner. Outside she set up the lamp connecting it to an outlet in the porch.

don’tunderstandwatchingdon’tbringreadingit’sofhappytalkingabout establishing her reading corner.

Inside her siblings and mom didn’t even notice that she was sitting outside with her books.