Drained my green tea cup



I had just drained my cup of green tea after my dinner.

Since my stomach surgery, the amount of food that I can eat or the fluid I can drink at one time is severely limited. So having a cup of green tea entails that I sip it slowly, as it cools down over a span of at least half an hour.

Medically and according to our religious teachings, eating slowly is a good thing. It gives a chance to our stomach to send the signal to the brain that it’s full. This process takes around 20 minutes so if we eat fast, we often eat beyond the point that we are full but since the signal arrives with a delay, we often eat more than we should. By getting this surgery and creating this self-imposed restriction on myself, I’ve limited my intake by almost 1/8 of what I’d normally eat. The result is quite satisfying. In the last almost 4 1/2 months I’ve lost 18 kilograms of fat, that’s about 39 pounds.

Now I do empty my plate but it’s usually a very small plate and I do it slowly. I’m achieving my objectives, albeit slowly.


Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is «the last thing you emptied.» Think of the last thing you emptied or something you empty often and use it as your prompt any way you like. Have fun!

In response to Linda’s SoCS



Duct tape, scotch tape, glue and scissors

Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “tape.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Use it any way you like. Enjoy!


My almost 4 year old granddaughter is often at our place as her school is right next to our home.

She loves to make “ projects” with paper, baby scissors, and tape! She like using all sorts of tape but her favorite is duct tape as it’s easy to tear and she can do it by hand. For her “special projects,” she needs help with cutting scotch tape and either her mom or I are the ones asked for helping her.

Yesterday she wrote a lot of squiggly lines on a piece of paper and after putting it in a small envelope, she sealed it with duct tape. When i complimented her on her writing, with a serious expression on her face she told me that she is still learning to write and her mom helps her when she wants to write!

How adorable children are and I’m amazed how aware they are even at this age. 😍


Written for Linda’s SoCS- Tape



Table mats

I like using table mats

And I like them to be colorful

As they add color to the drab brown of my table

Prevents the dishes from harming the surface

Gives us a sense of where we should be sitting

I love my colorful table and place mats!


I’m sorry that this is just an inane poem and I couldn’t think of anything else to write!

Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “mat/met/mitt/mot/mutt.”Choose one or use them all, any way you’d like in your post. Have fun!

In response to Linda’s SoCS



Our kitty- Feral, not wild

About 2 years ago we adopted a kitten. He was around 10 weeks old. This was the very first time that we had a proper pet.

He was a rescue and was already named Dinky! We gradually learned how to look after a kitten and he learned how to live indoors with a family.

About 8 months later my daughter got a job in another city and she and my grandson moved there. The house they got there had no space for a cat. I was moving with them and there would be no one to look after Dinky. So we very reluctantly let him go outside and be our outdoorsy cat.

Despite our worries, he did amazingly well. He became independent, and social and perhaps found a mate for himself too. Every night he comes home for his dinner and if my daughter or grandson are visiting, he would come to them for a scratch and a cuddle.

Our not so wild cat is still quite tame. He can fight with other cats for his territory but with us, he is still our loving kitty.


Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “wild animal.”Choose a wild animal (or many wild animals) and use it any way you’d like in your post. Enjoy!

In response to Linda’s SoCSWild animal



And the prize is………

Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “prize.” Use it as a noun or a verb; use it any way you’d like. Have fun!


Something you get when you strive for it is a prize

A prize doesn’t falls in your lap without due effort

The best things in life are won through effort and hard work

To gain the best prize in your life, work hard to gain contentment

Unlike life itself, which is a gift, contentment needs our effort

But once you have reached this state of mental bliss

You have gained the best prize of your life

For now even in hardship your are at peace


Written for Linda’s SoCS- Prize



Prolong and protect your life

Want to prolong your life

Protect it from illness and stress

My advice is simple, straightforward

Let go of unwarranted negativity

Ask the toxic people to leave you alone

Laugh more, play with children

Absorb their simple enjoyment of life

Reject the worry of tomorrow

Live in the present and let fun be your companion

Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “starts with pro.”Find a word that starts with “pro” and use it any way you like in your post. Enjoy!

Written in response to Linda’s SoCS- Pro



Have a heart!💘

Cupid’s arrows going astray

Mismatched people falling in love

The alliance hardly lasting weeks

Instead of the happily ever after promised

Have a heart and correct your aim

The angel of love, should not be the cause

Of making people suffer with ill suited alliances


Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “heart.” Use it any way you like. Have fun!

Written for Linda’s SoCS- Heart



Breaking free- In search of Perfection

Obsession for perfection

Leads you down the garden path

Wasting precious moments of our limited time

Spending mental facilities already strained

Why not break free from this self-created trap

Give up the desire to be perfect, be acceptable

Believe me your life will be much happier


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “perfection.’” Use it any way you like. Enjoy!

In response to Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday



SoCS & JuJoJan- Throw in the towel

I’m not one to easily throw in the towel

There’s a stubborn streak in me that stops me

From giving in, admitting defeat until I’ve given it my best

Be it a difficult life challenge or a simple DIY project

Or perhaps when I’m looking for something I’ve misplaced

It’s not that I’m very egocentric or arrogant

It’s just that I’m a tiny bit mule-headed often

And saying I can’t do it comes hard to me

So I’ll keep on it till I get the job done

Or realize that it IS really beyond me

Then I will throw in the towel, and sponge too!


Your prompt for #JusJoJan the 28th and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “throw in the towel.” Use the phrase “throw in the towel” somewhere in your post. Enjoy!

Written for JusJoJan and SoCS, hosted by Linda



SoCS and JusJoJan- I’m counting on it!

I am counting on it that you will

Call me or write to me when you’re away

Because you know that I will miss you every minute

I am your mother and I know you so well

I know that the thought of me wanting by the phone

Will make you pick up your phone and dial home


I ask myself that you still haven’t called?

Are you okay? Are you too busy or have just forgotten?

There is a sound and my heart breaks

I can feel the pain when splinters pierce my skin


The phone is ringing and it is you

Your flight got delayed because of the weather

And you want me to know that you miss me

My heart mends itself and the world rights itself

My baby is doing well and I need not worry anymore


A few years back, with my kids away from home, I was the one sitting by the phone, waiting for them to call. Many parents have gone through this cycle of emotions just because their child called later than expected.

Your prompt for #JusJoJan the 21st and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “count on it.” Use the phrase “count on it” somewhere in your post. Enjoy!

Written for JusJoJan and SoCS, hosted by Linda