Music- As it soothes and comforts

Ponderous Thought Prompt

This month, share some of your comfort music, when and how it comforts you.

Hey everyone,
Welcome to the 32nd edition of The Saturday Symphony. This edition is a bit of a musical journey. Hope you enjoy.

Comfort music embraces our trauma.
We commune with it.
It makes us feel less alone.
This September symphony, may we hum, sing, sway and dance to our comfort music.


When I’m tired, music rejuvenates my body

When I’m sad music cheers my mood

When I’m lonely, music give me company

When I’m happy music celebrates with me

I need music when I go for a walk in the nature

And I need music playing softly when I’m writing

In all moods and in all phases of my day

Music plays a vital role to compliment it beautifully


Some of my all time favorites;

Yanni- Nostalgia

Barbra Streisand- Woman in love

Pharrell Williams- Happy

Imagine Dragons- Thunder


Written for Saturday Symphony # 32- Music, hosted by Jude



In my free time- Saturday Symphony- August Edition


This month, share a little of the things you do in your free time; or that time you force to be free.


We race against the clock everyday to finish today, before tomorrow becomes another today.

I live a life free from responsibilities. Only the ones I volunteer for are entrusted to me. The rest of time is mine to spend or waste as I like, ‘cos I’ve earned this right reaching the age of sixty.

Cooking is not my passion

Nor is gardening or housework

I delight in doing laundry because it’s the easiest of the chores

Reading books I love is what I’d like to do all day

Or perhaps write for my blog and my blogging family

Listening to music as I read or write

Finding new songs to hum along

Watching television is a strict no-no

But perhaps a movie recommended by friends or family

Going to theater was something I loved to do

Enjoying the immersive experience with popcorn to go

But alas that activity is on hold for the moment

Waiting for things to improve health-wise

Playing with my grandkids is a blast

Provided it’s not too taxing for my injured foot

These are some of the ways I like to spend my time

What about you?


In response to Saturday Symphony- In my free time, hosted by Jude


#Saturday Symphony

Having faith


This month, share one or more places in which you put your faith. Also, if you do not believe in the concept of faith, share your view as well.


There is only one place where I put my faith; My inner spirit, my soul

Faith is a feeling, an emotional state, which has no physical basis. It grows in the soul and it’s branches anchor the spirit to the greater universe by each passing incident that strengthens it. Sometimes we let our faith flounder in the sea of forgetfulness and it weakens to a degree that it is almost lost. It is that tree that needs to be nourished daily with the juice of our belief.

There is a difference between faith and belief. Belief is a state of being convinced of something and faith is the outcome of this belief finding roots and growing into a strong tree.

I found my belief at a comparatively young age. It came when I was tested and the sorrow led me to turn to the only source of comfort I knew, my faith in God. I grew to realize that all the joy and sorrow of this life come from one source only; The love of God.

God, Almighty loves us and tests us to make us turn towards the right path. The path of goodness and kindness. No life lived, has been lived without sorrow of one kind or the other and this is because each trial strengthens us and makes us realize how much we need to be grateful for all that we have.

The fortunate people, who have the insight to look beyond the apparent see the reason for these trials and tribulations and find their faith.

Each and every day, I am grateful for my faith


Written for;Saturday Symphony # 30 -Faith, hosted by Jude



My inner child


This month indulge your inner child. Be goofy, be fun, be whiny. Rhyme, share or compose a favourite bedtime story, tongue twister, song. Tell tales of pets, old toys and forgotten delights. Just be playful and have fun.

(You can use art, any form of writing or media.
Pingback to this post and drop a link in the comments so I can visit, and feature you in next month’s symphony.)


Growing up robs us

Of our limitless imagination

Of our ability to believe in magic

Growing up makes us loose our naïveté

And makes us level-headed rational people

But once in a while it feels wonderful

To bring back that child

Who believed in fairytales and magic

Who wanted to become tiny like Alice

And explore under the mushrooms

To dive deep into rabbit holes

Or ride on butterfly wings

Yes, just once in a while

One would like to bring back

That naïve childhood

And celebrate

It’s beautiful magic


Written for; Saturday Symphony # 29- Inner child, hosted by Jude



In between the lines- Love

In between the lines. Art by Sally Brown

Jude’s Ponderous thoughts prompt # 26;

This month, pick a base emotion like hate, love, jealousy, despair, joy…
and delve deeper into it, giving us an intimate view of that emotion; going in between the lines.


Love is not easy

It demands perfection

It needs sacrifices

Heartache and agony

Precedes joy and laughter

You shed tear before your lips smile

Many times the glitter of tears in your eyes

Are blinked away so that they don’t feel hurt

Love is not easy nor perfect

It’s heartbreaking but joyful too

It splits your spirit into two

Yet you cheer on your loved one

For love is never easy nor always kind




Saturday Symphony # 23 – Addiction

Jude is the host of Saturday Symphony


We have all been addicted to something,

In some shape or form,
The synonyms for addiction range from dependency, to craving, to habit, to infatuation and compulsion.

This month of March, share a story about addiction at its worst,

And then counter it with a tale of a passion that has saved you or someone you know.


Addiction to something doesn’t bode well for your welfare

Be it love or fame, praise or perfection

Moderation is the key to regulate behavior

When you are looking for validation from outside

It takes a lot from you emotionally and causes agony

Dependency upon something not in your control

Can destroy the peace of mind and leave you asunder

Not all addictions destroy, some can save too

Addiction to routine, to regulated physical exertion

An attachment to looking after yourself with passion

All are enviable traits that save us from deterioration

Self-love can be a savior so cultivate it in yourself

Both physical and emotional well-being ensured

There are always two side of a coin, positive and negative




Saturday Symphony- Timeless Literature

Jude is the host of Saturday Symphony

For you, forever



This week, share a bit of your all-time favourite works of literature.
The ones you have read over and over again.
A novel, poetry, story, thesis, and the like.
No obligation to post the original, but quoting is okay.
Just let it inspire your post,
And tell us where the inspiration came from.

You’re more than welcome to use art, images, and any form of writing for your post.

Be sure to Pingback to this feature edition, so others can join in. And so I can find you and feature your post in Saturday’s edition.


I do love reading.

And my favorite genres are crime fiction and historical romances. But there is one genre that I love above these two and that is humor.

Since I am old school, I love PG Woodhouse. His sense of humor was just perfect and the way he told the story, it had me in stitches.

I am sharing some quotes from his books.

If you haven’t come across this genius of a writer, please do read him and I assure you that you will love his sense of humor.

Thanks, Jude for giving me the opportunity to share my favorite writer’s work.



Saturday Symphony- Dream Catchers

Jude is the host of Saturday Symphony


This week, let’s use the beauty of a dream,
Or the horror of a nightmare
To share from the realm without time
And lose some of the secret magic that lies in us all.

In case you can’t hold on to a dream for long, it’s best to keep a notebook bedside so you can catch them before they float away.

And then share them for the prompt. lol

Any form of art, writing, photography and images is welcome.


Sometimes dreams are hard to remember

Enshrouded in mists of mystery and hard to decipher

Yet at other times, they are crystal clear

So clear that it’s hard to tell if it’s a memory or a dream

The scientists say they are a projection of our thoughts

The romantics say they portend of things yet to happen

Ask a mystic, and they’ll assure you it’s a message from beyond

The religious-minded consider it a sign from God

Me, I am lucky I could never remember them for long

Whatever the message or omen they carried, lost to forgetfulness

I don’t feel it’s a loss as there are more pressing matters

That keep me occupied in all my waking hours




Saturday Symphony #

Jude is the host of Saturday Symphony


The far East includes;

– Russian Siberia

– Mongolia

– Taiwan

– China


– North and South Korea

– Hong Kong

This week share something themed from this part of the world.
It can come from real life experiences, a favourite story, history, myths, books and legends.

The famous and infamous Samurai of the East


My selection for this week is Mulan, a live-action remake of the movie with the same name released in 1998

I just saw this movie with my grandson. Though it did not do full justice to the hype, it was an impressive movie in my opinion. The theme of the movie revolves around the ideal of being true to oneself.

I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun of anyone intending to watch this movie. I have written a poem on the character Mulan, as I saw her!

Brave and fearless

Impulsive and bold

She is loyal to a fault

And truthful to boot

Stepping in to save her

Father, her family and country

She achieves her goals just by her grit

She is the legend she is the hero




THE SATURDAY SYMPHONY #18 (Darkness and Light)

is hosting this challenge;


This week, portray the beautiful and ugly of something you hold dear.

It can be a person, a concept, an idea or anything you adore.

Show or tell of that darkness and that light, and how one outweighs the other

Ponderous thought prompt

You can use all forms of writing, images and even art. All are most welcome.

Don’t forget to pingback to this post so I can find you, and so others can join in too.





















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