Blogging- Another Milestone

Apparently this is a significant number; 1337

This is what I found on the internet.

( Source; Know your memes )


1337 first started on Bulletin Board Systems in which if you had elite status you could access the file folders, games, and V.I.P chatrooms. 1337speak uses ASCII characters to create words and emoticons like n00b (noob), 101, (lol[laugh out loud]), :] (a symbol representing a happy face which can be reversed to be :[, a sad face).

As we all know that here on WordPress, we all are equal with nobody having an elite status but it is a landmark. So thank you all the people who follow my blog and writing. I appreciate your support very much!

I hope that I can write good posts to keep your interest engaged.

Thanks again! ❤️




Blogging- Why I write poetry?

When I started my blog, I hadn’t written any poetry before, except what I did in school. And initially I wrote a lot of posts and they were pretty long winded and would sound like I am sermonizing.

Then I discovered that I can say the same with fewer words and more importantly with more impact in a poem. This made me consider using poetry for getting my message across.

There are so many wonderful poets here on WordPress, who are well versed in all or many forms of poetry. Some are best at rhyming their thoughts while others are great at different forms with powerful words to express their thoughts. I am just an amateur but even for a person like me, poetry has opened a new opportunity.

I use simple words to put my point across. But the brevity of words make the conveying of message more effective. This is the wonder of verses. Instead of writing paragraphs upon paragraphs, I can express myself in few lines.

And I also want to express my thanks to the tolerant and generous people here who read my poems and like them. It is this encouragement that has emboldened me to now write most of my content in verse.

So not to seem impertinent, I would advice new bloggers to experiment in this medium too, if you are not doing so already. The people are non-judgmental and no one will criticize your poems!

What is your favorite style of writing?

Do you feel you can express yourself better in poetry or prose?

Please share your thoughts and feedback in your comments.




Blogging —Time management

Just like any other job or profession you need to manage your time while blogging.

It is an issue with most bloggers that they don’t have enough time to do all the reading and writing they would like to do regarding their blog and the blogs they follow.

Time management is the key.

I struggled a lot in the beginning as it was a whole new ball game for me. I had never even read a blog before I made an account on WordPress. And that was to just read the blog of a friend of mine. Even then her’s was the only blog I would read. So when I started to write my blog and also started to follow a number of blogs, things got very hectic. I would be playing catch on the whole day and at the end was too exhausted to write my own posts.

In the beginning I would post ones or twice a week and the rest of the time was spent in reading and commenting on other blogs. It would mean that I was on WordPress pretty much most of my waking day.

It was a stressful situation.

But gradually I have devised a formula, following which I have simplified my blogging life.

I will let you on the secret but there is no guarantee that it will work for everyone.

1.I start my day by opening the notifications. The first priority are the blogs which I follow for the prompts. I either save these posts in the reader or make drafts of the prompts and from there I read the comments, glance over the likes and follows ( with a feeling of pride and awe!).

2.The next step is to write my posts for the day.

My usual pattern is that I post 4 posts every day, in the morning. After intervals of two hour each. Starting at 8 am and the last one at 2 pm in the afternoon. Typically I write the first two or three post on the previous evening and schedule them for the first posts of the next day. It takes the pressure off the immediately writing of a post for the day. I usually keep the daily prompts post for my 2 pm post and write this while I have my breakfast, scheduling it for 2 pm.

3 Then I leisurely read and comment on the blog posts that I follow. There are two ways of following blogs which I do. For a medium number ( almost a third ) I have notifications on. That way I am sure not to miss any of them and the others I follow through my reader. Since I follow around 250-300 blogs, reading every post from every blog that I follow is not possible every day so I have to pick and choose from my reader but I try to read a post from the blogs I follow, every once in a while.

The rest of the day I follow my regular routine, glancing at WordPress a few times a day.

4. In the evening after I am done with the day, I open my WordPress and repeat the morning routine. Saving the prompts, and these are the weekly prompts at this time. After reading the posts of other bloggers and comments etc, I write the posts that are to be scheduled for tomorrow.

5. Another important step in organizing yourself is to make drafts of future posts. Write a few, ready for posting. This is a very important prep, just like preparing food for a dinner party a day in advance. It take a lot of pressure off you and then when there are days when you are busy with life, and there will be those, just pull them out of the draft folder and publish!

6. Always remember to follow a schedule that you can keep up with. Never do so much that you become a slave to it. Keep your writing a fun thing. It should serve you, not the other way around.

This is how I have managed to keep my blogging life organized and in control.

I hope this post helps new blogger some idea as how to manage their time while blogging.

Let me know your thoughts through comments.

Waiting for your feedback!




Blogging—- I did it ; 1000 posts!

Eight months!

It took me eight months and a few days to get to this milestone.

Just wanted to share this bit of good news with you all. So if I was like Fandango, I would post an analysis of my posts. How many on which genre or topic. But I am;

A. Too lazy

B. Short on time

So let’s just say that apart from a few reblogs, I have written that many post.

They include poems, short stories and dedicated blog posts. I am happy with most of them. If they all are not good, they have helped me to write better. And that is what counts.

I want to write stuff that makes my readers think, make them smile or just something silly to suit the prompt. The aim of my blog is still;

” To address the issues women over fifty are facing “

But along the way I am learning to write, I am getting better at expressing myself and I hope I am making fewer mistakes in my grammar and spellings.(The fact that WordPress took away the spellcheck has made me a bit conscious about it!)

So thank you, everyone for reading what I write. You are kind enough to encourage me, give me useful advice and like what I post. I would never have written this much if you weren’t reading it!



Blogging—QQ: How Important To You Is It To Make An Impact?

Rory, of A Guy Called Bloke has asked us these questions;

QQ: How Important To You Is It To Make An Impact?

The aim in my mind when I started blogging, was to make a difference. So yes it is very essential to me that what I say has an impact on my readers.

Initially, I only used to write on my niche subjects and that was working well with my plan. I wanted to address issues relating to women over the age of 50, which included diet, ,personnel care, hobbies and tackling empty nest syndrome.

As I started to interact with my fellow bloggers and came to know about different prompts, either daily or weekly; I attempted doing them and to my surprise I found that I could do that too, that meant writing short stories and poems. In doing these prompt posts, for a time I felt that I wasn’t paying much attention to my chosen subjects and this made me rethink my strategy. I even engaged in a discussion with my fellow bloggers as to whether I am posting too many time and what advice they would give me. You can read about it here. Anyway, after this I have, even when writing on prompts, to try to stay close to my niche subjects.

I hope that my writing is making people think. I hope that what I try to relate finds a home in the minds of my readers and has some impact. As this is the aim of my blog.

QQ: So Blog Aside, Who Are You, Really?

So Rory has asked us to share who we really are, outside our blog.

Do I have a different persona when I am not Sadje, the blogger?

I don’t think that I am different from what you guys see here. It is true that my name is a pseudonym, which I have assumed to be anonymous and I haven’t revealed much personal details about me and my family in my blog, but personality wise, I am what I write. I am that clumsy, optimistic, person who tries to find silver linings in every situation. Who feels that we should be upfront and honest about our feelings. Who has very strong objections about social injustice and wants people to take note of the people suffering around them.

Please share your thoughts and feedback in your comments;

In response to;

Blogging questionnaire

By Rory A Guy Called Bloke



….. Why Should People Read Your Blog?

Rory of A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepips has asked this question;

Why should People Read Your Blog…….

I was supposed to answer this question in the comments section of Rory’s post. But at the moment, I couldn’t come up with an appropriate answer.

So I went and looked through some of the comments my readers leave on my blog.

They have very kindly shared their thoughts on my posts and what I have come up with are these reasons:

1. I write with all my convictions and from my heart. That appeals to most of my readers. If a person is sincere and believes in what they are saying/ Writing, then that has more impact on others.

2. I have a variety of subjects on my blog. It’s not about one topic only. That makes for an interesting mix and people like to read that.

3. I write many times a day and that makes it easy for them to catch either one or all of my posts.

4. I write about my own life experiences and some readers can relate to that.

So these are a few reasons, why people read my blog.

Why do you?

Please share your thoughts and feedback in the comments.



Blogging——-3 Good thing about my blog?


QQ: What Are 3 Good Things About Your Blog?

Rory is always keen to know and today he has asked this question. What are three good things about your blog?

First of all, let me clarify that I write two types of posts on my blog.

1. The posts for which I created this blog. These are things about which I feel deeply and want to share my thoughts about them with my readers.

2. The daily and weekly prompts driven posts which sometimes carry my main theme and sometimes are quirky and spontaneous stories and poem. So although I get a lot of positive feedback on these too, I consider them my growing and improving post. This is how I am learning to write better.

So when I say what are the three good things about my blog, I am referring to the first type of posts.

I am not one of those who like to blow their own trumpet. And I honestly cannot say outright what are the three good things about my blog. So I am judging myself from the perspective of my readers. The comments I get on my posts have given me the idea the following are three reasons that people read my blog;

1. I write about a variety of subjects and try to write informed posts. So that whoever is reading, should get correct information.

2. I write on topics which are close to my heart and hence I convey a sincerity in my writing that appeals to the reader.

3. When I write about any issue which has a significant impact on our lives, it is from the point of view of a person who is equally affected by it. So it’s not in a sermonizing tone but in a let’s solve this problem together tone. This sharing makes it more real for the reader.

Written in answer to;

QQ: What are 3 good things about your blog?

By Rory, AKA Bloke



Tale Weaver #218–Blogging April 11/2019



This week Michael has given us the prompt Blogging.

He says;

This week write about your blogging experiences.

What does blogging mean to you?

What for you are the highs and lows?

You can tell your story in a factual way or tell it as a story.

Go where the prompt leads you and have fun.

Please limit your responses to a maximum of 500 – 600 words

Link your tales using the linking tool below.

What does blogging means to me

The moment I start to blog, it seems to me

I have entered a world of beautiful landscapes

I read wonderful stories and tales of adventures

I get wisdom from the sages and quotes of philosophers

My imagination soars to the sky as I ponder on new ideas

I put my thoughts into words and stories and rhymes emerge

There comes a kind word or remark from a friend

Encouraging, building up my confidence and skill

It is my beautiful world of blogging!

Written in response to;

Tale Weaver #218–Blogging April 11/19



Blogging———- Noticed something strange about some posts

So here is an observation. Not a criticism.

Have you noticed that in some blogs posts, two words are merged together, making reading them a time consuming task.

It takes me twice as much time to read a post where two words are merged together, much like the merging lanes of a highway. It would look something like this;

Whatis theidea behindyour post?

Can you read this easily?

Unfortunately, I cannot. Maybe I am wired differently but seeing words which are looking unfamiliar makes reading them a chore for me.

And I believe that I know who is the culprit behind these confusing merged words!

Correct me if I am wrong but I have started seeing this phenomenon after some people started using the new Gutenberg editor!

This was lamented by someone that editing with the new editor is a difficult job. I have stayed away from trying this because I am new to blogging and writing is already a challenge for me, though it is getting easier with time. But if this all is happening when people are using the new editor, then WordPress should fix the problem. Because when I write with my current regular editor, if I make spelling or grammatical errors, it corrects them or highlights them for me to correct them manually. Why then the new editor is letting these words slip by into the published posts?

My humble requested these bloggers is to please check with spellcheck to correct these errors before posting because if we cannot read your posts what is the aim of writing?

Please share your thoughts and feedback in your comments.



Blogging—— Playing the prompt game!

Doing the daily, weekly and monthly is a good way to grow, as a writer?

It is a debate I have with myself.

Write short stories, poems or creative posts on one prompt or multiple prompts!

Should I do this or should I stick to what I had planned to write when I started my blog? That may not appear as a very complex decision but it perplexes me. It has me thinking about the quality of blog posts I am publishing every day.

The pros:

1. You are never short of ideas. Some kindly blog writer thinks and post a daily prompt for our inspiration. We just take up that word or phrase and write about it. The take half the effort out of creating a blog post.

2. It sets the tone for the day. Many days, I feel my posts are carrying the same themed posts.

3. It makes for a variety in your daily posts because the inspiration is coming from some one else’s mind, you escape the monotony that can come from ideas created by one brain, day in and day out.

4. It gives you an excellent excuse to write about some subject totally unrelated to the basic theme of your blog. These prompts can also take you mind to areas of literature where you haven’t gone before. Like writing in different genres. Without these prompts, I would never would have written a horror, sci-fi or a love story. I might never have written a poem!

5. Picture prompts deserve an extra point as they work on your imagination in a totally different way. The actually represent a story and you can see it in your mind how this story will start, and finish. I find pictures very conducive to thinking. In fact if I cannot find anything to write about a word or a phrase, I pick out a picture from the internet and that makes it easy for me to tell my story or write the poem.


1. You can end up posting too many times a day, overburdening yourself and your reader.

2. You can loose your original aim of starting the blog in the first place. This can be a bad thing if you have specific goals in mind regarding your blog. But it can also give you new direction for the future of your blog.

So what do you think is the way to go? Prompts daily, weekly or monthly? Or none?

Waiting for your feedback and comments;