Time; our friend or enemy

Each take is unique, and that is the beauty of a writing prompt. It takes each one of us on a different trail”

The hands of the clock

Revolve and come back

But the time flows

In one direction only

Like a river the waters of which

Never pass a point again

Lovers meet, embrace and separate

Time decides where,when, and how

Time is the important quotient

In the equation of life

The rise and fall of people

All depends on where they stand

In relation to ever-passing time


Written in response to RXC 266, hosted by Reena



Without God?

It is a line prompt this week. Let’s see where it takes you.

You live in a world where no Gods exist”


If I lived in a world where no God existed

It would be a world devoid of kindness and good

If I lived in a world where there wasn’t a Divine presence

I would feel like I am existing in a barren landscape

Without a benevolent God to whom I can pray

I would be lost in a sea of uncertainty and hopelessness

In fact there would be no world if there was no God

For nothing would exist without the Creator and His creations

Thankfully I bow my head in submission to God

Who created me, nurtured me and provided for me


Written in response to; RXC Prompt #265, hosted by Reena



A minute can change your life

Welcome back to another week of January!

We counted backwards at midnight on 31st December 2022.

How should we go forward now? I need to know how many months, weeks, days I have to make my life or this world a better place to survive. I may not die at the end of this year, nor will the world end. But it will be criminal to lose time.

Or do you prefer going with the flow, and letting life unfold on its own?

I would love to see your take on this.


As I saw the countdown posted by Reena with the prompt, it seemed to be the longest minute ever.

I was born in November

Have seen 61 new years

At first we used to be excited

Then we grew apprehensive

With age worries overtook excitement

Now approaching old age I’ve found serenity

Life is unpredictable, no matter what we plan

What’s the use of making plans that may fail

Now I know that time can change life instantly

A little minute can change our lives forever

So I relax, live each day as it comes

The greater scheme of things, beyond our scope


Written in response to; RXC- Prompt #264, hosted by Reena



Do I believe in predictions?

I have chosen words or situations for this week’s prompt from Baba Vanga’s predictions for 2023.

  • Devastating solar storm
  • Explosion in a nuclear plant
  • Human birth in laboratories
  • Alien attacks
  • Earth changing its orbit
  • Bioweapons


You tell me that the future can be foretold

That a person can predict, see with unseeing eyes

All that lies ahead, years and decades away

Is the future like a book some can read and see

Or is this clever guesswork, based on current facts

There are things that are possible, but not probable

I haven’t seen any signs of alien invasion except in movies and shows

I do believe that….

If we kept going like we are, we may be the ones responsible for

What might cause a nuclear weapons or a nuclear plant to explode

Bio weapons, are already something we apprehend the misuse of

A day when the earth will jump its orbit and meet the sun

That will the day when everything will be destroyed

We do know that our star and system has an expiration date on them

But worrying about it cannot change the future yet to come

It behoves us to live as well as we can, till we’re able

And leave the fate in the hands of One who is Omnipotent


Written in response to; RXC PROMPT #263, hosted by Reena



Dreaming in color


So, which is the prompt? The words or the image? It’s your choice. Choose one or both to take you to a different world.


Vivid dreams

Kaleidoscope images

Colors bleeding into each other

Their message sometimes clear, sometimes ambiguous

My dreams vivid and vibrant

Entertain my sleeping moments

Give me ideas to build upon when awake!


Written in response to; RXC – PROMPT #262, hosted by Reena



Making the best of the worst

RXC; It is a theme prompt. The lines to ponder on are

The best and the worst

It’s time…

for the bubble to burst


Life is both good and bad

The best and worst in tandem

Not always a fairytale

Not a Shakespearean tragedy

Ups and downs vying with each other

Happiness and joy can be the flavor of the day

Sadness and disappointment for another

No one can avoid the rigors of emotions

The bubble bursts so early in life!

Written in response to; RXC Prompt #261, hosted by Reena



2020- A year, a gift that kept on giving

This weeks prompt is;


Started quite innocently

No one ever dreamt of what it’ll bring

The pandemic caught us in its snare completely

The struggle was tough for so many families

Death and sickness very hard to deal with specially as we were ill-prepared

But the saga continues in ‘21 and ‘22 ………..

The disease waxing and waning sometimes we won, sometimes Covid won

Not content with disease, fate added a war to the mix

Unemployment, rising inflation have us by our throats

Now we are reaching the end of 2022 and a small hope is kindled

May be the new year will bring some tidings of joy, something to celebrate

This hope need lots of prayers and faith to make it a reality

Wishing you all the best in the new year


Written for; RXC PROMPT #260, hosted by Reena



My legacy

I have written on this topic before, more than twice. I’ve used two posts from my past and edited them to fit this prompt.

Prompt for RXC # 259;

Think about how your being, your thoughts multiply in the universe. Write about your children and how do they make you happy. Mull over what else can you acquire or create to leave a legacy.

Do you want to be remembered after you’re gone and how?”


Cast adrift on a moonless night

The ship sails on sea that is calm

Seeking quiet and solitude I stand here

Thinking how my life is dependent

On those who are a constant in my world


One day I was not here anymore

Would my obituary be read with sadness

Or with a feeling of relief

Would I like them to be sad, missing me

Or will I leave them relieved, secretly happy

I think the best legacy I can leave behind 

Would be a score of kind deeds

That will make them remember me with love

And be glad for the fact that they knew me


We all are on a time lease. Our time on this earth is limited and is bound to come to an end sooner or later. Have you ever thought about how you would like to be remembered after you are gone?

Thinking of dying, leaving this world, or kicking the bucket, for some people, seems morbid. It may be true that some of us are not going to think about it at all. While there are people who give too much thought to their end. I like to have a pragmatic approach. We all will die one day and there is nothing dramatic or extraordinary about it.

What legacy do I want to leave behind?

In my view, leaving behind a good memory/ Legacy is possible if one practices the following;

1. Be kind;

It is a kind person who leaves an everlasting impression on the mind of others.

2. Be generous;

Generosity doesn’t mean spending or giving money to others, but being generous-hearted accepting others as they are, being forgiving and most of all open-minded. And not to be mean-spirited.

3. Be a friend;

What does being a friend entail? Listening to the problems of others, offering solutions, consoling them after a loss, and being there in hard times for them.

4. Don’t be a difficult person;

As we grow old, we become fixed in our ways, opinionated, and hard to please. And old age brings a lot of pain and aches, even if we are in good health. The people who I have seen, getting along well with their caregivers and family are those who maintain an attitude of ease. Taking things easy and treating others with ease of manner. One has to take one’s problems with a pinch of humor. This I think is the most difficult thing to accomplish. But I would try my best to be that sort of person who is not a burden on others but to be a blessing.

Written in response to RXC # 259, hosted by Reena



Stepping into filth but keeping pristine

Step carefully into this filth

Keep you clothes clean, pristine

Get involved but don’t immerse yourself

For making friends with slime, will result in

Sucking you into this cesspool of grime and slime

Everyone avoids situations which can muddy their reputations

Which can make their hands dirty and clothes splattered

But bystanders can not hope to fix the leaking gutters

One has to wrestle with the broken pipes after standing in the waste

Just don’t let the stench pervade your soul or spirit

Keep it at arms distance and away from your mind

The cesspool of humanity needs fixing up collectively


Written in response to;PROMPT #258Cesspool, hosted by Reena



Keep an open mind

Both eyes and minds should be open

If we want to get anywhere in life

Put a lock on free thinking and you’ll stay stagnant

Close your eyes and you’ll literally be blind

If you are blessed with a mind capable of thinking

Don’t cripple it’s abilities by wearing a cap of darkness over it

If your eyes are functioning properly, why pretend to be blind

How we go through life, what we achieve here

Depends wholly on our attitude throughout our time on earth

Never waste the opportunities that come your way

Or close the doors life/ fate opens for you!


Written in response to; RXC PROMPT #257, hosted by Reena