Should I or should I not?

It is a picture prompt this week.

Lost and wandering alone at night

I chanced upon this magical place

I’m in a quandary, should I or not

Step in this inviting brightly lit place

Or go on my way trying to reach my friends

What if it’s a trap laid for the lost travelers

Or perhaps I’ll be met with fairies and elves

Maybe they’ll give me warm food, cold water

And show me the way back home

I’m in a fix, not able to make a decision

There’s a yell……

Mom is saying ‘ get up, it’s time for school’

I guess I’ll find out what was inside

In another dream, another night, perhaps!


Written for; RXC PROMPT #250, hosted by Reena



Legacy of the dearly departed

A word prompt this week;



Someone dear to us has passed away

We mourn their death with sorrow and sadness

What we feel, sometimes is not what we show to the world

For not all those who leave this world, leave good memories behind

Some people make the lives of those caring for them, hell

And their passing away is at time a blessed release

From a burden that was becoming too much to carry

We can become unfriendly and cranky with illness and age

But one thing that always should be remembered by us all

What sort of legacy are we leaving in the hearts and minds

Of those who cared for us day and night till the end

Perhaps these thoughts can make our attitude softer, more generous

And our words kinder and more understanding!


Written for ;RXC PROMPT #249, hosted by Reena



No going back

We have a phrase this week to serve as your writing prompt.

…passing through a doorway in history


Past holds a fascination

The desire to know all that’s hidden

Beneath the dusty pages of yesterday

The wonder of what and how things occurred

Makes us want to step through the doorway in history

And take deep look, at the events that happened then

We want unvarnished, untarnished and unbiased truth

And not the version of one set of ideals or the other

But it it even possible to know the whole truth

And not the one as seen through the eyes of the narrator?

It seems that there’s no going back!


Written for RXC: PROMPT # 248, hosted by Reena



What can I say in just one sentence!

The prompt for today is Writing in One Sentence

Any thought that passes through you is good enough, as long as you can express it in one sentence. The sentence can be two words or as long as you can stretch it. It’s perfectly okay if it looks like a paragraph or stanza.


Midnight, unable to sleep, my mind is flooded with ideas for writing the perfect blog post, ideas that seem unique and perfect at that time of the night as I open my eyes and hastily write a note on my phone lest that I don’t remember my ideal idea in the morning but…… when I get up in the morning after a few hours of sleep, and eagerly look up my note what do I find there? I can’t remember what was it all about!!!!!


Written for RXC:PROMPT #247, hosted by Reena




How eager is man

To know his future, fate

He devices many methods

To fathom the mystery of days to come

Tarot cards, lines of the hand

Crystal ball or the writing on the visage

To what end I ask?

What is going to happen will happen

If it’s written in the stars, knowing won’t change it

If it’s all in your hand, perhaps a prior knowledge will be adverse

So let tomorrow take care of itself

While you enjoy what you’ve today

Fate is just what you make of your life


Written for RXC # 246, hosted by Reena



Prose poetry- Where did the desire came from?

This week Reena challenged us to write a prose poem based on this line;

An excerpts from the book “Extinctions” by Sharmishtha Mohanty. Her new book is positioned as “a book of poetry in prose.”

It came from somewhere too far to walk, from as far away as the most unreasonable desire, the most devastating hope.


The desire was always there but hidden in the folds of unseen barriers. It was hidden yet near to the core of my heart, but always suppressed. Suppressed yet hoping against hope to get a chance to break through the rigid barriers that kept it imprisoned.

I was firm to lock this longing inside my soul for I was always afraid to let it out. Always afraid to let it be seen or associated with me. For I don’t want to be deemed weak or greedy. I don’t want to be seen as a prisoner of my wants.

But for how long could I hold it back?

It broke free ultimately, and to my shame, it announced itself to the world.

I want to be loved, just like anyone else. I want to be acknowledged like anyone else. And I want to be appreciated like anyone else.

Now the desire has the center stage, and I? I hide in the shadows and am contrite to be seen to be just a needy heart!


I wasn’t sure if this was what the challenge required. But it’s my first attempt at poetic prose/ prose poetry!

Written for RXC # 245, hosted by Reena



In search of myself

It’s a video prompt this week.

I want to know who am I? I search high and low and looked everywhere and now I’ve reached this conclusion;

Who am I?

I am the wind that blows

I am the air we all breathe

I am the earth we walk on

I am the water that we drink

I am you and I am me

Together, I am we and us all


Written in response to RXC; PROMPT #244, hosted by Reena



Don’t open this envelope!

A situational prompt this week;

Situation 1

Your character finds an old, disposable camera on the ground. They get the photos developed. What they see tells an unsettling story.

Situation 2 ☑️

The doorbell rings and your character answers it – finding nothing but an envelope with nothing on it. They open it and follow the instructions.


Always be wary of strangers giving you instructions

You never know where they will lead you or to what

Found a blank envelope on your doorstep with instructions?

If I were you, I wouldn’t open that envelope or read the note inside

But if your curiosity gets ahead of your sensible thinking

Then do stop and contemplate what you’re about to do!

Does this fall in the realm of sanity or is something too outlandish?

Think carefully before you commit yourself to any harebrained scheme

Always remember that only you’re responsible for your actions


Written in response to RXC # 243, hosted by Reena



Look up!

Write whatever the image brings up in you.

Flying high in the sky

Their intent deadly

Raining death on people

From high in the sky

They spread mayhem

On orders from above

Their feeling or conscience

Not involved in their actions

Do they ever think about

The consequences of their actions?


Written for RXC Prompt #242, hosted by Reena



The paths we have treaded

A single line prompt for this week –

The only ghost that scares is a past version of you.


No one said that loving was easy
No one ever said life and living were easy
The journey is convoluted
It’s riddled with traps
A one-way ticket that has no returns
So what scares me is to relieve the past
To face the challenges I have already conquered
To relive the trials and tribulations of yesterday
And worst of all to face the past version of you
Who has evolved with me
You who have changed and mellowed
You, now a person I’m proud of now
I dare to go into a future yet unknown

Than to return a past that I have already traveled


Written for RXC #241, hosted by Reena