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Catching something. Cheerful caucasian young man poses in torn yellow paper background, emotional and expressive. Breaking on, breakthrough. Concept of human emotions, facial expression, sales, ad.


If I hold out my hand to you, will you help me
Will you pull me out of this quagmire of commercialism
I feel trapped and cannot free myself of this web
Can I count on you to lend a helping hand
Will you be the bridge that I can walk over
And step out of this world which just pushes me
Deep and then deeper again into consumerism
Can you help me out?

Written for RXC # 213, hosted by Reena



A brand new idea!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

And the Xploration Challenge is back with a new image 🙂


It’s new … does it mean it’s welcome?

It is new, a brand new idea
I’m sure when you pay mind to it
You will be convinced that it’s brilliant
And not only you but thousands more too
Will testify to the greatness of my new idea

What do you mean?
You aren’t impressed by my idea?
You don’t think it will revolutionize the world

Not everything new is better too
Just because it sounds novel
Test it first and its merits
And then decide if it’s a good idea
Or not!


Written for RXC # 212, hosted by Reena



Living with nature

Man in his arrogance and ignorance thinks that he has the right to overtake all the resources of the planet they live on.

Deforestation and plundering of water resources have brought us to the brink of severe water shortages and drastic climate change. Who are we kidding, the climate change is already here and is having a huge impact on the population worldwide.

It’s time to try to live with nature with all its glory and beauty. Instead of cutting down dozens of trees to construct your palace, build your home around a tree. Let its branches be the beams that support your ceiling. Let the trunk provide support for the stairwell and let the green oxygen-providing leaves grow in your rooms.

The only issue I can see would be that the insects, birds, and small critters that normally inhabit the tree. They may feel resentful at being displaced from their natural habitat. You can always offer them a place in your homes!

Are you ready for this challenge?

See, someone has already shown you that it can be done!

Written for RXC, hosted by Reena



Santa’s Wishlist

Seems strange, yes it does
That one who brings presents
To people all over the world
Would require a present for himself

But a bit of reciprocation won’t go amiss
Perhaps, he too would want to be rewarded
For being thoughtful and kind to everyone
It will also gladden his big heart to be remembered

But! You ask what could Santa possibly want?
Someone who has everything, what would he desire
Think deeply and the answer is self-evident
Can you guess or do I spell it out?

Santa would love to receive the gift of love
Not for himself but the love we bestow on each other
He would be absolutely chuffed if he could see
That people really, truly love each other
Irrespective of their religion, race color, or culture

And this my dear would be the best gift we can give
To ourselves too!

Written for RXC # 211, Hosted by Reena



My reluctant footsteps….

On entering the tunnel my heartbeat went into an overdrive

The boom boom echoed in my eardrums rendering me slightly deaf

Sweat drip from my pores as my claustrophobia takes charge

I don’t want to go forward but there’s no other option

This is the only way………

The way to exit this maze of bewilderment

This passage is narrow, obstructive, and limiting

My reluctant footsteps seek to find the desired destination

I fight with my instinct to turn back and cede defeat

But fight I must as this is the only way

To find the light that resides at the end of the tunnel

Written in response to;

RXC PROMPT #210 hosted by Reena

“On entering a tunnel…..”




There are times
When my mind is in idle mode
Thoughts are floating peacefully
Ideas hibernating, in a hazy atmosphere

Then there are other instances
When a frenzy of activity occurs
Too many ideas are simultaneously generated
Thinking power divided between each

Like a computer overloaded
Too many tabs opened, the annoying delays
The throbber*, indicating waiting for response
Perhaps it needs to unplug and go to sleep mode!

(* Throbber is the icon we see when an app or program is being loaded!)

Written for RXC, PROMPT #209 hosted by Reena



Don’t take what doesn’t belongs to you!

You want something that doesn’t belong to you
Something which is personal to me
As personal as my name or my identity
You can move in my shadows
You can sneak into my periphery
Like an imposter you pretend
To be another version of myself


This falsehood will be exposed
When you will be unable to provide
Any real or authentic thoughts
Anything with substance real
All you have in your hand
Is a ghost of reality

Let go…….

Turn back to your dark world
Where you dream dreams of victory
By robbing others of their reality
Where you will forever remain
Prisoner to your lack of imagination

Written for;


The theme this week is ;A Stolen Identity

Eugi’s weekly prompt; Shadows




The view from the inside – RXC# 207

I feel trapped in a web

Woven by fantastical visions

It’s a place at once dark and exhilarating

Because it’s neither reality nor fiction

Living and thinking too much inside the bubble

I have lost the connection to the world outside

Day by day, existing in a reality created by others

I am lost, trying to break the gossamer threads

Of this metaverse, that is pulling me deeper and deeper

I need to breathe


Written in response to RXC, hosted by Reena

Today’s prompts were;

  1. Write a story from inside a bubble.
  2. Augmented reality
  3. Metaverse



You’re my shining light

When the night is dark I don’t worry

I know that when I am lost I’ll find my way

You’re the shining light that I look for

In troubled waters that rock my boat

When storms threaten to drown my existence

You’re the anchor that steadies the ship

My heart swells with joy when I think of you

And the love and support you’ve given me

In the beautiful years, we have spent together

Written for;

RXC;PROMPT #206 hosted by Reena

Today’s prompt has a central word





Ghosts are great addition to make stories interesting 

Supernatural always catches the attention of the reader

Things that aren’t possible logically are a breeze for the ghosts

Traveling to the future or past is not a problem for them

They don’t need to maintain the storyline, at all

Their translucent presence can be transported over time in a jiffy

So, by all means, incorporate a ghost or two in your story

But don’t expect me in all seriousness to say

That I do believe in ghosts, for sadly my dear, I don’t


The prompt line is

“Do I believe in ghosts?”