Weekend Quickie – Game 6.02

Rory is the host of Weekend Quickie

Season 2– Game 02 of 09

They’ll touch base with anything and everything and sometimes none of the above but something else!!

6 Quickie Questions

Have you ever kept or still do keep a diary that you write in daily, weekly or randomly?

I think in my school days, I briefly wrote a diary. Nowadays, I blog but it’s not an account of my daily activities. Very rarely I write about something happening currently.

When was the last time you had a weekend quickie of any sort and what did your quickie consist of?
[Your interpretation]

Yesterday, I went on a spur of the moment to the hair salon for hair treatment. It wasn’t quick though, took almost 3 hours. It was a good thing that I went though because the salons are not going to be open on Sunday.

Is life really worth it – as in all it’s cracked up to be?

Definitely! What’s the other option?

Life is a gift and we have to make something out of it. It can be a difficult journey but there is a reward when we achieve our goals. A gift of contentment! If we weren’t alive, we would be nowhere.

What is one thing that annoys you the most – aside from interpret as you wish questions?

Injustice really annoys me, but ignorance and arrogance annoy me more.

What is the strangest thing you have ever worn on your bottom …. half!!”

It as wasn’t strange as it was uncomfortable. The traditional bridal dress in my culture is a “Gharara”, which is a very wide pleated pants-like garment made out of yards of clothes. It’s very difficult to walk in it.

Something like this lady is wearing!

If you could paint a part of your body any colour other than flesh coloured what colour would you paint it/them and why it/them?

I often paint my nails pink or fuchsia. I like rust and browns too. Before the pandemic, I used eyeshadows and colored mascara as well. It looks good!

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Some Questions for the weekend

Rory is the host of Weekend Quickie

6 Quickie Questions

How do you like your sausages – straight, curved, short, long, fat or thin or do you not even like sausages?
Interpret as you wish ….

I don’t like sausages!

How often [under normal circumstances] would you visit a hairdressers/barbers in one year?

I have graying hair so before covid, I would go after every 4-5 weeks to get my roots colored. After a couple of months for a haircut. And while I am getting my hair done, I’d use the time to get a manicure and a pedicure.

What is it specifically do you think about humour that makes you laugh – as in ‘what’s so funny to you?’ Why do you laugh at some things and not others – what is the magical ingredient for you?

Now I don’t think I can pinpoint one specific thing that makes me laugh. It can be humor of the situation, or the lines themselves. It could also be the character or how they act or deliver the lines. But I really don’t like when people laugh at the misfortune of others.

If you were convinced you had seen an alien or a UFO [from another planet] how would you make people believe you or would you not tell anyone?

I would do what’s done these days. Make a video of it and upload it on social media or send it to a local tv station. They will be better suited to convincing people that it’s real.

Do you know what your place is in the world – where you fit in – and is that important to you?

It is important to know your place in the world. A place where we belong. I think my place is right here, in my home, in my city and country. I’m happy visiting other countries and places but I am happiest when I am home. It’s where I fit in best.

Is it important to you to get ‘noticed’ or are you happy enough to just be seen and is there really a difference do you think?

When I am with people I know, I want to be noticed and given some attention. If I am with strangers, I’m happy to stay in the background, and just be seen.

And yes there’s a difference and people we love should always be noticed and not just seen.

Thank you Rory for these wonderful and “thinking” questions!



12 Bloggerz – May Edition

Rory is the host of 12 Bloggerz

12 Questions

When was the last time you were totally lost?
[Be this physically, mentally, emotionally or so on, interpretation is yours]

When I moved to Seattle in 2015, I often got lost both physically and mentally. A new city, a new country and a new culture. It took me many months to find my way around.

Do you think that we as viewers to the entertainment industry have much higher and perhaps unrealistic expectations to the content that we read, watch or listen to today in comparison to previous years and or generations?


I don’t think that Looking for something original is an unrealistic expectation. If you look at the movies Disney is making these days, most are remakes of their original cartoon movies. Where is the originality?

In books, many great authors are writing original content. Though we still have those who are churning out the formula stories.

And as for television, I find most of the stuff so boring that I seldom watch any of the shows. Though the Netflix originals are usually good watch.

Does Money ‘Really’ make us happy or is that just a myth and more importantly it is ‘what you do with it’ that makes you happier?

Having enough money does makes life easy. Having too much money makes life even harder!

How important to you is it to be right?

It’s usually our ego that wants us to always be right and to always have the last word. I have learned humility with age and am open to discussion and opposing views.

How often do you find yourself completely confused with life and the way it is changing and has changed over the last ten or twenty years?

Never totally confused! I mostly have a handle on how things are moving and I adapt to it pretty well. Even the very big change the covid imposed on our lives didn’t confuse me much. I go with the flow.

When out shopping and carrying your goods or groceries which do you prefer to use more often – paper or plastic bags [reusable] or cotton totes or something else?

Reusable cloth bag that I’ve bought from different stores and that I carry in my car. If I’m buying a lot of groceries, I carry the cart out to bag it in the parking lot.

How many emails do you get a day [roughly] and from who do you get the most?

I get an email for every post that I post and for any new followers. Then there are the emails that are spam and even after marking them as spam, I still get them. I’d say around 20-30 emails a day most of them ending in recycle bin.

Have you ever made for yourself ‘homemade wine/spirits’ and if so what was it made from and how was it?

Nopes, I don’t drink alcohol

In your opinion and from no ‘fixed time period’, what have been in your eyes the top 5 most memorable television series you have ever watched and what made them special to you?

I liked the Crown and 13 reasons why on Netflix in recent years. I remember waiting very excitedly for the Little house on the prairie as a kid. Then there was the original Avengers and the Man from UNCLE, which I loved to watch when we got our first TV.

What’s wrong with today’s music as opposed to the music of your yesterday’s – do you consider the music now to be far worse or greatly improved and why?

I like today’s music, any song that has good lyrics and a good melody. I’m not fixated on music from any era and just go with what I like when I hear it. Too much noise doesn’t make for good music to my mind.

Does world history really matter to our daily lives – is it that important – l mean it’s not like we can change anything right – what do you think?

It is important to know history. It’s how we can stop making the same mistakes again and again. It’s not usually possible to know the history of all the nations of the world, but we should try to know as much as we can about our own. And that of the countries we are interacting with.

Besides, knowledge is power.

Do you believe that a good night’s sleep and waking up refreshed the following day helps you make better decisions or worthier improvements to your life – or it makes no difference at all?

Oh yes, that’s a definite. The day I’ve had my 7 -8 hours of sleep, I am in a better mood the whole day and relaxed too. I feel more energetic and able to face life’s challenges better!

Thank you Rory for these thought provoking questions.



Blog Series Questions – Game 4

Rory is the host of Blog Series Questions

What are your top 5 favourited Blog Genres – the ones you enjoy reading the most?

I don’t follow bloggers based on what they write but more for how they write and how they think. So the genres I follow are a mixed bunch. There is poetry, fiction, and blogging advice. Some writers write about a lot of things so it would be hard to classify their blogs. As Fandango says, they write about this that and the other.

My preference always is easy to understand writing, story, or poetry. Complicated words and plots are not my thing at all.

Have you ever experienced Writer’s Block and if so, what did you do to get yourself through it and if not, what do you do to avoid it?

I agree with you Rory that mostly what is called writer’s block is just plain disinclination to write. It could be exhaustion of mind or ennui that could be stopping the creativity. I usually don’t have trouble writing and if I do, I just take a break and come back to it later when my ideas start flowing again.

Bonus Question – Do you believe ‘writer’s block’ is an actual thing?

See above!

Do you think colour psychology is an important part to the blogging journey and does it play a big part in how your readers view a blog?

So I am one of that lazy blogger who exclusively uses the WP app and the reader. I seldom see the actual site of the blogger and the colorful display some people have. For myself, I like things in black and white. Though I really admire colorful images which compliment the writing. I always look for an appropriate image to match my writing.

I haven’t changed the layout of my site in ages. And to me it only matters in so far as it is easy to navigate and read. Some blogs have such colorful writing that it’s hard to read. I hope that any of my readers who access my blog through the browser are able to read and enjoy my posts easily.

How do you feel about Interview series and or Guest Writing opportunities on other blogs?

I would love to do an interview or a guest post but I would have to learn how to do a guest post. Interviews are easy as I think I’ve done one for your blog a long time back.

As for doing interviews on my blog with other bloggers, or asking them to do guest posts, that idea has crossed my mind! Under consideration, you may say!



Blog Series Questions- Game 3

Rory is the host of Blog Series Questions

How many social networking platforms are you committed to for ‘social coverage’ for your written and published blog content? [Whatever your genre]

When I started my blog, I linked it to a Facebook page that I had specifically created for it and to a Twitter account. But with the new Twitter policy regarding child pornography, I disabled my Twitter account. The Facebook account still is linked to my blog and every post I publish is automatically displayed there. But I seldom find time to promote my account or even visit it. So on paper, I have a social media account linked to my blog but practically, none.

How far ahead do you have planned or scheduled content to be published on your blog or are you more of a ‘in the moment’ type of writer?

I schedule my prompt post, WDYS at least a couple of weeks ahead, and my daily posts, at least one day ahead. On a good day, I can write 4-5 posts and pre-schedule them and then I relax. Some days I am running behind and those are “in the moment “ type of writing days.

How long are you ‘in/on’ your blog for daily?

I read and answer comments on my blog throughout the day. It would be hard to say how much time I am “on” it but it feels like at least half my waking time. Usually, I write my posts for the next day before going to bed.

Are the social niceties of being LIKED important to you?

This question was inspired by Ian Kay of Moon Is Rising

Yes, I like when people like my posts. I am not too nice in my requirements and am easily pleased. A like to my mind shows that someone visited my post, maybe read it and liked it. Sometimes they like it to show that they were here. It’s a morale booster to see how many people have liked my posts.

Similarly, if I am rushed for time, I’ll leave a like on a post that perhaps is too long for me to read at the time to show support. A post which has no likes, is a sad post. 😜



Blog Series Questions- Game 2

Rory is the host of Blog series questions


As a blogger how important to you is creativity in your blog?

As I follow a lot of prompts, creativity plays a major role in creating posts for them. So I guess being creative is one of the important requirements for me. However, the question and answer post doesn’t require and creativity, just honestly.

If you could describe your blog in one sentence only – what would you write?’

My space where I share my poems, stories, and views.

With the content you produce for your blog are there topics, genres, or styles that are favored more by your readership audience than others, and if so, with everything you do produce what are your top 3?

I don’t know what will appeal to my readers in respect to my posts written in response to various prompts. Sometimes a post written in few minutes evokes a great response and sometimes a post where I’ve worked long and hard at, receives a lukewarm response.

The two weekly prompts, What do you see and Sunday Poser are the ones that are usually very well received.

Which is your preferred reading in the main – books, blogs, or other and what genre?

This last question was inspired by Lauren of ISS Attitude of Gratitude

Mostly blogs, nowadays. But if one of my favorite authors brings a new book into the market, I’ll read that in a jiffy. These days my time is divided among my family and grandchildren so reading time is a bit limited. I’m hoping when the in-person schooling starts again, I’ll have more time to pursue my reading.




Blog series questions – 1

Rory is the host of this new series

The Questions ….

Are you ‘mostly’ a short content or a long content reader and how many words within those defines can you comfortably read per post?

I usually like short posts, poems, or stories. But if the content is interesting, I can read on. Given the number of blogs that I follow, I am always short on time. So if it’s a very long but interesting post, I’ll save it to read later.

How many blogs do you read per day?

It’s hard to put a number on it but at a guess, anything from 25-40 posts a day. I follow many blogs, out of those some are notified in my reader, and these I read every day. Others I have to look for when I have time.

Are you a short, long, or varying length content writer, and if so what is your preferred length for a post that you create?

I am a short content writer. At most 200 – 300 Words. If it’s a poem then a few lines are the most I’ll write. I think too long a post can distract the reader and will be counterproductive.

What kind of relationship do you have with the blogs that you follow – in so far as Like Only, Read-only, Interact only, Comment only, or a combination of all?

I read all the posts I am notified of. Out of these, there are many bloggers whose posts I would definitely read and comment on. I consider them friends and as friends, I want to let them know that I visited.

While there are some who I do read and like, but I don’t comment on all their posts as there is no reciprocal interaction.

There is no comment only posts. If I read, I do like it and then comment.




The daily four

Some more questions from Rory;

The Daily Four

What was the worst thing you did as a child?

I really don’t recall anything that stood out from the usual things children do. I do remember one incident when I was about three or four when I was investigating a small hole in the wall. It turned out that there were wasps inside that hole. They came out and attacked me. My face was swollen from their bites. In addition, I got a talking-to from my parents.

What was the most awkward thing that you’ve done for a friend?

In college, one of my friend was interested in a boy but lacked the courage to ask him. I and another friend acted as go-betweens. It was pretty awkward.

Did you enjoy a creative childhood?

Oh yes!

I was very good at making things with beads. I used to sell them to my friends at a nominal price too. I also knitted and would knit for my family. I drew, painted, and made my own clothes.

Ah! Those were the days!

If you could have witnessed anything around the world in whatever time zone, what would you have loved to have seen first hand and more importantly – why?

I would have loved to watch how the universe was created. That one moment in time must have been awesome.




Rory Asks; Adventurous life or not?

Rory has some more questions for us;

Do you consider yourself an adventurous person?

Basically, I wouldn’t rank myself as an adventurous person at all. But when I look back at my life, I feel that I have had a few adventures during my 59+ years.

I moved with my daughter and grandson to the USA at the age of 54 and then traveled back and forth for 5 years. I didn’t think that I would be doing it, but when I had to, I did it.

I think the difference is that I don’t plan on having adventures but when I have to undertake something challenging, I do it with courage.

Are you always looking to improve yourself and improve your outlook on life?

I am!

And blogging has done a lot in educating me about new concepts and ideas. My outlook has improved vastly through blogging, reading, and meeting new people.

Can you self-motivate your enthusiasm?

I can, and do. My way of motivating myself is to talk to myself and tell me, that this needs to be done. And the second step is to start doing the thing which needs to be done instead of thinking about it.

Do you know what you want from your life?

I want a peaceful life. I don’t crave excitement but if something new comes along that I can experience conveniently, I go for it. But at the same time, the routine doesn’t bore me. I can be happy with my own company.

Have you still got much to achieve with your life and if so what are your plans with regards to awakening the inner inspiration?

My goals are simple and mundane.

I want to live a healthier lifestyle. It means reducing my weight and getting my numbers in the acceptable range.

– I want to touch the lives of others in a positive way and I think by blogging I can do it.

– I want to be remembered with joy after I am gone.

To achieve these goals, I walk and try to eat healthy. I think of positive things to write in my blog. And I try not to be a nuisance to others.




12 Bloggerz- March edition

Rory is the host of 12 Bloggerz

Okay … well you have come First in a Travel Competition you took part in and your prize is 1 Week Holiday in Medieval France [not pretend, virtual or fantasy but real time as in travel back through time]. I know, how lucky!

What five items ONLY will you take with you on your week away in Medieval France?


Hmmm….. When in medieval France?

I think it was a very turbulent time and I should go equipped with;

Full armor

A very big and strong sword

A map

A dictionary of French

My mobile phone with GPS activated.

What is the messiest meal you have ever eaten and why was it so?


A bar of chocolate that had melted due to heat, in its wrapper. As I love chocolate and can’t throw it away, I squeezed out the melted goop and ate it. It got all over my hands and face!

There is a Flesh Eating Zombie apocalypse raging across the lands – which 5 Bloggers would you sign up to your cause to help you fight your way to victory and why them, what will they bring to the fight?


-You, Rory;

because you know all about Zombies

– Kristian;

Because he writes very good horror stories

– Melanie;

For her knowledge of zombies as she has read all of Stephen King books


I think he can be a good strategist

– Dr. Tanya;

She can treat anyone injured during the fight.

If you had to trade places with a celebrity for a day who would you pick and why?


Oprah Winfrey!

Need you ask why?

Can you list five really funny comedians [any period of time]?


I can, but will I?

Charlie Chaplain

Eddy Murphy

Robin Williams

Rowan Atkinson

Peter Seller

John Cleese

In a world of continued disposability what six items do you consider basic staples for each wardrobe irrelevant to the year? [as in these pieces never age]







Property aside, what is the most expensive thing you have ever bought for yourself?


A car!

I didn’t buy it, my husband did.

When you are feeling down, what can you do or eat, drink … whichever to boost your mood?


Dark chocolate!


Dark chocolate fudge brownie

Something with lots of carbs, like naan or samosas

When are you at your happiest and what are you doing to make that happen for you?


I am happiest when I am at peace with my family and the world around me. I need to keep reminding myself of all the things and people that I am blessed with.

Do you believe ‘you are what you wear’ as in clothing defines your personality?’


Not really, but a well-dressed person makes a better first impression upon others. I can be totally oblivious to how I appear to my friends and family, but when I am confronting strangers, I do try to dress up well.

What’s the best advice you can give anyone in your opinion?


I have stopped giving advice unless asked for it. If someone asks, I will tell them;

Always be mindful and grateful for all that you have. One never knows when we could lose any of these.

Despite your good intentions – it is a universal fact that not everyone you meet and or know will like you – are you okay with that or does it bother you to the point you want to know why?


It used to bother me a lot, but now I don’t care. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. As I am too!