Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 146- Cubism

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge


I was seeing some works of art shared on Instagram, and the word/art form that caught my fancy is 


A few images to catch your fancy….

Let the word, pictures, symbolism, intricacies and the artist’s struggle inspire you to write something.

I am fine with anything from a caption to a poem/story to an essay. Or just another painting which moved your imagination.

Delve within to create without.

Happy writing!


Putting brush strokes on canvas isn’t just enough anymore

What an artist creates painstakingly can be

Captured with the camera in the blink of an eye

Creating the feel and evoking the emotions behind a scene

That can only be done by breaking it apart in fragments

And then putting it together to express what lies deep

Tiny pieces of art, joined again to present the view

Of the artist, their personalized reality




Reena’s Exploration Challenge-145- Cryptic Poetry

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Welcome to playing another round of the weekly game!

 I just googled the words ‘cryptic poem’, and am fascinated by a few interesting specimens.

This is the shortest possible poem I can imagine.


Source: Perry Poetry


The prompt is to use the above style of writing as an inspiration. The subject is totally your choice. It can be either prose or poetry or poetic prose or prose-poetry or a combination of both.

But, keep it as short and as cryptic as possible.


When I write, I want to be clear

No hidden messages or riddles

A pointer or a hint may suffice

Do you get what I mean yet?




Reena’s Exploration Challenge- Breakthrough

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Welcome back to a still locked-down world!


In this week, I invite you to explore a single word


What does it mean to you? Have you experienced it before? How do you expect it to happen?


We are all waiting for a medical breakthrough!

They, the scientists will tell us triumphantly that a cure for this new disease has been discovered. Or a preventative vaccine has been developed. Now it will be safe to live our lives as we did previously.

But till that happens, and it will, I have no doubt, we need to set a few things straight.

• Prevention is always better than a cure

• Taking all due care and caution is not a sign of weakness

• If by using a bit of common sense we can avoid pain and misery, then why the hesitation?

•Do you think that social norms, meeting expectations, and personal comfort is better than staying healthy and alive?

• Preventive vaccines usually take years to make them safe for use.

• So meanwhile, be sensible and be very careful.

You will enjoy life and all it has to offer if you’re alive at the end of this pandemic.




Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 143- Going home

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge

It just struck me that we haven’t done an image prompt for long. So, here we go …


person with toy airplane on world map

As usual, there is no restriction on length or format of the piece. Write a post on your blog, and copy-paste the link here.


I am here

Far from home

I want to go back but

There are lot of restrictions

The flights are suspended, borders closed

Daily I check for flight schedules to see if I can

Get booking to fly to my home country

But I am disappointed every day

But I am still hopeful

I will get there soon!


When the pandemic broke, a lot of people who were out of the country for work, business, or vacation were stuck in foreign countries. This poem is a reflection of their state of mind



Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 184- It is out in the open

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge


“The genie is not getting back in the bottle”

Yes, the line above is your theme or prompt for the week. Twist it any way, try to push it back, experiment with formats and words, and let us see the story that emerges.


Once you’ve opened your mouth they’re all over the place

Like the leaves blown away by the wind, in all directions

Or the vapors that just dissolve into thin air

A thousand apologies cannot bring back those words

They’re like a genie out of the bottle that won’t go back in

So before you say the words do think twice

The wound inflicted by a knife would heal, not those inflicted by tongue




Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 141- The inner eye

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Welcome back to the Exploration Challenge!


The beauty of this week’s prompt is that there is no prompt.

I often see a medley of colors during meditation. I’m unable to label or classify those, or see definitive ideas emerging. But in general, I perform better at whatever I do in the next 2-3 days.

Spend 6 minutes on watching this video

After that, just write whatever comes to mind in free flow. Let some time elapse in between, if you so desire.

We use more of strategic and lateral thinking when the thought process is fettered by a theme. True creativity emerges when it is not confined.

We never have restrictions on length and format. This week, there are no restrictions of theme or subject – no picture, no words – nothing being superimposed from my mind to yours. A piece of art or a photograph is also considered a contribution.

Go ahead, write a post on your blog, and copy-paste the link here in Comments. If you are using a pingback, please check back to see if it has worked.


What is above us is also in us

Each speck, each cell mirrors the universe

You can see the atoms and electrons mimicking

The planetary systems perfectly

The miniature and the minute the same as the majestic and superlative

We just need eyes to see

The vision to understand

And the heart to accept the reality

There is but one creator who has impeccable design

His Creations are beyond perfect, beyond chance




Reena Exploration Challenge # 140 – Gaining Freedom

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Welcome back to the Exploration Challenge!


The theme for this week is


Going by the dictionary, it is

“a holiday celebrated on 19 June to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved people in the US.”

I would take it ahead to celebrate emancipation or liberation of any kind – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. 


Cut the chain and set me free

Lift the bonds of servitude imposed

For centuries I have been humbled

Held in captivity and used, abused

You think I am not your equal

Not fit to sit on the same table as you

You still segregate if only in your minds

Call me black or brown with distrust in your heart

My character blackened for many many years

Bear the fruit of the label I today reluctantly wear

I may appear free but invisible chains

Still bind my progress in this so-called fair world

Cut my chains and set me free

For real

It is time



Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 139- Keep me safe

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge


Quarantined Thoughts

is the theme. It is not necessary that the words are used in the piece. Your interpretation or reflection on the words is enough.


Keep safe

Stay away

Wear a mask

Wash your hands frequently

Maintain a safe distance


Delivered by those

Who are concerned for our safety

Who want not only us but our loved ones safe too

Those who know the facts and are acting responsibly

Why don’t we listen

To the voice of sanity and reason

Willfully ignored because we can’t be bothered

We are either arrogant or ignorant

Of the danger that lurks in the shadows

The result is all too evident

The infection spreads, no containment

Prolonging the need for isolation

The folly of some costing precious lives

What’s the price of a few weeks of quarantine

When it means you and your can live




Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 138- Our roles

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Welcome back to another week of creativity!


“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women are players. They have their entries and exits” famously said, Shakespeare.

Shakespeare got it all wrong. Life is what we choose, and everything else is just existence.

Well, I just noticed that Shakespeare has not used the word “life” anywhere. The Master knew what he was talking about.

All you need to do is just think about how the above lines gel with or rub against your thought process. Then, start writing and there you are with your piece.


We came

We saw

We conquered!

Or did we?

We come, as in, are born but have no choice in where and when.

We live a life which, for the early part, is pretty much pre-decided for us. Then there comes a time when we are free to make a choice about which direction our lives will/can take.

But this is not an open choice even then. We still are dependent upon our circumstances, economic and social.

As we mature, we adapt to the life we are living and the roles thrust on us. Some of these we take willingly and some are again a product of situation and circumstances.

I guess all this is leading to the conclusion that Brad was right after all. We play the roles which we find ourselves in, during our stay in this world. Like actors, we perform and we exit when the curtain closes.

The choice lies in how we perform our roles. We can always choose our path, and our choices define the sort of human we are!

I decide what I’ll be

I decide how I will behave

I am responsible for my choices



Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 137- Their reality or ours

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge

What does it all do to a writer’s sensibilities?


I give below three phrases

  1. Writer’s platform
  2. Writer’s Cave
  3. Writer’s Reality

Choose one or more to elaborate on your writing journey – not necessarily through this phase. It could be anything that happened before, or you foresee as happening after this


Reading can broaden your mind

You’ll learn new things and points of views

New facts and a new way to look at old ones

But at the end of the day, it’s the writer’s reality

Pontificating from their writer’s platforms

Sitting in their writer’s caves, sometimes away

From real life, it’s real struggles and challenges

You can take it as the gospel truth or you can

Analyze it, dissect it and put it together again

It is important to learn the truth from the source

To get the facts right whichever way possible

It’s the truth that matters in the end, not its source