Reena’s Exploration Challenge #106- A wise fool


Welcome to a space beyond the Equinox, where equality becomes a myth again! If the Sun and Moon are not equal, can day and night be? The strength of the stars and power of perception gain importance here. It is all a matter of underlying meaning and perspectives.


Our theme this week is ‘Paradox’.





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Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 104


My choice;


A thousand centuries have passed

Yet we are nowhere near finding our humanity

We will ostracize our own people

Because their skin is a different color

Shunning them because of their

Language, dress or the beliefs they follow

We are even worse than animals

Who harm other only when they have to survive

The humans take up arms just because they can

And we breed animosity without reason

We harbor grudges which are born out of spite

How many centuries will go by

Before we become humans, kind and gracious

What will convert us into peace loving race

Instead of the civilized barbarians we are?

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #103

Welcome back to another week of inspiration and exploration!


Movement is life

Hither and thither

Moving all the time

It may seem purposeless

But be sure that something lies

Behind our to and fro movement

Life can never stay still

It has to be in motion as is the demand

Of the spirit that dwells in our bodies

For movement is life itself

Staying still a sign of demise



I have a video for you this week

If you do not have the patience to watch 6 minutes of it, use the following words as a prompt

Delightfully Disorienting Dance

The video refers to humans, but you are free to choose nature, music, art, atomic structure or anything else that inspires you.

Though I bet watching even a part of the video will stir something in you.

The rules of the game are the same i.e. no rules. There is no bar on the length or format of the piece. Write a post on your blog, and link it up here with a pingback, or copy-paste the blog link in Comments. Tag it Reena’s Exploration Challenge for easy access in the Blog Roll.

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #103



Reena’s Exploration Challenge week #102 – Spreading Hate


Here’s a short sentence

Public figures make us hate their enemies.


The people are so gullible that they take

Whatever is said to them as the absolute truth

Spew hate and pollute the minds

If you want someone out of the race

All you need to do is to play their emotions

To pick someone to do your dirty job for you

Don’t even lift a finger and just point your words

It’s for nothing that they say that

Politics is a dangerous game

More for the other side than it’s for you


(Let it not limit you to a specific realm, or the literal meaning of the words. Go with the flow that the words generate in you, and don’tstop. It can be a creative stream of thoughts, a reflection, a value judgement,essay, rant, biased/unbiased opinion or analysis. There are no bars. As usual, there is no bar on the length or format of thepiece either.)

Tag it Reena’s Exploration Challenge for easy access in the Blog Roll.

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge Week#102



Reena Saxena Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 100

1,2,3…… and here we reach 100..


The limitation this week is 100 words, though there is no restriction on the format. It can be prose, poetry, essay, reflections, reminiscences, anecdotes or anything you deem worth sharing.

What does this image invoke in you?

The picture shows the number One, followed by the Infinity Symbol.

Let the creativity flow. I await with baited breath.


It may take an infinity…..

That’s a long long time to wait.

Yet I am ready as long as I am sure that I will get there at the end.

It is the result that matters at the end even if the struggle takes out more out of you then you were prepare to give in the beginning.

It tests the faith with which you start and the determination which takes you forward on this journey.

Unless you are sure of yourself, don’t take that first step.

And when you are perfectly certain then don’t stop till you get there.


Word count: 100

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 100