Reblog; First in this week in response to WDYS # 104! Enjoy this magical poem from Chris Hall; Whispers in the Mist — luna’s on line

The image shows a natural pool fed with streams. There is a mist on its surface and there are green moss covered rocks surrounding it. before sun’spink fingertipsbrush the faceof mother earthby the sacred poolclouds swirl, circlemurmurs risein silver streamscoalescein dew-drop webswhile incantationsspill silentlyfrom her lipsenchantmentswhisperingin the mist Image credit: Sean Robertson @ Unsplash Written […]

Whispers in the Mist — luna’s on line

Reblog; Enjoy this poem from Chris in response to WDYS # 101. A poignant poem; An Uneasy Peace — luna’s on line

The image shows a street scene of an old town in Europe. dawn’s pink fingerscaress the town awakesoftening the darknessbringing forth the light he walks alonefighting recollectionsof grim gun-metal daysrunning throughcrimson-spattered streetsdodging snipersand falling shells the war is overbut remembered soundsand bitter memoriesremain locked insidehis broken heart. Image credit: Maksym Harbar @Unsplash Written in response to Sadje‘s What […]

An Uneasy Peace — luna’s on line

Reblog; Enjoy this beautiful poem in response to WDYS # 98 from Chris Hall; Love Story — luna’s on line

It was loveat first sightblood rushedto my headI sidled upshe looked awaymodest, not brazenI ’speciallyliked thatabout her. I teased herjust a littlestruttingso street-wisethen cooingsweet nothingsofferingtiny titbits’til one dayshe accepted. Now andforevershe isthe loveof my life. Image credit: Jonah Pettrich @Unsplash Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #98 photo prompt. The image shows a pair of lovebirds sitting together […]

Love Story — luna’s on line

Reblog:First in this week in response to WDYS # 81 from Chris Hall; Enjoy! Biding my time — luna’s on line

Concealed behind that plain façadesilently observing yet unobservedyou creep along obscure corridorslistening at keyholes, capturing confidencespocketing intrigues and salting them away. Green mantle cloaked, you traverse the townsniffing out secrets, ferreting for indiscretionslicking spoons that stir the potsnatching skeletons from cupboardsto one day share and spill. Nothing escapes your inimical attentionunder your watch, people scarcely […]

Biding my time — luna’s on line