Curious George- Re-share

“What a large volume of adventures may be grasped within the span of his little life by him who interests his heart in everything.”― Laurence Sterne


The word curious reminds me of Curious George

It opens a vault of memories most enjoyable

We, that is I and my grandson would see this program

On the Television every Saturday, laughing and smiling

In his innocence and curiosity, the lovable monkey

Would teach us a lot of life lessons and it’s ironies

He would make a spectacular splash and create chaos

Then in his desire to put everything alright again

More adorable and funny adventures would ensue

Sadly my grandson has out grown his fascination with him

But I still enjoy this program when ever I get a chance



In response to the weekly prompts- Curiosities, hosted by Sue W and GC



Bread and butter

bread basket
Image from Pixabay
Of all the goodness the dining table holds
My first desire is to reach for fresh warm loaves of bread
Leave the meat and delicacies for others who crave them
My heart and stomach love those fresh rolls, muffins, and biscuits
It is easy to give up most of the good things
But don’t ask me to forsake my favorite form of carbs
Sometimes a desire flickers in my mind to stop this madness
But as it is often said, you cannot forgo your true love!


Written for PRFP# 4, hosted by Paula

Welcome to the Random Friday Prompt! This week, let’s write about an item on our grocery list ~ how about bread? If that doesn’t work for you, choose another item. Poems, flash fiction, personal essays… all are welcome, and there is no time limit

Also included RDP; Flickering




Taking Stock

Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Stock, hosted by Sue W and GC

A new beginning is the best time to take stock. What we did, and what we want to do going forward.

When I think back on how the last year was, I feel grateful. Nothing momentous happened but it were numerous small victories that made the year memorable. We all, the family got vaccinated, stayed healthy and did well work wise. The little ones grew up another year and it was so much joy to see them learning to talk, to form opinions, and getting naughtier by the day. I think our biggest gain was health and happiness last year.

Going forward, What do we want from next year? People advise us to be ambitious when setting our goals but I believe that we should be practical. Set small, achievable targets. Little things that make a difference in our lives.

And last but not the least, wipe the slate clean of regrets and broken hopes. It’s time to move on and look forward.

“I have started to think that the great, decisive moments that broadly govern our lives are far less conscious at the time than they seem later when we are reminiscing and taking stock.” ~ Sándor Márai

This week, Sue W and GC gave us the word STOCK as our weekend challenge.

Also included; RDP prompt; Clean Slate




As the year ends

“No one dare say, this isn’t going to be our year”

We have enough of despondency and downheartedness

Now it is time to be positive and optimistic

Let us all be hopeful that the new year will be brilliant

Tonight is the finale of 2021, ending in the new year’s eve

Tomorrow we will start 2022 with enthusiasm and zeal

Circumstances may not be in our control but our actions are

We will be kinder, more helpful and more thoughtful

We will be more considerate of others, more inclusive

And we will make it better than the last two years

I have included the following prompts;

No one DARE say this is going to be our year!”








My winter view

Ice bubble frost


Looking out the window I see

The variegated sky presenting a multitude of colors

Like a kaleidoscope shattering and scattering

The delicate frost crystals on the leaves

Grass blades glittering like diamond strands

My breath leaves a trail in the cold air

Oxygen filled air giving me a new vigor for life

Winter dawn in all its majesty enchanting

Written for Paula’s PCF prompt # 17

Take your inspiration this week from Valspar’s “winter dawn” and/or “delicate frost.” Tag your post Paint Chip Friday, or PCF

Also included; RDP; Variegated skies




The color of a winter’s day

You ask me to describe the color of a wintry day
I’ll tell you it’s golden, glowing with warm sunshine
It warms the insides with its generous sharing of heat
Sitting out in the afternoon sun, braving the cold wind

Here you find the extraordinary in the ordinary
Just to see the winter driven away by slanting sun rays

You might think winter days are blue or grey, drab
But have you experienced the joy a crackling fire brings
When you shut the door on sleet and snow outside
And extend your hands towards that warmth
And it warms your insides just like the golden sun does


Written for; Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Winter’s Day hosted by Sue W and GC

“The colour of springtime is in the flowers; the colour of winter is in the imagination.” Terri Guillemets.

This weekend is our monthly Colour challenge, and for December, partner GC and I ask the question… what colour is a winter’s day?

Also included; RDP; The extraordinary in the ordinary”.




Sunset glow opens the doors

The sunset glow opens the doorway

A doorway to the past which

I had kept firmly closed for a while

Some memories that were to be kept hidden

To be cherished like a treasure

Only to be enjoyed when nostalgia strikes

Memories of the sweetest, rarest moments

That may lose some of their charm if relived

………Once too often

Written for PCF, hosted by Paula

Take your inspiration this week from Valspar’s “sunset glow” and/or “nostalgia.” Tag your post Paint Chip Friday, or PCF, if you wish.

Also included;

RDP; Doorway to the past




RDP- What the eyes don’t see

Today’s RDP prompt from Punam is;

What the eyes don’t see

What you say or do

Is the only indicator

To me of how you feel

You tell me that your

Intentions are pure, honorable

But what is in your heart is

What the eyes don’t see

And if I don’t feel this honesty

Reflected in your words and actions

I will only judge you by

What you say or do!



JusJoJan January 21 2021 – Spell

Linda is the host of JusJoJan

Please stay for a spell

Be spellbound by my charm

I think we are in for a spell of rain

The long shadows of trees fading as clouds roll in

Let’s sit under the canopy and enjoy the drizzle

A brief interlude before we are swallowed by

The busyness of humdrum daily life

Just for a spell




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