Queen of Questions # 6 th Jan

Today’s Questions:

1. What was the last thing that broke down in your house?

The door in the guest room is not closing properly. And I don’t think I can fix it myself! 😒

2. What tv show’s finale do you still think about?

Merlin, the BBC series. They just killed the whole thing in the final episode.

3. What is something that deserves to end?

The presidential term?

4. What was the last thing you were doing that made you think, “will this just be over already?”

Dieting, losing weight, always and always.

5. What is the worst thing someone could do at your funeral/end of life?

Be too sad. I won’t mind people having a good time.

6. If you could be frozen and reanimated in the future, would you sign up?

Not at all. It would be so risky to do something like that when you don’t even know if you will wake up in full possession of your senses!

7. How long do you have something before you admit it needed to go?

My limit is one year. Unless I would decide on the first day that it’s never going to be used by me.

8. What video game do you die the most in?

Don’t play those sort of games. Mine are puzzles, where there is no chance of dying.

9. What is your favorite thing to do at the end of summer/winter?

Looking at my clothes from the last season and deciding if I need new ones or not. I am trying not to buy too much stuff and this time around I curtailed all my urges to splurge.

10. If today turned out the be your last day, what are three things you have accomplished in your life?

I have raised a great family, I have been a good daughter and a good friend. And have given guidance and advice to help others when asked for!

QoQ #6



Queen of Questions Sat 5th

Another set of Questions from the Queen of Questions, Teresa

1. What is your favorite local -place to eat?

I used to eat out a lot, but since I started to diet, Subway salads suit my diet, otherwise home cooking for me!

2. Who is your favorite indie author?

Teresa Grabs.

3. Who is your favorite traditional author?

Jane Austin, Grisham, Cook, Archer…..

4. Who is your favorite artist (not musician)?

Claude Monet.

5. Who is your favorite musician/group?

Ed Sheeran.

6. What is your favorite travel destination?

Seattle, Washington.

7. What is your favorite quote?

Treat others as you want to be treated yourself.

8. Who is a blogger you recommend to everyone?

Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith, Fandango, A Guy called Bloke…..

9. What is your favorite blog post written by someone other than yourself?

Too many to mention here.

10. What is your favorite amusement park ride?

Something slow, like the merry- go – around.


#QoQ #5

Queen of Questions #4

Teresa’s 10 Questions for today are all about the favorite fairy tales

Today’s Questions:

1. Everyone thinks they know the story of Jack and Jill, but why did they really go up the hill?

Water is scarce and the only well was on the top of the hill. Their efforts were however wasted because, Jack being a clumsy boy, tripped and spilled all that water.

2. What was humpty dumpty sitting on and why?

It was the wall built by the POTUS, between USA and Mexico. He was waiting to see how the people would manage to cross the border in the presence of the wall. He was cheering any brave person who wanted to climb over it.

3. What did Rapunzel let down?

Specially made hair attachments, reinforced with threads of steel. She didn’t want her beau to fall down and break a leg.

4. What was Little Miss Muffet eating and what happened when the spider came down beside her?

Miss Muffet was a greedy little girl and had bullied her sister into handing over all the trifle to her. But the spider was a social activist and wanted to show the bullies that they cannot take the share of others by force.

5. Why was Hansel and Gretel sent into the woods?

They were trying to find the cell phone signals. But alas they just found the witch.

6. Who really ate Grandma?

Nobody can or could. She is one tough dame!

7. What did the Three Little Pigs build their houses out of?

In the days when the housing sector was facing a slump in prices, all three of them got their own mansions in the posh area of the town.

8. What did Little Jack Horner pull out of the pie?

He didn’t like the candies ginger his ma had put in the pie, so he pulled all the pieces out .

9. What is the true story behind Cinderella?

Cruelty never pays and hard work can make you a princes, provided that you have connections in high places.

10. Rumpelstiltskin wasn’t his name…what was it?

His real name was Donald……..

QoQ #4



Queen of Questions 2019# 3

Teresa’s latest questions are about food!

Today’s questions:

1. What is your favorite chocolate dessert?

I love chocolate in any form and shape. Today my craving is for a dark chocolate fudge brownie.

2. Where do you go first in the grocery store?

To the fresh produce, veggies, fruits and cheese.

3. You win three minutes of free shopping in the grocery store with an empty cart…what do you fill it with?

I would dash over to the gourmet cheese counter and fill in as much as I can of all the speciality cheeses.

4. What is your favorite fruit and how do you like to eat it?

I love most fruits but due to my diet restrictions I can only have berries ( without cheating) , I put lots of cream, Greek yogurt, nuts and stevia our sliced strawberries and make a desert bowl.

5. You go to a magic cafe where plates fill with whatever you request…what do you get?

If I am not on a diet, I would get all the yummy carbs that I don’t eat normally, like pizzas, croissant, desserts…….. And hoping that since it’s a magic Café, I won’t put on weight after eating all this heavenly food.

6. How do you like your fish?

Made by someone else. I hate cooking fish and if I do, I don’t eat it myself. If someone else is cooking, I love batter fried fish!

7. Do you eat jello (what is your favorite flavor)?

Nopes , don’t like jello!

8. What is the most, ahem, “adult” food you can think of?

Dynamite shrimps!

9. What food do you eat that might put you in the “old” age?

What is that? Never heard of old age!

10. Mall food courts…yes, no, where do you eat?

Not food, per sé, maybe grab a few pretzels and coffee.

QoQ #3



Queen of Questions 2019 # 2




Teresa’s Question for 2nd January

Today’s ten questions are:

1. If you were a member of the USS Enterprise, which job would you have?

I could be the schedule planner! That is the best high tech I can be!

2. Do you believe that film and television influence innovation, or is it the other way around?

I have yet to see a movie that has influenced innovation. But books like Twenty thousand leagues under the sea, by Jules Verné were an influence on the future technology development.

3. What is your favorite science fiction book?

Sci-fi is not my genre of choice but I love to read H G Wells and it is Sci-fi. I love Marvel movies, which can be called sci-fi or fantasy!

4. Should we ever stop and ask ourselves if we “should” create something?

Definitely, if that something has a potential harmful side to it!

5. If you could invent anything, what would it be?

A self cleaning house, equipped with a programmable self cooking attachment.

6. Do you think extraterrestrials are already on Earth?

Don’t you think so, looking at the POTUS?

7. If CERN announced they discovered the secret to the universe, what would it be?

They should be trying to find the secret of preserving life on this planet, which of a far more importance.

8. Will humans ever land on another planet?

Maybe Mars or Venus, very likely.

9. What would you want to eat on a space voyage?

Something that would give me lots of energy and make me super intelligent.

10. Do you like star gazing, and if yes, what do you think about?

I do, when I can see the stars, which is not very often. I think how vast this universe is and how insignificant we are.


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QoQ # 2



Queen Of Questions # 2019 #1

Teresa has given us a new set of questions to answer;

Today’s Questions:

1. What would you do if you suddenly found a blank check on the ground?

Find the bank to which the account belongs and give it to them. Or on second thought, better to destroy it.

2. What is something you dream about that others would consider a nightmare?

I don’t think I have such a dream.

3. What is one hope you have for 2019?

To be a better person, a better parent and a better blogger.

4. What is one dream you want to see come true in 2019?

All my family in good health.

5. What is your favorite book that involved a dream?

Alice is wonder land.

6. Would you rather have a prefect dream date, or a nightmarish real one?

A perfect one, please.

7. What was one fanciful idea you believed as a child?

That I could make a ladder long enough to reach the sky.

8. You rubbed a magic lamp, and out popped a genie. What do you wish for?

Health, peace and happiness for everyone.

9. Should a person get everything they ever wished for?

Nopes! Then there wouldn’t be anything to look forward to!

10. If you were a child going through Wonka’s factory…would you make it to the end (if not, how would you go)?

No idea! Probably would be stuck somewhere in the middle, playing with oomba loombas.

QOQ # 1

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#QOQ # 1

Queen of Questions Dec28

Today’s Questions are all about TIME;

Posed by Teresa , the Queen of Questions.


1.What is something you always put off for as long as you can?

Going to sleep at night and getting up in the morning.

2. Has time sped up or slowed down for you as you have aged?

It has sped up like a bullet train!

3. What time period do you think you most belong in?

This one.

4. What book would have a completely different feel if it was set in a different time period?

Lord of the rings. Imagine how digital devices would change the whole of the complexion of the story!

5. How do you like to waste time?

Sitting on my couch and blog.

6. Have you ever killed time since reading or watching The Phantom Tollbooth?

I am not familiar with that book/ movie.

7. You have two hours to yourself…how do you spend it?

Catching a movie, with friends or all by myself.

8. How often do you think about the Doomsday Clock?


9. Do you think we are nearing the end of times (for those who believe in it)?

No idea, for me the end of time is when I die. It wouldn’t matter to me after that.

10. Armageddon is upon us…do humans survive?

Probably, we have survived a lot of things till now.

11. How will human’s time on Earth be up?

No idea. Doomsday?

12. What is your favorite quote about time?


13. What is one song that makes you time travel?

All the songs that I loved to listen to as a teenager, take me back to that time.

Like this one from Bee Gees, Tragedy

Or Boney M : Daddy Cool

Or Rasputin from Boney N



14. Speaking of Time Travelers… The Doctor (Dr. Who), Time Traveller (H.G.Wells, The Time Machine), Phineas Bogg (Voyagers!), or The Traveler (Star Trek: TNG): Who would make the better traveling companion?

I think a trip with the Doctor, in her/his phone booth would be lovely.