4-2-1- A story about Bright side of life

4 Images/2 Title Choices/1 Writer’s Creation

Well, that’s what 4 – 2 – 1 is all about – the writer has four images of the item in question taken at different angles and with a different sleight added to the ambience, two different prompt title choices and one writer’s creation

The prompt requires the writer to look at the image gallery, figure out the best story, select one of the title suggestions only, and then create a story, poem or observation of their choice.Pick one of the Title choices from below.

Bright Side of Life

Elephants in the Sun


Bright side of life

Sofia tossed her designer sunshades aside and took a twirl in the open green field. Her husband was surprised to see her behave in such a carefree manner.

What’s up sweetheart?” he asked

Oh I’m loving this openness, this greenery and the clean air. Thank you for bringing me to this serene place John!”

That’s great Sofia, I knew a break from the city life will do both of us good. Let’s make it a routine to spend our weekends away from the phone, in a secluded place”

Both of them sauntered off, leaving the pair of sunglasses sitting in the stump of a tree trunk.


Written for 4-2-1, hosted by Rory



My favorite place

Ebar asks us;

Describe your favourite place using all five senses.

As I enter, I can smell the sweet jasmine scent of the diffuser and I know that I am at the right place. My favorite place in my home is here.

When I sit, I feel the firm, yet yielding surface beneath me that gives me comfort and support too

My eyes scan the room and land on my phone right besides me. It’s screen blinks invitingly at me. It’s ready for me to pick it up and open my WordPress app.

But before I do that, I need to make myself an aromatic cup of coffee. Decaf at this time of the day. The first sip of this hot drink warms up my insides and my brain is ready to function.

Just one last step before my perfect setup is complete. I ask my Google mini-home to play something from my Spotify playlist. The song hits my eardrums and I am now ready!

Yes, I’m comfortably sitting on my favorite lounger in my living room, ready to read and write some blog posts.

I hope I’ve fulfilled all the conditions Ebar.