I am…….but not so much now!

I still obsess over cleanliness but not so much now
I still plan for days ahead but I’m not upset when plans fall through
I still want to have everything in order around me
But if I forget or misplace something, I don’t blow up
Daily chores have to follow a certain pattern
But a bit of mixup can be tolerated, even improvised
As I have grown older, I’ve acquired some tranquility
Accepting that I am not perfect and neither is my life going to be



Last days of fall

Breeze through the trees
A shower of golden leaves fall
Turning, twisting, shining in the
Rays of sun filtering through the branches
Another gust of cold air dislodges
Golden yellow droplets from the near-empty tree
Like a disdainful wench the tree shakes its head
Saying no vehemently to the entreaty of the wind
Scattering more wilting leaves on the sunny driveway



When you are strong……

When you are strong 
Then people take you for granted
They choose to ignore your pain and hurt
Thinking that since you don’t complain, you’re okay

When you are strong
You don’t ask for their help
Or cry tears of frustration when things go haywire
You struggle on your own, tackling problems
With resolve and determination to do it your way

When you are strong
Those near you need to see those unshed tears
That glint in your eyes but don’t escape
They need to look closely and see that you struggle too



Saturday Symphony # 6- Love Withheld

Jude is hosting this prompt!

Hi guys, welcome to the 6th edition of The Saturday Symphony.


Many times love is involuntary.

At first glance, at first touch, at first chat. Even at first meal.

Sometimes we feel it so strong. And yet we choose to ignore it.

Write about how this has/may happpen

And why we have/may choose to ignore this feeling of spontaneous love.

Any form of writing, images and art is welcome.


Once bitten twice shy

Shunning love fearing hurt

The path of true love is often hard

Previous disappointments are the real hurdles

Whoever can rekindle the flame would win the heart





Blogging- Why I write poetry?

When I started my blog, I hadn’t written any poetry before, except what I did in school. And initially I wrote a lot of posts and they were pretty long winded and would sound like I am sermonizing.

Then I discovered that I can say the same with fewer words and more importantly with more impact in a poem. This made me consider using poetry for getting my message across.

There are so many wonderful poets here on WordPress, who are well versed in all or many forms of poetry. Some are best at rhyming their thoughts while others are great at different forms with powerful words to express their thoughts. I am just an amateur but even for a person like me, poetry has opened a new opportunity.

I use simple words to put my point across. But the brevity of words make the conveying of message more effective. This is the wonder of verses. Instead of writing paragraphs upon paragraphs, I can express myself in few lines.

And I also want to express my thanks to the tolerant and generous people here who read my poems and like them. It is this encouragement that has emboldened me to now write most of my content in verse.

So not to seem impertinent, I would advice new bloggers to experiment in this medium too, if you are not doing so already. The people are non-judgmental and no one will criticize your poems!

What is your favorite style of writing?

Do you feel you can express yourself better in poetry or prose?

Please share your thoughts and feedback in your comments.