Thursday photo prompt

Sky is over cast heavily. The clouds are threatening and dark. It may bring the much awaited rain but Kelvin was experiencing a foreboding feeling in his heart. With a sudden loud clap of thunder fat drops of rain started to fall on the ground. Kelvin took to the shelter of his porch and was still staring worriedly at the sky.

The rain continued with increasing intensity and it became apparent that this was not the healing and reviving rain that the farmers were hoping for. This was fast turning into a furious storm, lashing with high winds. The nature was not in a giving mood. It was going to wash away the newly planted crops, and with it all the money and time these hardworking men had put in. This was so sad as they had high hopes of a good crop this year. The previous year’s crops were ruined by the dry season and now this!

How he wished that when the scientists and weather experts were warning them all to take steps to save the planet from the extreme weather changes, someone had listened. For it seems that things were beyond repair.

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