Big Ben


For visually challenged writers, the image shows the London ClockTower Big Ben against a grey sky.


An imposing structure, Big Ben

Perhaps the most known landmark

A reminder for everyone that time is short

The days are passing, sunny or cloudy

Use your time wisely, don’t squander it

Live you life actively, not just exist passively

Grab life with both hands and enjoy this ride

Life’s too short to waste in regrets and what ifs


Written in response to WritePhoto # Ben, hosted by KL Caley

Also included; Photo Challenge # 451




Bold- A quadrille

Photo credit Sarah Whiley

De Jackson here, aka WhimsyGizmo asks us;

Pen us a poem of precisely 44 words and boldly post it on your own blog, then link up with the Mr. Linky below. Be sure to make some rounds to read the work others have submitted. The Quadrille is up all week, so boldly come back for seconds!


May I be bold enough to say what I feel?

Timidness never convinced others of my intent

Blurting the thoughts swirling in my head

Grabbing the keys and heading out of the house

Taking control of my life is what I should do


Word count; 44

Written for dVerse Quadrille- Bold

Also included ;Photo Prompt # 448, hosted by Weejars




Boats in a row

Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra ACT
photo by Ellery Sterling


The paddle boats were arranged meticulously, each color inviting the patrons to choose one for a spin on the lake.

Sheldon chose the yellow one as it was his favorite color, and took it on the water after getting a short introductory lesson from the guy who was leasing them out.

But unfortunately, he didn’t grasp the basics very well and a short distance from the shore the boat capsized, and he ended up in the water, the life vest and the lifeguard saved him before he swallowed too much of the lake Burley Griffin; this was the end of Sheldon’s water adventures!


Written for Photo Challenge # 439, hosted by Weejars

Also included Three Line Story, hosted by Sonya

I’m looking for a Hero!

Photo by Marco Bianchetti on Unsplash
Sitting here



I need a hero

To prop me up

To make me move

To make feel good


Why do you need

Someone else

When you can be

Your own savior

Your own support

Your own hero

If only…….

You believe in yourself



Written for the following prompts;

Tuesday writing prompt: Write a poem answering the question: “what is a hero?”

MLMM-Photo Challenge # 428, hosted by Weejars




Be careful!

Photo by mouad bouallayel on Unsplash

With a deep breath and shaking legs he stepped on the flimsy looking rope bridge.

It was the only way to cross the river swelled by recent rains. Marco was afraid of slipping and falling in the water. But he was more afraid that if he didn’t fetch the doctor, his ma may not make it. So praying to God, and taking very cautious steps he reached the other end of the bridge.

As soon as he stepped on the firm ground, he ran towards the doctor’s home, hoping to find him there.


Written for MLMM- Photo Challenge # 427, hosted by Weejars




Photo by Marco Bianchetti on Unsplash

A simple act of crossing the road

Can result in unforeseen consequences

Suddenly my shadow morphed into

Someone else entirely, leaving me alone

And like Peter Pan I am searching now

For my real shadow, my soul partner

I have to object to these distortions

Of space and time that have made my life

Unpredictable and full of complications


Written for MLMM- Photo Challenge # 426, hosted by Weejars



The ghost alley

Photo credit Sarah Whiley

Use the above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.


They call it the ghost alley

Blue luminous ghouls floating

In the air, providing thrills

Children are especially fond of

Dragging their parents to see them

A harmless prank to enliven the

Humdrum life of busy people


Written for Photo prompt # 418, hosted by Weejars




Light and darkness

Photo credit Sarah Whiley
Give me light
I am lost in dark
I stumble
Seeking help
Wandering directionless
Show me the right path


Shadorma is six lines, no rhyme, with quite a specific syllable count: 3/5/3/3/7/5. Short, but you may be surprised what you can say in 26 syllables.

Written for Rebecca of Fake Flamenco’s March poetry prompt

I have also included MLMM- Photo Challenge# 406, hosted by Sarah




Control or an illusion of control?

Photo Credit Sarah Whiley

This week Fandango asks;

Looking at your own situation, how much of your life is formed by things that are outside of your control versus things that are within your control? Please elaborate to the extent you feel comfortable.

I will start from my childhood. My mom passed away when I was six. This made a huge impact on my life and personality. This was something that was out of my control.

My father, a very loving and kind man raised all three of us siblings. He taught me great life values and gave us a good upbringing. It was also a draw of luck to have such a wonderful person as my parent.

I was gifted with an almost photographic memory and a good brain. I studied towards becoming a doctor, putting in as much hard work as I was capable of/ willing to. This I could say was in my control.

I got married during the fourth year of my med school. It was an arranged marriage with my consent. I had planned to finish my degree but again fate intervened and instead of a doctor, I became a mom. This part of my life was although destined, it was happening with my will so I’ll take responsibility for it.

I have three lovely, gifted children. All are intelligent, hardworking and great human beings. They have worked hard to achieve success in their professional lives. But even here external circumstances have played a role in which direction their life is headed.

I feel that though my character is formed by how I was raised, the values I was taught, and what I personally decided to adopt as my basic principles, where I am today is just a part of it. The rest comes from the circumstances of life.

To cut it short, we all are born with an independent will. Whatever path we choose, which decisions we make, we carry the onus of all those. However, where our life takes us is mostly due to circumstances beyond our control.

A famous Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib has said it so well;

*We take a ride in this ship of life
Seemingly in charge, but in reality, without power


So just like the image above, circumstances and decisions are stone piled on top of each other. What is important and is supported by our actions stays on the pile and others slide away.

Written for FPQ # 157, hosted by Fandango

Also included; Photo Challenge # 403