Light and darkness

Photo credit Sarah Whiley
Give me light
I am lost in dark
I stumble
Seeking help
Wandering directionless
Show me the right path


Shadorma is six lines, no rhyme, with quite a specific syllable count: 3/5/3/3/7/5. Short, but you may be surprised what you can say in 26 syllables.

Written for Rebecca of Fake Flamenco’s March poetry prompt

I have also included MLMM- Photo Challenge# 406, hosted by Sarah




Control or an illusion of control?

Photo Credit Sarah Whiley

This week Fandango asks;

Looking at your own situation, how much of your life is formed by things that are outside of your control versus things that are within your control? Please elaborate to the extent you feel comfortable.

I will start from my childhood. My mom passed away when I was six. This made a huge impact on my life and personality. This was something that was out of my control.

My father, a very loving and kind man raised all three of us siblings. He taught me great life values and gave us a good upbringing. It was also a draw of luck to have such a wonderful person as my parent.

I was gifted with an almost photographic memory and a good brain. I studied towards becoming a doctor, putting in as much hard work as I was capable of/ willing to. This I could say was in my control.

I got married during the fourth year of my med school. It was an arranged marriage with my consent. I had planned to finish my degree but again fate intervened and instead of a doctor, I became a mom. This part of my life was although destined, it was happening with my will so I’ll take responsibility for it.

I have three lovely, gifted children. All are intelligent, hardworking and great human beings. They have worked hard to achieve success in their professional lives. But even here external circumstances have played a role in which direction their life is headed.

I feel that though my character is formed by how I was raised, the values I was taught, and what I personally decided to adopt as my basic principles, where I am today is just a part of it. The rest comes from the circumstances of life.

To cut it short, we all are born with an independent will. Whatever path we choose, which decisions we make, we carry the onus of all those. However, where our life takes us is mostly due to circumstances beyond our control.

A famous Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib has said it so well;

*We take a ride in this ship of life
Seemingly in charge, but in reality, without power


So just like the image above, circumstances and decisions are stone piled on top of each other. What is important and is supported by our actions stays on the pile and others slide away.

Written for FPQ # 157, hosted by Fandango

Also included; Photo Challenge # 403




No ordinary noise!

At first, I thought it was only the dog making noise, but it was something more. In the background of the constant barking, I can now discern the noise of the storm.

The way Rocky was barking, I felt he was on the edge. Perhaps the storm that was brewing was making him nervous. I got out of my cozy, warm bed and went to him in the living room. He was standing near the window and barking. I could hear a note of fear in his voice. I took a long look at the waves crashing on the rocks outside and I understood his anxiety.

This was no ordinary storm. It was building up and we may not be safe in our little cottage. I called my friend Jeff and asked him if I could crash at his place for the night. Jeff told me to come immediately as he thought that this was going to be a rough night.

I was glad next day that Rocky woke me up during the night. He in fact saved my life. My cottage was badly damaged by the storm and if we both were in there during the night, we may not have survived it.

Despite being temporarily homeless, I was very grateful to Rocky for saving my life.

Image credit Sarah Whiley

Written for MLMM-Photo Challenge # 396

Also included FSS # 26, hosted by Fandango




Wishing you all Happy Holidays

With much love and sincere heart
I wish you all the best of time
With your families, friends around you

Home and hearts full of warmth
Love, kindness and joy sparkling
Twinkling like stars in the sky

May this year end on a good note
And the coming one be better for us all
With much love and sincere heart
I wish you all Happy Holidays!


Written for MLMM- Photo Challenge # 393



Eternal cycle

Till the universe lives
Life goes around in eternal cycle
Birth followed by life and death
And then rebirth

We are born and then we die
But we live on in our children
And their children,
Till the universe lives

From the root, new shoots sprout
From decay springs new life
From dead people, good deeds live
Till those who remember, are alive

Live goes around in eternal cycle


Photo Credit Spencer Byles

Written for TWP and MLMM-Photo Challenge

Tuesday Writing Prompt; What does it mean to be eternal? What does it look like? Describe any colors, ideas, or emotions.

Photo Challenge





A storm is coming!

We all are standing at the edge of the precipice 

Staring at the storm that is sure to lay waste to everything

Yet we stand here helplessly, caught in the moment

Just like a victim cannot break eye contact with a predator

Blight and famine

Hunger and destruction

Floods and deluge

All are waiting to wreak havoc on the human race

Under the umbrella that is given the name; Climate change
Photo credit One Big Photo

Written in response to MLMM-Photo Challenge hosted by Weejars



MLMM- Photo Challenge- Bird’s eye view

Weejars is the host of Photo Challenge

Photo credit Caters

Use the above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.


A bird’s eye view they wanted

Perched high on the rooftop

Not a care in the world of his safety

Dangling his legs over the ledge

Hundreds of feet high in the sky

That’s what he wanted us all to think

But there was fear in his heart

As he gripped the wall behind him

Please take the picture quickly

He prayed in his heart silently

I want out of here as soon as you’re done




MLMM- Photo Challenge # 385

Weejars is the host of Photo Challenge

Photo credit Mark Payton

Use the above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.


I stand tall and proud on the top

I have conquered my fear of height

Now I can shout to the world at the top of my voice

Here I am, I climbed the hill of hesitation and dread

And overcame the debilitating fear

Now I am free