They said

They said follow the rules

She did

They said bow to those mightier than you

She did

They said obscure your identity

She did

They said conform to our standards

She did

They say let us do what we want

But she didn’t

Now they say you are to be blamed

And she wasn’t

They have shed many skins

Like the reptile whose behavior they mimic

And she is no longer conforming

No longer bowing and scraping

Now she has her own identity

Her own might and purpose

She has become her own mistress

Strong and undefeated

* * *

A tribute to women who stand up to the bullying behavior of half of the population, the men( and of some women too). It’s been pointed out that today is the international men’s day ( about which I was completely in the dark) , so this is not about slandering all men. Just a reminder that we all,men and women admire the woman who stands strong for her values and principles.

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A chance encounter

The property was fenced all around. Sequestered from the adjoining area.

In the background you could see the hills, lush green with trees and shrubs. A small cottage sat squat in its middle. There was smoke coming out of it’s chimney.

As she was riding by on her pony, Jane was curious about the smoke. She had ridden past here quite often but had not seen any signs of life before. So who had come to live in this cottage, she thought to herself.

Just then the front door of the cottage was flung open and a angry girl strode out. She was almost the same age as Jane, or maybe a couple of years younger. And she did look to be in a bad temper.

Jane thought it wise to be on her way as she didn’t want to encounter the angry teenager. But maybe it was the whinny of her pony that made the girl notice her. “Who are you?”She asked, Jane. Her tone wasn’t rude but not friendly either. For a moment Jane felt tempted to just ride away as she wasn’t too keen to start a conversation with her but her curiosity made her stay and reply back. “I am Jane, my house is near the creek, bit downhill. I often ride here and it’s the first time I have seen signs of somebody living here”.

“Well we moved here yesterday, cause my dad loves the nature. He wants to explore some limestone caves nearby,” she replied. “It’s such a pain to be up at such an early hour, no time to snooze and relax. Do this ,do that, all the time!”

“Well I hope that at least your dad finds the caves interesting,” Jane flung back the words as she rode away. She had no time for spoiled brats who’s percentage kept on growing day by day!

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