Towards infinity

I can see very far

Millions of miles away in fact

The sun the moon and all the stars

Glitter, shine and twinkle an infinity away

My eyes, though not sharp catch their light

The smallest spec of brightness captured in the dark

Like this light, hope buoys my spirits from beyond

And infinite energy that courses the veins of the universe


Written for; Moonwashed Musings Weekly Prompt – Infinite , hosted by Eugenia



Ever evolving situation

Welcome to Moonwashed Musings!

Candles burning, wax dripping

The light forming halos around the flame

The night passing quietly, situation evolving

How much longer does she waits for him

Till only a puddle remains around the wick

Or perhaps till her tolerance for being stood up

Reaches its limit


Written in response to; Musings Weekly Prompt – Evolve, hosted by Eugenia



To new beginnings

With a heartfelt prayer

I start every new day

Turn my face to the east

To see a new day dawning

There’s something special

About those first rays of the sun

That lifts the spirits and drives away hopelessness


Written in response to; Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #124 -New Dawnings, hosted by Eugenia



Broken promises

Nothing hurts like broken trust

Promises made only to be ignored

The damage is long lasting when we lose faith

However sincere a person is, we’ll feel hesitant

To trust another and believe in them

Because a broken promise, breaks the heart too


Written for Moon Washed Musings Weekly Prompt – Promises, hosted by Eugenia



The reality of self importance





Who are you?

Sounds familiar?

Our pompous ego

Thinks it’s superior

Than everyone else

But the reality is different

The ego is very fragile

One strike and it shatters

So give a rest to it and

Eat the humble pie

For you and me

All are



Written for Moon Washed Musings Weekly Prompt – Pompous – December 13, 2022, hosted by Eugenia



Amazing talent and bravery

Your Weekly Prompt – Exquisite – December 6, 2022

A few days ago I visited my elderly aunt. She is nearer to 90 than 80. She is gradually losing sight due to macular degeneration. Her life has been an uphill struggle since she was in her forties. But what I see in her home makes me appreciate how she has overcome her hardships and keeps herself busy and constructively occupied.

She had made an exquisitely embroidered table top insert which she had installed in an antique round table. She told me that she had started it 50 years ago but couldn’t finish it at that time because of the unavailability of the wool she was using it to embroider. When she got the material again, she finished the piece and now had found a table to get it inserted in.

I take so much courage and hope seeing her as she never gives up and is always busy making one thing or another, despite having difficulty seeing clearly. I wish I had taken a picture of that table top.

Got the picture of the table top embroidered by my aunt!

Kudos to human bravery, which refuses to give up.


Written in response to;Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #120 – 12/6/22 -Exquisite, hosted by Eugenia



Finding sense in nonsense

Not everything is clear at first

Sometimes we need to ponder deeply

To find the logic In something nonsensical

Everyone sees things through different eyes

We all see a different reality in the same image

Don’t disparage or disrespect what others feel

For their sense may be your nonsense and vice versa!


Written for Moon-Washed Musings Weekly Prompt – Nonsensical, hosted by Eugenia