Leave it undisturbed

Humans are very intrusive

Inquisitive and prying into everything

They want to explore the mysteries of the universe

They want to know all the secrets hidden from their eyes

But some wonders of nature should only be observed

From a distance, leaving their beauty untouched

Leave some magical sights of nature undisturbed!


In response to; Moonwashed Musings Weekly Prompt – Untouched – June 6, 2023, hosted by Eugenia



Being good natured is a bonus?

The gift of being kind, good-natured

Pays endless dividends all through life

People like you because you’re easy to get along with

But they can also use you, and exploit you

Perhaps because they take you for granted

Being good-natured should never become a weakness

It should be your strength, a wall that protects you

Build it for yourself, and let it be an invisible shield


In response to Moonwashed Musings Weekly Prompt – Good-natured– May 23, 2023, hosted by Eugenia



Beyond The Skyline

My vision extends to the skyline far on the horizon

Miles and miles away, the place where Earth meets the sky

A place where dreams overtake the prosaic reality

Creating high castles and flying horses out of fluffy clouds

Where my imagination can run wild weaving stories

And I can have marvelous adventures captivated

In my daydreams, leaving the mundane life for a while


In response to Moonwashed Musings Weekly Prompt – Skyline – May 9, 2023, hosted by Eugenia



There is a disturbance in the air


Uncomfortable, heavy

I started to say something

Then with a sigh I rethink

Words hovering in the aether, unsaid

A disturbance brewing silently

I seal my lips, prudently, wisely

Why start the commotion


In response to; Moonwashed Musings Weekly Prompt – Commotion – May 2, 2023, hosted by Eugenia



What’s ahead?

For the visually impaired the image is a large orb against dark skies hovering in the background. The foreground is an emerald-green landmass and bodies of water


What is life but an uncertainty

Death is just a failed breath away

Impending fate hovers in a balance


Written in response to Moonwashed Musings Weekly Prompt – Impending– April 25, 2023, hosted by Eugenia



Spellbinding serenity

For the visually impaired the image is a sunset under blue skies. There is a body of water lightly ruffled with waves. The colors are a blend of soft lavender, pink, peach, aqua, and blue. There are two pink Flamingos in the foreground and their necks form a heart.


In the busyness of life

The heart searches for serenity

Peacefulness of early dawn

The magical moments of gloaming

Twinkling of stars late in the night

Just few precious minutes to recenter

Scattered thoughts going haywire

A few blissful moments to regroup

A much needed tonic, a boost to the soul

To face another day filled with demands of life


Written in response to Moonwashed Musings Weekly Prompt – Serene– April 18, 2023, hosted by Eugenia



Completely, decidedly, markedly!

For the visually impaired the image is a heavily wooded dark forest with bright sunbeams peeking through the trees.


I’m quite decided when I reach a decision

The way of action is completely and markedly set

Feeling that I’ve weighed all pros and cons

I proceed ahead with a determined glint in my eye

Oscillating or dithering is not my style at all

Once I believe in taking steps in certain direction

It’s a go ahead with full steam, operating on all engines


Written for ;Moonwashed Musings Weekly Prompt – Markedly – April 11, 2023, hosted by Eugenia



Ethereal dance

In the early light of the dawn you may see

Fairies dancing in the plentiful lavender fields

Their gossamer wings are delicate, ethereal

The heady scent gives them an extra boost

Swaying with the purple flowers they entice

The onlooker into breaking in a dance step or two!


Written in response to; Moonwashed Musings Weekly Prompt –Ethereal – April 4, 2023, hosted by Eugenia

Also included; Twiglets # 319- Early light, hosted by Misky