MLMM- Wordle #158

1573734679601_Word Art

1. Grey✔️
2. Huff✔️
3. Squeak✔️
4. Bus Stop✔️
5. Brittle✔️
6. Devoir- duty: business: something one must do✔️
7. Slurry✔️
8. Lacuna- an unfilled space: gap✔️
9. Tousled✔️
10. Plush✔️
11. Dizzy✔️
12. Cluck✔️


My devoir, my duty is clear

Every plush toy be squeaky clean

No grey specks that would put you in a huff

Dirt makes you dizzy, and then you cluck and complain

The tousled locks are a disgrace, brittle looks a big no-no

I am not to leave any lacuna in the arrangements before I come

To pick you up from the bus stop with a freshly made ice cream cone

Taking all care that it should not turn into a slurry before you have a chance to sample it!




MLMM- Sunday Writing Prompt “Lost and Found”


Things are important, especially for children. They have yet to learn that in life, people are much more important than things. But as kids, we are not aware of the realities of life. So as I said things are very important.

When I was around twelve, I lost a locket that I had made myself. It was made out of an old earring who’s fellow had been missing. I converted it into a locket, attached a loop at one end and passed an old chain through the loop. Now I could wear it and tell anyone who admired it, that I had made it myself. For a few weeks, I wore this item of jewelry to school every day. And one day it went missing. I looked high and low for it but it was nowhere to be found. I promptly accused my brother of hiding it to annoy me, but he swore that he had nothing to do with it. Many weeks passed and I got on with my busy school life.

One day while I was cleaning out my drawer that I found it. It was hidden in a sock. In fact, it was pure chances that I turned the stock inside out and found it there. I was happy to get it back but not as happy as I would have been if I had found it when I had lost it. You see that in the ensuing weeks I had made myself another piece of jewelry to wear. I had braided a few strands of colorful wire that I had found into a ring for myself and all my friends had asked me to make them rings like that too.

So though I had found my locket, it’s charm had dimmed and it had been replaced by my new ring.

Children are more resilient and forget easily. As adults, we lose this power and hanker after a lost treasure or opportunity for a longer period of time, before we forget it. When we don’t get something that we covet or we lose it to someone else we are heartbroken over it. But when some time passes, we forget it and are enamored by something or someone else.


The Challenge;

So for this Prompt I want you to imagine an item that you lost as a child, an item you treasured. Tell me how it came to be lost, how you felt, how quickly you moved on and then I want you to imagine finding it (if you really did find it just share the experience) and describe how you felt. Had your feelings for the item changed? Was it the same or different from your memories?




MLMM- Tale Weaver # 249 – Holiday – 14th November

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver.



Pack your bags and take a break

A holiday is long overdue so let’s plan

Book a flight and the accommodation

But first, decide where to go

Should it be a secluded getaway

Deep in the mountains, a hut

Away from the crowd, just you and me

Or should we head for an island

Relaxing on the sandy beach getting a tan

Do you fancy a trip to explore the historic sites

Taking our hardhats, torches and ancient maps

Why not go on a shopping extravaganza someplace

Posh and trendy, where we can satisfy our aesthetic senses

The choices are too many and decision hard to make

We will go next year, right now I need a break

All this thinking and planning is hard work

I am going to take a nap in the lounge


The Challenge;

This week some good friends are heading off on a holiday through Europe.

So our task is to write a holiday story. It could be a past holiday, a present holiday or even a dream holiday to some place or location you dream about visiting.

Go where the prompt takes you and have fun.

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MLMM- Photo Challenge # 289

Nekneeraj is the host of MLMM- Photo Challenge


– Jonas Peterson


I stand and look

The way is difficult

The climb is too steep

Should I turn back without trying

Give up without a struggle

I don’t think so

Not yet

I am not one to admit defeat without trying

I know I may fail

But I will give it my best try


The Challenge;

Use above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.




MLMM- Wordle #157 – A time to quit

Word Art (1).png

1. Type✔️
2. Strepitous- adjective boisterous, noisy✔️
3. Platitude- noun a flat, dull, or trite remark, especially one uttered as if it were fresh or profound.✔️
4. Roll✔️
5. Green✔️
7. Thoughts✔️
8. Cursor✔️
9. Tuft✔️
11.Plastic Bag✔️


The musical evening came to a strepitous end. These types of concerts were his forte. He was now familiar with the artists and had learned to roll with their ever changing demands. He would hustle to meet the requirements of the artists. But later that day, while picking up his laptop, he noticed the cursor blinking on the screen. He clicked on it and a green tufted image appeared. It was a warning sign that someone had tried to open his personal files. He just couldn’t suppress his angry thoughts and decided to pack up and quit. He threw his clothes and paperbacks in a plastic bag and started out of the door where he met the manager, who tried to calm him down with empty platitudes. But he had had enough!





Daily Prompts- Oh my youth

Where art thou, oh my youth

It was just yesterday that I was a mere lad

Pleased as punch with my life, and having fun

Learning new crafts and acquiring new skills

In a blink of an eye all the adventures and frolicking

Came to a halt and here I am celebrating

My golden jubilee birthday all by myself

Lamenting my days of past my days of fun

The idea was difficult to swallow, but it’s the reality

The boyhood is no more the innocent era in dust

Where art thou, my days of youth

In response to the following prompts;

Your daily word Prompt;



Jubilee, Celebration, Telegram





MLMM-Saturday Mix

Mad about metaphors

Word of the day Challenge;








MLMM- Wordle #156 – An exchange of words

Word Art.png

1. Tuck✔️
2. Both✔️
3. Hands✔️
4. Together✔️
5. Crawl
6. Ghost Word- a word that has come into existence by error rather than by normal linguistic transmission, as through the mistaken reading of a manuscript, a scribal error, or a misprint.✔️
7. Self-conscious✔️
8. Requiescat- a wish or prayer for the repose of the dead.✔️
9. Flush✔️
10. Lap✔️
11. Hard✔️
12. Apologetic✔️


He clasped both hands together in a silent requiescat for all the departed souls. It was the first duty he was performing as the new pastor, but he wasn’t feeling self- conscious at all.

“You can not do this” a man sitting in the congregation stood up. The pastor gave him an apologetic look and said gently,” I am just praying for them. If you want someone else to do it please go ahead”

The man was subdued by the gentleness of the pastor and flushed red with embarrassment and felt like an insect that crawls.

Sitting back on the hard wooden bench, the pastor tucked his hands into his lap and continued in the same gentle tone,” tolerance is not a ghost word, it should be practiced more in our lives.


MLMM- photo Challenge # 288

Nekneeraj is the host of MLMM- Photo Challenge

Online bookings are so convenient. We can plan the whole trip just sitting in our comfy chair. Everything taken care of, air tickets booked and hotel reservations done.

It was the same for us last summer. We had every detail planned to the nth degree.

Traveling in summer is always hectic because of the sheer number of people traveling but it was not bad. The shuttle from the airport to our hotel was comfortable and we were picked right away, on time. We were so glad that the arrangements were so good.

When we reached the hotel, it was as if all the bad luck that could have befallen us on the trip, was hitting us in one fell sweep.

There was a few feet of water surrounding the main building of the hotel, the steps leading up were also underwater. We checked and rechecked the address and location to see if a mistake was made. But no, this was what we had booked for our week long stay…..

My husband rolled up his jeans and ventured inside to talk about a refund with the hotel management.


Use above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.

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MLMM- Photo Challenge # 287 – Abandon

NEKNEERAJ is the host of MLMM- Photo Challenge.

Javier Ideami


I abandoned myself to the rhythm carousing through my veins

My body dances and my soul sways to the beat of the music

That only I hear deep inside my heart, charging my emotions

I throw all my inhibitions and cares to the winds and dance

I dance till I am sated and my heart overflows with love and joy


The Challenge;

Use above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.

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MLMM- Wordle #155

Wordle 155.png

1. Podcast✔️
2. Minutiae✔️
3. 500✔️
4. Envy✔️
5. Flip✔️
6. Spongy✔️
7. Excess✔️
8. Bon Vivant (n))a person who lives luxuriously and enjoys good food and drink)✔️
9. Sensation✔️
10. Anyway✔️
11. Tangent✔️
12. Incorrect✔️


Being a bon vivant, he had to have the minutiae of what were the planned menus for each day of the festival. His daily podcast was also centered around the food served in his resort. He wanted to capitalize on the fact that his restaurant and resort were featured in the top 500 of the world. It was a wonderful sensation to be talked about everywhere and be the envy of hoteliers all over.

But today he had to focus and not go off at a tangent. One incorrect step would be enough to flip the critics against him. No spongy salads or lumpy sauces to be on the table tonight and it would mean a negative review from all the renowned culinary critics dining today at his table. No excess was too much today!


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MLMM- Wordle 155