Operation Cleanup

It’s been on my mind since weeks. Well to be honest, months. But the moment I would think about starting my spring/ summer/ autumn cleaning, something more urgent would come up ( procrastination, definitely).

So this Sunday, I finally got my dusting rag, my trash bin and a cup of coffee ( you need to be stimulated) and attacked one of my cupboards, to start the process.

As was sorting my things and clothes, I noticed a piece of paper sticking out of one of the Drawers, I tried to pull it out but it didn’t budge. Intrigued, I opened the drawer to investigate. It was part of an envelope stuck under a pile of documents and other paraphernalia found in this sort of place. I rescued the envelope and looked inside. It had a few photographs and an old letter. Now suddenly it all came back to me. Some months ago, my maternal uncle gave this to me and said that these are few pictures of my mother when she was young and the letter written by her to my grandmother. I had just glanced at them at the time and had put them here to get back later. Well it was a rare treasure find. My mother passed away due to illness when I was a kid and I don’t have any clear memories of her.

It was a poignant moment! I was happy to be looking at her pictures from that long ago time and was sad for the fact that I never got to know her.

Anyway, the operation cleanup was sort of derailed after that. I spent my time looking at those pictures and well, later didn’t felt up to the task.

Another day, I will clean my closets and cupboards. Maybe will find other treasures!

Thanks for visiting my blog. What treasures do you find in your drawers? Please share! Waiting for your feedback and comments.