Let me give you some advice!

Have you heard these words often. Do you really want advice from someone you don’t even know all that well. If you are honest then the answer is NO!

All thinking, decent and kind humans like helping others, there is no disputing that fact. And giving helpful guidance is one way of doing it. But, giving advice and unsolicited advice, at that, is something that should be practiced very cautiously! One might be bursting with the thought of pointing out to someone close by that the way they are going about doing a certain task is all wrong and should be handled in another, more accurate/ better way. But please keep a lid on it. If anyone want your advice, they will ask for it.

The world is abound with people “who know better “ . People who “can show you how it’s done “. And those “who are always right “. How irritating we find them! In all honesty, we must admit that when we are stuck at something, a little advice can be very helpful. But the problem that arises at this point is twofold:

One: people usually don’t want others to interfere in their business.

And Secondly: asking for advice may sound like a sign of weakness or that we are not equipped to handle the situation.

So, how to help someone who might benefit from your input/ advice?

I was ( unfortunately) the sort of person who used to sprout words of advice at the drop of a hat! I have cured my instincts to a great degree and I offer advice ( usually) when someone says the magical words,

“Hey, can you tell me how…… “

or ” I need your advice regarding…..”

Though it puts a strain on me to keep my mouth shut, I do try. There are a couple of reasons why I have tried to curb my enthusiasm for giving advice;

1.  An advice giver ( no matter how sincere) is often regarded as a busybody, having too much interest in the business of others. These people are also considered as thinking themselves superior to others, i.e suffering from a superiority complex.

2. Another take on these people who offer advice without being asked for, is that usually people want to be given the advice they want to listen to, am I making my self clear? I mean to say if you give them a piece of advice that they don’t want to hear then it’s a sure shot way to earn unpopularity!

So the moral of the post is: Give ( advice) only when asked!

As they say that there is no appreciation of things that are given to us without asking, so let people want to ask your advice.

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