Be Happy And Merry

I want to wish everyone happy holidays and those celebrating Christmas a merry Christmas.


Itโ€™s the season of kindness

Itโ€™s the time to share joy

Open your hearts with generosity


The more you give , the more you receive

Happiness, kindness and jubilation




Celebrate kindness

Today on Jen’s blog I can across this beautiful reminder;

It’s Random Acts Of Kindness week- 14th February- 20th February

What a beautiful idea!

Be kind and show kindness, however small a gesture it be.

Today I woke up to severe pain in my abdomen. Apparently it can happen after the surgery I’ve just had almost 2 weeks ago.

A visit to the ER, another abdominal ultrasound and a couple of injections for pain and I am back home. Though much better but not fully restored to my former self.

But the thing I want to mention is how kind the nursing staff at the hospital was. I was given very prompt treatment and made comfortable.

Their kindness touched my heart. And I am full of admiration for them.

Be kind