Daily Prompts – The biggest treasure

My fortune is the sense of humor that I have

And the optimism which I have loads of

It’s a treasure which is priceless

No one can steal it from me

Neither can I gamble it away

In today’s wild environment it’s vital

To be positive in the zoo of negativity

Not to succumb to the pedestrian way of thought

Keep your smiles on and draw on your source of

Positive thoughts, to steer us all out of

The turbulent sea of troubles we find ourselves in

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Humor, Piece, Nose





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Share Your World 03-30-2020

(image courtesy of Mel (aka Crushed Caramel)  Thanks Mel! )


•Pancakes, waffles or French Toast as your breakfast favorite? 

If I could have carbs for breakfast or another meal for that matter, I would love them all. On one big plate, with fresh fruit on the side, topped with fresh cream and maple syrup. Now you know why I am so overweight!

•Do you think a person’s name influences the person they become?

If the name is a cause of getting that person ragged or bullied at a younger age, it might make them bitter, resentful or bullies themselves.

Another theory is that we grow up into our names. If they mean something nice, we will become nicer people.

In my religion, we are advised to give names that have a good meaning to our children. I guess it gives them a helping hand.

•Would things get better or worse if humans focused on what was going well rather than what’s going wrong?

I think they would get better. All the power of positive thoughts and gratitude would make us all feel better even if the basic situation remains the same.

•Is math(s) something that humans created or something we discovered? Is looking at reality mathematically an accurate representation of how things work?

Math, like all sciences, existed and we discovered it. Like laws of physics existed even before we knew about them. Now all these sciences are being put to use by humans to make life easy and better for us!

Numbers have a mysterious aura about them and if you think about how they work, one is truly amazed.


What are you grateful for right now?   I realize it’s difficult to be very positive right now unless one is being positive that things are pretty awful.   Let’s spread the joy in gratitude!! 



(Sun peeking through the clouds yesterday morning.

The blue light is a reflection of light on my camera lens. It does looks like a sci-fi phenomenon.)

I take every day as an opportunity for gratitude because I wake up in the morning and live the day.




Blogging Insights # 22- Writer’s Self Doubt

Dr. Tanya asks;

You have heard a lot about Writer’s Block, read and perhaps written about it too. I did an installment of Blogging Insights about it which you can read here. Self Doubt is an affliction that affects writers nearly as often as writer’s bock. You might have seen those stereotypical pictures: an author sits at his desk, writing feverishly. All around him on the floor, are crumpled and screwed up sheets of paper. Or he might have been fastidious and then you will see a huge bin overflowing with crumpled up sheets of drafts and revisions. For the 21st century writer, the picture is a little different. You either keep editing or re-writing the same piece of work on your device or you hit delete and create a new document altogether. Whatever your modus operandi, the worm of doubt can cast a shadow on your best creation. Today’s Blogging Insights is about this fear/doubt/lack of confidence that attacks writers from time to time. The format today is a little different as you have noticed already. I have begun with a longer preamble and I am going to ask only ONE question which I will answer myself first.


How often are you afflicted by self-doubt and what do you do about it?


There are many many situations in life where I second guess myself at first. I am the sort of person who takes decisions that affect others, very seriously. But once I have made up my mind, I go with it.

The same is in writing.

As I have often said in my blog that before starting this blog my experience of writing was from my school days. After those days, I didn’t write anything much, maybe just grocery lists. So with my blog, I started a brand new journey. To write for fun. To write for myself and others too. It was a novel experience.

At first, I was amazed that someone is interested in what I am writing. But with the support I got from all my blogging friends, my confidence increased and I started writing with much more panache!

Do I experience self-doubt?

Yes, I do but not too often. The reason is that I don’t write to sell anything or to promote anything. Nor do I write to gain likes and followers. If people like what I write I am happy that my message is getting through. And it gives a boost to my ego, that is the truth.

I write a lot of posts every day. Some of them are just lighthearted rambles and some I write with an intent to give a message. So for the former, I just go with the flow and for the latter, I give it enough time and thought so it is a worthwhile post. And in this process, I do get stuck sometimes. I have to decide if I want to post it or not. Some, like the daily challenges, I let it go, but if it is a post that I want people to take notice of, I sometimes delete the entire post and start from scratch.

At the end of the day, What really counts is if you yourself are satisfied with the post. And if you just press the publish button.




Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Enlighten

Eugenia is the host of Eugi’s Causerie

Your Weekly Prompt – Enlighten – March 30, 2020.


We can live our life in a way that it matters

Or we can just exist and go through our days

Like automatons, doing the daily routines over and over again

The difference lies in how we look and perceive life itself

Do we open ourselves up to receive enlightenment

Or do we reject the lure of knowledge and bury our heads

In the sands of ignorance and arrogance

The decision is ours to make




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The sun cast its first golden rays across the heathland. Sinead and Moonsprite had been walking all night. They’d pursued the path in the starlight, …

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Daily Prompts- Exploring

Let us explore the path that leads

Into that closely guarded domain, always kept hidden

It is in all honesty, the best we have to offer

But we keep it hidden, pitting it in undeserved captivity

Does it tickles your curiosity to know what I am referring to

I am talking about the inner sanctum of course

That we hide because we don’t want to expose

Our tender feelings to the outside world

We develop an outward slick exterior

To hide our soft emotions in plain sight

But now is the time to show our love and tenderness

To those we love

For love makes us all stronger and better able

To face uncertainty and adversities, together

In response to the following prompts;




Path, Honesty, Remote





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Sunday Writing Prompt “Dear Diary”

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30 March 2020

Dear diary;

Today I washed my hands just twenty times. The skin on my hands is dry, but it is the weather. Some days I wash them even more often. But I am happy that my brother who used to make fun of my habit to keep my hands clean and germ-free, is washing his hands even more than me. He is afraid of getting sick by catching the virus. Now everyone admits that my habit of washing my hands after every little while is a good habit and no one is making fun of me anymore.

Today was a good day!

The Prompt;

For today’s prompt you are going to write a diary/journal entry. The entry can be from any point in the narrator’s life past, present, or future. If future tense and from your own perspective try to imagine where you would like to be. If you are writing from your own past try to write from your perspective at that time. If you are writing as a seven year old child it should read as if it was written by a seven year old child.

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Sunday Writing Prompt- Dear Diary