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Today’s topic is ………….. Adventuring, Exploration and Travel/ling

What are five [in your eyes only] top quality Adventure films?

1. Raiders of the lost ark. The first three definitely are top of my list.The best thing about these movies, except the last one was Indiana Jones!

2. Star Wars. The first three movies of the series ( which in the chronological order are 4-6 ) are the best. And now the latest series are good too. Not great, mind you. Do I need to say why! I thing every one knows why they were the most interesting adventure movies.

3. Lord of the rings. Most unique and interesting story ever. All the characters from all the stories we have read but so wonderfully written and then produced as a series of movies.

Together these make around fifteen movies.

[Please provide links and say why you think they are]

What would be your ideal Adventure [not holiday – Adventure]

Going shopping in holiday season!

If you were planning your Adventure of a Lifetime which is the best season for you to go?

Summer would be better if I am going to climb Mount Everest.

What kind of activities do you enjoy doing and what would you never do?

I am good at sitting and watching. I am not too keen on climbing mountains because of my knees. Hunting is a thing I would never do. I would shoot only with a camera.

If you could live anywhere in the world for a year out of the answers below, where would you choose?

In a Castle

Under the Sea

In a Forest

In a Dungeon

On an Alien Planet

On the side of an Active Volcano

In a castle. The rest of the options don’t feel like they would be comfortable.

What are three great adventure quotes?

1. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

-Helen Keller

 “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

-Mark Twain

“‘It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

-J.R.R Tolkien

America is named after?

History tells us, and has done for years, that the name of America came from one Amerigo Vespucci, a Florentine transatlantic explorer who was a navigator with Christopher Columbus in 1499, and the first geographer to realise that the Americas were separate continents.

Broome’s book Terra Incognita – The True Story of How America Got Its Name presents the argument that America was named after wealthy Bristol merchant Richard Amerike, who was an overseas trader living just outside the city in Long Ashton.

Who reached North America first out of the following people’s?

Spanish, British, Vikings, Portuguese

Vikings, but some say that the Chinese came even before that.

What was Christopher Columbus’s aim of  his second voyage to the New world?

To colonize and conquer.

What happened to the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan?

It fell in ruins with time and The new Mexico City is built over its ruins.

What was the most exciting Adventure you have ever been on?

My trip to Istanbul with a couple of my friends.

Where in the world have you had the most fun exploring as an adult?

The most fun I can and have had was in my imagination. No place like it on the earth.

When in Rome, one does as the Roman’s do, however When on a Sandy Beach,  one does ……….. ?

Play in the waves. Make sand castle and don’t get sunburned!

Whilst out and about exploring on an adventure, what is the most scariest thing that has happened to you?

Lost my way, and didn’t know the language.

Of the following choices which would you prefer to explore?

A sunken city

A lost city

A forgotten city

An uninhabited island

A lost city.

Why did you pick your option above, what appealed?

Because it was lost. The charm of finding something and then exploring it!

Would you rather swim with sharks or dolphins?

I am a tame person, so I would prefer sharks!

What’s the worst piece of travel advice you have ever received?

Don’t try the local cuisine!

What’s the best piece of travel advice you have ever received?

Take all your meds with you. You may not be able to get any from where you are going.

What is on the top of your bucket list?

Conquering Mount Everest!

Best musical track you can think of for each of the following: exploration, adventuring or travelling? [Please provide links]

Any music that I am in mood for.

How many countries [or States/Counties] have you visited – please list.

Too many!

Three items you simply could not travel without?

My meds, my clothes and MONEY!

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Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge #14–The break in

Nobody heard anything during the night. But when they got up in the morning, the window was broken in in the guest bed. The room was in a disarray. The cupboard stood open and everything inside was thrown haphazardly on the bed or the floor.

We checked if anything was missing. It took a while because it was the spare room and anything we didn’t need got stored here. At the end of a couple of hours, we reached the conclusion that whoever came to rob us, went away without anything. But why……

We traced our movements from last night and my husband recalled that he had gotten up at midnight to get something from the fridge. That must have spooked the would be thief! He/ she must have fled when they realized that someone was up and moving about in the house. It made many things clear.

a. It is good to snack at midnight. It scares the house- breakers.

b. They weren’t hardy criminals. Easily scared into abandoning their mission made them seem amateurs.

c. We should have more security for the house.

Though this is written in response to this photo prompt, it actually happened to us a long time ago. We had a lucky break and nothing was taken and nobody was harmed. The sequence of events was very much the same as I described.

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Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge #14



Finish the story #11 -The recruit


1. post the story as you receive it

2. add to the story (or finish it, up to the writer)

3. tag another person to continue the story (unless you finished it)

4. Have fun!

The Recruit

As started by Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith

Adam was like any other eighteen-year-old boy and soon found himself standing in the middle of the training bay being subjected to the drill instructor’s ridicule. It wasn’t his fault the quarter didn’t flip on the old mattress, but he accepted his punishment anyway. He didn’t have another choice.

Ever since the revolution began, more and more troops were needed. There were even whispered rumors of lowering the age to thirteen if you were from a poor family. The government paid dearly for your life. That money could help support the family.

After completing fifty push-ups and parading around the bay in his underwear, Adam and the other recruits headed outside for training. The morning was dedicated to basic weapons and enemy language skills. Many of the recruits were already fluent, but the training was the same. Adam excelled and only realized his mistake when he was called into the Commander’s office that afternoon.

“Take a seat,” Commander Flint said, pointing toward a chair in the corner of the room.

Adam did as he was told and caught his breath as two governmental agents entered Flint’s office. One look from them and Adam knew he was in danger.

“That him?”

“That is Private Adam Ripple, yes.”

“Come with us,” an agent ordered, flashing his sidearm and a warning glance.

Adam stood. “What is this all about?”

The agents stared at him. The one nearest him replied, “…….

Part Two – By Kristian

“You’re a bit of an anomaly, you know?”

Adam couldn’t help feeling a bit cynical. He knew he wasn’t anything special. He was just a kid from the wrong side of the tracks, sent into the army to get him off the streets and to help fight this war that many now felt was unwinnable.

“Me? Apart from an ability to get myself into trouble, I can’t see what makes me any different from any other shmo around here. I’m pretty ordinary.” Adam laughed nervously.

One of the agents bent down and pushed the dark glasses down his nose, fixing Adam with an Icy blue stare. “There’s many a true word spoken in jest, lad. Two things mark you out. Your ability with languages which is by far the best we’ve seen in some time, and the fact that you could blend in anywhere. You’ve finished at this prestigious military academy” he paused to glance out of the window at the makeshift camp, to emphasise the sarcasm in his words. “You graduate as of today. Tomorrow you’re going underground.”

The agents grabbed an arm each and practically dragged him out of the commander’s office and into the back of a black van.

Before he knew it he was……

Part Three — by Li, of Tao-Talk

…hooded with a dark opaque fabric.  Adam gasped for breath and had to gather his calm or he would suffocate in the hood.  They drove for about a half hour then he was led along by two to what sounded like a helicopter.  The ‘copter lifted up and started forward.  Just as he was about to relax for a minute he smelled ether and lost consciousness.

Adam woke up with a splitting headache, lying on a cot in a small, spartan room. It had the feel of a hospital about it, and every so often he thought he could hear a voice over an intercom. The air seemed fresh. Filtered. When the government agent said he was going underground, did he mean it literally? There were no windows and no other sounds except the intermittent intercom echoes.

After what seemed like hours, but he wasn’t sure, the door opened and a woman who looked to be about forty came into his room. Her dark hair was in a granny bun, and she was wearing a white lab coat. She was startlingly ugly, with pasty white skin that looked like it hadn’t seen daylight in a long time. She smiled at Adam and he was surprised again to see that her teeth were pure white and even. Her smile brightened her face and was her best feature.

“Hello, Private Adam Ripple. I’m Dr. Bluebell. You’re probably wondering why you’ve been nabbed from basic training, thrown into a van, drugged, and are now being held against your wishes in a small spartan room. I’m going to be frank with you and tell you that the government needs your help. The fate of the planet is hanging in the balance.”

Adam rubbed his ears, then slapped his face over and over again. He did this in dreams when he wanted to wake up, and it worked every time. When nothing happened, Adam knew this was real.

His eyes met Dr. Bluebell’s, who had been watching him. “OK, Doc, I’m no hero, but I’m no coward either. If Earth needs me…”

Part Four By Crushed Caramel;

Dr Bluebell flashed that same becoming smile that improved her face and passed Adam a large folders she had been clutching. ” Here is your assignment Private Ripple, please familiarize yourself with it” With that Dr Bluebell spun around and departed the room leaving Adam alone.

Mel passed the baton to Cheryl, The bag lady

Part Five By Cheryl AkA The bag lady

As she left the room, Adam opened the folder to see what he hoped would be there, an overseas assignment. He hadn’t traveled the earth much and if it was all going to hell, he wanted to see as much of it as he could. Adam thought he would make a good spy if that’s what it took, after all, he had seen all the James Bond movies, all the others he could find, but kept the fantasies to himself. Basic training was hardly a picnic, but if he could endure that and still be chosen for a special assignment, he was excited.

There were forms to fill out, many contract clauses calling for complete secrecy for any mission he completed. Adam signed quickly, felt no need to view “the fine print”. It was his naïveté and abilities that made him the perfect candidate. After filling out every paper, Adam returned to Doctor Bluebell’s office. “Right, then” as she took the folder, “now it’s time to meet the big guy.” Adam was wondering who the “big guy” was, thinking it was a Major or Colonel, and then laughed to himself as “M” came to mind. A huge door slowly cranked open and there he was…

My contribution;

Staring at an unbelievably handsome, and young man. He felt his jaw dropped to the floor. He felt that something was not right here. It seemed that young man was too perfect. He started to observe him more closely. The “big guy” as he was referred to, was definitely not a human. His movements were jerky and mechanical. His voice was clipped and sounded a bit like recording.

“Private Adam, I am talking to you”

Adam focused his attention to what was being said to him.

” This is a very dangerous assignment. Your skill at languages is going to be very useful for us. We will be sending you to the enemy territory as a undercover spy. Your job is to glean as much information as you can about their attack plans. At no time you should try to get in touch with us. We will contact you ourselves.

Adam took all this in with mixed amount of excitement and apprehension.

He was really going to be a spy!

He was told to go to the barrack. On the way back, Adam addressed Dr Bluebell,

“Excuse me ma’am I couldn’t help notice something different about our commander” he couldn’t help but say ……..

I will ask Di, of Pensitivity to take the story further.



The Sunday Whirl

Wordle 404

“Please show mercy on a poor man” the tin can was being held by the man sitting on the cement walkway. He was in no mood to stop and listen to a heart breaking story. He kept on walking, not bothering to look back at the man. The gate to the apartment building was just right ahead and he was about to enter when to his surprise he felt something soft touch his cheek. He felt with his had and saw that it was a flower petal, from the overhanging rose bush. He stopped for a moment. This was a strange coincidence as it reminded him of a song he loved to sing. The song was about giving hope to someone facing the trails and hardships of life. He felt ashamed of his callous behavior and turned around to ask the man to join him for a meal in the nearby cafe. Sitting in the booth he listened to the sad story of the poor man and promised him to help find him a job suitable to his qualifications.

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Wordle 404



Thursday Inspiration #4

Photo credit: Daniel Borker

The sound of the rain falling was pleasing and soothing

The flowers were swaying in the light wind as if dancing

I felt like going out there and get all drenched in the rain

Just like we used to do when we were younger and not bothered

Now we think way too much and the consequences are a deterrent

Let go out and enjoy the rain, sing and frolic splash and dance

The prompt;

This week’s theme is rain and the picture is below. Here is the song snippet from “Drops of Jupiter” by Train:

Now that she’s back in the atmosphere
With drops of Jupiter in her hair
She acts like summer and walks like rain
Reminds me that there’s time to change

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Thursday Inspiration #4

A prompt by Paula



Three Lines Tales week 172

photo by Form via Unsplash 


Standing here on the rooftop of her apartment building, she could see the view for miles around her.

She stretched her arms towards the sky, connecting with the nature and disciplined her body and mind to obey her will.

An hour spend doing yoga every day worked wonders for releasing all the stress in her life and she felt rejuvenated after each session.


The prompt;

You’ll find full guidelines on the TLT page – here’s the tl;dr:

• Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt (& give them a title if possible).

• Link back to this post (& check the link shows up under the weekly post).

• Tag your post with 3LineTales (so everyone can find you in the Reader).

• Read and comment on other TLT participants’ lines.

• Have fun.

Happy three-lining!

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Three Lines Tales week 172



Time to write—Money [Creative Writing Prompt]

I need money!

We all do.

But is money the most important thing in life?

Despite what most people think, I think that money is of secondary importance.

To be realistic and practical, we have to admit that there are a very few thing in life which come for free.

Being born and dying needs money.

Getting education and job needs us to spend money.

Marriage, home and family…. all of these need money to some extent.

It is true that we can make do with little and don’t need to spend loads of it to achieve the desired results in life.

So it is decided that we do need it, but it it should never become our only aim in life. Give it as much importance as we give to other essentials, like food, sleep etc. Do not think that if you have enough money, you will live the perfect life or that you will always be happy. Having money never guarantees good health, long life or eternal bliss. Be realistic and find things that you can do to make your life happy, without all of the emphasis being on money!

The prompt;

Write a story about the word above – Money.

If you use this prompt, please leave a link to your post in the comments below and I’ll share it next week. Please be sure to link back to my blog so your readers know where you got the prompt!

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A prompt by Rachel Poli

Time to write-Money


Dream vacation

Going abroad and visiting foreign countries is always exciting. Some people do it for a living. Others for adventure. I am always excited to travel and look forward to seeing new places and eating the local cuisine there. But this narrative is not about a trip we took to a foreign country. It is about a vacation that I want to take with my husband. It is still in planning stage but I felt that with so many prompts, pointing towards this direction, I should write about this dream vacation. We have been planning to visit England some day, with visits to Scotland and Ireland thrown into it. It is an ambitious plan and would be quite expansive but there a lot of places we want to visit in Great Britain. We want to explore London first of all. My husband has been there when he was just a kid, but I have just passed through London in transit. Then there are a few cousins living there who are always inviting us so we plan to visit them as well. Going to Scotland is on the list because of its amazing natural beauty and the historical places.

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday May 17-2019

Quickly, I have to complete this post and attend to other pending stuff. I am traveling early next week and have yet to organize my packing and other stuff. Writing blog post may be suspended for a couple of days, or I may reblog some of my older posts. Post dating a couple of post is a good idea too, but then I will have to find time to write them. It is something I have yet to figure out that we have the same amount of time in both situations but when we are rushed, we don’t seem to get things done properly or on time. And when there is no rush, we have even time to spare after completing our tasks.

I guess it’s where theory of relativity comes in!

The prompt;

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “adverb.” Start your post with any adverb and just run with it. Have fun!

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday May 17-2019

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Esoteric information

I can understand your quizzical expression

This is an esoteric discussion for a privilege few

Not everyone’s cup of tea, intended for a select group

The discussion of the patterns of inherited genes

Can give a spin to any one’s imagination

But sometimes these technical details are hard to understand

So if this information is too much of an overload

You are invited to step outside into the fresh air

And enjoy the scenic gardens instead of stuffy lounge

Enter the real world and leave the discussion of the virtual one behind


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