What do you see # 13- January 20th, 2020

Dear friends, in the memory of our dear Hélène I have decided to continue this challenge. I will post a new challenge on 12:00 am PST, every Monday morning.


You can write a post on your blog and create a ping back to link to the original post.

Write an original story, poem or a caption.

You have six days to respond to the Prompt.

I will try to reblog your response on my blog.

There is no limit to words or format but keep it family friendly.

I will do a round up next Sunday before the next Prompt is posted.

Please tag your responses with #Whatdoyousee

Does this picture inspires you to write something?

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Waiting eagerly for your responses.

Thanking you all for joining in this prompt.



What do you see # 12- A roundup


With reality abutting on our life

In all it’s sadness and ugliness

The need to keep alive the beauty of dreams

Is the foremost requirement to my mind

I ply these wondrous and sweet images

To keep the hope and optimism alive


All these wonderful bloggers took part in the Challenge this week. My heartfelt thanks to you all who participated in this prompt this week.

And to all those who read, commented and shared the posts.



Christine of Stine writing












Sa of Cultural Shocks


I do run




I will be posting next week’s prompt in a little while.

Thanks again



MLMM- Sunday Writing Prompt “Shut Up”


I need the silence to hear myself think

The noice that your thoughts are making

Are buzzing inside my brain

If you are quiet for a moment the chaos

Will settle down and in the peace I will

Be able to hear my thoughts and decide

What I need to do and where I am headed

So please will you shut up for a minute!


The Prompt;

Use the quote below as inspiration. All forms of creative expression are accepted.

The world used to be silent
Now it has too many voices
And the noises are constant distraction
They multiply, intensify
They will divert your attention to what’s convenient
And forget to tell you about yourself
We live in an age of many stimulations
If you are focused, you are harder to reach
If you are distracted, you are available
You are distracted, you are available
You want flattery
Always looking to where it’s at
You want to take part in everything
And everything to be a part of you
Your head is spinning faster at the end of your spine
Until you have no face at all
And yet if the world would shut up, even for a while

Perhaps we will start hearing the distant rhythm of an angry young tune
And recompose ourselves
Perhaps having deconstructed everything
We should be thinking about putting everything back together

Silence yourself!” -Savages

In response to;

MLMM- Sunday Writing Prompt- Shut up



Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 118 – Options

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge.

Here’s our prompt for this week…


This is a free-flow format of no rules and a space for exploration.


From the moment we are born, we are offered options in life. To a baby, these may just be to cry or not to cry, but as we grow older, the scope of the choices widens.

And when we become adults, there are serious choices to be made; career, place of residence, life partner, etc. it gets harder and harder because the options keep on multiplying. It’s like trying to find our way on a map where there are arrows pointing every which way!

How do we decide?

Do we blindly pick a path and follow it, or we make an educated guess?

Do we leave it to fate to guide our feet to the right path! All difficult questions to answer.

What to do with our lives is a serious issue and we need to be sure to some degree that the path we are taking is the right one for us.

In my opinion, our decisions in life are an amalgamation of lots of factors, like our inborn instincts, aptitude, and fate to some degree. And yet there are times in a person’s life when having chosen a path, something happens to turn their life around 180• and point them into a totally different direction.




Sunday Photo Fiction – Jan 12 2020- Mr Tree

Photo courtesy of DC Stultz





MLMM-Tale Weaver – #258 – Partners – 16th January

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver.




Life partners

Partners in crime

Partners in business

There are all sorts of partners, but since I have traveled to visit one of my best friend’s daughter’s wedding, the partners I am thinking of are those in enjoying the silliness of life. We were in med school together and stayed at the hostel as we all were from different cities. As luck would have it, we clicked at our first meeting. The trait that we all shared was the innocent sharing of fun and silliness. We were known as the giggling girls as the slightest hint of funny would throw us in fits of giggling and when one of us started to laugh, all five of us would join in.

Now after being friends for more than thirty years, we still are the same when we see something funny or ridiculous. I really love this trait of ours as we forget the worries of our lives and enjoy unbridled laughter.

Laughing is the cure to sorrow, and sharing laughter with friends beats it all!


The Challenge;

We have them in all aspects of our lives.

We work with them, we marry them, we see them as our confidants, we treat them as equals.

This week what does the word ‘partner’ conjure for you?



JusJoJan # 19- Gobbledygook & Daily Prompts

Linda is the host of JusJoJan

Today the prompt is;


Given to us by; Jim


Beth barely suppressed her yawn. The technical gibberish, or as her pa was fond of saying, gobbledygook was boring in the extreme. But she was attending this class so that she could help her dad with the paperwork at the farm. She had just finished high school and her pa wanted her to learn how to maintain the financial records of the farm. He had even bought a used computer from his friend. Beth was no fan of book learning but she loved working on her dad’s farm. If she learned to use the computer, the pressure on her to find a job would ease off. Now all she had to do was to learn how to make excel sheets on the computer so that the farm’s expenses could be recorded properly. It was the time that they too moved into the twenty-first century.

She was happy mucking out the horse stables and keeping the cows fed and clean. Her brother had simply said that he can’t do it. He was interested in frivolous things like cars and movies and liked to spend all his time with his friends. That’s why pa had pinned all his hopes on Beth.


In response to the following prompts;


Fresh, Organ, Book





Word of the day Challenge;








The things People Say- Game 1

Rory is the host of The Things People Say

The Things People Say!

Today’s Eaves Dropped Conversation Snippet is …

“I don’t care how wet it is … it’s too big for the hole!!”

… So, what can you do with this – if you didn’t know the story?


This snippet of conversation was overheard when Sir Galahad offered to lay his ceremonial coat over the puddles caused by the torrential rain in the path of the damsel in distress.

But she was a quiet contrary miss, and wanted to splash around in the mud. She really didn’t like this interference in her enjoyment and shouted to Sir Galahad to remove the coat, which was covering the hole in which rain water had accumulated.

I don’t care how wet it is … it’s too big for the hole!!”

Sir Galahad, completely abashed and demoralized, took his coat and went in search of someone more appreciative of his gallantry.




Daily Prompts- Smiles

What is my best treasure, you ask

That clinches at the strings of my soul

And yet lightens my days when I look at

The memories that I have stored away

In that cherished place of my heart

The childhood days, the innocent things were used to do

Rarely they fail to put a smile on my face

Even when it is wet with tears of today’s troubles

Things which have become extinct with time

Still live on in my memories, on and on


In response to the following prompts;


Memories, Smile, Childhood





Word of the day Challenge;







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