Write for the love of writing

Putting the pen to the paper- metaphorically

Writing out my thoughts and emotions- realistically

Im lucky to have this ability to open my heart and mind

To write is to feel and live all that I experience and find

My heartfelt gratitude to all my friends here on WordPress

Who find time to not only read but also commentbeautifully

All this writing and reading makes us into on big happy family

Written for JusJoJan-Write, hosted by Linda




Don’t show those canines!

It’s the latest fad

A smile whiter than white

Teeth even and aligned symmetrically

Not one out of line, crooked or discolored

So what about canines you say over lapping?

Pull them out or file them to fit in least that

Someone may think you are a direct descendant

Of the fame count of Transylvania, looking for some red nectar!


Written for JusJoJan- Canine, Prompted by Dawn, hosted by Linda



Exercise, fresh air and blogging

Lucky me and you! We had means to interact with each other while the rest of the world was under lockdown in March, 2020

I wrote this post in March 2020, just when the whole of the world was going into lockdowns for the first time.

In today’s mad mad world, we are lucky to have one thing that is not affected by the threat of illness. Our blogging!

This thought struck me while planning out my day. Going shopping is out. Socializing is out. And most of the things we do together are out for the time being. But we are lucky that blogging is a solitary occupation. We can blog and be in touch with our friends all over the world. No chances of getting ill or catching a virus, unless it’s of the cyber variety.

Sitting by ourselves, we can roam the world, catch up with our friends and their news and never feel lonely or isolated. We get all the mental stimulation and exciting while never even getting up from out comfy chair. Can you imagine anyone else being this lucky!

So this is what I am doing these days. Nice solitary walks around the neighborhood and getting plenty of exercise and fresh air. And at home, blogging and reading. Took these pictures while on a walk with my grandson today.

Keep well and keep safe. As they say;

Keep calm and blog!

Written for JusJoJan- Exercise, Prompted by Wendy, hosted by Linda



A (un) pleasant surprise

There, amidst a clearing in the dark woods, stood a well-lighted building, supporting all the amenities of modern life. Anyone who came upon it accidentally was amazed not only at it well-kept condition but also at the fact that it ppl was not on any map or GPS!

It was a mystery. Who had put this in the middle of the woods and why was it there? Many hikers and passersby used the small cafe to get coffee, or bottled water, or perhaps bought a snack. The toilets were impeccably clean and functional. There were no employees in the cafe, just the vending machines which were kept fully stocked.

Many months passed and one day the serenity of the woods was disturbed when a full squadron of police vehicles surrounded the area.

The locals were shocked to learn that this place was used for drug trafficking where those in the know could buy whichever drug they wanted by using the secret code.

The place was sealed. The hikers and locals still miss the clean toilets.


Written for JusJoJan-Amenities, Prompted by Kim, hosted by Linda

Also included FSS # 81, hosted by Jim this week.




I wish I had a grandma who would tell me stories, spoil me

But both of my grandmothers were disciplinarians in their own way

No loving smiles passed my way, no spontaneous hugs given

Always righting my wrongs, full of advice on behavior, deportment

Perhaps they both loved me and thought they might spoil me

If they showed their love too openly it might just go to my head

I have retaliated in the only way I know how

By being the exact opposite of them when it comes to being the grandmother

To my grandkids, I’m the one spoiling them, doting on them, and loving them

After all, a family is blessed with grandparents for this purpose only!


Written for JusJoJan- Family, Prompted by Jill, hosted by Linda

Also included dVerse prompt- Grandmothers, hosted by Sarah




One Liner and JusJoJan- Take control

Life is like looking for your phone; most of the time, it’s in your hand”

Looking outward for life, and its purpose is futile, it is in your own self that you need to look. Take charge of both your goals and happiness and you’ll achieve both.

Written for JusJoJan- Prompted by, hosted by Linda




I am sharing this post, re-edited, from September 2018;

Who doesn’t want to be happy? We all do! But what exactly is happiness?

Happy is equivalent to a state of joy or pleasure.

The usual expectation people have about an ideal life is, that it is happy. I agree with you and so would about 99% of people in this world. But what makes a person happy is a big variable. If riches are one person’s idea of a happy life, a good home/ marriage would be another’s. A great and fulfilling job can be the ideal happy life for someone else. We usually base our expectations of being happy on certain conditions and circumstances in life. Nobody would expect to be happy just because he/ she felt like it. Except for a CHILD!!! And here lies the difference which is between adults and children.

We have gradually programmed to co-relate happiness with other things in life, like success, money, a good home, or a congenial environment. This conditioning changes our perception of joy and pleasure. A child can be happy for no reason other than he/ she is feeling buoyant. Children have not yet learned that they need certain conditions to make them happy. I guess what I really want to say that the pure unadulterated feeling of joy or happiness need not be an elusive phantom to be chased all our lives.

Joy can be found in everything around us, we just need to perceive it;

A beautiful vista, a bird’s song, or the laughter of a child, or a loved one can bring us untold joy, only if we open our hearts and minds to it.

The onus of being happy should lie on our own shoulders. ( Or in our perceptions). Don’t give others this job. Decide to be a person who can look for joy and pleasure in little things in life. Don’t wait for earth-shattering events to experience the highs of pleasure. Find your happiness in the little day-to-day event.

Written for JusJoJan-Ideal, Prompted by Astrid, hosted by Linda



Paintbrush strokes

Holding the paintbrush like a weapon

You attack the set tradition, ideals and norms

The picture you painted shakes the foundations

Of the preconceived notions of what is beautiful

People shun you at first till someone recognizes

The talent behind your colorful creation

Now they all flock to your exhibitions

Trying to get a glimpse of you

Or a chance to talk to you!


Written for JusJoJan- Paintbrush, Prompted by Paula , hosted by Linda



Seasonal foods

I live in a country where all fruits are vegetables aren’t available all through the year.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are fresh and cheap. Out-of-season fruits and vegetables are from cold storage and are quite expensive. So we usually buy seasonal fruits veggies and enjoy them to the fullest till they are in season. Other than fresh produce, we have other seasonal dishes too.

In winter, the most famous and popular dishes are;

Carrot halva, mustard greens cooked as saag and served with roti made of corn flour. We also make halvas out of split chickpeas flour, squash, and pumpkins in winter.

In summer we go for light, low-calorie foods like fruit salads or dahi bhalas, a dish made of spicy yogurt and lentil dumplings. Our favorite drinks are lemonade, rooh afza ( a traditional drink made from fruit extract and sugar), and sweetened chia seed drink. Chat, a mixture of boiled chickpeas, potatoes, raw onions, tomatoes, and chilies is also very popular.

What are your seasonal foods?

Written for JusJoJan- Seasonal, Prompted by Kaye, hosted by Linda



SoCS and JusJoJan- I’m counting on it!

I am counting on it that you will

Call me or write to me when you’re away

Because you know that I will miss you every minute

I am your mother and I know you so well

I know that the thought of me wanting by the phone

Will make you pick up your phone and dial home


I ask myself that you still haven’t called?

Are you okay? Are you too busy or have just forgotten?

There is a sound and my heart breaks

I can feel the pain when splinters pierce my skin


The phone is ringing and it is you

Your flight got delayed because of the weather

And you want me to know that you miss me

My heart mends itself and the world rights itself

My baby is doing well and I need not worry anymore


A few years back, with my kids away from home, I was the one sitting by the phone, waiting for them to call. Many parents have gone through this cycle of emotions just because their child called later than expected.

Your prompt for #JusJoJan the 21st and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “count on it.” Use the phrase “count on it” somewhere in your post. Enjoy!

Written for JusJoJan and SoCS, hosted by Linda