Blogging—— Where do you find Inspiration?


Where do you find inspiration for what you write or post every day?

This is an important aspect of blogging life. We are sometimes hit with a new, innovative idea while we are doing something else. And sometimes we can think, think and think ( like Winnie the Pooh ) and come up blank.

So how to maintain this stream of new, wonderful ideas flowing through without a blockage? You find a million ways listed on different blogs and websites on the internet to wake up your creative brain. They have useful advice, no doubt about it. I don’t specifically follow that advice! I try to store up my creative ideas whenever I get one. Take out the phone, it’s usually the most handy, and jot it down.

1. Creativity flows when the blood flow increases through the brain, so during a walk or a jog you can get innovative ideas.

2. Distraction helps too! When working on something else I get brilliant ideas and have to write them down.

3. Just before going to sleep or in the middle of the night, an idea can come to you that can be the making of a great post.

4. And sometimes you sit and start writing and ideas flow through your fingers onto the screen.

5. Reading books, blogs and other informative articles also helps us in getting useful ideas.


How do you find inspiration?

Please share your thoughts and feedback in the comments.