In Other Words: Invisible

It seems that no one can hear my words, they are inaudible

Maybe they have been said so often they lost their meaning

I am trying to warn them, to stave them off the perilous path

My being is as invisible to them as are the warning signs


Written in response to prompt from Patricia’s Place;

In other words; Invisible




In other words; Random

Have you ever wondered that life is such a mixture of hits and misses

These events seems random to us but this has a purpose behind it all

The destiny weaves a complex fabric with all the chances imbedded in

One thread linked to the rest in a pattern decided before it all began

So when you see randomness in your life, understand that it is a well laid plan

Written in response to:

In other words; Random

Patricia’s Place



In Other Words; Heartache

My heart is not broken it is still beating away

The wound cannot be seen, the pain is not visible

Only the tearing of my spirit from my body is

All hidden and covered by my blandest smile

No, there is no Heartache, just total desolation

Written in response to;

Prompt from Patricia’s Place;

In other words; Heartache



In other words: Handmade

Have you something handmade I asked going through the merchandise on the stall. The lady looked around and after shifting a few of the pieces on the counter, handed me a box containing small white hankies. I tentatively opened the box and was held spellbound in amazement at the exquisitely embroidered squares. I made them myself, she said, but nobody wants handmade stuff here. They all want factory made things now!

Written in response to; In other words: Handmade

A prompt from Patricia’s Place



In other words: Secret Treasure

Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word(s) secret treasure
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Buried deep in her heart was something that no one knew

A secret treasure of memories that she had hidden away

Even her own mind was deceived the way she had sheltered it

The gems, the pearls that had made her childhood glow

Safely guarded by a memory that was quickly fading now

Written for;

Patricia’s Place

In other words;

Secret Treasure



In other words; Dancing

Dancing to my own tune, in the life has been

What I have earned through in this journey

Don’t follow but lead, don’t give up the dream

Have a say in your own destiny, don’t wait to be

Called to the stage, be the lead in your own story

Written for the prompt In other words;

Patricia’s Place; Dancing