A weighty issue

In my tag line I have mentioned obesity. I have been at war( regular armed warfare!!!) with the weighing scale most of my life. Being a chubby and cute baby really didn’t help me when I grew up into a teenager. My weight would fluctuate a lot. I would gain weight and after some effort, would get it off but not for long. This continued till my marriage and first pregnancy. With my first pregnancy, I put on a whooping 60 pounds.This yo-yo’ing went on for a lot of years till , finally at the age of 38, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

I thought that now , at last, my weight troubles are over! Well not exactly! I did loose about 35 pounds after the start of treatment but not for long. Apparently, people with hypothyroidism have a tough time taking and keeping the weight off.

I tried Atkins diet, low-fat high carb diet, southern beach diet and any number of variations of these and many other diets. The result was more weight fluctuations and very little satisfaction.

So, where am I now heading? I have not given up. No sir! I mean to keep on trying to lose this excess weight , not because I want to just look good( BTW, who doesn’t), but now it’s a matter of being healthy.                                                                                                                                       appetite apple close up delicious

So the battle continues!

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My Keto journey!

I started on my Keto journey almost a year ago. It was a chance read article on the net, that made me take this decision. There was lot of resistance and criticism from family and friends. But looking at my health stats, I decided to at least try it for a while.

How it was in the beginning:

When I started my Keto journey, it was a case of learn as you go. I searched many websites and bought a couple of books to get to know the in’s and out’s of this diet.

The start:

The beginning was not very auspicious. There were a couple of false starts, till I finally got in my stride. This diet meant changing all my previous concepts about food. I had to un- learn a lot of food facts that I had been practicing all my life. I also had to learn to like a few foods that weren’t my favorite before I started.


I started by adding extra fat to my meals, specially my breakfast. I still do that on occasions ( one has to change the amount of fat one takes as our bodies adjust to fat burning) . My breakfast now had either eggs, 2-3, boiled, fried or in omelette form. Using butter with a lavish hand. Coffee or tea with cream in small quality. Or I would have ” Bulletproof coffee “ for my breakfast. This is black coffee in which you add a tablespoon of butter ( grass-fed butter, if available) and I would add 2 tablespoons of extra virgin organic coconut oil. Mixed with a teaspoon of cream and blended to give a frothy texture to the coffee. This was a calorie rich drink and would tide me over to lunchtime easily. The aim of having a fat rich breakfast was to put the body onto fat-burning mode from the start of the day. Another advantage was that after having so many fat calories, one didn’t feel hungry for quite a while.

My first meal of the day used to be quite early as it was my habit previously.


By a method of hit and try I discovered that a salad worked best for lunch. It needed to have a small amount of chicken ( I am a chicken-tarian person! ) lots of green vegetables like iceberg, capsicum, cucumbers, arugula etc, a bit of tomato and lots of mayonnaise. An important fact about mayonnaise: most of the store-bought brands of mayo have either corn syrup or sugar added to them. So it’s better you make your own mayo or look closely at the ingredients when buying ( I found that Hellmans mayonnaise had no sugar added). Mustard and olive oil were okay to use in the salad. But avoid ketchup and other sauces.

I am posting a link that I found on the internet that makes good mayonnaise. Instead of using a whisk, use immersion blender ( Stick Blender)


Ceaser salad was good but leave the croutons alone.


Dinner was easy, just any form of meat ( I would prefer chicken or maybe fish, of course) with vegetables. These vegetables would be the green leafy kind ( Salad greens) or the watery kind ( like zucchini, eggplant, squash etc) . Cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli are also a good deal. The meat should not be coated with flour, breaded or drenched in sauces containing cornflour, flour etc.

Calorie counting was not playing a major role here, so I would eat till I felt full, ( but not over stuffed!).

From this way of eating, my #Keto Journey started.

In my next post, I will tell you about how my journey continues.

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