37 years today

On 5th July 1985, I got married. Today it’s been 37 years and I am very blessed to be married to such a gem of a person.

A few days back I was having a comments conversation with a fellow blogger about an ideal relationship/ marriage. We both agreed that ideal has a different definition for everyone.

Perhaps it matches what we expect. Some people look for romance in a relationship while others want security. Some feel the need to be put first while others are happy with a friendly relationship.

As I have mentioned before that mine was an arranged marriage and I had only met my husband once before we got married. I’d say it was a sheer draw of luck or a great blessing from the Almighty that we were married to each other as we complement each other’s personalities.

With my recent surgery, I’ve been given more cause to be grateful for my husband as he has looked after me so well post-surgery. I wake him up in the middle of the night when I am in pain or need something. He is never grumpy or annoyed at having his beauty rest spoiled.

So do I have an ideal marriage?

Yes, I can say that I have. He is loving, kind, generous and caring. In return I too show him same level of love and care.

A happy anniversary to us both!



It was Covid!

It is strange to get the diagnosis after I’ve almost recovered, but today after taking another Covid rapid test at home, I tested positive for it. I had an online consultation with a doctor dealing with Covid who told me that I’ve recovered from Covid and today, my 10 day of illness is the last day I’ll have to quarantine.

Why am I telling you this?

When I got ill, I immediately suspected Covid, but the two tests done at home were negative. I treated myself ( based on my medical background) with a broad spectrum antibiotic, Tylenol/ paracetamol and cough syrups. After being moderately ill for five days, I was on the road to recovery, when my grandson developed similar symptoms and when tested, was Covid positive.

This made me more or less sure that I too had Covid. He, by the Grace of God, wasn’t very ill at all. A day and a half of fever, some cold-like symptoms, and not eating properly for a couple of days. Now he is back to his bouncy self and getting bored staying at home. He’s had one Pfizer vaccine but will have to wait for 6-12 weeks for the next one.

The whole point of my post is that when someone commented that I got Covid despite the vaccination, my answer to them is that I got a mild version of the disease, and that too because of the fact that I take immunosuppressant for my autoimmune diseases. If I hadn’t had two primary vaccines for Covid and two boosters, I probably would have had a severe case of the disease because of my pre-existing conditions. The other point I’m trying to make is that this current variant is way less potent and the symptoms it causes are milder!

I am now recovered enough to fast again and feel almost 100% restored to health. I want to thank all of my blogging friends for sending their good wishes and prayers for me. My heartfelt gratitude to you all.

Thank you so much!



Guess what? 3000 followers

This milestone was tantalizing me for a few months. Yesterday I got to 3002 follows.

My heartfelt gratitude to everyone, old friends and new ones for being a terrific support to my blog.

You people are the real stars who give me the encouragement to write day in and day out. I am honored by the fact that you visit my blog read my posts, like them and some share their thoughts in the comments.

Thank you all so very much!




Attitude of gratitude or attitude of resentment

This Sunday, something to think about!

These days we often talk about gratitude

I’ve seen both sides of the coin in my life

One are those who count their blessings daily

And there are those who are perpetually resentful

The inherent difference between the two

Is that one would find things to be grateful for

And the other is looking for things to complain about

What makes the two types so different

One is accepting of their circumstances truly

And the other is at war with their all the time

All that is needed is a strong dose of reality

Sitting down and analyzing their life pragmatically

And it is clear as a day that we have to accept

What is and start from there to develop

How we want life to be, with patience




Working on us- On being Grateful

Beckie is the host of Working On Us.

Hello, All! Welcome back to “Working on Us” – A series that represents people with mental health illnesses/disorders. 

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November 27th’s. Topic: Thankful & Grateful


That’s right, we are going to keep it lite this week. This is a week you can write anything your little heart desires, you just have to write about something you are thankful and grateful for.


I am truly grateful for all that I am blessed with.

That was the easy part. An all-encompassing statement that includes everything.

But when it comes to counting the blessings we are thankful for, we really cannot do it. Starting from our own self, and continuing to what’s around us, we can take days to just list the things we are grateful for. It would require pages and pages to put into writing what we should give thanks for, consciously and subconsciously every day.

So today I will tell you what I am grateful for regarding my blogging world.

I wrote a post in answer to Dr. Tanya’s questions about blogging. In it, I cited my reasons for being grateful for my blog. So not to repeat myself, I would like to simplify;

I am grateful for my blogging friends!

I consider you all not only as my friends but my family. We have never met each other. We sometimes even don’t know what the other looks like, but we are such great friends.


I was asking myself this question yesterday. I think the friendships that I have in the blogging world are more deep and sincere than most of my “real life” friendships. The reason is that we just know each other’s souls and spirit. We are not distracted by appearances or habits. We just get to know each other’s minds and thoughts and that is what matters in friendship. We support each other through difficult times and share in the joy as well.

When need be, we vent out our frustrations and grievances on our blogs. We listen to each other. We critique and offer advice and sometimes even correct grammar and spelling/ typos too. This sure is something we all should give thanks to.

So a very grateful thanks to all my blogging friends. You guys are the best.




Writing Prompt #25–The longest day

The longest day of my life………………

Was the day that I became mom for the very first time.

The birth of my first child. It was literally a very long day for me because it took almost 38 hours for her to be born. So not to go into too many details of that day, it is sufficient to say that becoming a mother is not a task any man can ever handle. It is woman who has the inner strength and patience to bear a child, and not once but many times, usually.

That day, I fully realize what being a parent actually means. And also the fact that my own parents, specially my mother did a splendid job while raising me. The true appreciation that I got for my own mother when I became a mother was staggering. I realized that what sacrifices she made for me when I was too small and weak to do anything for myself. It also taught me the fact that we can never repay the debt we owe our parents. We can only pay it forward.

As children we never realized what our parents did for us because kids are usually oblivious to the things that are happening around them unless they are forced to see them. As parents we get this realization in full force but sometimes it is too late to tell our parents what a debt of gratitude we owe them.

I would have loved to tell my mother how grateful I was to her for all that she did for me but she had died a long time before I became a mom. I can only hope that our kids appreciate the job we did or are doing with them and for them.

It’s always nice to be appreciated!

In response to;

Writing Prompt #25

A Prompt by Sarah Elizabeth Moor



Writing Prompt #15

When it rains, it pours; Case in point…..

This is appropriate to describe the last week for our family. On Monday last, my first granddaughter was born, my daughter’s daughter. I previously have a grandson, my elder daughter’s son but this little angel was the first girl.

Then on Wednesday night, my daughter in law and my son had their first baby, a boy. So it was pouring babies in our family last week. The two babies are born two days apart and resemble each other too much. In fact they look like twins.

A moment of gratitude for us all!

Written in response to;

Writing Prompt #15

By Sarah Elizabeth Moore



Remember the pain!

When you are feeling irritated or bored with life, remember the pain!

why, and what pain you would ask?

This idea came to me when a thought crossed my mind. I was feeling bored and the ennui had me wanting to do something to end the rut. But then I remembered the time when I was going through a lot of physical discomfort and pain of fractured foot bones. At that time I would have been ecstatically happy to be rid of the encumbrance of the heavy cast on my foot and the pain I was experiencing.

Why then, when we are no longer hurting, we forget that pain and start to crib about little annoyance of life. At present I feel wonderful. Free of any discomfort or pain. I should be exuberant. I should be thanking my lucky stars to be rid of that pain or any other pain or injury that I have suffered in the past. But what would my mind do: it would think up things that aren’t there. Instead of being grateful, it is looking for excuses to be dissatisfied. This is human nature. To be dissatisfied with our current circumstances. Maybe it’s something that pushes us to look for excellence in life. To become more than what we are now. But it also breeds a discontent. It makes us unmindful of the blessings we have. And this state of ungratefulness is something we should consciously avoid.

That is why I asked you to remember the pain, or any thing in the past which made life difficult. So that now, when you no longer are suffering from it, you and I should be grateful.

How do you express gratitude?

Please share your thoughts and feedback in the comments.