Friday Fun- Artificial

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

artificial, fake, pretend there really are many words …

please share creatively  thru photography or writing
your version of artificial … or any of its variants


Where is genuine?

Pretend and artificial abound

Fake words and promises aplenty

Pretend smiles and sympathy, you find everywhere

Give me a real emotion, something you feel

Don’t fob me off with the platitude of a fake one

A genuine tear, a faint smile will do much better

I would believe them more than copious tears or roaring laughter




Friday Fun- Mystical

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

this photo epitomises ‘mystical’ to me …
the moon the water nature the reflection the magic

please share what ‘mystical’ means to you?

get creative with photos or writing, 
entice and entrance us!


Mystical and mysterious

The human heart and spirit

It can rise to the zenith of the heavens

Or fall to the depths of the hell

It never ceases to amaze me how we can

Be as good as the angels themselves or worst than the devil

It’s all in how this soul and spirit reacts to life




Daily Prompts- Eyes shut tight

Kate has asked us for her Friday Fun challenge;

Post a photo, write a verse, get creative on what vastness means to you
link it back here to share with others

How unfortunate that we humans are so arrogant

That we’re bent on destroying this blue sphere

Smiling and not caring a jot for the havoc

We have brought upon our home in a thoughtless way

We cannot survive independent of our habitat

The woodsy forests and sandy beaches

Majestic mountains rising high into the sky

The vastness and beauty of our oceans

All marred by our actions and so-called progress

This attitude has to be replaced by a more sane approach

(All images aren’t my own)

In response to the following prompts;


Sphere, Arrogant, Smiling





Word of the day challenge;


Friday fun;





Daily Prompts & Friday Fun

Kate has asked us to write; What heals you

She says;

What heals you, brings you back into balance,
makes you feel whole and wholesome?

for me, it’s a combination of meditation, nature, and logophiling 

Share what repairs your tears, your scars, heals your wounds 

in photos or creative writing, delve deep to help others!


Life is tough and often deals you unexpected blows

Each challenge needs me to address it differently

Something new calls for a newer approach

Some times I give a speech to my upset inner-self

When due to a glitch things don’t go as planned

Neither the events nor their cure are stupendous by themselves

But each hiccup can cause my equilibrium to be lopsided

Reeling under the impact I call on my fortitude to right myself

I rely on my faith, my sense of pragmatism and humor

To tide me over to calmer waters till the storms pass away

I have also included the following prompts;


Challenge, New, Upset





Word of the day challenge;





Friday Fun- Plastic

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

Plastic also has different meanings … what does it mean to you?

the plastic choking our waterways and wildlife
 the plastic world of PR, movies and ….

photos or creative writing, publish your post and link it back here


I thought I would share something fun for this prompt;

A bunch of plastic toys belonging to my little granddaughter.

A cute playful version of plastic.



Friday Fun- Security

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

in this time of turmoil, what does “security” mean to you?

is it your health; funds to get health care and pay the bills; employment; knowing loved ones are safe; getting back home …


Life is as fragile as this dandelion fuzz!

For myself I would say that it’s all of the above

Maintaining good health;

It gives me mental comfort to know that I am doing all I can to maintain my health. I am walking a lot, eating healthy, and am avoiding taking unnecessary risks. I really don’t go out shopping and when I go for my walks, I put on my mask before I am out of the door.

I think despite what others may view a mask as, for me it’s a sensible precaution. It’s neither a symbol of fear nor an infringement on my rights. It’s a protection against falling ill or making others ill.

Enough money in my wallet;

Whatever the circumstances, having money to meet my needs is always a big plus. But especially nowadays, it is very important that I have enough funds to cover my medical bills if the need arises and enough money with me that I can afford the extra expenses of ordering online for my essentials. And a bit extra to cheer ourselves up on weekends to order food in!

Knowing that my family and friends are safe;

This indeed is very important to me that my loved ones are safe and healthy. And are being sensible about their health. I often reach out to my friends and see if they need anything. Every time I advise them to be careful and vigilant against this disease.

Getting back home;

This indeed is especially relevant to me as I plan to travel back home in a few days. My travel plans have been changed and altered many times because international travel hasn’t yet resumed fully, especially from The USA. But fingers crossed, this time things seem to be going according to the plan. Once at home, I will have to observe quarantine of two weeks before I can meet my family and friends but I will be secure in the knowledge that I am home.

The silver lining at the edge of clouds!



Friday Fun- Another name

Kate of Aroused blog has challenged us;

This prompt is “calling things by another name”
this photo may look like snowdrops but it is a flower

Warning folks this post is to make you think!
Click off now if this is too painful please?

these are snowdrops … 
but they are not snow and they droop but don’t drop!

so please post a photo or a creative story to share 

“things called by another name”

Rings of life

I lived for a few years but not to my full life

I had the potential to grow taller and could’ve lived longer

But fate decreed that one summer storm will be the end

It uprooted me and blew me onto the path frequently traveled

They had to cut me to pieces and cart me away

But one piece was left behind, too big and cumbersome

It lies there as a reminder for all that pass me daily

These rings reflect my years, the life I lived

They can only be seen as evidence when a tree is cut down

A dead tree showing rings of life!


Sunday Smiles # 4 and Kates’s Friday Fun

Kate of Aroused blog has asked us;

“Please share what your average day looks like, your new normal?

So I am combining this weekly post with her prompt too.

How quickly the days are passing. Last week was spring break in schools. So no homeschooling this week.

On Saturday, it was my daughter’s birthday. We made her a card by printing and coloring this emoji.

She made her own cake and it was yummy!

Decorated by her with help from her son!

Daily walks were kinda hot but we are seeing now flowers blooming and little green leaves emerging from buds. Overall the spring feeling is here to stay.

This tulip is struggling to stand upright. I’m sure in a few days it will be joined by others. I love tulips.

Another chalk drawing on the walkway. A happy, colorful bird. It was quite big.

So this is my week. Walks and family time together. And of course lots of blogging. I am thinking of cutting back on my posts after April when the A to Z challenge is over. 5-6 posts a day are way too much.

Let’s see what I can come up with.

How was your week?

Any new thing happened which gave you a reason to smile?

Please do share.

Kate’s Friday Fun