Friday Fun – Paddling

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

Friday Fun – paddling

Do you paddle against the tide
ease off and go with the flow

any memories of getting a paddling – we got caned

share your adventures and memories of paddling
then link it back here and read a few others!


I try to paddle my boat on my own
I do hate to be dependent on anyone
Or ask others to help me when I’m in a fix
It’s just my stupid ego, I keep on telling myself
My family, my friends will be eager to lend a hand
And sometimes they even feel excluded when I don’t ask
This I’ve learned the hard way that it’s alright
To ask for assistance when we cannot manage alone
If someone lends a hand, the boat would sail better

On an even keel




Friday Fun – Bent

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

Friday Fun – bent

ok keep it family friendly … but this tree has me intrigued!
how did this tree in the middle of Black Rocks campground
get so bent and twisted 

get creative … writing, photography, poems …
get creatively bent; share it back here and read others!


I am bent over backward to make you happy

Yet you pick on every little thing and be unhappy

I tried my dear, I did my best to be the light in your life

But I give up now my love as I understand that

The only person that can make you happy

Is YOU, yourself!

( Don’t put the onus of your happiness on others, only you can be the one to decide to make your life joyful)




Friday Fun- Colors

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

Colours mean different things to each of us
I love this soft pink and blue
the sky broadcasting its baby hue!

so get creative about what “colour” means to you
pics, poems, fiction, don’t limit yourself

then link it back here and check out others


What is the color of fun?

I visited Istanbul in November 2017. What a beautiful and vibrant city it is. We stayed there for six days and explored some parts of the city.

Some of my favorite pictures are;

Seagull following the boat in hope of catching the bits of food thrown to them by the passengers, during a cruise on the Bosphorus straits.

A shot from the vast gardens of Dolmabahçe palace, you can see the Bosporus straits at the back.

More flowers at the palace garden.

Dolmabahçe palace frontal view. The greenery was amazing.

Flower vendors at Taksim square. A beautiful array of colorful flowers.


Colors attract the eye

Their vibrancy pleases the heart

Their beauty captures the imagination

What is the color of fun?



Friday Fun- Etchings

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

so please post about your etchings and link back here

An etching of Turkish poetry in the form of a whirling dervish.

It is a gift from a good friend of mine which she brought from Turkey a couple of years back.

Rumi, the famous Persian poet settled in Kunya, a city in Turkey. Whirling dervishes are followers of his school of thought. They submerge themselves into the thought of God and whirl around in abandonment.

In Turkey, this is a very popular tourist collectible.

When I visited Turkey, I brought back this statue of whirling dervish.

A fun prompt from Kate this week.



Friday Fun – Contrast

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

blue skies and muddy waters … a bit like life!

we often meet strong contrasts … 
but note the blue sky is reflected in the shadow under the bridge

share something creatively contrasting in photos or writing
post it and share your link back here then look at others take


Darkness serves as a foil for light

The contrast highlights the difference

If there was no unhappiness, how would we value joy

If we never experienced pain or illness, we would never cherish health

A sunny day is all the more dear to us because of cloudy days

Spring is more enjoyable after dreary winter months

One without the other loses some of its value

Contrasts teach us to appreciate all good things in life




Friday Fun – Original

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

This is a wide open one
cos all creativity is “original”

get creative with photos, words, poems, stories
post them then link them back here, check the others out


Please make sure you bring the original with you

Photocopies are fine when applying for the job

But we would want to see the originals at the time of the interview

Such were the directions that were conveyed through email

In answer to the job application filled by her

In disdain, she spurned the chance, with these angry words

“If they think I am lying about my qualifications”

“I don’t think I’ll have a chance to create a congenial atmosphere”

Many told her that it was the standard procedure

But no one could convince her to appear for that interview

She lived with her parents till they were alive

Never worked a day as such was her stubbornness




Friday Fun – streaks

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

streaks come in many forms … clouds, hair, naked run,
so cut loose and have some fun
keep it family friendly but streak away …

photography, poetry, creative writing
post your streak and link back here!


I was on a losing streak and was so happy about it

Lost one-fifth of my body weight in one year

That was a dream come true for me and I was jubilant

Then a huge craving for carbs sunk my victory boat

The urge to eat potatoes and pasta, rolls and cookies

Derailed the whole process and fate added another stroke

I had a surgical procedure and felt I could only eat rice and dhal

Now I am restored to full health and did cautiously approach

The weighing scale full of fear and trepidation

The results were as expected, I had found half the weight I’d lost

Now it’s back to the dieting, with a renewed resolve

To find that losing streak that was working so well!




Friday Fun – Ambiance

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

ambiance or atmosphere can cover many things
it challenges our creativity to set the mood

get creative and share your version of ambiance
with your photos or creative writing


I feel that the ambiance plays a key role in creativity. If there are a lot of people around me or lots of noise, I feel unable to think or write anything worthwhile. I can write anywhere but I need peace to do so.

But my thinking of fresh ideas happens in an different ambiance. I get fresh ideas while walking, reading, or even watching something on the television. Sometimes just before going to bed a very good idea will pop up in my brain. If I don’t write it down, it will evaporate by the time I get up.

I think every person who is creative or expresses themselves in some way needs their own particular ambiance for doing so. The most important thing is for others to realize this and give appropriate space to them for doing so.


Give me some space and stop asking questions

Be quiet for a while so that I can hear myself think

Please turn off this incessant news babble

Not that I’m writing a masterpiece but still I need

A bit of quiet where I can expound on my ideas

Thank you for understanding!




Friday Fun- The Path I treaded

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

Friday Fun – your path

we all travel through life in our best way possible
often on quite different paths
none are right or wrong, just different!

get creative and share your path
in poem, photos, fiction or fantasy?


I was born in a home that was blessed with both parents

But tragedy befell when I was just a child, losing my mum

Circumstances changed and demanded that I tread a path

Balanced between childhood and grownup caution

I needed to be careful not displeasing my new mother

Keeping on the good side of her, I tried my best but I was a child

Rebellion often raised its head, making me stand my ground

On matters which appeared trivial to grownups

But were important to a teenager, so trouble ensued

But I was always the one to apologize and give way

I still tread a cautious path, being careful of not offending

It is a habit ingrained in me through years of practice

Now I bless the circumstances that taught me these traits

Gave me the habit of giving way, and trying to understand

The point of view of others and being able to compromise




Friday Fun- Diet

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

Friday Fun – diet

Diets are not only about weight loss … altho I do need that!

they are about how we feed ourselves in every possible way
our physical mental emotional and spiritual input

how do you “feed” yourself?

get creative use photos writing poetry fiction
then link your post back here and read some others!


Grow up on a diet of wise words and you’ll turn up sagacious

If constantly fed stupid stuff, it’s likely to take a toll on your wisdom

Ingest pages and pages of stories and poems written

By those who have earned the title of scholars and you’ll feel the difference

Of how well equipped you are to deal with difficult situations in life

The best favor you can do for yourself and yours

Is to make a habit of feeding your mind on a good book occasionally