Friday Fun- Offsprings

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

most species have children/offspring
so please get creative with photos or writing
and share something about ‘offspring’

It could be your offspring or others …


I have three offsprings, one son and two daughters. It is superfluous for any parent to say that they love their children. It a natural instinct and something has to be very wrong if a parent doesn’t love their children.

So we have established that I love my children/offsprings. But one interesting thing that you realize when you become a grandparent, you love the offsprings of your offsprings even more!

A very good friend and a wonderful blogger, Lauren wrote about the joy of becoming a grandparent and the endless love that comes with it. I realized this fact when I became a grandma when my eldest grandson was born more than 10 years ago. It was a wonderful feeling. The love just grew and now I have three grandchildren and my love for them is way more than for my own children.

( Not mine)



Friday Fun – yard art

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

with more time at home how have you changed your yard?
creative art, new plantings, features …
over this past year with more time to garden

photography, creative writing, poetry … please share

then link back here and check out others posts


Staying at home

Working from home

Studying from home

It should have given us all

Enough opportunity to improve

The front yard and the garden

To plant some fresh flowers

To install something unique

But woe me….

I never did ventured out

Never had the resolution

To carry through with my plans

So I have nothing to show for

The nine months that I stayed at home

( Unfortunately the above is true. So I am sharing some images I found on my Google search for ; Yard Art!)




Friday Fun – Lichen and moss

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

moss and lichens litter our forests and waterways
adding dimension colour and texture to trees rocks and fences

get creative about lichen and moss, write photo paint …
then share it back here and enjoy others creativity!


Hey there, ( said the tree to the Lichen)

You’re too tender and weak to survive by yourself

Let me give you a helping hand, a corner of my bark

You can anchor your roots here, you can live and propagate

What are we alone, just by ourselves

If I don’t help you survive, others won’t help me either

We live in a circle of life, one being is supporting the other

And together we sustain life and ensure the survival

( Images are from WordPress free library)

Friday Fun – Downpour

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

a downpour can be refreshing, cleansing the air, giving life to plants and livestock

or it can be a devastating avalanche of emotional mess …

as this unusual year comes to a close please get creative
about what
 downpour’ means to you?

post it on your blog then link it back here and check out others creations!


There was a streak of lightning in the darkened sky

The forks illuminated the gray thunder clouds

Then there was a loud crash deafening and unsettling

And a downpour started

A deluge that soaked everything in its way

The water that came from the heavens nourished some

And some were swept away under its forceful flow

What nurtures can also destroy, that’s the way of nature

We need the understanding to truly fathom this phenomenon

There are no unplanned or undue actions in the larger scheme

Everything happens for a reason and because of a reason




Friday Fun – Hiding

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

we all hide things or feel deflated when things are hidden from us

what hidden factors have hurt lately?
Share your creative writing or photos of ‘hidden’ things 
and link it back here


I am glad that certain things are hidden

I don’t want to see it all or know it all

What will the future hold, should stay a mystery

How and what others think of me should be hidden too

I am content and in peace in my now

What anger or envy is festering in someone’s mind

Will only hurt me so I prefer not to know

I accept people at their face values and don’t want to dig deep




Friday Fun – Social Distancing

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

sd for short, is a relatively new phenomena for most of us
and its impact has been huge

please get creative and share what Social Distancing means to you?


We were forced by an act of nature

To adopt new ways of social behavior

The closeness much preferred was shunned

A distance of at least six feet desirable for all

No groups partying together late at weekends

Maintain a social distance and only meet if necessary

No handshakes or hugs allowed between friends

Or even family members if living away from each other

It is for our own good, we all should understand

And be patient because it shows how much we care

There will be time soon enough when we

Will once again be able to hug and embrace each other




Friday Fun – Still

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

if we are still for long enough 

  • our crazy busy thoughts might stop
  • we might have time to think for ourselves
  • we might realise that we are responsible for everything that we think do and say

stillness allows our soul to breath, it endows ease, it settles

what does “still” mean to you? get creative!


The racing steps halted to a stop

Standing still now and wondering

Now what?

What is next?

Device new strategies for the new scenario

We should use this break in our routine

To reevaluate and rethink our way forward

Sometimes a break is a good time to reflect

What are we doing and where are we going?




Friday Fun- Beauty

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

we all see ‘beauty’ in very different ways …
I see it in nature, in kind hearts as it radiates out

please share your version of beauty 
link it back here then explore others interpretations


Superficial beauty fades with time

The beauty of a soul never goes away

It is embedded in the kind twinkle in the eye

It is hidden in the loving smile that encourages

It is in the hand that helps secretly without fanfare

We often crave the superficial glamour in the hope

That when we acquire it we will be beautiful too

Instead of this if we look and find that inner glow

That lights up our soul with beautiful thoughts




Friday Fun- The odd one

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

Spot the odd one out … 
the one that is ‘alien’ to the group

then get creative and share your work on the non-conformist!
writing, poetry, photography … art

then link it back here and explore the others


Standing by himself, he felt the odd one out

They all looked the same to him, all were cut from the same mold

I am not like them, I dared to be different

I stand for my principals and am proud to be

The black sheep, the rebel, one who is not one of them



Friday Fun- Artificial

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

artificial, fake, pretend there really are many words …

please share creatively  thru photography or writing
your version of artificial … or any of its variants


Where is genuine?

Pretend and artificial abound

Fake words and promises aplenty

Pretend smiles and sympathy, you find everywhere

Give me a real emotion, something you feel

Don’t fob me off with the platitude of a fake one

A genuine tear, a faint smile will do much better

I would believe them more than copious tears or roaring laughter




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