The Friday Four- Game # 7

Rory is the host of Friday Four

Four thought-provoking questions;


Before computers, Smartphones, and so on what were you using when writing your stories and creating your literature?

In school, I used to write short poems or stories in my school notebooks. The rest of them stayed in my mind. Castles in the air and wonderful long sagas just existing in my imagination.


What type of games do you enjoying playing online?

I play a lot of games on my phone but none online. I don’t have the inclination or time ( and money) for online gaming. There was one version of scrabble that could be played online but it was too easy.


What age were you when you first started reading and what were you reading at that age?

I really don’t remember when I started reading. But I do remember being addicted to Enid Blyton in primary school and trying to buy all her books either new or second hand and devouring g them within hours. It was the same with my younger brother and we used to pool our pocket money to buy books. As I grew up, I discovered my grandfather’s vast collection of books, and I was completely hooked on Agatha Christie, Georgette Heyer, Barbra Cartland, and my ever favorite, PG Woodhouse.


How do you prevent boredom entering into your life and are you able to list 6 effective ways in which others could introduce to stop it from entering theirs?

I would get bored if I ever had free time. If I am not blogging, I am reading or listening to music and walking. I don’t even have time to watch tv or movies. The trick to preventing boredom is to keep your mind occupied with things you love doing. Take up hobbies, either indoor or outdoor and you’ll see that you don’t have time to get bored.

Thank you Rory for these very interesting questions.



The Friday Four # 6

Rory is the host of Friday Four

The Friday Four
Once A Fortnight Question Game
Today some more brain tickling thought provokers!

Are you a perfectionist or can you take a step back and accept less than perfect?

I was one but now I’ve mended my ways. It wasn’t that I wanted things to be perfect for me, but I wanted things that I did to be perfect. Now I have realized that sadly I am an ordinary human and since I have no superpowers, my efforts will never be 100% perfect and that is fine.

• How often do you save online articles to your favourites list for reading ‘later’ and more importantly when do you then read them – as in when is your ‘later?’?

When I am rushed for time, I save posts on my reader to read later. But I do get to them in a day or two. If I can’t do that, I un save these posts because most would have become irrelevant by that time. There are certain posts with recipes, movie suggestions, and tv shows that remain saved till I have used that information in a useful manner.

When was the last time that you actively involved yourself in doing absolutely nothing for an hour and what did you do in that hour of nothing?

Just this evening, I sat on my lounger and did my coloring on the “Happy color” app. It was an hour or so. I also “do nothing” when I am playing my card games, solving puzzles, or just listening to music.

But if you’re asking, doing nothing as in nothing at all, that only happens when I sleep.

When was the last time that you were engaged in a difficult conversation and if you can ‘what was it and how did you do?’

What? Are you telepathic?

I just now had a difficult conversation with one family member. They were asking me to be more upfront with my emotions and feelings. And not keep things in my heart, where they fester and cause resentment. I was denying that I am not resentful, but they were insisting that since I am human, I must have some resentment!

The upshot was that we agreed to be more forthcoming about our feelings. (Haha)



The Friday Four # 5

Rory is the host of The Friday Four


Do you think society could survive without governmental authority or structure?

Nopes! It would be total anarchy and chaos. We need rules and laws. And we need a government to enforce both.

Do we really need all the technology we have?

Not all the tech we have become dependent upon. Some though is useful, like means of transportation, the tech used in agriculture and food and finally the communication. Some can argue that we can survive with it all and that is true that human beings survived thousands of years without these. But there is no doubt that they make life easy.

Having said that, somethings are superfluous, like social media, constantly running news and the millions of gadgets that we buy and forget to use.

Everyone has a passion that can absorb them for hours and that includes talking about it with others for hours if left unchecked – do you have such a passion and if so – what is it?

I like to talk about taboo subjects!


I mean subjects like faith and politics. These are considered taboo in the polite company so I discuss them only with people who are open to talking about them. Life and death and the deeper meaning of life are also subjects that I can talk about for hours, but only with willing listeners.

What have you found yourself thinking a lot of late and that seemingly will not leave your brain alone?

The current situation has taught me the futility of having too much stuff. I think about downsizing my possessions and about keeping things simple.

The US election has also invaded my thoughts to the degree of annoyance. I wish they would declare a winner and get on with the process.

Thank you Rory for these thoughts provoking questions.




The Friday Four- Game 4

Rory is the host of The Friday Four.

Today’s Questions;

What do you forget to do on a regular basis?

I forget to floss my teeth after brushing. Every night. Then some days I go back and do it and on others, I promise myself that I will do it tomorrow. Needless to say, I forget!

How influenced are you by advertising?

Not much. During the pandemic and lockdown, I have realized that we buy stuff just because, and I am trying to cut down this habit. Besides, there is so much politics on the TV, that I’ve stopped watching it.

Do you have a secret to reading blogs on a sustainably regular basis?

How did you guess?

My secret strategy is to get notifications of all the blogs that I regularly follow in my WP app. So when I get up in the morning, I try to read the posts published during the night. Once I am caught up, I then write my own post for that day and if I am lucky to have enough time, I can do it for a couple of days. The time that I am awake, I keep an eye on my app, and read the posts as they are published.

What are some of the things that people do that make you feel very uncomfortable?

I am a very peaceful person and don’t like confrontations. I find it hard to defend myself against allegations and keep silent on such occasions. Other than that, uncivil and rude behavior and people discussing imitate details make me uncomfortable too



The Friday Four # 3

Rory is the host of Friday Four

** “Age is just a number…” – Okay – do you believe this and if so, what number is it, and more importantly what number are you?

There are two ways we age;

Physically and


My physical age is 58, going on to 59. My body and it’s parts are that age and there is absolutely no use denying that. I have to look after my body considering its age and use it accordingly. Eating and exercising keeping in mind my age is very important.

As to my mental age, it all depends on how I think. If I think I’m old, I’ll feel old. If I think I’m young yet, I’ll feel accordingly. The verve and will to enjoy life, to learn new things, and being open to change are the things that keep us young. Being fixed in our way of thinking is one sure-fire way of growing old before we actually are.

Inked or not – do you have any tattoos that you regret having done as they are with you for the rest of your life unless removed and if you do not have any have you ever thought of getting inked and if so would you get permanent or temporary?

Never thought of getting a tattoo. It wasn’t a part of my culture when I was growing up. So I never had the inclination of getting myself “inked”!

Can you describe the word …. How?

It deals with the way things happen. The best way to describe it is;


With Halloween at the end of the month – Horror movies seasons is starting again – do you love or hate them and why do you feel the way you do – what makes them great or terrible for you and or – why do they scare you?

I don’t hate or love them. But it’s not my favorite genre. I do like some horror movies, which were not cheesy or corny. The rest either are too gory for my taste or are too predictable, unbelievable, and hilarious at times too be called horror movies.



The Friday Four # 2

Rory asks for Friday Fun


**What is more important to you – to be ‘Liked’ or to be Respected?’

I think I’d rather be liked than respected. And anyway in my mind these two are linked together. You cannot dislike a person you respect and you usually respect a person you like. Or do we?

** What do you believe to be the difference between admiration and respect or do you find them to be the same?

Admiration is quite different from respect. We can admire different qualities in different people but we may not respect them as the people they are as a whole. We can admire a sharp mind, a witty tongue, or a wicked sense of humor but we may not respect those people as a package deal.

** Likability and friendship are two different things. Being likable to many is great, but being a great friend to a few (or one) is rare – what do you think to that statement – true or false, agree or disagree?

I think it’s true. Trying to be likable is futile anyway. Be a good and sincere friend to a few! Besides, I think trying to be likable is a juvenile ambition and one should outgrow it as we mature.

How uniquely YOU are you in a world filled with variations of you anyway – what seperates YOU from the rest of the world and makes you Youniquely You??

We all are alike in many aspects and unique in a few. There are no two people who are exactly the same in the world. Even identical twin aren’t the same, personality wise. So even if my kids have inherited some of my personality features, they all are unique and different as I am.

What makes me unique is all the quirks and twists that I have either developed in the last 58 years or was born with. My way of talking, thinking and behaving is what makes me unique. And of course it includes how I write my blog!!!!




The Friday Four- 2.1

A new challenge by Rory, The Friday Four

The Friday Four

Ah questions, questions, questions – what is it about you and questions Rory?

Simple, l just like asking questions.

Some relatively simple ones today for this Friday however…

1. What three senses could you NOT live without? Discuss why…

If it’s alright with you, I would like to keep all of my senses! But if there is a dire necessity, I may be able to live without smell and touch. Seeing, hearing and the ability to talk are the ones that make life, life! If you know what I mean.

2 . What is your favourite of these two and why? Pen or Pencil.


Because the pencil is so versatile. It can be any color, it can be any shade of black and the best part is that it is erasable. Made a mistake, no problem. Erase it and write again. With a pen, you either will have to make a mess or start again.

3 . What are your top 3 colours and why are they your favourites?

Yellow, blue and purple.

I like them and though I cannot wear most shades of yellow, I still like to dress up in these colors.

4 . Are you able to list 10 basic smells and if so what are they?

• Ah so lovely

• What is this? I must have it

• Food!!!!!

• Nice

• Not nice

• Ewww

• Yikes

• Oh my….. What is THAT

• Did something die in here?

• I cannot stand it