FPQ # 10

Another interesting question from Fandango;

This week he is asking:

“What is more important to you, doing the right thing or doing things right?”

My take on this;

Why is it one or the other? I would choose to do the right thing and do it right! Doing the right thing is incumbent upon us, if we have a conscience. We will know deep in our heart that taking a certain course of action is the right thing to do. And once we have decided on that we should do it properly. The way it deserves to be handled.

For example; I find a $100 bill on the street. I will know that I should not take it, but how to prevent someone else from usurping this money? I should go and report it as a lost/ found property to the local police station. Now that is a hard thing to do as it often means going out of your way, and sometimes a lot of time is wasted too. So the right thing to do would be to take it to the police station and the right way to do it would be to spend time and effort on the whole thing, get a receipt for it and inquire a few days later about it!

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FPQ # 9

A new “set” of questions from Fandango to mark the first FPQ of the year. One can answer both or either one of these questions;

“What are you struggling with the most right now?”

My struggles are two folds.

1. In real life, as always my biggest struggle is with my weight. I try different diets, ways of reducing calorie and exercise. My success rate is 50%. I am failing 50% of time and the weight is winning the other 50% of time, I hope you are getting my drift. So it goes on and on.

2. My other struggle in real life is time management. And I think that I am not alone in this. The time allocated to blogging is eating up my time for real life. I am like a puppy, chasing after it’s tail. Going round and round in circles and getting nowhere. I am happy to say that I have started to work on strategies to resolve this issue and am getting positive results. I love writing and reading on my blog but now I have prioritized writing, and when I am done writing my blog post(s), I go and read the blogs I follow. Sometimes I can only read and like and then there are days when my mind is in working order, I write sensible comments too.

“As a blogger, do you enjoy ‘virtual relationships’? Do you consider them to be real?”

As a blogger, I enjoy my virtual relationships! The people here in the blogosphere are my friends and I enjoy exchanging ideas with them. I share jokes, get advice ( and give it too!) and share my achievements and failures with them just like I do with my real life friends. So, yes I consider my virtual relationships, real!

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FPQ # 8

Fandango came up with his latest FPQ #8:

“When was the last time you did something for the very first time? What was it that you did?”

Last year I went with my best friends to Visit Istanbul, Turkey. It was the first time that I went abroad with my friends, just a girls trip.

It was November, last year that I and a couple of my friends made the plan to visit Turkey, specifically, Istanbul.

There were many recommendations for traveling to Istanbul. It was cheap, the people were friendly and it was a place of historical interest. Not that we were so hooked on history but who wouldn’t want to see the palaces and churches that attract millions of visitors every year.

The trip was, all the traveling time inclusive, of a week. A friend had researched all the places we should visit, complete with a travel itinerary. We decided that we would visit only Istanbul and explore the city as much as we can.

Dolmebaché Palace is situated on the side of Bosporus straits. It was an amazing place. A luxurious and grand palace, residence of the sultans. It was the last place we visited on our trip and it wouldn’t have been complete without this visit.

Cruise on the Bosporus; It was a lovely experience with a round trip , starting from the part of river near the Topkapi palace traveling towards the golden horn and then returning to the starting point. While on the cruise, we were informed in English about the places we were passing by and their historical significance.

Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque; The historic Topkapi palace, ruling seat of the Ottoman Empire was built in 1459. It’s a fascinating place, alive with the historical atmosphere and kept is great repair by the administration. Right next to it was Hagia Sophia, initially a church which was converted into a mosque when Turkey was conquered by Sultan Ahmet in 1414, A D. It is now a museum.

The blue mosque is familiar to many as one of the most pictured landmark of Istanbul.

Grand Bazaar/ Spice Bazaar; Both are adjacent to each other in the older part of the city. Going there is like stepping back into the past. One feels as if we are in some medieval eastern city, or in a movie like Aladdin!

But though the place seemed mysterious, there was no mystery about all the shops and the shoppers. The place was teeming with tourists from every nation on the earth, haggling with shop owner about the prices. The shoes were selling everything from spices, tea jewelry to garments bags and beautiful hand crafted porcelain pieces. The famous Turkish lamps made out of multicolorEd glass and other hand painted souvenirs were in high demand.

We made a few trip to the grand bazaar and had to restrain ourselves from buying too much of these arty pieces.

A trip to Istanbul cannot be complete without visiting the Istaklal street and Taksim Square. The heroes memorial in the Taksim Square attracts a lot of photographers, taking selfies or asking passerby’s to take their pictures. Right in front of the memorial we the famous Turkish Doner Kebabs.

Istaklal street with its street cafes, clubs and impromptu dance performances was a treat to visit. All the western big brands have outlets on The Istaklal street.

The Turkish people are extremely friendly and welcoming. The food there is appetizing and flavorful. The people are quite health conscious and eat plenty of fruits, pomegranates are a notional favorite.

So this was one thing that I did last year , which I hadn’t done before.

Have you visited Turkey?

Please share your experiences in comments.

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FPQ # 7

Fandango has posed another of his thought-provoking question;

“Do you believe that social media sites should be able to censor what people post on their sites and ban content creators from posting? Or do you consider such actions to be a violation of freedom of speech, which is guaranteed as a right in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution?”

My take;

I am strongly of the opinion that people should be allowed to say their say, but in the limits of the media protocols. If I sign up with a platform which has certain conditions and rules, that I agree to follow, I should do that to the best of my knowledge and with clear conscience.Writing material which violates these terms should be avoided at all times and people who do so, should be ready for their content to be removed or banned from that platform.

Freedom of speech;

The right to freedom of speech allows individuals to express themselves without government interference or regulation.

Since the social media platform/ sites are not run by the government, they can impose censorship according to their terms and conditions.

The fact that people are free to say something which is factually true, doesn’t give them the license to spread hate through statements which probably aren’t true. And spreading strife and hatred are a crime against humanity.



FPQ # 7

FPQ #6

Fandango asked one of his provocative questions today;

“Is technological advancement a net positive or a net negative?”

Technology is the basis of all the developments we see around us today. Our way of living, our housing, the food we eat, the way we travel, the current medical treatments and procedures and much more is the result of developments due to the technological advances. We are reaping the fruit of technology and development due to it since the early 1900’s, when there was the industrial revolution.

To deny the beneficial role of technical advancement in our lives would be to deny the blatant truth.

Is it all good or all bad?

The answer is no.

As with any other development in human history, technology is a double-edged sword, bringing relief on one hand and inconvenience on the other.

If we see one side of the picture, we can see all the convenience brought to us due to the advances of technical knowledge. From birth to death, the human race enjoys the benefits of technology. The most noteworthy are the advancement in the medical field. There are other numerous advantages due to technology like a warm house in winters and a cool one in summers. The plentiful food, food products, naturally produced or manufactured from natural ingredients is another example. The clothes we wear all are given a boost by technical advancement, by the availability of light weight weather resistant fabrics which are long-lasting and easy to wear. Construction industry has also seen immense improvement due to technology. And there are numerous other fields where we see our lives improve due to technology.

On the other side, the industry which is generating all this high-tech way of life for us to enjoy, has damaged our environment no end. The means of communication where has reduced the world to a global village, has also made us slaves to it. The internet and social media have become the sore point in out lives. Our kids are addicted to the social media sites, but also have a underlying dread of it, due to the peer pressure it causes. The media can make or break someone in seconds. World events are being influenced by unethical manipulation of the social media sites. Something which a few years ago used to be the stuff of science fiction stories, had become a frightening reality today.

There is no solution to this problem, unless done on an organized world-wide level.

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FPQ # 5

Fandango has come up with another of his provocative questions.

Here is what he is asking ;

“Is there a ‘blogging-you’ who is different from the real-world you? If so, how are the two ‘yous’ different? How has the ‘blogging-you’ evolved since you first started blogging?”

My answer;

The blogging-me isn’t all that different from the real me. There are slight subtle differences which I will elaborate.


When blogging, I prefer to remain anonymous. I do not share any particular details about myself, my family or even from where I come from. The reason: When I started to blog, I did some reading up and one of the advice lot of bloggers gave, was to keep your own identity separate from your blogging identity.

I am more open about my opinions and tolerant of things which in real life I may not be that comfortable discussing. I think that is also due to anonymity. I can discuss subjects which due to my dislike of confrontation, I won’t do otherwise.

I write on subjects which can be considered as not socially appropriate, if talked about in an otherwise different setting. Or I could put it like this that socially awkward subjects can be discussed openly on the blog because there is a freedom of expression.

The real world me, would not be doing some of the above mentioned things due to no cover of anonymity.

How my blogging has evolved;

Since it’s been a short time since I started to blog, I don’t think that a very marked change has occurred in my blogging personality. I may have become more confident in my writing. I have made a lot of lovely friends here in the blogging world. The encouragement I have received here has made me bold enough to address a few of the tricky issues in the blogging world.

If you guys have sensed any other changes in my writing, feel free to comment.



FPQ # 4

“Is it better to know or is it better to not know?”

This the latest FPQ, posed by Fandango, of This ,That and the Other.

My answer to this is, yes. Most empathetically yes!

Knowledge is the key to understanding. Not only the world around us but ourselves too. Knowing the answers or at least trying to know is our instinct. The result is all the development in the world today.

Knowing the facts in life makes the decision process easy. It also provides the insight into the workings of all that surrounds us. That is how the technology came into being.

Knowing our own strengths and weaknesses can lead us to manage our lives in a better way. Similarly the knowledge of these qualities in others is also a big factor in how we deal with them.

Knowing about our moral creed saves us from confusion and gives us an anchor in life. It serves a basis upon which we build our faith. And is essential for our spiritual well-being.

Knowing about what illnesses we have had, have and could have is also very important for our physical survival. Know what foods are good for us and which ones are harmful. What are health promoting habits and which can be detrimental for our health are all fact that come from knowledge.

In conclusion I would say that if we want to live a life of ease and enlightenment, we should strive to KNOW!

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FPQ # 3

Another provocative question from Fandango!

FPQ #3

“Is morality objective or is it subjective? If you believe it’s objective, what is its source. If you believe it’s subjective, how do you know whose concept of morality is correct?

Morality, by definition has to be objective, though in some cases it can be subjective at a cultural level.

The basic definition of morality is that it is a system of distinguishing between right and wrong. Any action which is right has to be right on the absolute principles. A wrong has to be wrong as considered by all people. If something is right for me, it cannot be wrong for another and vise versa. There is an inbuilt moral compass in all the human beings which tell right apart from wrong. A small child knows when it has done something wrong and would try to hide it. Our compass gets corrupted as we grow into adults in a society when moral values are askew due to our own interpretation of what is right and what is wrong. So as far as absolutes are concerned, morality is objective.

However there are different cultural values in different societies concerning, the social aspects. These differ from one culture to another. It would include modes of behavior which are acceptable in a culture but frowned upon in another. For example the social norms that are prevalent in western societies are different then those in some eastern cultures. So what is acceptable  for the people from one culture can be unacceptable for those from other societies.

The judge of behavior always has to be one’s own self. But based on what the inner compass is indicating.

That is my take on morality. Your’s may be different, so take up this FPQ and share your views.

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FPQ # 3



Fandango’s Provocative Question

What do you think is more useful: intelligence or wisdom, and why to you feel that way?”

So many people now have answered this question that I feel I would only be repeating what others have already said. But anyway here’s my take on this question:


It’s the gift one is born with. Nobody can learn to be intelligent. We can hone it, develop it and acquire knowledge to further the God given gift. Intelligence can also be enhanced by working hard at studies and acquiring skills. Intelligent people usually excel academically , but not always. A intelligent but lazy mind will not do well in academia.


None of are born wise. But having said that, some people, even children are sagacious. But in the usual run of things, as we grow older we become wiser. Some even say that ” going to bed early and getting up early can make a person wise, in addition to endowing him with wealth and health “. It’s a matter of opinion though!

Now to talk about which of these qualities is more useful in life , well that is also dependent upon the circumstances and usage of them. Some intelligent people don’t use their intelligence to do anything useful in life and so is the case of wisdom. A wise can make a wrong decision or take a erroneous step which might have disastrous results on his life.

My conclusion;

If you’re born with intelligence, use it to achieve your goals in life but don’t take it for granted. If you are endowed with wisdom through your life experiences, make it you shining light. Let it guide you and yours to make good judgements in life

Let me know what you think is more important or useful, Intelligence or Wisdom?

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Fandango’s FPQ#1

FPQ for today is:

“If you could be the opposite sex for one day, what would you do?”

This was too tempting to not answer! I hope I am making sense. If I were a man for a day what would I do? Now this is indeed a provocative question as I have to think hard to look for an answer to it. I always had a desire to walk in the shoes of a man. But when this hypothetical question is put to me, I am stumped!

I have my answer: I will lord it over my family, will demand they fill full my every whim and wait on me hand and foot ( sounds like a MCP, doesn’t it). But there is a caveat, my husband should be a woman for that day!

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