Friday Flashback-Was it a good year?

I am sharing this post from May, 2020 as a part of Fandango Friday Flashback!

And also because I think it was an interesting post.

The very inquisitive Rory has asked;

Who were you and where were you for those ages – ages – 17, 21 and 35 – do you remember? 

what were the years? Have you changed significantly from the person you were at 17 to the person you were at 35 and were they indeed ‘very good years?’

The bonus question should you wish to answer it is this …. answer the same questions for the ages of 25, 45 and 55. Alternatively looking at the six ages 17, 21, 25, 35, 45 and 55 – have you changed profoundly from the core of who you were at the beginning of the Life journey?’


This is a test of my memory;

Do I remember when I was;


I was just finishing school. Not very confident or sure of myself. I knew that my aim in life was to go to med school and was studying towards it. At this time of my life, I was an extra sensitive teenager, taking on too much stress and always a nervous wreck.


In Med school. With a few like-minded friends having a whale of a time. Studying hard and having lots of crazy fun. Lots of laughs and lots of pranks. In fact, we were known as giggling girls in our dorm. Though I still was very prone to stress, but being away from home, and with great friends, it helped me a lot to talk to them and share my feelings.


I was a mom to a one-year-old daughter and was enjoying both the stress and the joys of a new parent. Managing home, motherhood, and finances of my own home was a twofold task. The tension of making the wrong choice and happiness at being able to do it on my own. It helped a lot to have the support from my husband. And the guidance I got from my father. Happy days, all in all.


This is a phase of which I don’t remember much. Unknown to me, I was developing full-fledged hypothyroidism and it made me lose big chunks of my memory. I would gain weight rapidly and lose it quickly ( the condition I had is called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis). With this yo-yo in weight, I also had other health issues. But not an unhappy or bad time as such. It’s just not that clear in my mind.


I started to get more confident. More sure of myself and was getting less concerned about the opinions of others. After turning 40, I had realized that I need not conform to what others expect of me and do my own thing. This gradually improved my own self-worth and I became less prone to stress-related health issues.


After bi-lateral knee replacements, I have entered a new, and healthier phase of my life. I am looking after myself more, walking more, and eating better. An overall improved me, in fact.


This is now. I am grandma to three adorable grandkids. A ten-year-old and two 13 months old babies. Wow! A wonderful place to be in.

Thank God for all the blessings that I have received in my life. I thank the trials in my life too because they have taught me much. All that has lead to the present is a result of what has happened in the past.

What about you, do you recall how it was, good or not?




Repost- Sunday Writing Prompt – Make a wish

I am sharing this post from 25 March, 2020 as a part of Fandango Friday Flashback



I found an old lamp

Not in the cave of wonder

But in the pile of junk by the road

The genie appeared ruffled and distraught 

Instead of cooperation, I was offered disinterest

Reluctantly he offered to fulfill my three wishes

But no more he said, this would be his last stint

No more he said, I am fed up with the greed of the people 

Always money and power, huge houses and cars

Why not ask for something that benefits humanity 

That is good for many not just one selfish person 

I had a brilliant idea, I told him

I want good health for all that are living

I was granted my wish but the world population exploded 

For no one died as there was no illness anymore

I had to reverse my wish with great sadness

And wished him free with my last wish

This is a tricky game he told me

It’s better not to mess with the scheme of things 

The Prompt;

By a means of your choosing you come into the possession of a magical lamp. This lamp contain a D’jinn. He offers you three wishes. The standard limitations apply to your wishes. You can’t ask for unlimited wishes. You can’t wish for someone to fall in love with you and so on. Will you outsmart the genie by carefully wording your wishes or will you bring misfortune on yourself? If you choose the misfortune route you can either go humorous or horror the choice is yours!

In response to;

MLMM- Sunday Mix- Make a Wish




My obituary- Repost for Fandango Friday Flashback

I wrote this post in response to daily prompts in March 2020

Cast adrift on a moonless night

The ship sails on sea that is calm

Seeking quiet and solitude I stand here

Thinking how my life is dependent

On those who are a constant in my world


One day I was not here anymore

Would my obituary be read with sadness

Or with a feeling of relief

Would I like them to be sad, missing me

Or will I leave them relieved, secretly happy

I think the best legacy I can leave behind 

Would be a score of kind deeds

That will make them remember me with love

And be glad for the fact that they knew me

In response to the following prompts;




Moonless, Crisp, Quiet



Word of the day Challenge;







Friday Flashback-Are you bored? Answer some questions!

I am sharing this post from March 2021 as a part of Fandango Friday Flashback

Cheryl is asking;

Maybe you would like to answer some frivolous questions while you are isolated. Be my guest! All with a sense of humor, don’t get your knickers in a twist!

Do you follow fashion trends?

I do if I like the trend. If not then I follow my own style. 

Do you wear sweats while working at home?

Yes mostly I do. I think it’s our privilege to dress in comfy clothes at home. 

Underwear or commando?

Always underwear.

Men wearing socks or no with dress shoes?

Yes, always!

Do you have a full length mirror?

At least one.

Do you wear makeup at home?

Nopes, just the usual skin care.

How many times do you check your appearance in the rear view mirror while driving?

Not once, or okay maybe just once.

Do you apply makeup while driving?


Do you shave every day or like the stubble look?

No shaving, I rather epilate!

How long does it take you to be “ready” for work or going in public?

10 to 15 minutes if it’s informal. 30- 40 minutes if I have to put on the makeup!

Do you groom yourself more often than your pet?

Since I don’t have a pet, I have more time to groom myself. 

How many clothing items are in your bedroom, not hung up?

A few! Not many. 

So if you’ve time at your hands, Why not answer these questions! It just takes 10 minutes max!


Friday Flashback -One Day soon- Daily Prompts

I am sharing this post from March 2020, it was the beginning of the lockdown, as a part of Fandango Friday Flashback

I see countless branches, bare

Waiting for spring to put some buds

And leaves to cover their nakedness 

It will happen when the time is right

Patience is an art we learn when we wait

For nature to act, changing winter into spring

The amount of time may vary every year

This year things may be difficult 

Eerie and frightening, but spring will arrive 

And flowers will bloom like always

Break out of the fearful and somber mood

Put a smile on your face while you wait

For the crisis to be over, for the world to right itself 

In response to the following prompts;


Time, Courtesy, Break




Countless branches

Word of the day Challenge;







Relatability and resonance

I am sharing this post from last July. As a part of Fandango Friday Flashback

Rory has asked a set of questions on his blog;

24 Hour Blog Question Directory

The Resonation of Relatability?

How important to you is it for you to have a level of resonation or relatability to the blog and bloggers you read from weekly or does it not matter and you read purely for the escapism, learning or entertainment factor and so on? 

Mostly the blogs I follow have to have a degree of relatability otherwise I don’t follow them. The thoughts and the content has to gel with me before I make visiting them a daily feature.

There are a few which are either hilarious or entertaining which also are on my reading list. Short stories, poems or funny anecdotes all to lighten up my day.

Do you like to balance your reading or focus on specific genres only?

I think my reading is pretty balanced. But I don’t go out of my way to include blogs which are totally opposite to my way of thinking. That would be just too much to swallow. But if a blogger that I follow has an opinion which is opposed to mine, I will not only read it but also try to look at things from their perspective.

Finally do you need to ‘get your blogger to get your blogger?’ or do you get the blogger anyway whatever?

This question seems to be a puzzle!

I get what a person is writing but do I completely get them?

Some I do because I’ve been following them for most of the time I have been blogging and there are some that are new and I don’t know them that well.

Reading and perusing a blog gives the ideal opportunity to know the person behind that writing.




A repost- Three Things Challenge; January 1st

I am sharing this post from 1st January 2019 as a part of Fandango Friday Flashback


I am not a theorist, in fact I am not a philosopher at all

I go with the fact and get to a conclusion to satisfy the mind

Fact can be funny in a way that sometimes contradict one another

But my shop sells facts only and no theory or conjecture is allowed

The sign at the door says, ” Please leave all fiction and bring facts only”

Then we can sit over a cup of tea and sort out all that bamboozles us

One fact can fit in the reality, but where to put the other that negates it

There must be missing link which I haven’t foreseen, to make a bridge

The true picture will be painted by linking all the points to each other

Much like a dot to dot picture we give our children to play and draw with

In response to; 3TC:

Theorist, funny ,shop




Spreading Joy- A repost

I am sharing this post from December 2019 as a part of Fandango Friday Flashback

PS: I have shared this post once before too😉😜

A nice gesture can make your day or someone else’s!

A couple of days ago at the grocery store, a girl walked up to me. After giving me a smile she told me the I had beautiful feet! I was hit by multitude of emotions. 

I looked at my feet, clad in my glittery fit-flops, and couldn’t see anything extraordinary there. Maybe my shoes were nice or the color of my nail color. Anyway, flustered, I said” Really?”

I wasn’t hunting for more compliments but I couldn’t believe that she meant my feet.

She smiled again and assured me that they were really beautiful. I guess beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Or in their kind hearts.

She did something spontaneous and beautiful. It made my day. Filled my heart with pride and happiness. It made me think. There are many a times I feel like complimenting someone I see when I am out and about. People I don’t know but who impress me with their behavior or appearance. 

But I usually shy away from doing so. I feel I might offend them or maybe appear weird to them. It does take a lot of guts to walk up to a stranger and pay them a compliment. It wasn’t always so, but nowadays, we are more hesitant to do so because we don’t know how it will be received.

I do share smiles, if I manage to make eye contact with others. Some just look the other way and some reciprocate. This is also a way to spread joy, by giving joy to someone. 

The point of this post is that we should not feel shy or reticent if we want to compliment someone. It sure adds to their day.

Being kind and thoughtful doesn’t cost anything. Just like good manners and politeness.

Spread joy.

Make someone’s day brighter!



A Repost- Really me # 8

I am sharing this post from December 2019 as a part of Fandango Friday Flashback

Rory is the host of The really real you!

A Guy Called Bloke Banner The Really You JPEG

The Really You!

Season 1 – Game 08

So this year, 2019 are you on the Festivus or Christmas List – if so which side – Naughty or Realistic?

I am always good and realistic. Never ever naughty. Though I won’t be on a Christmas list as I don’t celebrate Christmas. 

Are you a Biscuit Dunker? [Dipping biscuit into the hot drink to soften and then eat] If so how good are you? What’s your longest time held in the liquid before you take back to your mouth and does it break or remain intact?

There were the days in my past when I would have a cookie/ biscuit. But now no carb, no cookie, and no cake either. In that distant past, I’ve been known to dunk a few cookies but not too much. A cookie or a biscuit should be crisp to complement the hot tea or coffee.

When writing responses to comments in your blog from your readers do you happen to use the same responses, how often do you try to make it different?

Now this is a very interesting question! I have the usual responses like expressing my gratitude and delight. But it does get repetitive. We have just that many ways to say thanks. Or to express our pleasure at appreciating something! I do feel that I should come up with more varied responses. Any ideas?

Do you when responding to comments from readers read the answer from you out aloud and do you if including ‘smiley… smile at the same time?

I don’t read them aloud but when I find something funny I laugh or smile. And sometimes I cry too at the beautiful things that are said in comments. And do smile when sending a smiley! I think it’s instinctive. 

Why is the sky blue and the sea green and not the other way around?

I knew why! But I’ve forgotten it. 

What is it with time? When you want it to go slow, it goes fast, when you want it to go fast it goes slow?

It’s called the theory of relativity. Eisenstein had the correct equation for it but basically, he said that the good time passes quickly and stressful time goes slowly. Especially when you’re waiting. 

Is there such a thing as astronicks?

Probably! You never know what new things are constantly being invented and what new phrases are being coined. 

Who was the first? – And if they were the first – more importantly why? [Your interpretation as regards to answer] Would you do it again?

My first blog post was the one WP posted on my behalf- The journey begins. It sort of took me by surprise. But my hand was forced and I immediately wrote my very first post. 

Could there be life after jam?

Of course. That’s why we have peanut butter, honey, Nutella and many other sweet and savory bread spreads. 

When do the Easter Eggs go on sale isn’t that time about now?

You have to wait till the first of January. If you are going to get eggs for Easter make sure they don’t turn into chicks by that time. 

What was the best Christmas No1 ever and why? [Musical Question]

Frank Sinatra- Christmas Songs



Do you want to know me better?

I am reposting this post from December 2019 as a part of Fandango Friday Flashback

tagged me


So, are you ready?

10 “briefly explain” questions:

1. What really makes you angry? 

Impolite, rude people, injustice, entitled people and those who think they are above the rest of us.

2. What is your favorite food that you cannot do without? 

It used to be carbs. Now I think it’s coffee. 

3. What is your biggest fear? 

I fear that we will destroy the environment of our planet and the next generations will have to pay the price.

4. What has been your biggest accomplishment this year? 

Personally, I have achieved success regarding my weight loss and getting my blood glucose levels back to normal. In blogging, I feel that my blog is doing well, especially the Prompt that I have re-started, What do you see!

5. If you could live any where in the world, where would that be? 

I would love to live in a scenic place with hills and streams, yet with all the facilities of modern-day living. 

6. What is your favorite method to relieve stress? 

Meditation, walking and listing to music. Sometimes I do all three together. Works wonderfully. 

7. Would you rather live on the Moon or on Mars for two years? 


8. What is your favorite type of weather? 

I love it when one season changes into other. Like spring into the beginning of summer, fall changing into winter or winter giving way to spring.

9. What is your favorite sport to play or watch? 

None. I have given up on all sports, watching recently and playing looooong time back. 

10. Do you enjoy creative efforts to attract readers to your blog? 

Sure I do. My recent effort was re-starting Helene‘s Prompt, What do you see. It has increased my blog traffic considerably.

10 “this or that” questions:

  1. Beach or Mountains? Mountains
  2. Fish or fried chicken wings? Fish and chips
  3. Sydney or Rio De Janeiro? Both
  4. Swimming or climbing hills? Neither.
  5. Steak or Lamb? Neither 
  6. Summer or Winter? Both
  7. Countryside or city? City.
  8. Spring or Autumn? Autumn
  9. Political Science or Statistics? Statistics
  10. A Train or Airplane Ride? 

I love both. In fact, I don’t mind bus rideseither. The only thing I ask is that it should be comfortable.

Anyone who wants to answer these questions is most welcome to do so. But do link back to my post so that I can read your replies.



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