Journeys to undertake

In response to Weekly Prompts- Journey by Sue W and GC, I’m re-sharing this post from last year, September 3rd. It fits the prompt very well.


“The journey matters as much as the goal.” ~ Kalpana Chawla

What a coincidence, I am going on a journey today. We are traveling to another city to explore possibilities and opportunities.

Pack your bags, collect the essentials

Time to start on a journey to explore new possibilities

New pursuits can be challenging but rewarding too

Unless we find the courage to step out we will never find

What new joys tomorrow has in store for us

Keeping the spirit of adventure alive is so important

Humans are meant to move around and not grow roots




Leaves me speechless

The strength of human spirit leaves me speechless

When faced with a challenge, we think we won’t be able to achieve it

But the resilience and fortitude of our potential is astounding

We not only manage to attempt, but usually complete our tasks

Never underestimate what we we are capable of

Have faith in your abilities and keep on challenging yourself!


Written for; Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Astounding – July 19, 2022



How life changed

Like an opalescent glowing Pearl

Life held promises of infinite joy

Till some people took it upon themselves

To push us towards regression, a dark future

But usurping the freedom and liberty

Of untold number of women, young and old

Declaring the only men have rights, not women!

Time to show them, to strongly state our case

We aren’t sheep to be herded or cows to be slaughtered

Without women, how will this society even exist?


Written for; Eugi’s Weekly Prompt –Opalescence – June 28, 2022

Tuesday writing prompt: Write a poem using the words life, freedom, rights, and regression.




On fire

Endless days of summer

Blazing sun heating up the earth

Little birds thirsting for drops of water

Green leaves and colorful flowers wilting

The summer in tropical regions is a tough trial

Man and beast praying for some relief

From the scorching sun, ablaze and burning

We wait for the monsoon rain to bring some relief


Written for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt –Ablaze – June 21, 2022

Tuesday writing prompt: Begin a poem with endless




Waking up

When my morning alarm rings

It takes a while for me to fully awaken

The fog of sleep and unfinished, unremembered dreams

Takes a few moments to clear from my brain

In those few moments, eons pass for the journey,

From sleep to sharp reality is very short yet super long


Written for;Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Morning Fog – June 7, 2022



In the palm of my hand

In the palm of my hand
Many lines run side by side
The lifeline, intertwined
At the start with that of the head
It seems I have a long life
Getting a lot of support from those I love
The line for my head holding steady
That of my heart curving upwards
Shows I am emotional yet practical
The line of fate somewhat dim, obscured
Perhaps my fate lies in my own hands

Do I believe in all this?
Not that much but just a bit
Without a touch of mysticism
How cut and dry our life would be!


Written for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Intertwined – May 24, 2022