dVerse- Poetics- Let music speak

I choose these two lines from the list;

Sunny April Afternoon

Fruitloop Daydream



Absorbed in the magic of the sunny April afternoon

Was rudely awoken from my fruitloop daydreams

By the jarring note of discordant twittering

Birds instead of singing sweet spring melodies

Were in a war over the territory and birdseeds


I ask…..

Can’t you serenade me with sweet birdsongs

Why like humans you choose to go to war

Come now my little feathered friends, let’s forget the worldly woes

And sing together to celebrate the spring and it’s magic!


Written for: dVerse poetics, hosted this week by Punam



Last days of fall

I’m re-Sharing this poem for dVerse, hosted by Lillian where we are invited to share any poem of ours.

Breeze through the trees
A shower of golden leaves fall
Turning, twisting, shining in the
Rays of sun filtering through the branches
Another gust of cold air dislodges
Golden yellow droplets from the near-empty tree
Like a disdainful wench the tree shakes its head
Saying no vehemently to the entreaty of the wind
Scattering more wilting leaves on the sunny driveway




Open windows

To Join in dVerse Poetics:

*Post a poem about windows in any style or form and post it on your blog.
*Enter a link directly to your poem by clicking Mr Linky below.


Open the window and let the spring in

Don’t let it wait outside for we need it here too

The heady flower scented breeze to invigorate

The sunny bright light to stimulate

Open the window and inhale deeply

The magic of spring will work wonders

And let the window remain open till

It’s time to shut out the cold air of winter


Written for: dVerse poetics- Window grazing, hosted by Merril this week



Revolution around the sun

Let’s start a revolution with our quadrilles! Just be sure your 44-word poem contains some form of the word revolution.

Here’s how to Quadrille:

– Write a poem of exactly 44 words, including the word revolution.


Another revolution completed around the sun

Another year has passed in my lifetime

What goal have I achieved, which remains unfulfilled

Looking back I feels as if nothing

Of much importance has happened

Perhaps this year will be different

Perhaps this year will matter


Word count; 44

In response to dVerse Quadrille # 174- Revolution, hosted by Kim this week



Technology- An aid or a hindrance?

I decided to go with an image prompt again this week.

An additional push – you are free to use any AI tool to write your piece, though it is not a compulsion. If you are subscribed to Chatgpt, you may use to create anything you want.


As we lean onto technology heavily

Gave up trying to think independently

Reach out for a smart device for help

Even simple sums are considered a chore


Chatbots to answer the hard questions

AI to help with finding definitions

What was once an opportunity to gain knowledge

Discovery has been relegated to the category of a chore


Multiple open tabs on your computer, confusing

Brain at war with the barrage of irrelevant information

What would bring a smile to the face or solace to the mind

Has technology become a crutch or a tool?


From young to old, all are falling a victim

To the ever spreading web of misinformation

To pacify themselves they declare with impunity

Tricking themselves that they are moving with the times


Written in response to; RXC Prompt #276, hosted by Reena

Also in response to; dVerse line messaging, hosted by Saana




A little yellow to brighten my day!

Let’s have fun with yellow. You can write about the colour itself, or just sneak something yellow into your poem. A yellow bucket, a daffodil, an autumn leaf floating in a puddle. Let’s get to the yolk of the egg and the heart of the daisy. Let’s pour custard, let’s sprinkle turmeric, let’s smear mustard! Let’s yellow.

You know what to do:

  • write a poem
  • link to this post in your post
  • link up to Mr Linky
  • read and comment!


Flowers in all colors are a joy to behold

But give me any flower in yellow and you’ve made my day

From the exotic tulip, to a yellow rose perfect in its form

Sunflower, beaming like a mini sun, tall and proud

Snapdragon, pansies, daisies all are beautiful in yellow

And the humble wildly growing dandelions I love all flowers, yellow

A little yellow will brighten my day, bring me joy


Written in response to; dVerse, hosted by Sarah this week



Finding words

“The seed of a poem lay dormant in my heart.”

~ from “Winged Words”, Valsa George


The seed of a poem lay dormant in my heart, waiting for the right conditions and proper environment to bloom into a poetic expression. Laughter and joy weren’t the right inducers, perhaps tears and heartbreak would make this seed germinate better.

And that’s how it happened, I became a poet when my broken heart wanted to express the emotions mere prose wasn’t able to express. The unshed tears helped moisturize this dormant tiny grain to grow and gift me words full of feelings and emotions.

My pen wrote verses that moved others besides me too.


Word count; 95

For dVerse Posery- hosted by Mish this week



Zooming in on negatives – Quadrille dVerse Monday # 173


It’s very much in our nature

Zooming in on all that’s going awry

Everything that goes well is taken for granted

While the smallest misstep is highlighted

If we counted every blessing coming our way

We’d be more cognizant of things going right!


Word count; 44

Written in response to: dVerse Quadrille- Zoom, hosted by De Jackson



dVerse poetic- All in praise of weeds

This week Sarah is our host. She asks us;

You know what to do! Write a poem inspired by weeds. It can be joyful or irritated, you can admire their strength or complain about their cussedness.


The weed grows like a weed, uncontrolled

We would find it growing wildly in our garden

I had no inkling that this weed was the ‘weed

But my gardener knew all about it’s properties

He would gladly harvest its leaves and make

A concoction from them that’ll make him high

For centuries this innocent looking plant has been

The source of giving the poor people in our country

The recourse to a little intoxication that wasn’t banned

For this high that “Bhang” gave them was often used

In festivals where people would go into a trance

After ingesting the leaves, cooked or ground in a paste

And dance with abandon to the loud beat of the dhool!


*Bhang is the local name for cannabis in our part of the world. In both India and Pakistan, people use its leaves to make a paste that would induce a high. Probably the term ‘ Bhangra’ has been coined because of the dancing of people when high with Bhang!

Just to give you a taste of Bhangra music;

Written in response to dVerse- Weeds, hosted by Sarah



Feeling the burn

Today, let’s write a haibun that references pressure, in whatever way you experience or conceive of it. For those new to haibun, the form consists of one to a few paragraphs of prose—usually written in the present tense—that evoke an experience and are often non-fictional/autobiographical. They may be preceded or followed by one or more haiku—nature-based, using a seasonal image—that complement without directly repeating what the prose stated.


I often push myself to be the perfect mom/ grandmother/ wife! That means to be there for everyone. To be that shoulder that everyone could lean on or cry if they need to.

Is that stressful, yeah very much so especially if I, myself am not feeling so strong. But it’s an inherent trait and I have to live with it. And on top of it I don’t like to make anyone unhappy so you can imagine that the pressure builds up insidiously, and unknowingly I put myself in a situation where at times I can just feel like collapsing.

If I could cut it

I’d divide my heart among

My loved ones, fairly


Something to console

When they’re distressed, upset

When I’m not there


Written for dVerse- Haibun Monday, hosted by Frank