Bridges we cross

Linger a while

Loiter on the bridge

Don’t be in a hurry to go

The other side can wait a while

The bridges we cross can change

The reality of our life in a few short steps

Weigh the pros and cons and then move along

Cross the bridge when you’re good and ready for it!


In response to CCC # 230, hosted by Crispina



At the end of the rainbow

Seeing a rainbow is a rare treat

How it brings a smile to anyone’s face

Some think it’s lucky, others look for the pot of gold

You can explain the rainbow scientifically no doubt

But you cannot explain the magic of seeing a rainbow 🌈


Written in response to CCC # 227, hosted by Crispina Kemp



A place forgotten

There’s a secret place

A place forgotten by time

Enclosed in a crumbling wall

It lays vacant and seemingly abandoned

Look closely and if you’re lucky you will

See the tiny elves, pixies and garden fairies

Jumping in the piles of dried golden leaves

Running around trying to catch each other

But… Shush…… be very very quiet

Because one squeak from you and they’ll

Magically disappear as if they never existed


Written in response to CCC # 225, hosted by Crispina Kemp