Designer glasses

I lost my very expensive designer glasses last Sunday when I went for a walk. I retraced my steps but there wasn’t any sign of them anywhere. I was doubly sorry to have lost them because for one they were my only Ray-bans and for another they were a gift from my wife. I knew that she would be very displeased that I had dropped them somewhere.

A couple of weeks later both of us went for a walk on a bright Sunday afternoon. And lo and behold, there they were adorning a wooden sculpture that was still part of a tree. I must say they made that wooden face look quite dashing!


Written in response to CCC # 167, hosted by Crispina Kemp



All by herself

Walking up the grassy knoll, Sam took a deep breath and sat on the wooden bench placed there for people like her.

It was a beautiful day to be out. The sky was slightly overcast but the sun was peeking through the clouds and it was comfortable, sitting in the open.

John had loved such days, and sitting by herself she missed him all over again. Life went on, people came and went, she thought. Another day, another year and someone else would be sitting here instead of her.

Written for CCC # 166, hosted by Crispina Kemp



Hide and seek

Little bird hid in the tree branches, thinking he was invisible here. He didn’t realize that his bright plumage gave his hiding place away.

The hands that were going to shoot him were steady. Their stance professional and aim accurate. The little birdie wasn’t aware of what was going on till he heard the sound.

A click broke the stillness of the air. The bird, startled, flew away. The man holding the camera looked through the camera, checking the photos he had just taken. Satisfied, he gave a smile and walked away looking for another beauty to shoot.


Written for CCC # 162, hosted by Crispina Kemp



Way marker

This way marker

It’s on the way, where I pass every day

It points towards a place I have never visited

Daily I see it and think to myself

That one day I must go and see for myself

What this place is like and what’s it is all about

I make plans, and promise that one day I will

I keep on procrastinating, putting it off every day

I don’t know when that day will finally come!

Written in response to CCC # 160, hosted by Crispina Kemp



Walk down the memory lane

Coming here again after 20 long years was some experience. The trees had grown taller, bulkier and fence wasn’t in a good state. But the shady lane was still the serene place it used to be in my younger days.

Standing here and reminiscing, I happened to look to the other end of the lane and couldn’t believe my eyes. It must be an image created by my brain I felt. I could have sworn that Jackie was waiting in the sunlit path with her horse as she used to do those long years ago.

Tentatively, I started walking towards her. Expecting the image to disappear when I got close……

Written in response to CCC, hosted by Crispina Kemp

The throne

Out in the garden sits the throne
I know it doesn’t look much like a throne
But that’s the secret
Most would ignore it
Thinking it is just an old wooden chair
But only the discerning would see its value
The one who sits here can be the master
Of this beautiful domain
The blooming flowers, fresh new leaves
Grass like velvet green
Isn’t this view worth a king’s ransom?


Written in response to CCC # 158, hosted by Crispina