Book Review; Spirit of the shell man

No spoilers!

This is the latest book from Chris Hall, who also blogs on WP; Luna’s on line a sequel to her book, Song of the sea goddess.

I bought the book the day it was released on Kindle but it was April and I was doing the A to Z challenge, it also was the month of Ramadan and I had little free time to start a new book.

When May started, I started reading this very interesting story. it starts a year later when the Song of the sea goddess ends. The characters are the same here but the story is not linked to the previous adventure.

Chris has a wonderful way of narrating her story and the reader feels as if they are in the story, experiencing the events themself. Once I was a third of the way in the story, I needed to know what happened next and wasn’t able to put it down! So despite the fact that we moved from one house to another, I managed to finish this remarkable story!

If you haven’t bought this book, do so now. You’ll enjoy it very much.

My rating 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



Book review- Holly Ward investigates- Stolen Treasures

Mason Bushell has released his second Holly Ward mystery.

Anyone who has read any of the numerous stories that Mason writes on his blog, Mason Mind Menagerie, knows how creating a mystery story is one of Mason’s strongest suit.

This one is the second in the series, where an 18-year-old Holly investigates a mystery that the police haven’t been able to solve.

As I don’t want to give away the plot, all I want to say is that this is a very well-written and well-thought-out mystery where Mason not only writes of the adventure of Holly and her boyfriend Sam but gives us a background of her day too day life. Mason, himself a trained chef, writes in detail about the restaurant and it’s working where this mystery is set.

Mason has an amazing talent for writing action sequences that are vividly alive and detailed. When you will read this book you’ll feel the intensity of the pain and joy of the characters yourself.

I throughly enjoyed reading this book and am looking forward to reading Mason’s next book.

I give it a a rating of 4/5 stars.




Maddie Ware- A book by Teresa Grabs- A review

Our very own Teresa Grabs of The Haunted Wordsmith fame, has published her latest book ” Maddie Ware”

It’s tag line is;

When you are eleven, nothing is small”

My blogging has taken up too much of my time so the reading of this was delayed. But once I picked it up, I finished it in a couple of days with blogging and all.

So what is this book about. When Teresa was on WP, she shared some of the chapters on her blog and I was an avid follower. The book tells us the story of one year in the life of a pre-teen, Maddie Ware. Her successes and struggles. Her thoughts and actions so authentically expressed as to take the reader into her mind.

It’s sold as a book for kids aged 8-12 but I loved reading it and enjoyed myself a lot.

So guys, you should pick up her book on Kindle and enjoy the very interesting tale.



You’ll never walk alone- A review

I have just finished reading this very fascinating book by Chris Hall.

This is a spoiler free review.

The book is set in 1980’s Liverpool, England. The story is fast moving and completely attention grabbing. I finished reading the book in a couple of days. And I feel compelled to share my views with you all.

I loved the pace of the story. The characters are well developed and the plot is very interesting. Lots of things are happening and the threads of the story are woven expertly to make a believable tale. There is a monkey and a cat who are more than just pets. The charming monkey is playing a vital role in the story.

The Chinese triad is in an undeclared war with a mysterious hypnotic man and his minions. There are mysterious objects with magical powers which both parties are desirous of acquiring.

Then there is the tale of a long lost family member.

It’s definitely a must read. So grab your copy today!



The silver locket -Book review

Just finished reading The Silver Locket by Holly Atkins.

This is the pen name under which, Chris Hall of Luna’s Online writes.

This is a spoiler free review, and since I don’t know much about writing a book review, this is about how I found the story.

This is the second book by Chris that I have read, the first one was ” A Sextet of Shorts”

Like that book, I found this one to be a great read. The story was gripping, taking the reader into the plot and keeping us there till we reach the conclusion.

The characters are lovable and believable. The story goes through different phases and reaches an interesting conclusion.

You must read it I am sure that you will love it




This was the first medical thriller that I read by Robin Cook. At that time I was In med school so it was fascinating to read about the workings in the world of medicine. It was a work of fiction but there were undertones of reality in it. Cook, himself a doctor, described the ups and downs of the medical profession very creditably . An existing and absorbing story of patient manipulation combined with a good dose of suspense made this a great read. The patients undergoing surgery never wake up, ending in a coma. Later under the guise of long term patient management, an institute takes responsibility for their care. These comatose people are looked after in a way as to maintain the best bodily health, and their organs are used illegally and without consent for sale to desperate people who would pay anything to get them.

He addressed the very relevant and pressing issue of illegal organ transplants. I remember that there was a big furor about people selling their kidneys for money in poor and overly populated countries like India and China.

I loved his subsequent books too, but I think that this was his best.

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