Blogging Insights- Reading prompt posts

Tanya is the host of Blogging Insights


Do you like reading posts written for prompts? If so, what kind? 

As more than half of my blog posts are written in response to different prompts, I really love prompt posts. Mostly the prompt posts have just the prompt. Some bloggers give a background to the prompt or maybe tell us where the photo was taken.

I like reading and responding to both the visual and written prompts. Sometimes the prompt post pose a question or a situation and we have to work with it.

When you publish a piece in answer to a prompt, do you read entries by other bloggers? If so, do you read them before or after you have written your own?

I run two prompts, one is an image prompt and the other is a query. I read all the responses which are posted in answer to both the prompts.

When I respond to a prompt, either an image or a word, I like to do my writing before I read any of the responses others have written. This lets me use my thoughts and interpretation for writing my post. Later on, I would read the responses by other writers.

Sometimes more than a few writers come up with similar ideas for their posts in response to the prompt, that’s why I prefer to write mine before I read any responses.

Thank you, Tanya for these interesting questions.



Blogging Insights- My blog in 2021

Tanya is the host of Blogging Insights


How do you see your blog in 2021? What are your hopes and aspirations for your blog this year?

Right now, I am in a relaxed frame of mind. So I’ll let my blog roll along at its own pace.

I have written almost 4600 posts in last 28 months. I have reduced the number of daily posts from 4-5 to three per day. I think it is more manageable for me and does not put a lot of strain on my readers. My daily posts are published at 2-hour intervals, from 7:00 pm my (+ 5 GMT) time to 11:00 pm. This gives me a lot of time to write and pre-schedule my posts.

Although I can write more posts per day, I prefer that people read them too so I have reduced the number of times I post. I follow a lot of weekly prompts and sometimes I have to pass over a few of them as I am already at my daily limit. I have also stopped doing the daily prompts for this reason.

I am hoping that my blog would reach 3000 followers this year. Though it is just a random number and the number of people who really read my posts is around a hundred, it does feel like an accomplishment to gain these many followers.

This January, I have joined in JusJoJan for the third time. I find it so much fun. As for the rest, let’s go with the flow.

Thank you Dr.Tanya for these interesting questions every week.



Blogging Insights- Looking back at 2020

Tanya is the host of Blogging Insights


What can you say about your blogging experience in 2020? Has it been different from that in previous years?

This September marked the completion of my 2nd year as a blogger. My blogging experience is different from the previous year as I think my writing is improving as I write more. And also I feel I and my blog are growing positively.

2020 was a difficult year in many aspects and had a negative effect on a lot of bloggers. A few good friends are taking a hiatus from blogging because of personal reasons too. So I think to survive this year in the blogosphere is an achievement by itself.

I have continued with my visual prompt, What do you see, and have started another weekly question prompt, Sunday Poser. These are being received very well by the very supportive community at WordPress.

What have you been posting about most frequently in 2020?

I follow a lot of prompts and write stories and poems according to what I think about them. I’ll admit that this year due to the situation which surrounded people of the world, I wrote more to increase awareness among people. Awareness about social injustice, racial inequality, and the spread of covid due to the negligence of the general public about following the protocols.

Please share links to a few of your favorite posts from this year.

It would be like asking to choose a favorite child! Please visit my blog and pick your own favorites.



Blogging Insights- Organizing your blog

Tanya is the host of Blogging Insights


How organized are you when it comes to blogging? Do you have a blog schedule or do you play it by the ear?

Though I am not a stickler for schedules, I am pretty well organized regarding the postings on my blog. I post three posts daily and they are pre-scheduled to be posted every day. I usually write them the day before and schedule them. Sometimes if I have free time, I schedule posts for a couple of days in advance.

As far as my two prompts are concerned, those too are pre-planned and are scheduled at least a couple of days ahead.

How often do you’ tidy up’ your blog? e.g. go through your Drafts Folder, or go through old posts checking for broken links, etc.?

I do keep on going through my drafts and whenever I get time and inspiration, I complete them and post them as and when appropriate. I have never checked my old posts for broken links etc! I didn’t know that I was supposed to do that.

And this question also reminds me that I should tidy up my site. I haven’t touched it since at least a year. The reason is quite simple. I blog solely from my phone and for organizing, I’d need to go to my site via my laptop. Call me lazy or phobic, but I avoid doing that on all sorts of excuses. But I must do it sooner rather than later.

Maybe have a new header image or rearrange the menu or just refresh in general.

Thank you Tanya, for hosting this series and keeping the conversation going.



Blogging Insights- Blogging personality

Tanya is the host of this series


Is your blogging personality the same as your real-life personality? If not, how is blogging you different from real you, and why?


Very interesting question this week Tanya. As I blog under a pseudonym, one might think that I have created a false persona as my blogging avatar.

The reality is that initially, my blogging personality was a bit shy and cautious in the blogosphere. As I gained confidence, I gained enough confidence to reveal details about myself here.

So you can say that though my blogging personality is the same here as it is in real life but I revealed it gradually as my comfort level increased.

I am outspoken, opinionated, and like to preach. And I am sure those who read me here would agree that I am like that here too. In real life, I am polite and positive and I am the same here with my writing and conversation.

In my opinion, even if you do create a separate persona for blogging, your true personality will start to show through in time.

Thank you Tanya, for another interesting question.




Blogging Insights- Support from family and friends?

Tanya you the host of this series


How supportive are your family(or friends) of your blog? 

When I started my blog, I told all my friends and family about it. They were pleased that I am doing something with all my free time. Some didn’t take it seriously as I hadn’t exhibited any desire or talent for writing before this. But the fact is that they give me my space and time for blogging.

Do they do anything to help with your blogging efforts? 

None from my family. I had help from a very dear friend in setting up my blog, selecting the theme, and setting the menu. She had started her own blog a few months before I did, and had more expertise in setting up the site on WordPress. She is always there when I have queries about any technical issues. If it weren’t for her help and encouragement, I think I would not be blogging right now.

Do they read your work and offer a critique, if so, how do you react to it?

If I show what have written to my husband, he reads it and gives me pointers on how to improve it. I take his critique with a pinch of salt!

But no one in my family follows my blog or reads the published posts. There may be some real life friends who follow my blog page on Facebook who might be reading my posts but I haven’t gotten any feedback from them.

My source of encouragement comes from the blogging community which has become my online family too. They are always supportive and encouraging regarding my efforts. When someone points out my typo, grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, I am grateful to them and fix my mistakes before other can see them. I think a post which has errors in it, just takes all joy out of reading it.

Thank you so much Tanya for these questions.



Blogging Insights- Naming name!

Tanya is the host of Blogging Insights


Why did you choose your particular blog title? Was there a reason behind it or was it just a random choice? 

When I decided to start a blog, I wanted to address women over 50 who were usually suffering from empty nest syndrome. The women I was interacting with had lost the verve and joy of living and were just existing day to day.

Keep it alive was the title that I came up with to encourage them to keep the flame of appreciation of life, burning bright. It also was a note to myself to keep my interest in life and living, alive. To not just exist but to live life fully.

I am happy to say that I am satisfied with my blog title and its effects.

Do you think that a catchy, “click bait type” title does better, or is a blog name that indicates the general purpose of the site more attractive for readers?

It really depends upon the content of the blog. A catchy title, without interesting content to back it with won’t attract readers for long. While a blog title which depicts the blog’s direction and its content can really do wonders to increase the traffic. But at the end of the day, it’s the content that matters, whatever the blog title is.

Some bloggers have the same user name and blog title? What is your opinion of this? OR Are you one of them? If so, could  you share your reason for this?

I blog under the name Sadje@ Keepitalive .

This gives my fellow bloggers a name to address me with. The people who have the same name as their blog can confuse their readers and followers as to how to address them. Like if a blog is called sunny thoughts and so is the blogger, how will you address them? Sunny? Or thoughts? A bit confusing as I said. Otherwise do what you are happy with.

Thank you Tanya for these very interesting questions.




Blogging Insights- What’s in a name

Tanya is the host of this series


Do you use your own name for blogging?

I don’t use my name for blogging. The name of my blog is keep it alive and I use a pseudonym, Sadje as my moniker.

If you use a pseudonym, what are your reasons for this, and what led you to choose that particular name?

Like a lot of other bloggers, when I started my blog, I was wary of revealing too much about myself on a public forum so I decided to use a name that is somewhat similar to my name, and yet it isn’t my name. This way I have privacy and am free to express my opinions without any fear of repercussions from my friends in the real world. It is quite liberating to be semi-anonymous.

Is there an interesting story behind your User Name?

It was a chance that I ended up with Sadje as my username. It was a typo and I click okay before I saw what I had entered as my username. I then googled Sadje and found out that it is a name in its own right. So that’s how I ended up as Sadje @ Keepitalive!

Thank you Tanya for giving me this opportunity to share my story about my blog name here.



Blogging Insights- Dreaming big

Tanya is the host of Blogging Insights


What are your “dreams” regarding your blog?

I think I wouldn’t use the word dream because it implies another level of ambition. I have hopes for my blog.

I wanted my blog to pay for itself;

That is not going to happen as for some reason I cannot get the word ads on my blog. Now I have abandoned this idea and have accepted the fact that I will have to pay for the pleasure to blog.

• I want to make a change;

This is something I hope I am achieving and in the future will continue to do so. I want to bring awareness to my readers about the issues of health and other social problems. I hope that I can bring some joy to my readers too and maybe provoke some new and positive thoughts.

I want to improve my writing skills;

I think I’ve achieved this to some extent. Before I started my blog, I hadn’t written ANY stories. Now I can do that with ease. I cannot claim that I write very well but it is a start.

I may eventually write a book;

Blogging is a good practice and I might eventually write a book. I don’t think it’ll be a storybook but rather ideas and perspectives. I am not sure about this yet but there’s no harm in planning.

So to date, these are the hopes and aspirations for Keepitalive!

Let’s see what the future brings.

Once again a big thanks to Tanya for these interesting questions.



Blogging Insights- Evergreen vs Topical content

Dr. Tanya is the host of Blogging Insights

Evergreen content is content that continues to be relevant long past its publication so that it always remains sustainable and fresh. Topical, or timely content has relevance and significance for a limited period of time. 


Evergreen or Topical content, which do you prefer writing? 

I usually write on general topics, except sometimes I do express my views on politics, which is topical. I also write about diet and healthy eating, which is an evergreen subject. I also participate in many prompts, which can be topical too. So mostly it’s a mixed bag.

Which do you write most often? 

I like writing poems, with some positive messages in them. Most of the time my posts are about evergreen topics. Like hope, kindness, and optimism.

Which of these adds more value or engagement to your blog? 

It really depends on the content. If I write about something which is on everyone’s mind, I think it will be read more and more people are likely to comment on it. As an example, the current situation and pandemic were subjects that were on everyone’s mind and when I shared my views on them, more people participated in the discussion.

As an aside, I have noticed that something I wrote a year or so back, can be equally relevant today though it was a topical post. It just goes to show that things change, but still stay the same!