How much to read, what to read- To be able to write well!

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This week Tanya has asked our opinion about this quote;


“Reading is the finest teacher of how to write.”

Annie Proulx

She also asks our advice;

As an aspiring writer, I would like you to tell me what to read and how to read ?


Who can deny the truth of this quote! We learn by reading. From our very first alphabet book to big tomes of literature, it is all learning- words to express ourselves, correct use of grammar, and how to use different literary devices to our best advantage.

I’m no writer, but I love reading. I have no intention of publishing a story book/ novel, but I still love to read. Reading is not only educational but it’s also as an escape. We open the pages of a book and enter a new world/ universe.

How reading has helped me become a better writer?

It has expanded my vocabulary and I have learned how and when to use words so that they have the maximum impact. I’ve also subconsciously gathered many plots in my mind which peak out when I write a short/ very short story. I have also learned about human nature and how people behave under different circumstances. All these things are a valuable assets to anyone wishing to be an author.

I agree with this quote that the more we read the better we will write. As for what to read and how to read; I think one should read everything ( meaning all genres ) so that the reading experience is broad and balanced. Read whenever you can, not as a compulsory subject in school, but as an enjoyment that will add to your knowledge.


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Learning by doing – Blogging and writing

” Learn to write by doing it. Read widely and wisely. Increase your word power. Find your individual voice through practising constantly. Go through the world with your eyes and ears open and learn to express that experience in words.”

P. D. James.


The best way of learning how to do something is by doing it. Writing and reading are the best way to improve your writing skills.

When I started writing for my blog, I had very limited writing experience, having never written regularly except for what I needed to do for my academics. The more I wrote, the easier it became for me. The fact that I’m an avid reader helped me because I had words at my disposal.

In blogging, one needs new ideas for blog posts and life around us is a rich source of new ideas. For my Sunday poser, I harvest ideas from what’s going around me in real life and also from reading blogs of my friends. So keeping our eyes open and observing pays dividends when it comes to getting ideas of what to write about. In fact, most writers would agree that all the seeds of fiction are born out of real life situations and experiences.

I agree with this very wise quote; It’s all that we need to hone our skills as a writer- read, write, and observe the life around us! What are your thoughts about this quote?

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Who do I write my blog for?

Today, we are back to the ‘discussion of quote format’ :


“Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.“

Cyril Connolly.


I think that this quote is specifically more pertinent to bloggers.

A person who writes for public consumption seldom can do it to just satisfy their own selves. Any person who wants his books to be sold, wants to become a bestseller wouldn’t get there by just writing for themselves only.

When I started writing my blog, my objective was to just write. When I got a few people reading and commenting on my posts, I was motivated to write better and include more diverse topics in my writing.

In my writing, I aim to write positive posts/ poems, try to inspire people, and to amuse them. This all indicates that I do write for others as well as myself. When I’m happy it reflects in my writing and when I’m conflicted or sad, that too shows in my writing. I think you cannot separate the person writing from what they are penning down. It’s an expression of their self if they so desire.

To be very honest, though I don’t write to please others, I do want them to find my writing enjoyable. That’s why I refrain from writing similar stories or repeating myself too often. Does that mean that I’ve no self?

I think this quote doesn’t encompasses the whole spirit of writing. Maybe it is true for some aspects of writing, but not most of it.

What do you think?

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What do I like to write?

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What type of writing do you enjoy the most?


I like to write poetry best of all. It comes naturally to me. I don’t mean to say that I’m a very good poet. Far from it, but I find it easy to express myself in fewer words with a poem rather than long winded speeches.

Another thing I like to write is opinion pieces. It’s the same thing as a poem but with more words, more details. In this category, I like to opine about blogging, health-related topics, and life in general. I like to write positive and inspiring posts that people may find helpful.

Sometimes, I write fiction too. It’s usually in response to an image, or a phrase prompt. I’m not very good at writing fiction and it doesn’t comes to me easily; thinking of a plot, creating characters, and making them behave according to the storyline is not an easy task for me.

These are my preferences in writing. What sort of things you like to write?

Thank you Tanya for this very interesting question!

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How I started my blog!

Blogging Insights

Blogging Insights 3.0 # 8 — Your Backstory


What is your Blogging Backstory? Why and how did you begin blogging?


Dr. Tanya, a very good friend of mine, started her blog in February of 2018. She would send me the links to her posts, and though I could read her posts from the emails, I couldn’t comment on them as I wasn’t logged in on WP. To remedy this situation, I created an account on WordPress and started following her blog.

Initially, I was only following one blog, that of Tanya. Whenever I logged on to WP, it would urge me to write a post! So, I finally started my blog at the urging of Tanya, and at the prompting of WordPress.

In the beginning, I wanted to reach women of my age bracket and share with them my experiences and views, regarding how to look after our mental and physical health. I also wanted to share my medical knowledge about different health issues people over 50/60 years of age face. I also aimed to involve my readers in my efforts for weight reduction, and health improvement.

I published my first post on September 6th, 2018. Gradually I started following many bloggers whose writing impressed and inspired me.

With time my blog grew and I started to write on different topics and for different challenges too. I started a weekly photo prompt, “What do you see” in 2019, October. This has been well received. I also have started another series; Sunday poser, where I ask a question from my readers every week.

As a blogger, I’d describe myself as;

I see myself as a simplifier who wants to state things as they are. And at the same time, I try to be creative too. Writing stories on prompts, photos, and phrases has helped bring out my creativity.

I have learned to be a wordsmith and write stories and poems. I love to highlight my point of view through poetry and storytelling.

I love to share knowledge with others and help others with problems similar to mine.

I am a listener too as I interact with my fellow bloggers by reading their comments and replying to them. Listening is very important in our world. That’s how we get to know others and develop friendships here.

The last bit, is the writer, I think that all of us here in the blogging world are writers.


Why do you blog? And what’s the story of your blog?

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Share your thoughts in the comments



Why do A to Z challenge?

Blogging Insights

In today’s Blogging Insights post Tanya asks questions regarding A to Z challenge;


1. Are you participating in this year’s A to Z Challenge? If not, have you participated in the past?

This is my fourth year participating in A to Z challenge held every year in April. It is such a fun challenge to do and when you’ve selected your theme, you can write and schedule your posts ahead of time.

2. What do you enjoy about this Challenge in particular, and what do you think about blogging challenges in general?

I really enjoy doing this challenge as it often takes me to topics and subjects that I haven’t explored yet in my writing.

I also enjoy reading the posts from people I follow on their chosen topics. It’s an overall an enjoyable experience with the opportunity to learn a lot too.

When I started my blog, I had no idea about the different prompts and challenges that were hosted by many people in WordPress. Gradually I became aware of them and started participating in them. Though many people have stopped blogging altogether or have stopped hosting their challenges, many new bloggers have taken up the baton and at times it’s hard to choose which ones to do and which ones to drop. I’ve made a rule for myself that I won’t be posting more than three posts a day so I have to choose between different prompts.

I am very grateful to all the people who host different challenges and prompts. They all provide a direction for our thoughts and an inspiration to write.


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Writing- Twice the pleasure

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Let’s discuss a quote today. 


“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” ~ Anaïs Nin


People/ bloggers who journal their life events daily/weekly would definitely fall into this category. It may not all be pleasant reading if they share their emotions too but they will experience that moment as recorded in their journal/ blog, twice!

I’ve shared my personal experiences many times on my blog but my emotions, seldomly. As Tanya pointed out that reading older posts can come as a pleasant surprise as we are gratified that we wrote this!

Reading older writings can also serve as a learning experience. We can identify our faults and mistakes and correct them and perhaps not make those mistakes again. I often reword some of the poems I share again from my archives.

I cannot dispute this quote because it’s true for many who are documenting real-life experiences. For those writing fiction, perhaps like myself, they would take pleasure in crafting a good piece of writing.


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Blogging Insights 3.0# 6- No regrets!

Tanya hosts Blogging Insights challenge

Blogging Insights


Do you have any regrets regarding your blog and blogging? What would you like to have done differently when you launched your blog?


Thanks to the help and guidance I got from a very dear friend, who was already blogging on WordPress, the start of my blogging journey was quite smooth. She helped me set up my theme and menus. With her expertise, I was able to have my site up and running in no time.

And here I must give the due credit to this lovely friend of mine, it was no other than Dr. Tanya herself! I entered into the blogging world because of her and for that I’ll always be very grateful.

My writing journey on my blog has been interesting. I made many mistakes like every novice and learned from them. There were many grammatical errors and spelling mistakes till I installed Grammarly. Before that, we had a built-in spell check in the classic editor of WP which they did away with.

Discovering the prompts helped me a lot in blogging. I also was guided by many people on WP regarding my mistakes. A huge thank you to them all.

I don’t have any regrets regarding my blogging journey! In fact I think it all worked out for the best.




The importance of “About me” page

This week Tanya has asked us these questions;


How important is the About page of your blog?

Just today, I was thinking of posing this question in my next Sunday poser!

I think the about me page serves two major purposes. One it’s an introduction to those who visit my blog. Who am I and what are my interests. The about me page also provides contact information where those who want to get in touch with me can find my email address. I’ve come across many bloggers who either don’t have an about me page or it doesn’t hold any information about the blogger.

Some people don’t want to reveal their true identity on their blogs, that’s their choice. I haven’t done that either but the gender of the blogger can help the reader in determining the tone of their interaction. Similarly, do have a moniker with which they can address each other. Names like typewriter, inkdrop, or novel reader seem too impersonal to me. But then again, these are my personal views and it’s not meant as a criticism.

What constitutes the perfect About page?

The about me page just can have basic information about the blogger, or the story of their life. I’ve come across many interesting pages which were enough to make me want to follow their blog. I feel an about me page when written with interest provoking style can attract many followers.

How often do you think an About page needs to be updated, and when is the last time you updated yours’ ?

The about me page should be reviewed periodically, and updated as needed. If your information has changed or the direction of your blog/ writing has changed significantly, you should update it to show the current picture.

I often review my about me page and would make changes if the need arises. Recently, my good friend Marsha conducted my interview and after taking a look at my blog, suggested that I should have pages about the two prompts I run. This is a very helpful suggestion. If any of you have a long running prompt, make a page about it so anyone new visiting your blog can get the information about it and how to participate in it.

Thank you Tanya for raising awareness about this important topic.

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Is writing difficult?

Today Dr. Tanya has asked our opinion about a quote;


“Writing is always difficult, but easier with something to say.”

From “Bridge of Clay” by Marcus Zusak.


Like Tanya, I think that the first part of this quote is not true for everyone. Some people love writing and that’s the only reason they have a blog; they write and express themselves.

Then there is the proviso; it’s easier when we have something to say. Who can dispute this irrefutable fact. If I don’t have any thoughts in my mind, I would find it difficult to write. No one likes to read pointless babble. So before writing have a few ideas in your mind, ready to be translated into words.

Writing is a passion for many writers, but without ideas and thoughts to write about, it would indeed be a difficult task.

Do you find writing comes easy to you or do you have to dig around for ideas before you are ready to put them into writing?

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